Interlude Ch. 02

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The Interludes are a series of vignettes, intended to develop some new characters while preparing for a future series of mystery stories with fun plot twists. I hope you will enjoy the sex along the way. Please do provide feedback on what sex scenarios you would like to read about.

If you have not read the “Todd & Melina” series, particularly Chapters 1 and 5, you may wish to do so before reading the “Interlude” series.

I understand the comments of those who say they don’t understand the actions and interactions of the main characters Melina and Don… that’s okay; I hope you’ll keep reading, as all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place over the course of the stories.

Interludes 2 and 3 were originally woven together, but I separated them due to story length considerations.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

Part 6 – Married Housing

“Okay, let me see if I get this straight.” I said, still not comprehending. “You are buying this house from Laura. She’s moving out, and us in. Where is she moving to?”

“She’s always had a lease on one of the condos the University owns, so she can stay there.” said my wife Melina. “She says she’s going to find another house, but didn’t tell me anything else.”

It was Wednesday, less than a week after we’d come back to town for our check-up physicals. We were staying at Laura’s. Melina had taken the job as Dr. Laura Fredricson’s Research Assistant. The job paid more than both of mine put together. I was now a Detective on the Town Police Force, and Supervisor of the I.T./Computer/Communications Department. I also had a similar role on the University Police Force, though that didn’t pay a heck of a lot, and I really was not expected to do much but check in on occasion.

Melina had made the deal to buy Laura’s house on the hill to the northeast of campus with its nice views. I couldn’t understand why Laura would want to part with it. “All she said was that she’d been there long enough, she wanted to get it off her hands and out of her name.” Melina said.

“She’s not planning to take a job somewhere else, is she?” I asked apprehensively.?

“No, I asked her that.” Melina replied, the relief in her voice matching my own. “She said she’d retire here and probably die here. And I don’t think she’d hire me and have me buy her house just so she could move away. Soo….. “Melina said, her voice seductive, “we’re going to be packing up in the next few weeks.” Her words triggered a memory that I needed to tell her something.

“Uh, that’s what I need to talk to you about.” I said, becoming nervous. “I’m leaving for the Police Academy on Sunday. For six weeks.” The only thing about my new job was that I had to go through the Police Academy. At 28, I knew I could handle it, but I wasn’t looking forward to the grind, nor the time away from family and friends.

“Aggh…. Shit! You bastard.” my wife said, irritation in her voice. As I began explaining that it couldn’t be helped, the anger on her face turned to the beginnings of a smile… a sardonic, almost malicious smile. I saw her reach for the button of her jeans shorts, cut off just below her ass. Her top was a flimsy shirt of thin material, with thin strings over her shoulders holding it up, nicely form-fitting and showing off her breasts and toned waist.

“Okay, you police dick.” Melina spat as she slipped the pants and her panties off and sat down on the sofa, her legs spread wide. “Make it up to me. Get down here and eat my pussy!” I happily obliged. I quickly fell to my knees in front of my wife and slid my face right into her quim. The flaming pink folds of her sopping wet cunt were a shining beacon in the night forest of her thick black pubic bush. I let my tongue slide up the length of her slit, the first contact making her gasp, then went to work on eating her out.

“Ohhh, yes, that’s good baby… yeah, just like that…” Melina said. I looked up along the length of her upper body and saw her eyes looking down at me from over her cloth-covered breasts. I stared back into her eyes as I stabbed my tongue into her vagina, licking deep, then let my mouth slide up to her clit, sucking it in hard as my tongue lashed it. Melina gasped but did not let her eyes waver from mine.

“C’mon, eat me out, Don. Eat that juicy slit! You know how I like it…” Melina said, evenly. I redoubled my efforts, knowing that she was enjoying it but wanting to make me work harder. Just one of our little games. I slurped up my wife’s tangy pussy, letting myself drift into it and–


It was my cellphone, vibrating and ringing in my pants pocket. I backed out of my perch between my wife’s legs and stood up to retrieve it.

“Hi, Laura.” I said, so that Melina would know who I was talking to. She stood up and began leading me by the hand to our bedroom as I listened to Laura’s request that I meet her in an hour in her office.

