Sara’s Car Trip Ch. 03

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This story is a continuation, and best read after first reading Sara’s Car Trip and Sara’s Car Trip Ch. 2. Enjoy.


“What a great tan!”

My sister Sara was checking her tan, approving of herself, cupping her breasts with her hands, and looking up at me, “What do you think?”

She was standing naked at the foot of ‘our’ bed, her arms held out, turning front to back. I was reading a magazine, but stealing glances of her at the same time. She had such perfect little boobs, looking like white little triangles with nipples set like jewels; lower down this dark tangle of pussy hair standing out against another white triangle of flesh set below her navel, the real box of treasure; and these little lines running around her hips, over her shoulders, across her back.

I looked up from my magazine, gulping. Drinking her in. I could smell sun tan lotion. Remaining calm. “I think I like the parts of you that haven’t been tanned.”

She put her hands on her hips, stuck her tongue out and began to dance around the room, peeking at herself in the mirror.

I could see the circle of a little butt plug poking out from her ass cheeks I had pressed into her several days ago when her back was to me… Did I mention that I was also naked on the bed?

I was back to reading my magazine, when she hopped up on the bed, flipped her leg across me and sat down, hovering her puss over my cock.

“Say you like my TAN.”

“It’s, ok.” I was reaching up with my cock, feeling it stiffen almost immediately as I tried to touch her, brush her hairs as she lifted herself away. I let myself drop back on the bed.

“Uh, uh. No No No. Say it. Say I have the greatest tan EVER!”

I looked at her.

She was biting her lip, up on her knees, leaning slightly forward, a little pout. “It’ll be worth it.”

“How worth it?”

And she set her puss down ever so lightly, briefly tickling along my cock. I could feel her soft hairs just brush the underside of my dick, touch my balls. The weight of her, the parting of her pussy, her warmth, and then she lifted herself back up.

“Oh my God that felt good.” I closed my eyes.

“Pretty worth it…And… I’m Pretty horneeeee!”

I lay my hands on her thighs, looking up at her, she lay her hands on mine. Sara’s dark hair was fallen down around her shoulders, I could see her white teeth as she held herself above me.

“Damn, girl, you have the best TAN I’ve ever seen!”

And the next moment she fell down on me, her body spread along my whole length as she ground her pussy down onto my cock, rocking back and forth, sort of wrestling with me, pinning me to the bed. I gave no resistence.

“Lay still,” she breathed in my ear.

And she sat back up, took my cock in her hand and pressed it up between her legs, positioning herself, nuzzling my cockhead along her slit and then set back down, exquisite. I could feel myself slide into her in slow motion, watching myself disappear into her heat and warmth.

She was sitting on me again, her nails digging into my chest, my cock pressed straight up inside her. She paused like that, only the smallest movements of her hip that was involuntarily sliding around on me, and my own breathing. Our hairs tangling together between our legs.

She was looking at me, smiling, “Was I right? Hmmmm?”

“Oh, You feel SO good.”

I reached around her waist and down along the crack of her ass, pulling her toward me a little and reaching, reaching pressed the flat of the little butt plug that was sqeezed up inside her. It was the ‘medium,’ the one inch diameter plug that was in her now.

She growled her low growl and dropped her head to my chest, then looking back up at me.

“I told you not to move.”

But then, she didn’t move either and I kept pressing it into her, moving it around, turning it. Her pussy sliding on my cock now. I could feel the wide flare of the plug slide along my penis from inside, from along the outside of her vagina. It felt so incredible. I could not believe how we were laying here, me fucking my sister, day after day after day. For nearly two weeks now.

I held her to me, undulating my hips, “I’m not moving.”

“Your such a liar!” She hit at me. “Such a fucking liar.”

“Well I am fucking.” And I started to bounce her on me, lifting my hips up quick and then dropping down, letting my hand press into her ass each time she dropped pushing the plug into her.

“Oh, Oh, Oh!” With each bounce, growling, her whimpers and moans.

“Oh god that feels…so good. I wanted to fuck…YOU. Stop it…Ah, ah, Stop it.” She Squealed, “I’ll scream!”

“You already are.”

She dropped back down, melting together skin to skin. “Oh god.” She was just licking her lips holding her mouth open.

I kept bouncing her against me, until I felt her body stiffening, as she began whimpering again and crying out. “You fucker, oh…fuck! I’m cumming. Oh god keep doing that! Oh god. J….”

