How Could I Refuse?

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It was a beautiful summer afternoon, hot but nice. My car needed a wash job, so I put on my old cut off jeans and tennis shoes and went outside to enjoy the day. I backed the car out onto the driveway; got the stuff I needed, and proceeded to start the wash job.

I was kind of keeping track of what was going on in the neighborhood as I was doing the job. There was Don the neighbor across the street mowing his yard. He waved and I waved back. Don was cool and I had known him for a few years. He was about my age and we had talked a lot and even been to neighborhood parties together, so I knew he was a horny fucker just like me.

He had a cute little thing for a wife and was always referring to her in a sexy way when he talked to me about her. I think he was just trying to make me horny. He knew I was divorced and I think it turned him on knowing I would like to fuck her.

I continued washing the car, and when I looked up again, a couple minutes later, I glanced over Don’s way. He was smiling ear-to-ear and motioned to me in the direction of my neighbor’s house. I looked in that direction and there she was, our new neighbor Candi.

Oh fuck! Was she ever HOT!! Her and her old man had just moved in a few weeks ago and my cock got about half hard every time I seen her. She was several years younger than me, I guessed in her early twenties, with a body just made for sexual pleasure. She was about five foot three, short blond hair, nice size tits and that ass, damn that ass was perfect. She could probably kill me if we ever got naked together, but man, what a way to go!

It had to be just fantasy because she would never be interested in a guy my age.

The thing about it was, every time I got the chance to say HI to her and talk a minute, she was really friendly and she had a sexy little smile that just made me melt, but I passed all that off as just cock teasing and her knowing she was making me horny.

Her old man had a job that kept him on the road and out of town a lot, so I often wondered if she got horny while he was gone and was playing with herself and fucking herself with a big dildo when he wasn’t around.

I was checking her out when she looked in my direction and smiled great big, waved and hollered, “HI! Nick” Oh Shit! My cock started to grow just seeing her dressed like that. She had on an old pair of tight, very short, cut off jeans with holes all over them and an old t-shirt cut off just below those yummy tits. I hadn’t seen her old man for a couple of days so I figured he was gone again.

I waved and hollered back. “HI, what are ya doin?”

To my surprise here she comes walking in my direction. Oh man! I was going to get a close up look at her today. She walks up and asked, ” Hot day isn’t it?” I smiled at her and replied, “Yeah and it’s getting hotter too.”

She picked up on that and a big smile came on her face. She walked around my car looking it over and said, ” Wow! Nice ride.”

I had stopped washing and was just drinking in the site of her. See walked in front of me, just a couple of feet away and bent over as far as she could, looking at one of the wheels and asked,

” What kind of wheels are these?”

I almost didn’t hear her question. Her sweet little ass was sticking in the air only a couple feet away and the cut offs she had on was so short I swear I could see one of her pussy lips showing. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I could definitely see bare ass through a hole in them on her left ass cheek and there was nothing hiding those beautiful tits hanging down

I had to adjust my cock in my cutoffs so it would lay down the leg of them. The trouble was it was beginning to grow enough that the end of the head of it was starting to stick out where they were cut off. I was trying to hide it when Candi turned around and looked at me and looked right at my hand working on it. I moved my hand away quickly and looked up and she was staring at the tip of my cock head sticking out. I stammered a little and said,

” Ah, Those are U S mags.”

I couldn’t move. I was caught. I tried to keep up a conversation, so I told her that I thought they went well with the car. She looked the car over and then looked right back down at my cock and replied,

“Yeah, it sure is a nice one.”

I couldn’t believe she said that. Now I was just hoping I could control my arousal enough that my cock wouldn’t get hard. My cock is about nine inches long and two and a half inches thick when it is completely hard, so it would be sticking way out of the leg of my cut-offs if it got to that size. I just said, “Thanks” I wasn’t sure what to say after she made such an obvious statement. I was trying to hide my growing member; I just picked up the sponge, bent over and started washing again . Candi said, “Well Nick, I need to get a few things done so I can lay out in ankara escort the backyard later and get some sun.”