“I changed my mind” czech gangbang porno Melina said, sitting on the edge of the bed after I hung up. “I want you to fuck me.” She opened my pants and slid them halfway down my thighs, then quickly slid the lube-slickened condom that she had magically produced over my already-hard cockshaft. She pushed herself onto the middle of the bed as I climbed onto her and mounted her. Her hand guided me into her and we groaned together as I pushed my full length into her sopping wet chamber of love.

“Oh yeah, baby, fuck me!” Melina gasped as we settled into a rhythm of fucking. I kept most of my cock buried in my wife’s cunt, sliding just enough out to get a good hard shove back in and make her groan as she felt it. As we settled into a fairly fast pace, I was enjoying the feel of our half-clothed fuck. This kind of spontaneous fucking had all but disappeared from our marriage over the last few years.

“Yeah, you prick. Go to your police academy!” Melina said maliciously as she broke a kiss. “I’ll just be here with Todd. I’ll be fucking Todd while you’re gone!” Her words had the desired effect. I groaned in arousal and began fucking my wife harder.

“Oh yeah, that makes you hot, doesn’t it babe?” Melina whispered into my ear as I nuzzled her neck. “While you’re sweating away at that academy, just remember that Todd’s big, teen cock will be pumping my pussy! I want you to lie in your bed at night and think of how another man is fucking your wife!– Unh! Yeah, that’s it baby… ohhh…. yeah, fuck me… fuck me like you know that young stud is going to! Uhhh… oh yeah– unnh……”. Her words were turning her on as much as they were arousing me, not that it mattered. I was slamming my condom-sheathed cock into Melina with short but powerful thrusts, driving into her with an intensity of lust I had not felt for some time… but not for the reasons she was thinking…

I was not really thinking about Melina fucking Todd. The images in my mind were of myself… and beneath me was beautiful Laura Fredricson! I was seeing Laura’s elegant, regal face, the long sallow cheeks, the sharp eagle nose, the clear gray eyes… I was smelling her perfume and her body… I was tasting her mouth and her neck. The thought of deeply fucking Laura was driving me to a hard fast cum, and Melina’s shouts of “encouragement” into my ear barely registered. Sparks cascaded before my eyes for a moment, then I realized that I was gasping for air as my cock spurted into my wife, the semen caught by the thin latex that sheathed my throbbing rod.

As I finally came down from my climax and struggled to catch my breath, I saw Melina’s face smiling up at me.

“I love you, baby.” she said.

“I love you too, sweetheart.” I said.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“Hi, Don.” Laura said, her eyes lighting up as I entered her office. As I returned her greeting, she got up and came around from behind her desk. She was wearing an off-white dress and matching off-white pumps with rounded toes and a five-inch heel, making her taller than me.

“I got a call from Leanne Gonzales, the real estate broker, and she wants to show us a house today.” Laura said. “It’s not listed yet and she’s giving us first shot at it. I think you’ll like it. I’ll drive.” And so we were off, rushing along before I could ask what was going on.

We got into Laura’s silver Mercedes-Benz C-63 AMG and drove out. I reveled in the luxury of Laura’s sedan as she headed north of the school, then turned onto a road that headed east. We began climbing up the hillside, curling southward. I saw the back of Laura’s house beneath us as well as a couple of other homes. Then Laura veered left onto a fairly steep driveway, going above the road. We were near the top of the ridge line when we pulled up in front of a house. It looked deceptively like a ramshackle old cabin, but I could tell that it was actually well-built. It had a one-car garage on the near (right) side as we faced it, and porch that went left to a heavy door. An older Mercedes was already in the drive in front of the garage door.

We were met at the door by a red-headed woman in her early thirties. A breathtakingly lovely redhead. Laura introduced her as Leanne Gonzales. When I remarked that she looked much more Irish than Hispanic, she said that her husband was Cuban and that her maiden name of Quinlin was definitely from an old Irish O’Quinlin family.

Leanne was an extremely attractive woman. Her flaming red hair fell in gentle curls to her shoulders and down her back. She had big breasts which her olive green blouse and brown houndstooth jacket failed to hide. Her skirt matched her jacket. Her legs were firm, athletic like my wife Melina’s, and shapely. Brown suede shoes with five inch heels only shaped her legs, feet and succulent ass that much more.

