Sis? Can I Have that Key Back? Pt. 03

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Author’s Note… this is part three of a series that straddles two different aspects of sexuality: an incestuous relationship, and a bdsm relationship. When I considered the taboo nature of the two, I felt that the bigger “deal breaker” for some readers would be the family connection. With that logic, I placed the story here in this group. Having said that, please note that there is a bdsm element to this tale. If it is not your cup of tea, I appreciate you reading this far, but you may not enjoy much more. For the rest… please enjoy…


Greg stood in the kitchen trembling for several minutes, his mind reeling as his cock fought against it’s plastic prison. His sister’s scent on his skin was strong and he couldn’t get himself over the fact that not only had she physically punished him, but she had then used his body as a crutch while she pleased herself. Further, he didn’t seem to be able to do anything to stop the spiral he was finding himself in. But then, he really didn’t want to, either.

Greg found himself moving down the hall and noted that Marcy was getting ready to leave for the day. Shrugging, he moved to his own bedroom to do the same. In short time, Greg heard the front door open and close as his sister left him in the apartment with his thoughts.

He knew what Marcy was thinking, since she had told him as much. She thought that he had been desperate to fill a need in his life. She must have thought that he was frustrated in not being able to find a suitable partner to fulfill these desires, and she must have also thought that she could help him ease this burden. And yet, he marveled at her seemingly natural ability to find just the right button to push. Granted, she was his sister, but he barely knew these things about himself. How could she seemingly know what to do before he even knew he would be ready?

Marcy’s scent lingered with Greg as he coaxed himself to finish preparing for the day ahead of him. His throbbing cock had relaxed in its tube somewhat now that the direct stimulation of his sister had gone, but he knew that it wouldn’t take much for it to swell once more. Greg couldn’t quite calculate properly at the moment, but he knew he must have been in the cage for at least three days now. Or was it four? Regardless, he knew he would have already let himself out by now to relieve the stress of what would have been a normal lockup. So far, this had been anything but normal.

Hours passed as the siblings each attempted to calm their thoughts on their own, but in actuality very little got done for either of them. As day turned to afternoon, Greg found himself returning home to confront whatever his sister had in store for him, if anything at all. As soon as he closed the front door, Greg could smell the delicate fragrance of lit candles somewhere in the apartment.

“Greg,” he heard his sister beckon from her bedroom. Snapping to attention, Greg hustled into her room to find her seated on her bed, wrapped in a towel. His cock twitched in its cage briefly, but Marcy seemed to pay it no mind. She then patted her bed next to where she sat, beckoning her brother to join.

“So,” she started, “I know it has been quite a while that you’ve had it on.” Greg nodded in agreement, unsure of the direction this conversation was about to go. “I’m starting to think that what you have under the hood there might not be so fresh anymore.” As she spoke, Marcy almost absentmindedly unzipped Greg’s pants and took his package in hand. With her other hand, Marcy pinched her nose ankara escort and made a sour face as though she had smelled something awful. “If I am to be expected to manage this thing, it needs to be clean.”

Greg’s heart leapt. He was getting out! He agreed with her, of course, that he probably did need some maintenance down there. But to do it properly, he knew he would have to be released. The game would end. He knew he had mixed feelings about this prospect. While he was eager to get out and relieve his internal tension, he was worried it would all end and never begin again. Greg’s thoughts moved to what he was going to do as soon as he was free. Oh yes, the shower was going to be a good one.

“You’re definitely right, sis.” Greg felt his voice tremble a bit as he tried to conceal his excitement. “It has been a few days and I’ve been to the gym, too!”

Marcy smiled and stood. Greg could see the key’s chain dangling between her breasts. The key had to be in there, but his view was blocked by the towel she had expertly wrapped around herself. “Well, now is a good time for us to get you all cleaned up.” Marcy turned and moved towards the bathroom, her ass cheeks peeking out from under the towel as she turned the corner in the hallway.