I stood up again and look at her and told her I was going to wax the car in my backyard after I got it washed, so I might see her later. She replied, “You know waxing a car is a hard job.” Then she looked right at my cock again and said, “If it gets too hard, I might help you with it.”

Then looked back up at me and just smiled that sexy little smile.

All I could say was, ” Yeah, I can always use some help.”

She turned away and started walking back across the yard to her house swinging that cute little ass as she walked, making sure I got a good look at it. When she was a few yards away she turned her head around quickly and caught me staring at her.

She just smiled, waved and in a sexy little voice said, “Bye, see you later.”

I grinned and replied, “Yeah, Later.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bad looking guy and working construction keeps me in pretty good shape, but I just find it hard to believe she would be interested in a guy my age. Then again, I have known of younger women that loved the idea of making it with an older guy. Damn! I almost had to slap myself in the face to get back to reality.

I finished washing the car and moved it to the backyard in the shade where I could get it ready to wax.

I was drying the car when I heard the back door of Candi’s place shut. I looked up and there was Candi in a black string bikini that just barely covered her nipples and pussy. It didn’t cover her little ass at all. There was just a small little triangle in back about the size of the one in front covering her puss. She had to have a little pussy or the lips would have been hanging out, no more than it covered.

She started walking around in her back yard calling, “Here Muffy.” Muffy is her dog. It’s tiny with long hair. I had seen it a couple of times and heard it bark a few times too, but I hadn’t seen it for a couple of hours.

She started walking over my way toward where I was drying the car and called again, “Here Muffy, I have a treat for you.”

She walked into my yard and said, “HI Nick.”

Damn, my cock was starting grow again at the site of her almost naked.

I replied, “Hey Candi, What ya doin’?”

She walked up to me and said. “Damn it’s hot today,” Have you seen my Muff?”

I thought to myself, No but I would love to!

I couldn’t help but check her out from head to toe. She was only about three feet away from me and practically naked. The heat of the day was here and both of us were sweating. Our bodies were beginning to glisten with the moisture, and her sweaty little body was driving me crazy. My cock was beginning to stick out the leg of my cut offs again.

I told her I had seen Muffy earlier, but I hadn’t seen her in the last couple of hours.

She replied. “Oh well she will come home when she gets hungry.”

She was staring at my cock again and it just made it grow that much more.

I couldn’t help myself, my cock was getting harder and the words just came out.

I looked her straight in those big beautiful blue eyes and said; “I don’t know what’s wrong with that dog?” “If you called me and offered me a treat I would cum for you.”

The look on her face was one I didn’t except. We had teased each other with sexual innuendos all day. Only this time she didn’t smile. Instead I noticed she was starting to breathe harder and she had a stare in her eyes like she was a mile away.

I thought to myself, damn I’ve gone to far to fast and said the wrong thing. Her gaze came back to look deep in my eyes and I almost cum right there. I was confused now and didn’t know what to say.

She took a step closer and said. “Nick I forgot I need to put some clothes in the dryer.”

She was close enough I swear I could feel the heat from her hot little body. She didn’t say anything else and just turned and started walking back to her place. Damn! In my eagerness to try to get in her pants, I had fucked up and said the wrong thing. Now she was probably pissed off and I wouldn’t ever get a chance. I watched her walk across her yard and disappear inside the backdoor.

I thought to myself, oh well, she couldn’t blame a guy for trying.

She couldn’t have been inside more than a couple of minutes when I heard my phone ring. I dropped what I was doing and went inside to answer it.

I picked up the phone and said, “Hello.” To my surprise it was Candi. Her voice was low and a little shaky. She told me her dryer wouldn’t run and asked me if I could come over and see if I could fix it I said, “Sure, I will come right over and see if I can figure it out.”

I hung up the phone and made my way over to her backdoor. When she saw me there she just hollered, “Come on in Nick.”

I stepped inside escort ankara and there she was in front of the dryer. I just about cum again when I seen what she had on. She had taken off her bikini and all she had on was this very short terry cloth robe that didn’t even cover her whole ass. Her ass checks were sticking out about three inches and when she turned around to look at me, I could see her sweet pussy lips under the hem of it. It was barely tied at her waist, and was gapped open at the top and bottom. I could see most of her tits and even one of her perfect dark nipples. It was hard and sticking out of the top of her robe.

