Irish Hospitality Ch. 04

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Big Tits

A rude awakening.

Tom awoke to find himself alone in Vera’s and Eileen’s outsized bed, lying on crumpled sheets, slowly opening his eyes focusing on the ornate ceiling above him, realising he was naked, uncovered and sporting an erection. He sensed it before seeing, that he was being watched…….. Bridie and Megan, were standing in the adjoining room doorway, his room, both stared at his manhood gently throbbing as it pointed to the ceiling, hard and solid.

Megan was on the bed in a flash, her dress discarded in the time it took her to get from the doorway to the bed, naked under the dress, showing her young nubile lithe body, giving Tom a brief glimpse of her hairless pussy as she took hold of his cock, wanking slowly with both hands as she licked her lips. Bridie undressed and joined her daughter on the bed on the other side of Tom as Megan licked Toms penis helmet…….

Megan, from her enthusiastic sucking and licking of Tom obviously liked the essence of him and of Vera and Eileen, he sensed she knew the scent and flavour from experience but really didn’t know.

Wet and slicked with Megan’s spittle his rod slipped into Bridie’s lubricated wet fleshy cunt easily as she climbed on board his torso and impailed herself fully on Toms eight inch rock hard column. Bridie was all woman, slightly muscular, boobs above average size, topped with large dark brown nipples that showed her excitement by being distended and pronounced, as she rode his cock, sliding up and down his column, repeatedly pulling her inner pussy flesh out on the up stroke with his cock and pushing it in on the down stroke, Megan watched her mother in a lustful trance at erotic sight. Bridie’s boobs were seemingly moving with a mind of there own. She moaned in pleasure as she took his full length time and time again, exclaiming, “fucking Jesus he’s big Meg, oh god he’s awesome, oh, oh, fuck,” as she rhythmically fucked Tom.

“Language mother!” Megan exclaimed light heartedly as she mounted Toms face and rubbed her wet tight young pussy lips up and down his face, enticing his tongue into her now open hole, Mother and Daughter were talking excitedly, but he couldn’t make out what they were saying as Megan’s thighs were clamped around his head. Tom lapped her wet orfice incessantly, bringing muffled moans of pleasure from her, mingling with her mother’s muffled gasps as she pistoned up and down on his cock. Tandem fucking, by two enthusiastic females was only going end in one way for Tom. Megan twice swopped ends with Bridie, they took him in turn, swaping positions with practiced smoothness, fucking him, smothering him and eventually draining him of his semen, filling Megan’s vagina and by her vigorous sucking and licking of her daughters young sweet juicy pussy, Bridies mouth. Tom then witnessed his semen, Megan’s pussy juices and Bridies saliva cocktail pass between the incestuous mother and daughters mouth to mouth in a display that was mind blowing to him. Erotic beyond Toms wildest fantasy and wilder than he had experienced before or watched in any porn films.

The sexy display ended with a calming of their passion and them hugging and kissing each other tenderly, loving deep tongue fencing kisses, meaningful sexual full deep emotional kisses. As he was now being ignored, Toms cock softened even though he watched their incestuously lesbian display intently. They finally reluctantly parted from their embrace, smiled at him, dressed seemingly unconcerned, not fazed by their actions and advised him breakfast would be served at 8 o’clock and left him lying on the bed, flabbergasted.

He stirred from Vera’s and Eileen’s bed, noting and shrugging at the wet patches on the disheveled cotton sheets, he headed through the adjoining door to his room, straight into the bathroom and to the shower. A hot full power shower revived him, he washed the evidence of the sexual secretions of the last ten hours from his body, he felt alive, invigorated. He shaved and dried off. He looked in the mirror and smiled himself and at his luck……

In the bedroom, on the undisturbed bed he found a pile of cords in different colours, a pile of shirts, some pullovers, socks and boxer shorts. All in his size. Tom looked into Vera and Eileen’s bedroom to find the seemingly very happy Mother and Daughter making the bed, bright white fresh Irish cotton sheets and pillow cases were being tucked in and fitted, a duvet was over a chair ready to be retuned to bed to finish it off. Bridie and Megan looking prim and proper, smiled at Tom, his nakedness getting their attention. “Can I ask where the clothes appeared from?” He enquired. “Vera ordered them to be delivered from a shop in Cork, she told me she’d checked your clothes that you had took off in the cabin on the ferry.” Megan replied, still smiling and staring at his manhood. “Shall I help you dress Tom.” He turned and said,” I think I can manage thanks,” not trusting himself……

He got dressed, everything fitted well and he was happy with how he looked, he ankara escort gazed out the large sash windows, to the lush fields, admiring the view, looking forward to exploring his surroundings later.

