Sucking Off My Brother

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It started out like just a plain boring night for me. My parents were out at a party for a coworker, and my brother was out with his girlfriend probably getting laid at this very moment. Which leaves me, stuck here at home with nothing to do but sit in front of my computer and surf the net till my brain fries from the radiation off my monitor.

It’s not like I didn’t have a choice about it though, I mean I’m not that bad a person and surely could have gotten together with a few friends, or even found a date for tonight. I’m 21, 6’ tall, 160 lbs, blonde hair, green eyes. I’m not out of shape, but I’m not buff, just trim. Also had I of planned it right, I could have met up with a guy from the internet, and traded blowjobs with him, but instead I’m stuck here on my own.

Yeah I’m bisexual, have been since I was 18. I’m 21 now. Nobody in my life actually knows it though, since they’d never understand. I want to tell them, but how do you walk up to your Dad and tell him that you enjoy having sex with men when he uses the term fag as an insult almost every day. My Mom might be the only one who could understand, but the fact that she’d surely tell my Dad is what keeps me from telling her. My Brother and I hardly even talk, so he’s bahis firmaları definitely not someone I’d be coming out to.

After a few hours of internet surfing, I decided to move downstairs to the living room and throw a porno of mine in the DVD player. Grabbing one at random from my room, I made my way downstairs in just my jockey’s for a good jerk off session. It wasn’t until I pushed play on the remote, that I realized I had grabbed my one guy on guy DVD. It didn’t matter to me, I just planted my ass on the couch, and got ready to jerk my meet while watching guys suck and fuck other guys.

I was only about half way into the first scene, when the door flew open, and my 18 year old drunk brother fell through it. His next stumble however was one that I had hoped he wouldn’t make, right into the living room. In his drunken state, it took him a few glances from the TV to me with my hand around my cock, and back before he realizes what’s going on.

“What’s this Aaron? You some sort of fag or something?” he slurred out.

“Go to bed Mark, your drunk” I snapped.

“You are aren’t you? You’re a fucking fag!” He yelled.

Now I’m not afraid of my brother, in fact I could easily kick his ass if necessary, He’s only 5’6” and 145 lbs, but something though about this situation, made me afraid to stand up to him. I just sat there and listened to him insult kaçak iddaa me, and that’s when he did something unexpected.

“Well you little fag, ya like to suck cock? Well why don’t you suck this cock here” he said as he unzipped his pants, and whipped out his cock. My jaw hit the floor. My brother had the most beautiful cock I had ever seen, not even the guys on my DVD compared to his hard 8 inches of uncut manhood.

“Ya you like that? Now get your fag mouth over here and suck it, I know you want to.” He was right too, I did want to suck him, I wanted to suck his gorgeous cock until he blew his load down my throat. So I slipped off the couch onto my knees, and crawled my way over to him. When I was at his feet, I took his cock in my hand and started to stroke it slowly. This wasn’t what he wanted though, and I felt his hand on the back of my head.

“Suck” he stated, as he pushed my head towards his cock. I just opened my mouth and let him push his cock right into my mouth before I wrapped my hand around the base, and began bobbing my head up and down on his cock. I let my other hand crawl up between his legs, and cup his balls. They were covered in a thick bush of pubic hair, and I heard him let out a slight moan when I gave them a little squeeze.

I could taste what I suspected were the juices of his girlfriends pussy on his cock, so I assumed that kaçak bahis he had gotten off at least once already tonight, so I put to use every trick I knew to get him to cum. Letting his cock slide out of my mouth, I continued to stroke it slowly, as I moved down to suck his balls into my mouth. Normally with the amount of pubic hair present, I wouldn’t be very inclined to do this, but something told me that it was what I needed to do to bring him off. So I sucked his scrotum into my mouth, and began to play with them with my tongue.

When I heard him groan again, I knew he was close and took his nuts out from my mouth. Running my tongue along the underside of his cock on my way back up, I made sure to stimulate the underside of the head of his cock. This turned out to be his hair trigger, and I was barely able to get his cock back into my mouth before he started cumming. Rope after rope of hot steamy cum shot from the head of his cock, into my mouth, and then down my throat. That was when he shoved me off, and proceeded to jack himself off onto me. I simply let him cum where ever he liked, and occasionally tried to get some of it in my mouth.

When he was finally finished, he moved over and collapsed on the couch, his cock still hanging out of his pants, and a dribble of cum still running out of his cock. I quickly crawled over to suck it up, and made sure I got every drop of his juices. He never did get hard again though, so I just left him lying there on the couch. Would he remember what we had done the next morning along with his hangover? I doubt it. Did I even care though? Not at all.

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