James and Rachel Ch. 03

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Later that same night, James and Rachel were still lying in bed naked, holding and touching each other, never letting their arousal fade yet not allowing it to raise either. Hours went by with neither of them giving in to the other yet still teasing the hell out their lover. Hands, mouths and tongues roamed while their lust and love mingled and mixed. There wasn’t a single moment when neither James nor Rachel would give quarter.

They had worked each other up for hours, and the sexual tension continued building until both broke down at the same time. Suddenly, they were all over each other kissing, licking rubbing and grinding their bodies together. The scent of Rachel’s soaking wet pussy was heavy in the air while James’ cock was clearly throbbing with his heartbeat, trapped between them. There was a moment of wrestling for position while Rachel wanted to ride her lover’s fat cock and he wanted to pound her from behind. Eventually a compromise was made, and James was rewarded with the view of his loving girlfriend’s pussy gripping his dick as she straddled it facing away and bounced on it.

James knew he wouldn’t last long in this position; the feeling was far too good for him to hold back. His mind started to wander, trying to think of something to help him to keep from blowing his load too quickly. After a few moments, he felt some extra movement and realized that Rachel had begun rubbing her clit as she slid up and down his wide pole. By the way she was grinding down on him and how fast her hand was moving, he could tell she was close and that if he could hang on just a little longer, she’d go over the edge.

Rachel could feel her orgasm building as she stuffed herself full of her boyfriend’s large member and she wanted to cum quick so she had dropped her hand between her legs to rub her clit and throw herself over the edge. She was nearly there, when she felt James slide a spit-slickened finger into her ass. That was all the encouragement she needed and within seconds, her world exploded into a shower of fireworks. She was screaming her pleasure and not even noticing. As she came down from her reality exploding orgasm, she felt James still pounding his cock into her, starting to moan. She could tell he was about to shoot his cum and she wanted it all. Rachel hadn’t gotten around to telling him that she’d gotten back on birth control, but she suspected big ass porno he knew because of the ring placed in her vagina.

“Baby, you gotta get up, I’m about to cum!” James moaned. His balls were about to empty themselves and he had no way to stem the flow of his baby batter from spraying all over the walls of Rachel’s pussy. He tried to lift her up enough to get his cock out of her, but she started riding him again, only this time, she was bouncing hard and squeezing his shaft, as though she were trying to milk his spunk using just her cunt. “Rachel, lover, babe… Please, we can’t afford for you to get pregnant. You have to get off me now!” He was at his limit and in less than a second was spurting jizz deep inside her, coating her cervix and pumping so much of his sperm into her, it started leaking out around his pulsating member.

Once she felt the twitching of her man’s cock slow, Rachel got off of him and turned around. She had a huge smile on her face as she took hold of his pecker and sat back down on it, this time, squeezing it into her asshole.” Surprise baby, I got that birth control ring you tried to convince me to get.” She continued smiling as she slowly rode James’ still hard and thick fuck stick with her ass, loving the feeling of his hot cum inside her. She had to stop for a moment when she lifted up a little too far to put his cock back in her ass when some of their mixed cum dripped out of her pussy and landed on her wrist. Rachel quickly positioned James’ tip in her ass and brought her hand to her mouth to lick their mixed cum off.

“Do we taste good, beautiful?” James asked her, trying to keep his focus off of how tight her ass was gripping his dick. He was doing his best to not start pounding into her so he wouldn’t hurt her, knowing they didn’t fuck anally very often. But the smile on her face as she replied made his cock throb hard.

“Baby, I wouldn’t want to taste any other man. Ever.” With that, Rachel slid two fingers into her leaking cunny and pulled out some more of their love juices only to lick her fingers clean again. She kept her eyes locked on James’ the whole time as she meticulously scooped out their mixed cum with her fingers and sucked it off as she slowly rode his thick cock with her backdoor. Rachel let moans escape as she teased herself with her fingers as she slid them deep inside herself big tits porno to draw out the last of their mixed fluids.