Two riders came into view, slowly walking their large mounts towards the house, although they were wearing Barbour type long cape coats he recognised Eileen and Vera immediately. Both rode confidently and with an air of refined strength in their posture, which he had experienced already, the thought stirred his loins, his cock was hardening in response to the replaying the escapades with these two gorgeous mature women.

Resisting the urge to relieve himself he went down the curved marble stair case to the dining room, joining Olga who was seated eating breakfast, she smiled brightly at him as she greeted him “good morning Tom,” in her sexy accent, she pointed the buffet breakfast that was laid in covered heated serving dishes, set on two large regency sideboards. “Help yourself to anything you want, I do mean anything,” she implied as she sucked a finger in her mouth. The message was clear, he smiled and nodded he understood her meaning. He concentrated on the food, he filled a plate of bacon, sausage, eggs, white pudding, fried bread and tomato’s, he was ravenous, all the sexual energy expended made him so. Silently and slightly embarrassed he seated hisself opposite Olga at the dining table, the scene of his introduction the previous evening. She enquire “Did you get any sleep last night, they are quite an hand full aren’t they, especially Eileen….. .” Tom couldn’t reply, his mouth was full of food, he didn’t know what to say anyway. Ashine appeared with a tray of coffee and tea, smiling broadly at Tom, “Good morning Tom, would you like tea or coffee?” Her soft Irish voice confident, not showing any sign she had sucked him off at this very table last night and swapped his come with Olga, the normality struck Tom as bizarre. “Ashine, thank you I’ll have tea please,” was all he could manage. She poured it as Olga smiled at Tom. “Vera and Eileen have already eaten before their morning horse ride, they were extremely hungry, lots of sex makes them like that.” Olga regaled, smiling broadly at her aimed to embarrass statement. Young Ashine chuckled as leaned over to place the teacup and saucer near to Tom. Keeping her eyes on Olga she whispered in Toms ear loud enough for her to hear, “I want your cock in me soon Tom.” He nearly choked. Olga laughted loudly at his expense. “Join the queue, I do believe I have seniority, Olga smiling broadly rose from the table and Ashine followed her. Tom watched their rears, mentally stripping them as they left. What was going on with these women he asked himself, sex mad all of them, could he deal with it all?

He relaxed a little and ate his breakfast leisurely enjoying the fresh well cooked produced. He chewed on some toast and sipped the tea Ashine had served, as he leafed though the local newspaper. Most of the content of it being local news, there was no real interest as he didn’t know anything about the area. He did notice a large stand out advertisement for ‘Kinsale Stables and Stud’. In addition to Horse Stabling and Stud services, rider training and horse schooling, he noted the business boasted a full service veterinary practice, for all types of animals, with veterinary clinical facilities big enough for horses. Dog training and handler coaching were done on site too. He realised the operation was bigger than he thought. He was keen to have a look around.

As he finished eating, Eileen followed by Vera entered the dining room, both looking as fresh a daisies, both fresh faced, both had damp hair from showering, both were wearing loose flowing dresses and heels. They echoed ‘Good morning Tom’. As they served theirselves to coffee. “Did you sleep well?” Vera enquired.

Tom replied “I had a wonderful deep sleep, it must have been the journey that tired me out.” They chuckled and smiled at his humour.

Eileen suggested that she showed him the farm, explaining Vera had a couple of potential customers coming for a meeting and she would join them later for lunch. “I’ll get the open top Land Rover round the front of the house and we’ll get going.”

At the front of the house, Tom jumped into the well worn open top Landy and settled in the passenger seat, as Eileen set off down a track toward the distant sea. The track was well made, just a little bumpy, enough to jiggle Eileen’s bra free ample boobs and a breeze to move her dress up to expose her shapely thighs, getting Toms attention as he glanced sideways at her.

Over a couple of cattle grids, up and down a couple of hillocks and dips, they pulled into open gateway and a mown lush grass covered field, in about a hundred yards they pulled up at the edge of a small bay, a sandy driftwood strewn beach about six hundred feet long stretched from them towards the north.

