How It Started

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“Did you have a good nap?” Sitting on the floor, she looked up at me with her big eyes and a mischievous smile.

Looking around, in the late afternoon sunlight I could only respond with a dazed smile and a “Yeah, where is everybody?”

“Oh, the girls just went to town to check out the shops again, and the guys said they were looking for a restaurant for later, but I suspect they’ll end up at the first bar they find”, her face opened further, “sweet dreams?”

I pushed myself up a little from my slouched position on the couch, trying to get my bearings.

“Never mind, THAT is clear for all to see”, she giggled.

I followed her gaze to my shorts, and must have frowned, as she broke out laughing.

“You’ve been doing this to me all week-end long”, I responded sheepishly: at the beach, going out, staying in. At first I thought I was blessed with unintentional side boobs and nipple slips, but it soon became clear that she was provoking a reaction: wearing loose beach shirts without a bra, laying out at the beach and pool, always right in front of me: adjusting her top, and incessantly lifting the waistband of her bikini bottoms for God knows what reason; taking her time applying sun screen, even where none was needed; turning over on her stomach to read her book and releasing the bikini strap to avoid a tan line. Each situation leading to a natural reaction from me, and a subsequent naughty smile in reply.

“You started it”, she got up on her knees, moving a little closer. “In what universe is it normal to parade around your beach house brand spanking naked?”

“Are you saying I can’t do what I want in my very own house? Never mind that you were all supposed to be at the beach; and for the record, I was not exactly parading, I was getting my swim suit from the drier to come join you all.”

“It very much looked like parading to me, standing at attention and all!”

The mouth on her: “I will let you know there was no ‘standing at attention’ involved. As soon as I saw you, I apologized, turned and walked back to my room, as embarrassed as I remember ever being.”

“You have nothing to be embarrassed over. Even if that was not ‘at attention’, it’s the biggest tool I have ever seen.” She swallows hard, and looks away.

“Have you seen many then? Tools, I mean.”

“My fair share, I suppose, I am not as innocent as I look.”

“There’s been nothing innocent about you this week.” I put my hands behind my head, trying to make myself comfortable, and chuckle.

She leans forward, her dark grey tank top allowing me a glimpse down her front, her nipples brushing against the fabric, and confidently declares: “I can’t deny it has had some effect on me, and am happy to see that I have been able to reciprocate.”

Blood shooting to my groin as the silence, and my shorts, grow altyazılı porno uncomfortable.

Her large eyes meet mine as she fiddles with the strings on my shorts. Once untied, her gaze is diverted as the velcro fly give way when she reaches down and pull out my cock with both hands.

“Ohmygod. It gets bigger” her voice betrays the confidence of her actions as I become hard in her hands. “What do we do next?”

“I suppose we let nature run its course.” I suggest cheekily. Her breasts bump my thigh as she instinctively pulls her body towards my cock, cranes her neck and kisses the shaft above her firm double grip.

Her insecurity is obvious as she looks me in the face and begs for direction: “Seriously, what do we do now?”

“You know, they may come in different shapes and sizes, but they all work about the same…”

She makes a pouty face, lets go with one hand, and hits me flat on the chest. “The shape is pretty much the same, but be serious, I want to do this right. When I have gotten to this point before, it typically ends pretty quickly with a gooey mess”

“Alright,” I smile, “first, you’ve got to get up here.” I pat the seat next to me, and take her hands as I sit upright.

Her breasts are pushed together by her arms as I help pulling her off the floor, they bounce back as I let go.

She makes a bossy pose, feet apart, as she pulls her mint green bikini bottoms to ride higher on her hips, stretching the fabric over her mound. I can’t take my eyes away as a slightly darker damp spot reveals itself. When my eyes finally meet her, she beams, comes across in front of me and sits next to me on the couch.

I scooch down, resting my head on the back cushion again. She turns towards me and jams one foot under the back cushion behind my back, as she keeps her other foot on the floor. Exposing herself like this gives her leverage and allows her to comfortably grab a hold of my cock again, with both hands, anchoring herself as she takes a couple of deep breaths, looks me in the eyes again and gives me another wide, but nervous, smile.

I run my left hand along the side of her face, down along her arms and let it rest between her legs: so close I can feel the heat radiating from her pussy. She accepts the invitation as she pulls herself closer to me, and comes to rest on top of my hand. She takes a deep breath, releasing the tension in her body, and loosen the grip around my shaft slightly. Her eyes widen at the sight of a drop of liquid forming at the head of my cock.

“Taste it”, I direct her. She lets go with her right hand and dips her finger to break the surface tension of the droplet. Moving her finger to her lips, she sticks out her tongue to taste and smiles as she confirms: “salty”. She bends down and licks the new droplet that has formed amatör porno off the tip of my cock. Kissing the bulbous head, she slowly starts smearing pre-cum and saliva up and down the shaft with her mouth

She turns to face me, in a small voice: “I wasn’t just saying it’s the biggest I have seen to flatter you.”