“Oh, shit! You’re so fucking sexy when you do that! Keep fingering yourself while you ride my fat dick with your ass!” James was dragging his fingernails up and down his lover’s thighs, leaving light red trails in their wake. He could feel her flesh prickling up beneath his hands as she took a sharp breath in surprise. His eyes couldn’t stop moving, roving from her face full of pleasure, to her tits bouncing with her efforts, to her fingers fucking her pussy and rubbing her clit and down to his cock disappearing into Rachel’s tight asshole. He knew he wasn’t going to last long at the rate she was bouncing on his dick, and he tried his best to keep from busting his nut deep in her ass too soon.

Rachel felt waves of pleasure radiating from where each of her lover’s nails scratched her and it sent tingles straight to her pussy and clit. Her moans became more frequent as she felt James’ big dick stretching her ass open with each stroke into her. With her fingers alternating between slamming hard into her pussy and frantically rubbing her clit, Rachel was quickly getting close to having another orgasm. Her head was thrown back and her eyes closed as she rode her man hard.

James reached out and fumbled around on the nightstand, searching for the object he knew was close at hand. Finding it, he used his other hand to push Rachel back so he could work the vibrator into her wet cunt and turning it on full power. He nearly came as he felt the vibrations against his solid member in her ass and heard her scream in pleasure and surprise. Keeping one hand holding the end of the vibe, he used his other hand to rub Rachel’s clit, moaning and urging her to cum.

Rachel felt the welcome intrusion and sudden vibrations in her sopping wet hole and almost instantly came. She was just barely able to keep from cumming and kept riding James’ cock and the vibrator, staying right on the edge of her orgasm as she felt the vibrations all through her clit, pussy and ass as well as her man’s throbbing pole. Feeling all of it and thinking about each individual felling coming together brought her over the edge.

James suddenly felt the muscles in Rachel’s ass grip his member in waves as fluid started spraying from her pussy. Shocked, he lay blacked porno there and watched as this amazing woman was cumming and squirting all over him. Her screams of pleasure ended as she abruptly collapsed onto her back, the vibrator sliding from her pussy and his dick popping out and slapping down into the puddle of his girlfriend’s cum on his stomach. He quickly sat up, checking to see if his girlfriend was okay. Finding her to be unconscious, he got up and rinsed off in the shower.

Rachel awoke to her boyfriend settling back down onto the bed with his towel draped around his shoulders. “Hey babe,” she said as she stretched. She rubbed her hand up and down James’ thigh, grazing his balls and cock with her fingertips, “how long was I out for?” She started lightly rubbing the top of his dick as she looked up into his eyes.

“Not long enough for me to forget that you squirted all over me and left me with a hard cock like the one you’re reviving with your hand there.” He leaned down and kissed her, pulling her closer to his side. As the kiss broke, he let his eyes roam over Rachel’s body, appreciating every smooth curve.

Rachel watched his eyes wandering about on her body and shivered with pleasure as she leaned down to take James’ stiff rod into her mouth. Slowly, she sunk down on it, taking as much as she could before setting her teeth against his flesh and carefully raising her head as her teeth scraped along his swollen tight skin. She listened to his moan and smiled around his cock and kept working him with her mouth, loving the taste and feel of the meat stick attached to the man she loves.

James could feel his balls pulling up and tightening as he neared his breaking point. “Babe,” he moaned, “Babe, I’m gonna cum soon.” He lifted her hair from her face so he could watch her lips tightly wrapped around his member as she looked straight into his eyes. As he watched, she smiled and seeing her teeth set against his cock, he was sent shooting over the edge. He grunted loudly and then he started cumming.

Rachel quickly closed her lips tight around him as she felt and tasted the first spurts of his jizz wash over her tongue. She sucked hard on him as he moaned her name in orgasmic bliss. Shot after shot of James’ cum flew into her mouth as she let it flood the remaining space around his cock and her tongue, she felt shivers down her spine. After what seemed like forever, she felt him start to soften and the pulsing stop as his orgasm subsided. Rachel swallowed the mouthful of cum and smiled again at James as he leaned down for a kiss before pulling her close and drifting off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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