Eileen slid out of the Landy and took her heels off, grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it escort ankara up over her head. It wasn’t warm, it wasn’t cold, but her nipples hardened to the slight breeze that grazed them, her pale skinned curvy naked body had Toms full attention as she walked to the shore line, her head held high, her hair moving in the gentle gust of wind. Tom studying her beautifully formed behind, was in a trance, besides Eileen the only other thing he notice was his rising manhood. She edged her way into the sea, watching as she stepped between the driftwood and seaweed, till she was waist deep in water dipping she swam out about a further twenty feet. She turned and stood exposing her beautiful breasts to Tom and waved him to come in with her.

He stripped off his new clothes off and waded in until the cool water lapped at his testicles, then he took the plunge pushing off the bottom to propel himself to Eileen, which he did in a few stroke. He reach her, stood on the sandy bottom and embraced her body, the cool water on his cock had shrunk it but not his lust, they kissed heatedly, he feasted on her boobs, licking her salty skin and nipples, Eileen at the same time played with his cock getting him to rise again, to get him hard. After a few minutes Eileen urged him to shore, holding his now fully eight inch of hard cock, she said lustily, ” I want this cock in me now Tom.”

On the sandy shore Eileen got on all fours and demanded Tom, “fuck me, fuck me hard…. ” Tom sank to his knees behind her, marvelled a her peachy bum, her mature pouting pussy, as she presented herself better by lowering her weight to her forearms, he studied her now open plump pussy, her fleshy fronds of her lips, her wetness. He took his rock hard cock in hand and brushed it along the wet gash in front of him, causing her to gasp “oh yess,” he slowly pushed the crown in to Eileen’s willing, ready cunt. She wanted it, she pushed back, “fuck me Tom!”. No being able to control his urges anymore, her ploughed her deep, causing her to moan, “oh yessss,” bumping her cervix on each lunge, causing her to fear loosing the ecstasy of him insider as he with drew almost out of her wet sex, “fuck me Tom, harder, faster, fuck me, fill me with your seed.” Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” She shouted as she orgasmed. Tom followed filling her cunt with a surprising amount of his come, considering his exertions earlier that morning. He slipped out of her, she rolled on her back and pulled Tom between her legs, aligned his still hard sticky cock with her sticky slit and wrapped her strong legs around his torso, trapping his cock against her clit. “Hump me Tom get me off again” she pleaded as she moved her body against him, guiding him with her legs in a fucking motion, rubbing his cock on her sperm lubricated cunt lips and inflamed sensitised button.

They humped each other on the sandy beach oblivious to anything around them. Eileen squealed as she came with a massive climax, the noise she made made his ears hurt. He prolonged her pleasure by keeping up the rubbing of her clit with his rock hard cock. She rolled through two more climaxes matched with high pitched squeals of pleasure, frightening the sea gulls and deafening him. Tom slid his cock into her wet slippy cunt a rode out his own pleasure within a few strokes, in Eileen’s pulsing vagina. He strained to fill her, needing release, with what he had left in him, he came, mixing a weak batch of come with his still fresh creamy seed in her vagina. Eileen was in a sated state of satisfied delirium, mumbling incoherently, shuddering and shaking, in after shocks from her climaxes.

They lay on their backs for a few minutes recovering, watching the clouds scoot bye above them, the only sounds being the sea lapping the shore and gulls and birds around them. Tom was tempted to sleep, to rest, it felt so right to him, he was exhausted.

Eileen shot to her feet, her legs a little unsteady, she pulled Tom up and then insistently pulled him with her to the sea. Unsteadily they waded into the water and washed each other, the cool water reviving both of them, they couldn’t resist paying more attention to each other’s genitals.

Back at the Landy Eileen produced two large beach towels from under a rear seat and smiling broadly they dried each other throughly and dressed, while grinning at each other.

Eileen informed him as she drove from the beach, through the one hundred and ten acres of farm, by way the mostly well maintained metalled tracks, pointing out another beach, the extent of the boundaries, an old dairy building nicely converted to a holiday let, the stables housing, she said forty horses and the stable yard, all immaculate, the feed store, another holiday let, this one with a swimming pool, Eileen proudly said. Nearby she showed him a big equestrian training arena building, two dressage rings and an extensive veterinary surgery building which looked new, with its own dedicated entrance drive from the road. Several cars were in the car park.