“For us?” Greg questioned as he hustled to follow his sister to their apartment bath. The room didn’t look right from the hallway and it didn’t click in his mind why until he actually stepped into it. The lights were off, but there were numerous lit candles placed throughout, illuminating it with flickering light. The water to the shower was already running and the mirror had begun to steam. A length of rope dangled from the shower curtain rod.

“Of course, for us,” Marcy happily exclaimed. “I just took command of that little feller down there. I might not want to let it go just yet.” Greg’s face blushed at the slight. “Anyway, the water is warm so get naked, step in, and grab the bar.”

Not seeing any better options, Greg did as instructed and cautiously stepped one foot into the tub. The water was perfect. After his second foot was in and his body was centered under the shower spray, Greg looked at his sister and raised his hands to hold the bar.

With a smile, Marcy moved toward her brother and efficiently bound his hands together and to the curtain rod. The internet had rewarded her in much better ways than cat videos. Satisfied that he was warm under the water and also secure, Marcy pulled the chain from between her concealed breasts to reveal the key that hung there. It felt warm in her hand and she toyed with it briefly, feeling her brother quickly moving his gaze from the key to her cleavage and back. The poor guy simply couldn’t help himself.

Marcy turned away from Greg and bent at the hip as she reached to open the vanity cabinet. The towel that had barely covered her ass now rode up a few more inches. Greg was convinced that his sister was completely nude under the towel, but he only had the view of her cheeks to confirm the theory. As he strained to get a better view, Marcy suddenly stood and spun to face him. “You, sir, should not see what is under this towel. What would the neighbors say?” Marcy giggled and showed him the sleep mask that she had fetched from the cabinet. Protesting this new defeat, Greg moved his head back and forth to present a moving target. Marcy laughed sweetly as she struggled with him for a moment or two, but before long Greg found himself enveloped in darkness. And then he heard the towel drop to the floor.

With his escort ankara vision now gone, Greg felt his other senses heighten. He could almost feel the air around him move before she touched him but suddenly Marcy was standing with him. Cuddling him. Nude like him.

Greg helplessly moaned aloud, surrendering himself to the sensation of his sister’s skin pressed against his own. The only foreign object he could feel was the key between their bodies. His cock twitched again in its tube, unable to salute Marcy’s ministrations as she began to caress her brother’s body. Feeling Marcy’s form move somewhat away from him, Greg quickly felt her sliding down beside him until she was assuredly alongside his imprisoned cock. Shudders wracked his body as Greg felt something soft yet wet slide across the tiny opening on the end of the cage, teasing his hypersensitive flesh that was exposed there. Moans turned to groans as Greg’s cock valiantly yet painfully fought its confinement.

Marcy toyed with her brother for minutes on end, watching as he desperately danced beneath her light touches. He would alternate between trying to get closer to her with trying to escape from her, not really succeeding at either in time before a change in direction. Feeling that she properly had his attention, Marcy knew it was time. She was finally going to see her brother’s cock. Her only experience with it to this point had been in a caged state, so she didn’t know what to expect. Was he large? Small? She was about to find out.

After a final teasing touch to Greg’s sensitive head, Marcy moved quickly to get the key into the cage’s lock and pull it off. She knew it was going to be a race against time. Considering how she had mercilessly teased her brother, Marcy knew that his cock would quickly engorge once free. She needed for all of the pieces to be off of him before that happened.

Greg’s mind had long since detached from reality as his sister’s ministrations brought him to the edge of where he thought his sanity was. And within what felt like an instant, the cage was off of him. Greg could feel his cock filling quickly as it no longer had restraint. The weight between his legs had shifted from hard plastic to hard flesh. And yet, something was missing.

Marcy sat back, satisfied that she had gotten the cage off of him so quickly. Just out of reach as Greg flailed in search of contact, Marcy took a few moments to study what he was packing. Pleased with what she saw, she continued to regard him for a few minutes. Greg’s cock continued to twitch, searching for any type of physical contact. Finally, Marcy stood and slid her body up alongside of his, spooning him from behind. Soon, she had soap in her hands and then began to gently bathe her brother, carefully avoiding his overexcited cock.