The veranda/foyer inside the door gave two choices; it was a split-level house going front to back. The lower section had an open czech harem porno floor plan with a couple of beams as columns demarcating a line between a living room toward the front and the wood-paneled den or “great room” in back. A huge lattice of ceiling-to-floor windows gave a breathtaking view from the back of the house over the valley containing the school. To the left was an alcove with a huge brown leather sofa, the only piece of furniture in the house. To the right was a fireplace built into the corner of the room at a 45-degree angle. To the left of the fireplace, between it and the windows, was a door leading to the back deck. To the right of the fireplace was the door to the breakfast room and kitchen.

The breakfast room also had an angled, smaller fireplace sharing the same flue as the bigger one in the great room. One felt that cooking was done there in ancient times, though this house was not very old. The room was bright and cheerful, with a door to the back deck which had a huge window, and windows on the back wall looking to the back and side of the house. The kitchen was not large. On the side wall (against the garage) was the refrigerator, some counter space, the gas stove with oven below and microwave above, more counter then the double sink with the dishwasher under the counter at the far end. There were some stairs on the right side which led up and left to the garage door, which was kind of strange. On the side wall against the greatroom was counter space with cabinets underneath, and a window to the greatroom with shutters that could be folded open.

“The kitchen isn’t great, but at least there’s counter space on both sides.” I said. Laura agreed, knowing that I was the chef between us.

“Leanne, these views are stunning.” Laura said, opening the door to the back deck. We went out. We were east of the school like Laura’s house was, but unlike her view from the right (northeast), we were just left of the east-west alignment of the University far down below us. I could see the buildings of the town beyond it, and the roads leading out in several directions. Far in the distance, I saw a tiny movement; it was a train on the railroad tracks that were coming from the west and would turn south at the far end of town. There were no trees blocking our views.

“Sunsets are going to be awesome.” I said. Laura agreed. Leanne was talking about the house and property lines on the hill side; our property went to the road’s right-of-way as it snaked down beneath us.

“This room could be a bedroom or an office space.” Leanne said as we began to look at the rest of the house. There was a room on the front corner the house, opposite corner of the fireplace. Adjoining it was a full bathroom that served that room and the rest of the lower floor. As she showed us the rooms, Leanne made sure to give me a good look at her ass and legs, then turned half-profile to give me a nice look at her big breasts as we talked. My loins stirred, idly thinking of fucking Leanne, though the sight of Laura was even finer.

?There’s a drawback, I thought to myself as we had to go back to the split-level to climb the stairs. I forgot about that as I watched Leanne and Laura walk up the stairs, the sway of their glorious asses above their succulent legs providing a view as lovely as the windows, and providing a luscious distraction from any negatives of the house floor plan.

The master bedroom was in back. It had a huge lattice of windows directly above those of the great-room; from the outside it looked like one solid network of windows all the way up. There was no alcove to the left, but a door on the left side (away from the back wall) as we looked at it; the remaining space was perfect for a king-size bed. That door led to a huge walk-in closet, which ran the length of the wall behind the bedroom and above the alcove in the greatroom below.

On the right side, above the kitchen below, was the bathroom. Wow! On the far end was the toilet, in its own little room. On the near side wall, against the bedroom wall, was the vanity with two sinks and against the outside wall was a big jet-tub. A long narrow window ran the length of the tub, just below the ceiling. I saw the reason for the peculiar window shape as I looked out… the top of the garage was almost to the height of the window. A shower was in the corner, just opposite the door to the bedroom.

“This is an incredible bathroom for a house this size!” I exclaimed. Leanne showed us the other bedroom, above that office space of the first floor. It was very tiny; the roof slanted down from back to front, restricting the space towards the front of the house. A small bath with just a shower stall served the second bedroom.

Back downstairs, we began discussing price. I was surprised at the very reasonable price suggested by Leanne, but per my custom from past real estate transactions, I went 20% lower. Then Laura chimed in.

“Leanne,” Laura said, “if you negotiate a really good price for czech sharking porno my good friend Don, here, I would appreciate it very much. Don is very good at house buying, so all the commission will be yours alone, and… ” She paused, for effect. “…if you take a much lower commission on this house, I’m sure that you’ll receive a much better one on this other property I’ll ask you to sell for me.” Laura named the property, one of the better homes in one of the best neighborhoods in town. Leanne’s eyes gleamed at the thought of getting that listing.