I have never felt the need to compare myself, but I can see why she may be intimidated. I wouldn’t call it a monster, but she’s unable to fully grab around it with just one hand and it runs nearly the length of her face: from her sharp chin to the top of her head.

“It is your tool today. You decide what you want to do with it, and when”, I try to reassure her: “what you are doing is incredibly sexy, you certainly know how to pamper me”.

She beams: “I want you to fill my mouth, just be patient with me, OK?”

I smile back, as she licks the rod slowly, starting from her grip hold. She flicks her tongue at the base of the head, and kisses it again. This time she doesn’t remove her lips, but opens them slightly and sucks the head into her moth. She lets go, and does it again. Emboldened now, she inches down further on the rod with each drive until I can feel touching the back of her throat, she gags and spits me out.

Giggling with embarrassment, she lets go of my cock and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand.

“That was actually insanely sexy, but really there is no need to rush. You decide what you want to do with it, and when”, I remind her.

She grins hungrily, and licks her hand as she shifts a little closer and continues experimenting, not quite as frantically.

Her whole body moves gracefully with the oral stimulus, as she licks, kisses, bites and suck her way the full length of my cock.

She is literally about to blow my head off, as she all the sudden seem to realize my hand acts as a fulcrum between the soft couch cushion and her bikini bottoms.

The fabric lets her glide across my hand the length of her crotch. The oral stimulus dissipates, but she doesn’t let go of my cock, using her grip as leverage, and to keep her balance as throws her head back and become more intentional in her lower body movement.

Lightly at first, she familiarizes herself with my hand as she moves across it.

It feels almost like she responds to each knuckle individually as she puts more weight on my hand; particularly as she pushes her round tail end up, burying my hand into the front panel of her bottoms. Exploring pleasure points, she moans softly. Continuing to rub onto me like this, she releases my cock with her hands, closes her eyes and sighs deeply with each wave of delight.

The grinding wedges her bottoms in the slit between her legs. Putting her hands behind her on the cushion and gliding back onto her tail stretches arap porno the front-panel fabric to expose the outer folds, delightfully puffy and glisteningly wet. I pull back my hand and I suck her juices off my thumb as she brings her hips up. She gives me a sassy grin and sticks her tongue out at me.

“Oh. My. God.” She lifts her feet up and brings her legs together. “get these things off me”, she commands as she raises her legs.

I move off the couch and onto my knees on the floor in front of her.

I lift her bottom up by pushing her legs back towards her, pull the bikini off her hips and roll the fabric across her ass cheeks.

She’s impatiently leaning on the back cushion, pulling her legs back to expose her entire crotch on the edge of the couch.

I stop in my tracks to take in the display: Her pussy in full sight, swollen inner lips running the length of her vulva.

“Get them off me” she begs me, but I am unable to comply.

Her soaking wet bottoms have come to rest strapped across her thighs, forcing her legs together, but Jesus: as the juices travels down her crotch, across the rim and comes to a rest on her sphincter it contracts from the wetness and being exposed to the cold air blowing from the overhead vent.

I swallow deeply to control myself from being completely overwhelmed, as she cradles her legs onto her chest. I lean closer to her exposed delights, inhaling the aroma from her bikini bottoms, my chin touching her fleshy outer lips.

She cranes her neck to look around her crouched legs to catch my eyes and near shouts: “Do something”.

I lower my head further, place my tongue on the lower rim of her anus and lightly lick the pink circle. Her pussy juices taste familiar and fresh from this enticing serving dish. Her anus contracts on contract, and her entire body quivers as I rummage her puckered bud with my tongue.

I run my tongue up further, the length of her labia, slightly exposing the slick insides of her inner lips. She throws her head back against the cushion, whimpering as I reach her clitoris.

I revert back to her bottom, applying a little more pressure this time as I taste her ass: Again, the sphincter contracts, nipping at my tongue.

I place my hand between her legs, sliding two fingers between her meaty folds. Her whole body goes momentarily limp as I start gently pressing the tips pf my fingers up against her bud.

She convulses and squeals a high pitched “ohmygod”, but hangs on to the grip of her legs as wave upon wave of pleasure moves through her.

I move my hand off her slit, but continue applying light pressure with my fingertips, lapping up warm juices as they flow from her vagina, seemingly spurring on additional orgasms.

As she comes off her high, I pull back and she finally lets go of the grip around her legs. Her eyes glazed over, breath still heavy, a sweet aroma of cum and sweat fills the space between us as she pivots towards me on the floor in front of her. Her face flushed and her hair a mess, she cradles my head and whispers: “Thank you, thank you, thank you”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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