Sensing what his sister’s game was, Greg groaned in frustration, but continued to revel in her touches where she did decide to place them. Blindfolded and excited as he was, all Greg could do was try to feel his sister’s warm body pressing into his, yet he was helpless to direct these touches whatsoever. Marcy, however, had begun to use herself as a loofah against Greg’s increasingly sensitive body. She soaped herself first, and then slid her skin against her brother’s, building suds between them both.

After ensuring her brother was suitably cleaned, Marcy slid around to Greg’s front side. She then took a seat on the edge of the tub. In her new position, Marcy found that Greg’s cock now bounced near her face, fully at attention. Greg was almost ankara escort bayan holding his breath now, sensing where his sister had moved herself. After what seemed an eternity, Greg felt Marcy’s hands touch his inner thighs and slowly start to work their way upwards towards his crotch. After delaying the inevitable for what she felt was long enough, Marcy hurriedly took Greg’s throbbing member in her hands and washed it.

It was over almost as soon as it had started. Her hands were back on his thighs. Greg gasped in frustration as the wickedly powerful sensations of her touch left him.

“What’s wrong, bro?” Marcy asked as sweetly as possible, knowing full well what was wrong. “Were you hoping for more action down there? I told you the little guy needed a cleaning so I gave it to him. Did you have something else in mind?”

Greg sputtered, his mind reeling in confusion. All he could think of to say were two words so he squeaked them out: “cum, please?”

Marcy smiled and traced her hands back up along Greg’s thighs until her left hand separated his ass cheeks, resting against the sensitive flesh there. “You want to give me cum? Did you know I can get it from here without even getting your fella involved?” To push the point, Marcy pressed one finger into Greg’s rectum but did not penetrate it. Then she moved both of her hands to Greg’s balls and gently massaged them. Despite the running water over both of them, she could swear there was a dollop of precum on the end of Greg’s cock.

All Greg could do was squirm against his sister’s touches. She was now moving her hands everywhere between his legs, lightly toying with his balls and grazing his asshole. He couldn’t believe it but he could almost sense an orgasm building in his body and she hadn’t even touched his cock since the brief washing.

Marcy kept up her diligent work on Greg, now occasionally mixing in the slightest of touches to his painfully erect member. Each time she touched the head, she could feel Greg’s body shudder as she returned her attention to his other sensitive areas. His desire was clearly building as the involuntary twitches through his body grew more severe. Breaths were growing hurried and shallow. Marcy knew the game would be up soon.

Making up her mind, Marcy sighed to herself and fully grasped the head of Greg’s cock in her hand. She didn’t make a jerking motion, but rather just cupped her hand directly over the top and allowed it to slide within, although very slightly. Greg stopped breathing and his body began to tense. Taking a gamble on the timing, Marcy suddenly pulled her hand away and stood up, stepping out of the tub.

In confusion, Greg whipped his blindfolded head around as if he could find his sister, but the damage was done. Built up beyond the point of no return, Greg’s cock weakly pulsed twice and then not again as it could find no more stimulation to satisfy it or encourage a fuller orgasm. All he could do was groan in frustration as he felt the water continue to cascade over his spent body. His cock, however, continued to stand at full attention. Deprived of the orgasm it so richly expected, all it could do was stand resolute, refusing to deflate immediately as it normally would. In time, Greg’s cock got smaller as his desire grew larger.

Returning to the bathroom from her bedroom, Marcy came to see her brother slumped over, hanging onto the bar. She reached in and turned the water off before hurriedly patting Greg’s crotch dry. And then just as quickly, she once again encased his newly softened member back into it’s plastic prison. Tenderly, she removed Greg’s blindfold and freed him from the ropes, allowing him to gaze upon her, now dressed in pajamas.

“Let’s have some dinner, sweet brother,” she cooed. “I’m starving!”

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