“I’m sure we can reach an excellent accommodation for you, Laura.” the lovely redhead replied. We hastily put together some paperwork. I made the offer in the name of my newly-created LLC company, in which I had named Laura a 20% owner after she suggested the idea to me. As such, Laura was putting up 20% of the money from the sales of her other properties, and my money was coming from the sale of my businesses and the house in the old town where Melina and I were moving from.

Leanne called the offer in. “We’ll know shortly. This house was put up by the family of a University Board member who recently died. Mr. Bonniker was a nice old man, but his family lives out in Arizona and they want to sell it very quickly.”

Part 7 – The Rose’s First Bloom

“Wow.” I said, turning off my iPhone and putting it into my pocket. Laura and I were at a Thai restaurant. She was talking on her own iPhone, giving me a thumbs-up gesture as I heard her say “That’s great, Leanne! Close by the end of August? Perfect! Yes, I’ll call you tomorrow about listing the other house.”

“We got it.” Laura said, beaming. “They agreed to your terms with no fuss at all, since it was pure cash on the barrelhead– what’s the matter? Everything okay?”

“Yeah,” I said, but my voice betrayed my uncertainty. I had just called Melina to invite her to join us but had been told shocking news, instead. “Melina’s not coming… she’s in her car, driving back home to start packing.” I said.

“Oh… and this was unplanned?” Laura asked, seemingly nonchalant about it.

“Well, we hadn’t talked about it, but I’m surprised she took off without saying anything first.” I said. “I hope she’s not really angry at me over the Academy”. I told Laura about Melina’s seeming anger when I had told her I had to go to the Police Academy.

“When are you going back home?” Laura asked.

?”Tomorrow, I guess. I do need to pack some things…” I said, my voice trailing off.

“Good.” Laura replied. “Oh well, Melina missed out on some great food. Let’s just enjoy the evening, okay?” The Thai food was indeed delicious, and Laura’s company and conversation quickly had me forgetting about Melina’s unexpected departure.

Leaving the restaurant, Laura began driving north, away from town. “I want to show you a little spot I like to go to.” We drove a few miles, up to a large park near a lake. On one side was a small building with a long deck walk over the water going to a deck with a veranda near the middle of the lake. “That’s the university’s little guesthouse for VIPs. I call it ‘the president’s dacha’. But let’s go over here.”

We went the other way, down a trail to a spot with a couple of benches overlooking the lake. The sun had just set and the light was fading, but orange glows still shimmered over the water. We sat on a bench, my right hip and Laura’s left hip pressing together. I had my arm around her back, gently hugging her to me. She crossed her right leg over her left, gently sliding her foot along the back of my calf.

For a few moments, I just admired her elegant, austere beauty as she looked out over the lake, lost in thought.

“So…” she finally said… “Ask.”

“So you’re a mind reader, in addition to your other… considerable… talents.” I said, trying to sound complimentary. Laura looked up at me in the dimming light, smiling.

“We’re connected that way.” Laura said. “I think you can read my thoughts as I can feel what you’re thinking.” I realized to myself that it was true, that Laura and I were developing a bond, a closeness, that surpassed anything I’d experienced before.

“Okay… so why are you selling your houses? Why did you sell your house on the hill to Melina?” I asked.

“I want to get them out of my name.” Laura said. “I’ve actually been thinking about it for a while.” I waited for more, but Laura was going to make me ask.

“Okay, so why? What’s the grand plan?” I asked. “Something to do with your husband?” I asked as the sudden insight hit my mind… maybe I was beginning to read Laura’s thoughts.

“Yes.” she replied, “he’s getting near retirement from the military. And when that happens, that’ll be that.” Laura began telling me the full story, some of which I already knew, which I condense here.

Laura’s husband was now a general in the military. She had met him when she was in college. He had been a captain in the ROTC program, ten years older than her. They had dated a few times, called it off, began dating again and with her giving him sex. As he was leaving for his next assignment, he had brought up the subject of marriage, but Laura had pointed out that she had graduate school to attend, and though she loved him and what he was doing, she didn’t want to become a military wife.

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