I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights just standing there staring at this amazing sexual show she was putting on for me. She walked toward me and put out her hand and placed it on my chest and run her finger around over it and slowly said, “Nick I don’t know what is wrong with it. ” “It just won’t run.”

She was looking deep in my eyes and her tongue licked her lips and wet them as she looked down to see what my cock was doing. My cock was hard as hell now and it was sticking out of my cut offs. It was completely hard and beginning to throb. She gasped a little when she saw the size of it, and her breathing was starting to get harder, and her tits were heaving and swelling up as she breathed.

I stammered. “Is it plugged in?”

She said, “No, I didn’t even think of that,” and turned around, looked around the side of the dryer, and bent over as far as she could, acting like she was looking for the plug. Her sweet little naked ass was right there in front of me sticking up far enough I could see all of her ass and her pussy was in plain sight.

I couldn’t help myself I just stepped up behind her and put my hands on her hips and pushed my hard cock up against her hot little ass and said, let me help you Candi!”

She spun around, grabbed a hold of my hard cock and mashed herself up against me. “OH GOD Nick, Please help me. I want your COCK, I need your COCK!”

I just stood there while she tore at the button and zipper of my cut offs. She got them undone in a flash and pulled them down till my raging hard on was out of them and free. Candi grabbed it and started jerking on it and said, “My God Nick, you have a Huge COCK!” FUCK Me With that BIG Thing.”

“My husband’s cock is only about six inches long and an inch wide and he don’t give me enough cock Nick. He’s only home for a couple of days and just fucks me two or three times and then he is gone again for a week. God Nick I need to be Fucked more than that! I need more Cock than I get with him! I need you to FUCK me Nick!” “I need you to fuck me with that Pussy Reamer of yours!”

With desperate lust in her eyes she dropped to her knees and started to wipe the precum from my cock all over her lips and then she proceeded to try to suck on the head of it. She would start down on it and would back up and down again trying to get the swollen head in her mouth. About the third or forth try I felt her wet lips slid over the entire head.

“Ahhhhhhhh!! Baby! Was all I could say.”

She was moaning and struggling to try to suck more of it in but her mouth was full of my engorged cock head and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get it to go in any farther. She had both hands on the shaft of my cock pumping it and sucking and licking the head as she jacked my throbbing cock.

I didn’t want to cum in her mouth. I wanted to cum in that Hot little pussy of hers. So when I couldn’t take it any longer I reached down and pulled her up to me and kissed her hard on the lips. She pushed her hot wet tongue onto mine and started sucking on it as I slid my hand down to her steaming cunt.

Damn! She was so wet there was pussy juice running down her leg. I stuck a finger inside her pussy and rubbed her clit with the palm of my hand.

She took her sweet lips off mine and gasped for breath moaning and humping my hand. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!! Yeahhhhhhh!” “Oh Please Nick FUCK ME!!”

She was begging now and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I picked her up and pulled her up against my cock and she wrapped her legs around my waist humping on my cock that was pinned between her hot sloppy puss and my stomach.

I walked a few feet into the bedroom with her still trying to get my cock in her, humping and sliding all over it. I laid her down on the bed and she spread her legs wide and I stuck my face between them and started to lick on her swollen clit and suck on her pussy. She was moaning and humping on my face. She grabbed my head, pulled it in tighter, and I could tell she was about to cum.

I heard her scream, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Nick put your cock in me!”

I slid up her body till my cock was rubbing on her hot sloppy puss. She reached down, grabbed it and tried to stick it in her little cunt. I let ankara escort bayan her place the tip of it at the opening to her steaming puss. She pulled at it and I let her start it in. As the head started to open her up she let go and gasped as I tried to push it in. OH Fuck she was tight!

I rocked back and forth a little till her pussy had the entire head of my cock covered with pussy juice. I leaned down and she opened her mouth and when I put my lips on hers. I stuck my tongue inside her mouth. I felt her spread her legs as far as she could and I knew it was time.

I pushed my hips down firmly. My cock head pushed past the opening to her cunt, the skin stretched tight over the head of my cock, and I slid it in about three inches.