At the rear of the surgery were ankara escort bayan kennels and a exercise area. Several random buildings mostly converted barns were in this area too. To Tom, Eileen seemed vague about these buildings. Only pointing out a workshop, unlocking it and showing him inside, it was for his use, fully fitted out with most woodworking machines and power tools, there was an old pick up truck parked next to the large double entrance to the workshop for his use too, she passed him the keys. Eileen pointed to a two story larger building in particular, explaining that it was the veterinary surgery before the new one was built, it was now a photographic and video studio that Vera ran “she’s a well know and in demand professional photographer and videographer Tom”. Eileen explained how the business worked leaving out the photography and video studio, talked through the staff and their responsibilities, she promised him a written summary of them all and she made her way back to the house she explained the surgery was still under contract for defects for eighteen more months, she also listed some of the jobs that needed attention when his tools arrived from England. Tom struggled to get his head around all the information Eileen had given him, he was impressed with everything, it was all immaculate, not at all his expectation of how a farm would be.

Back at the house, Eileen parked the Landy between the Range Rover and a van with the ‘Kinsale Stables and Stud’ graphics on it, at the rear of the house in the courtyard. They entered though the boot room, “these are for you Tom” Eileen was pointing to a rack with Wellington boots, riding boots, work boots, walking boots, work attire, riding clothes and hat, waterproof coats, leggings, jackets, everything needed for country living, even three pairs of flip flops, which bemused him. Ten such rack spaces occupied the boot room, in the middle was a polished wooden bench about eight foot long and three foot wide, in a corner a door led to a fully tiled shower wet room with toilet in one corner, “when we finished our work or adventures, we clean up in here before going in the house proper, anything soiled or dirty throw in the basket outside the door, Bridie takes care of the valeting of gear.”

With that Eileen striped off her dress and started on Tom, shirt, shoes, cords, socks, boxers were quickly removed, leaving them both naked. Eileen folded his clothes and hers and took them to the boot room, on returning she got one of four showers working and adjusted the temperature and pulled Tom under the drench head, she soaped him up, then enjoyed washing it off.

The now obviously on heat again Eileen paid particular attention to his cock, balls and bum hole, her now familiar hands stimulating him as she brushed her naked body against him. He was rock hard again as she sank to her knees and took his cock in her lips and kissed and sucked his crown, savouring him as she would a delicacy, he gently pushed his cock in her mouth, a couple of inches, then about three inches, at four inches he could feel her tonsil at his tip, she grabbed his arse cheeks and pulled him into her throat slowly swallowing his full hard eight inch down her throat, her nose coming to rest in his coarse pubic hair. She withdrew half his length and then took the hard cock fully, Tom gasped in the feeling of her throat around his tool, he felt her swallowing him, the constriction, the release, repeatedly, the utter bliss…… the ripples along his length were wonderful. Eileen’s mouth and throat worked her magic for a few minutes, before she pull back outing his cock, coughing and spluttering then spitting loads of thick salivary mucus on the shower floor, which was quickly washed away.

She looked hard and wantonly at Tom and demanded “now fuck my face Tom, make me choke, then come all over my face so I can taste it. Do it! ”

She opened her mouth wide, Tom hesitated, he’d never been asked before to do what she wanted, she grabbed his cock and pulled him into her warm wet willing oral cavity.

Contact made, as unsure as he was Tom couldn’t hold back, he gripped her head with both hands, his hesitation gone, he sunk his cock deep in her throat, he made her gag, in and out her plumbed Eileen’s throat, gag, breath, gag, breath, she held his bum tight not allowing his withdrawal to be in his control, she made the gagging last a fraction longer each time, copious amounts of saliva flowed from her mouth, dribbling down her chin and onto her delightful breasts, her wide open eyes rolled in her head several times, to Tom it seemed she almost passed out each time, her hand left his bum and she delved between her thighs, finger fucking her wet cunt as she gagged, gagging more, almost loosing consciousness, gagging, choking and spitting and coming, just as Tom not being unable take any more, pulled out of her hot saliva filled throat and blasted a big load of his thin weak sperm all over her gasping face and in her hair, Eileen eagerly scooped it up and licked off her fingers, she looked a mess, a satisfied mess it must be said, her body trembled, her bright eyes were wet from tears, what bit of mascara she had on was streaked down her face mingled with sperm, saliva and a weak smile.

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