Surfing Lessons Ch. 04

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Over at Donald’s house, Clark felt like he had a turbo case of ADD. He could hear his friends talking, see what they were doing for their project, but damn, he just couldn’t focus.

Donald had the 27″ flat panel monitor turned to where everyone could see it while he worked on the website template. Eric and Brandon were sprawled on the floor and the futon in Donald’s spacious room over the garage, there was Panic! at the Disco playing in the background and a faint odor of feet in the room. Yes, Brandon had his shoes off again.

Clark was buzzing with memories of the night before. He was also mesmerized by the sight of Eric’s obviously unencumbered “package” as he lay on his back on the carpet. He felt a stirring in his own shorts, wondering how Eric was hung. Of course, they’ve all showered together but they were the showers of guys trying to get in, get out and not pop a woodie in front of his buds.

“That’s it, I’m done!” stated Donald, spinning around in his desk chair. “I need to see some tits” he said with a chuckle.

“Just where do you plan to see those?” asked Brandon. “Julie’s at some cheerleader camp through this weekend and I know you don’t have a Plan B”

“Funny, you should say that grasshopper” Donald responded, “I have Plan B right here” He grabbed his crotch at the same time the boys saw the website for Xtube come up on the monitor. Clark snickered to himself and then saw the most recently viewed titles before Donald clicked away from the page. Clark saw “Self suck cum boy”, “Bukkake Bitch” parts 1, 2 and 3 and one called “DP 12-2”.

“Put on some gang-bang stuff” groaned Eric from the floor, although he had turned on his side. His Adidas shorts were bunched up on the bottom leg and there was a clear outline of cock and a nice large ballsack evident in the shiny navy blue shorts.

Suddenly, on the monitor was an orgy scene with two identical twin girls and about 6 chiseled guys with average to large cocks, hard as rocks, either being stroked or sucked by the two girls. Each had one in their mouth and one in each of their hands, servicing 3 men at once, with the guys trading positions from time to time during the 15 minute video until the final minute where all 6 guys exploded volleys of cum on the girl’s faces.

Brandon was hunched back in the futon with his hand in his crotch, idly moving it back and forth. Eric was openly stroking his cock through his shorts while Donald sat back in his chair and watched them both and the video as it ran. Clark glanced around and felt less self-conscious about his own growing hardon since the others were obviously affected similarly.

Donald clicked to another video, this one of a girl and two guys in an Egyptian type setting. The girl seemed less than enthusiastic about the plowing she was getting from behind and even more disinterested in the cock she was servicing from the front. Suddenly, the guy in front leans over and locks lips with the guy in back as they continued to ram both ends of the girl in the middle.

“Oops, sorry guys, didn’t know it was going there” excused Donald.

“Fuck it, at least they’re into it, she could care less, it looks like” scowled Eric, continuing to stroke on the floor. Clark stared at his shorts and could see a pre-cum stain spreading across the front; proof that Eric was getting off on what he was watching.

On the video, the three had shifted around into a 3-way oral position, with the girl being eaten by a guy who was being blown by the other guy who was being blown by the girl. Out of the corner of his eye, Clark could see Brandon unzip his khaki shorts and pull his cock through the fly of his boxers. It looked like it was about 6″ long and average thickness to Clark, curved up along his belly with a pointed head and open hole on the front. The video ended with an obviously over-dramatic orgasm for the girl canlı bahis as both guys kneeled over her, jacking each other’s cocks in her face.

Donald fiddled with the keyboard and mouse, hunting for another video as his shorts tented under the desk. “Did you like that one?” he asked the guys.

“Fuck yeah” Brandon grunted, “let’s have some more like that”

“Hey, if you spooge over there, you’re gonna have to clean it up” Donald told him.

Brandon was seemingly oblivious but answered, “maybe you can clean it up for me, bitch, WITH YOUR TONGUE!” At that Donald launched over to the futon and started pummeling Brandon playfully, who didn’t fight back, instead continued stroking.