And she was writhing on me, holding me tight. I was pumping myself into her, my whole length into her. I knew ankara escort her body so well, and began to squeeze her breasts. They were so sensitive when se was mid-orgasm.

Her eyes went wide. “Oh my God, yeah. That’s it.” She lay her hands on mine and I squeezed her hard, “Oh.”

I could feel her trembling above me, arching her back away from me, tipping her hair back. And then her breathing slowed as she dropped back down and she just lay there looking at me, her breasts pressed against my chest, hooking her legs around mine. She whispered, “You fucker,” as she began to kiss me. I opened my mouth and let her play in my mouth, we touched tongues.

I brought my hands above my head as we kissed, held my palms open, “See. I didn’t move a muscle.”

She bit my tongue, “Fucker,” was all she said.

She lay against me, her hair tickling my cheek, I could feel her still sliding lightly along my cock, slowly at first, then rising and falling on me, I could feel myself sink into her. My cockhead just touching at her vagina and then sinking deep inside as she would lower herself and sit herself down, then rising back up again. Torturously slow.

I was still hard. I hadn’t cum yet.

She lifted her head and looked at me close. “Now you promise. Lay there. Don’t you move. Let me do you. Pleeeease.”

I closed my eyes, and turned my head.

I felt her kiss my neck, little feather kisses in a line down onto my nipples. She softly so softly licked around my nipples and suckled them. She knew how I loved that. I could feel her hands brushing my body, reaching down and drawing a line along my hips, as I kept my eyes closed. So luxurious.

The whole time my cock is moving inside, her strokes along my cock so soft and slow, the full length of me.

She took my hands in hers rising and falling on me, a rising and falling warm wave, letting her breasts brush along my chest as she moved upon me.

When I looked at her she was this wave of flesh rising and falling on my body. I lay with my arms above my head just watching her. She was looking down at herself, at her body as it moved on me, you could see my cock rise up into her between her legs, disappearing into her dark patch of cunny. That little hole hidden between her legs. Steadying herself at times with her hands and holding onto me, just laying her hands on my chest.

She leaned down, held her mouth at my ear. “Like that?”

“Mmmm you have no idea.”

“Like your little sister fucking you?”

I closed my eyes, nodded.

“Like your little sisters cunt.”

I lay impassive.

“So wet. So open for you. What you wanted? You want it?” I nodded, eyes closed.

I felt her slide down harder, quickening her pace, breathing harder, opening her mouth, we were panting. I began to meet each thrust of her body. I wanted to bring my hands up and hold her, I wanted her to kiss me again. But I did not move. She wanted this. I gave it to her.

And as if she were reading my mind she lay along the length of me and began kissing me again, a deep loving long kiss. I could feel her teeth, and I pressed my tongue into her as I fucked her, as we rubbed and washed against each other. Feeling her warmth, listening to her cunny opening and closing around me, the soft slap of her body, of our body, rising and falling into one another.

I could feel her getting aroused again, could feel her clit hardening and lengthening, this little finger sliding along my cock. She was pressing herself hard against me, grinding into me as we kissed. I didn’t move, and lifting my cock bumping her with each thrust, she was grinding hard against me, the rythem and deep long thrusts fed my orgasm and the cum was rising, I could feel it.

I began to turn my head, press into the mattress and moving around on the bed, lifting my hips, kissing her saying, “Oh fuck Sara, I’m cumming I’m cumming.”

She held me tight, as I moved beneath her, and breathed in my ear, “Cum in me…Oh yes.” She could feel it, “Cum in me. Let me feel you fill me up.”

And I began to fill her. I could feel my cock pulsing into her, and as I pressed my cock into her as deep as I could, I could feel her vagina contracting around me, and the movement of her body tightening and clinging to mine. This time, deeper. Our bodies simply wound around the other, as we came together, our skin wet and sliding together, as we became one. The light, the room, everything around us vanishing into nothing.


our eyes opening again….

“Oh my, what you do to me!” I next heard her whisper.


How long had it been? I must have fallen asleep.

I could feel my cock was still inside her her, could feel cum trickling out and running down my balls, cooling between our legs, forming a little puddle beneath us.

She opened her eyes and looked at me, smiled. I felt her squeezing me, squeezing my soft cock out of her puss.