Mmmmmmmmmm!! Her lips broke there suction on mine and she screamed at me. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Your COCK NICK!!”

I held it right there to give her pussy a chance to get used to the size of it. Her legs were shaking and her hips quivering when her chest heaved up and she screamed.

“CUMMMMMMMMIN!! ON IT” “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Your Splitting ME Open Nick!!”

I pulled back to let up on the pressure a little and she instantly said, “NO!!”

She started to hump at my cock and looked me right in the eyes and with a determined look on her face, Screamed. “FUCK ME NICK! FUCK ME NOW!!”

I pushed back down again and this time got about six or seven inches in before I stopped. Candi was tossing her head from side to side babbling something about, “Too much COCK!” “Don’t Stop!”

I pulled back till just the head remained in over stretched pussy and then pushed my hips forward and rammed my cock back in up to the hilt.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!! Yeahhhhhhh! I’M CUMMINNNNN!! AGAIN!!” Candi moaned.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! God Candi, Your Tight Little Pussy!!” Was all I could say.

She was frozen like a bug on a pin. Her mouth was open and her eyes looked like they would pop out of her head. She gasped for breath.

I managed to say, ” I can’t help it Baby I’m going to FUCK Your Brains OUT!!

I started to slowly stroke my hot man meat in and out of that sloppy little cunt. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! GOD YESSSSSSSSSS!! FUCKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEE!!” came from Candi.

As I picked up the tempo Candi hollered at me, “FUCK ME YOU BIG COCKED BASTERED!! FUCK Your LittLe Cunt Till She Cums all over your Big Fucking COCK!!

That is what I was waiting to hear from her. I pulled my cock back and rammed it in as far as it would go, then pulled back and rammed it in again!

“AHHHHHHHHH!! Yeahhhhhhhh!!” Candi was starting to hump up on my cock as I drove it home.

I reached down and picked up her legs and threw them over my shoulders and she threw her arms around my neck and humped her ass up at my cock as I grabbed her hips and started slamming my cock in and out.

I pinned her back down on the bed and started ramming it home. She Screamed, “FUCKKKKK!! MEEEEEEE!! YOU BASTERED!! I’MMMMMMMM CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIN!!” For the third time Candi was dumping a hot fucking load of young female cum all over my rock hard throbbing cock and that was all I could take. I hammered it in to the hilt and hammered it in again, each time holding it there till I had to pull back and slam it in again. I felt my body go ridged and I started pile driving her cunt!

Our eyes were locked on each other’s as I grunted out, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! You HOT LITTLE CUNT!! I’MMMMMMMMM!! CUMMMMMMMMMMMMIN!! IN IT!!”

I felt her pussy spasms as she was humping and trashing and gasping, “OHHHHHHHHH!! I’MMMMMMMM! CUMMMMMIN!! AGAINNNN!!”

My heaving, throbbing cock started pumping and squirting gob after gob after gob of HOT Sticky Man CUM in Her sweet little Sucking Cunt!

She was humping and fucking my cock like a wild animal in heat!

I just kept slamming it home again and again, as her tight little pussy kept squeezing and sucking on my spurting cock trying to milk every drop she could out of it. I drove it in a few of more times to give her the last of the hot sticky load that had over filled her sweet little cunt and was running back over my throbbing member and on to the already soaked spot on the bed, where Candi’s sweet little ass was, as I pounded the cum out of her.

We slowed our pace and slow fucked a few more strokes as we kissed and tried to keep our hearts from jumping out of our chests. We could hardly catch our breath as I started to let my cock slip out of her well-reamed cunt.

When it slipped out Candi moaned Ahhhhh!! as she caught her breath.

We collapsed together and I rolled off where we could lay side-by-side and try to come back to the reality of what we had just done. After we had caught our breath I looked at Candi and said, “That was great kid. I guess I better go.”

She just looked at me and said, “Look, You sweet fucker, you just tore up my little pussy with that big cock of yours, and your not going anywhere till you fuck me till I can’t walk.”

“And that just might take the rest of the day and night!”

I replied, “Mmmmm, How can I refuse that?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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