Illicit Encounter

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Monday morning tea date with my bestie. Same thing we have done every Monday for the last few months, but this time has a more dangerous feel to it. The air is thick with tension, normal conversation eluding us both.

Sat on my leather sofa, I have my legs crossed and am facing sideways towards him. My body slightly turned sideways so I can lean against the back. His hand lays in a fake relaxed manner on my knee, although it’s unfamiliar it feels comfortable, so I don’t move it. I know its fake relaxed because I can feel the tingles of energy between our skin.

We make small talk, general chit chat about work, anything to cut the sexual tension which is palpable now. This is uncharted territory, years of friendship and the fact we both have partners makes it all the more forbidden. Our past conversations have left indelible images in my head. Usually harmless jokes though, banter really, certainly nothing serious. This new energy is confusing yet so intriguing.

I catch him looking at my breasts, my braless nipples poking out beneath my vest top, already hard and inviting. A short sharp intake of breath, a slight shift in the position of his legs, I can almost read his mind. The longing radiating hungrily in his eyes. His tongue flickers almost imperceptibly across his lips. I can see he wants my nipples in his mouth, in his hands, I want that too. I must have gasped aloud because his eyes move up to mine, pleading wordlessly, I smile shyly. I can already feel myself getting wet with the anticipation, making me squirm in my seat.

He slowly moves his hand to my nipple, softly circling it with his finger. His deep blue eyes never leaving my nipple he cups my breast and continues czech amateurs porno to rub, the fabric moving and teasing my other nipple with every stroke. I try to stay still but I’m finding it hard to think, the deliberate movements of his fingers making me quiver. He looks up as I moan, and tentatively leans in to kiss me. His lips are soft against mine, instinctively my lips part to kiss him deeper, the swelling emotions inside me taking over. His tongue delving into my mouth making me want him deep inside me.

His fingers stop rubbing my nipples and I freeze, confused in my daze for a second until, in one fluid motion he slips under the fabric and I melt as he resumes his torture. Kneading, rubbing, squeezing me. I’m dizzy.

He pulls back and removes my top. I feel exposed, embarrassed. I try not to show it in case he stops. He lets out a light moan and sits back for a second, drinking me in. I’m fighting the urge to cover up, the battle in my head between right and wrong like a tug of war.

Before I can gather my thoughts enough to move he leans forward, taking my left breast to his mouth, his hand returning to the right side. His tongue laps gently, swirling around the ripe peak. My back arching towards him, I want to be in his mouth, I want him to grab my tit and suckle on it. He smiles, wryly, enjoying the sweet torture he is inflicting on me.

More confident in his movements he returns to lightly running his tongue and lips over my sensitive nub until I’m squirming with desire. Wriggling and arching, aching and urging. I moan hard and deep, a soft guttural groan as he gives me what I want, sucking with more force.

I uncross czech bitch porno my legs, putting the right one behind his back and the left one on the floor so I can rub my body against him as he moves. He looks up at my face, a wave of how wrong this is hits me and I throw my head back so he doesn’t see how badly I want him.

He must have sensed my indecision because with his mouth still on my nipple his left hand slides down and into my thong, slowly finding my wetness. I feel his body tense, the realisation of what he is doing to me catching him off guard. He kisses his way back to my mouth, tongue sliding into my mouth as his fingers slide into my lips. He stops kissing me and for a moment I’m afraid I have done something wrong.

“I love how wet you are.” He manages to say. His deep voice is raspy with intensity.

His fingers glide my juices onto my clit. It feels delicious, soft deliberate teasing, making my body react intuitively. Trailing from my swollen clit to my pussy and back up again, I’m struggling to control my moans.

A confliction of ‘we shouldn’t be doing this’ and ‘please don’t ever stop’ warring in my head. He eases me down the sofa, hand never stopping it’s tantalising assault, he kisses his way down and removes my thong with his free hand. I do nothing to resist and again the wrongness of this is dismissed by how good it feels. I want this so badly I can’t think of anything else.

He pauses for what feels like an eternity, admiring my nakedness. Eyes taking in every inch of me. The vulnerability of my position suddenly dawns on me, and again, as though he senses my small moment of uncertainty he leans back in and my head is czech casting porno taken over again.

He kisses his way down my stomach, my hip, past my mound and swaps his fingers on my clit for his tongue. The pleasure is too much and I pull my hips back without thinking. His hand quickly pushes under me and drags me back up towards his lips. My breathing is laboured now, truly losing my mind in the intensity. He slip two fingers deep into my pussy, and all thoughts leave my mind, nothing else exists.

My muscles are dripping and sucking him in. I’m writhing under his touch, the curve of his fingers inside me hitting my gspot so perfectly that I couldn’t stay still if I tried. My hips want to fuck his face, the need making me twitch and buck but I don’t want him to stop.

He moves my right leg onto his strong shoulder and traces his tongue all over my slick clit. It’s throbbing and my insides are throbbing wanting his fingers to move faster, needing them deeper.

“Please!” I sob. My voice is dripping with ecstasy.

The anticipation alone had made this so intense. He laps and sucks faster, his fingers start to glide in and out faster and harder until I’m bucking up at him like a rodeo bull. The exquisite sensations building like a bomb in my core. I don’t want to cum on his hand and mouth but he is forcing me to by the sheer eagerness of his movements.

Moaning into me, the vibration of his lips sending me over the edge into the most powerful orgasm I have ever had. Pulsating so hard my cum is gushing out all over his hand, wrist and face. I grab the back of his head as he sucks my clit, slowly riding my release until the throbbing subsides. I put my hand in his hair and gently stroke his neck, my head fuzzy with the thrill.

He looks up and grins smugly.

“Was that good for you?” He quips, quite pleased with himself. I shake my head and laugh, too lost in the waning throes of my orgasm to put up a fight. I reach down and pull him up to kiss me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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