“Strong little pussy,” I said softly as she turned herself, setting right next to me and I never tired of watching her body as she lifted herself off me escort ankara and set herself up beside me, naked, brushing the hair from her eyes, pulling the strands from her mouth, as she kept one hand on my hip. Then turning to me, all smiles. The glow in her eyes, that just-fucked look.

“It’s been getting lots of exercise.”

I wrapped my arms around her, curled myself around her knees.

She kissed my shoulder. She cooed, “That’s what you get for appreciating my tan.”

“It’s the best in the history of homo-sapiens on this planet.”

She scratched me.


“I Love you,” She kissed me.

“I Love you too.”

“That’s a problem,” she said as our lips touched.

“What?” She hugged herself to me, held me just then. I could feel the warmth of her cheek.

“I never want to let you go.”

Then she let go, and sat near me, positioning herself, crossing her legs, “We can’t you know.”

“Can’t what?”


“We just did.”

She turned herself to me, her puss was this gaping little wound. I couldn’t stop looking at it, began to nuzzle my nose between her legs.

“Stop it.”

I said again, “We just did.”

“You know what I mean…We have three days – today, tomorrow and then we go home. We can’t….After that.” She was combing out her hair with her fingers. “I can’t believe we haven’t gotten caught yet.”

I was blinking at her, she had alluded to this before. It had a kind of over the cliff sort of feeling for me. It didn’t seem quite as steep a week ago, this vacation still seemed like forever as we walked that sunset on the beach. But three days. That seemed – SHORT.

I sat up, “You mean like NEVER.”

She didn’t say anything.

“I don’t know. But yeah, what if it was NEVER.”

She looked at me. “What would you do?”

“Sneak into your bed and…” I touched her pussy. Stroked her soft hairs, caressed her tummy. She let me. “Could you say ‘no’ to this,” and I snuggled a finger deep into her vagina. She let it linger there, pushing herself down, impaling herself on my extended finger, the hint of a smile.

“Your impossible.”


That afternoon we were getting ready to go out on the beach.

I couldn’t stop thinking about that little conversation of Sara’s. Three days.

It all felt like it was closing in. She was right. And we are in different colleges. This was impossible, rediculous. My head was swimming, these are not feeling I should be feeling.

Sara was still naked and sitting in the chair that was her favorite spot by the window, brushing her little muffin. Stroking it, staring down and pressing the hairs one way then another. She looked like a little monkey.

I lay there watching her. I could feel myself stiffen. Unbelievable, how could I. She noticed as well, looking up and laughed. “Down cowboy.”

“It’s not my fault. You make me so fucking horny.”

“Tell me about it. Look how swollen….” She looked over at my penis, “Down boy, down.”

She jumped off the bed and ran over to me and took my cock in her hand and began to push it down between my legs. Turning it, twisting, pushing, hard!

“Ow ow ow. What the hell are you doing?!” I sat bolt upright. “You can’t do that to a penis.”

“It’s aversion training.” She hit the head of my cock, “Bad penis bad penis.” She was speaking down into my crotch still pressing it down, tugging at my balls, but now it was just laying flat on the bed.

She sat before me, and there we were. Naked and just looking at one another. We looked alike in some ways. We were the same size, same color hair. Our hands looked alike. She took my hand in hers and let her fingers twine into mine, then set my hand down on her knee. She reached again and took my penis in her hand, soft this time. Turning her fingers, gently stroking its length, it was rising from the bed, like a punished little puppy looking up at you, making sure everything is ok.

“Good little penis,” she said. Then meeting my eyes, “Too good.”

“Never too good.” I rejoined.

She began to rise from the bed, turn herself and I lay my hand on her back and as she rose let my fingers tickle down her back, just leaving the touch of her ass as she stepped away.

I said, “Get ready. Lets go.”

“Ummm,” She held her hand to her tummy, held her leg out and looked at herself, “I have to shave first.”

She stepped into the bathroom.


She laughed, cause I was like thinking about her face.

“My legs Dumbo.” And then she turned to me, pointing, “My pubes.”

“Ahhh.” Was all I said.

I turned to leave but then stopped.

“Let me.”

She looked at me.

“I’ll do it.”

She was holding the little shaver.

“Look if its only going to be another three days, then I think we should…” She was ignoring me. “Go for it. Please.”

She lay the little blade in my hand.

“Be careful.” She sat on the toilet.

“Lets do it out there. There’s not enough room in here.”

She rolled her eyes. “Such a big production.”

I ankara escort bayan took her hand. She followed me out.

“I use this cream.” She lay that in my hand, “and then slowly, CAREFULLY…”

“I know how to shave.”

“Oh yeah?”

And I set her into the chair she loved so much. “Sit the way you normally do. Legs open.”

She laughed, “Am I that bad.”

“Pretty much.”

“Cause I’m always airing it out.”

She set herself down and hooked her legs around the cushions opening herself up nicely to me.

“Here, now scootch to the edge of the cushion.”

She complied, letting her hand hang loose as she watched me with a bemused smile.

“You are enjoying this way too much.”

“You have the most beautiful pussy EVER.” I was just inches from her sitting down between her legs.

She smiled, I began to rub the shaving cream onto her legs and then took another squirt into my hand and began to rub it over her mons and up onto her abdomen.

She jumped.

“Hey! My thighs…” I watched her eyes get wide, as she realized what I was about to do.

I just said. “I said I know how to shave.”

“You done this before have you?”


And she settled back into the chair, eyes wide, and opened her legs wider, tipped her hips up and set her pussy right before me. I was looking at white cream and pink slit. I took the shaver and began to draw it down her abdomen, could feel the dark hairs catching in the blade. I had a little cup and would swirl it around in there each time.

I did not want to hurt her or catch the hairs, I wanted painless, this was too glorious. I was so careful. I was about to shave her pussy, and the least nick could stop the whole thing. I knew her.

I drew the blade down her thighs, then back up to her abdomen, the hairs catching more as it approached her mons. The blade sliding along the soft flesh. I could see the swell of her puss, this mound of flesh, no hair.

She did not have so much in any event, but the bare white skin, the dark hairs bunching along the line of the blade. The line of her pussy lips, running down between her legs. This little hairless line. I drew the blade along the edge of her pussy lips, slowly slowly. She was watching intently the whole time. Swirling the blade in my little cup.

“Have YOU ever done this before?” I asked as I intently watched this emerging bare little cunt.

“No.” She was covering her eyes. I loved when she did that. Her cheeks were glowing red.

I could hear a catch in her throat.

In silence I swirled the blade and shaved, until there was just bare skin and little lines of white cream.

“There. Lets check.”

“Lets CHECK. O Gawd!” My sister said as she laughed.

I looked for any little trace of hair, and finding a few here or there, removed them carefully with the blade.

She was bald. It was so beautiful. My cock ached.

I took a wash rag and wiped between her legs.

“Oh, that’s cold.”


And she rose from the chair, tipping her cunt out so she could sort of see it. She stepped into the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

She touched it.

“God it feels so…cool. The wind, when I move.”

“Hairless,” I said.

I was so hard now. God I wanted to fuck her. Again. I came up behind her. This is the true test, and turned her around to me.

“Ah, ah ah. We are going out.”

“No, just let me…test.”

And I let the tip of my cock touch her over the mons, sliding it down her abdomen, leaving this little wet trail of pre cum on her skin.

“Doesn’t that feel good?” I tippled the head of my cock over her bare skin. I pulled away and lay my hand over her, pulling her open, she was so wet it was unbelievable.

“God you do like this.”

“Oh, Jason. You have to….What are you…”

I let my finger slide down into her, pressed into her vagina and she held herself open for me, I could feel her lifting up on tippie toe.

“It feels so cool.”

She was arching her back and rubbing herself against me.

“Jason! We already fucked once.” I touched her clit. “Oh my god. Stop….”

“Let me lick you.” I slowly slipped a second finger inside and held her with my hand, still touching her clit with my thumb.

She held there, before whispering, “Ok,” and she was literally melting onto the bed. I began to run my hands all over her, softly stroking her, up between her legs.

She was whimpering, “Oh Jason, I want to go outside. Mom and dad….”

And I pulled her legs open and began licking her hairless little cunt. She lay her hand on my head and pushed me into her, sucking in her breath. I could hear these ragged gasps.

I looked up at her, this pink little hairless slit touching my lips, “You’re my little girl now.”

I continued licking, my wet tongue running between her thighs and cunny lips. Lapping at her bare skin and then pressed my tongue along that line, the wetness squeezed out of her.

“So sweet. My sweet little girl.”

“Ohh….Jas…I” She was moaning and pushing her cunt into my mouth. I pushed on the plug, and she tipped her head back.

“You might be ready for the next one.”

She looked at me, her eyes were glassy. And…I could tell she was mad at me at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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