Donald’s crotch was still tented out and he started swinging it in Brandon’s face, telling him “Maybe I should whip this out and let YOU see what a real cock is like!”

By now, Clark and Eric both have their shorts down and cocks out watching the other two wrestle on the futon. Clark glanced over at Eric and felt his eyes widen at probably the longest looking cock he’d ever seen. It looked to be easily a foot and looked even longer due to it’s narrow circumference. Eric’s fingers easily overlapped as he stroked the entire length up to the flared, mushroom shaped head that was visibly oozing at this point, damn near drooling.

“Dude, I need a fucking towel soon or I’m soaking your carpet with this stuff” Eric told Donald. He jumped off the futon a ducked into his bathroom to grab a wad of toilet paper and threw it at Eric who didn’t miss a beat on his cock while he grabbed the paper in mid-air. He held the wad in front of his cock just as jets of cum started streaming out, soaking the toilet paper and his hand. When he finally stopped, the other three were staring at him openly and he blushed a bit at the show he’d just put on.

Brandon was still stroking himself and eased up from the futon and made a hunched over sprint to the bathroom, tightly grasping his cock as he made it through the door. He thought he made it too, in position over the sink, when a laser shot of cum emerged from the head, splattering the mirror 3 feet away, followed by another that hit just a bit lower and trailed to the faucet and sink. He cupped his left hand over the head and deflected the cum as he stroked 6 more jets of the fluid out, making a white-yellow puddle in the grey granite sink.

“Goddam” Donald muttered as he leaned in the door, “better get the Windex out, bitch, I don’t want your spooge all over my bathroom.”

“Fine, I’ll clean it up after you slurp some” Brandon answered, and as he did, he scooped two fingers through the runny puddle in the sink and flicked a few droplets at Donald’s face, splattering his cheek and lip.

“Fuck! I’ll kick your little dago ass for that!” Donald yelled and grabbed Brandon’s cock, spinning him towards him and as he did, Brandon drags his fingers again through the cum puddle and sticks them in Donald’s mouth. Donald stops, lets go of Brandon’s cock and wipes the excess off his face. Clark noticed that he never spit anything out though . . . . . curious.

While this scene played out, a cell phone started ringing “Smack That” in the room. Eric turned and grabbed it from his backpack and muttered “H’lo” into it, listened for a bit and then said, “OK, we’re wrapping up soon, I’ll get Clark to drop me off”

“Mommy calling?” Donald teased? “Momma’s boy need to go home?”

“Yeah, I told her I wouldn’t be late again tonight, Clark, you don’t mind dropping me do you?”

“Nahh, it’s cool, I need to go in a bit anyways, I think Dad was wanting to grab a late dinner cuz Mom’s out of town for a while.” Clark told him.

“Well girls, this has been a blast, or several blasts, but I need to go then” Eric said. He and Clark gathered their papers and notebooks into their backpacks and headed out the door while bahis siteleri Brandon was wiping the last of his cum off the mirror with a paper towel under the close supervision of Donald.

A few minutes later, while driving off in Clark’s Altima, the two boys started remembering what had just happened in Donald’s room. They reminisced about the videos and then Clark asked Eric, “Did you notice that Donald ate Brandon’s cum?”

“Yeah, I caught that, didn’t look like he was surprised at all by it” Eric mused. “Hey, take the river road to my house, the main road’s fucked up because of some road work”

“OK”, Clark said, mentally calculating how much longer this was going to take. He knew that Dad was going to be home from the gym, but really didn’t know when and this evening had him seriously wound up. He was going to need some relief and soon.

“Hey, did you get off back there? Eric asked.

“What, did I enjoy it? Yeah, it was cool, even if you made me feel like my dick was nothing compared to yours”

“No, I mean, I came, Brandon came, you know Donald’s beating off or something right now, but did you?

“Nahh, it’s ok, I can take care of it when I get home. I’ll have the house to myself until Dad gets there”

Eric looked at him and said “Do you want to now? Take care of it, I mean”

“Dude, I’m driving”

“Pull over; nobody ever comes down this road unless they’re going to my house. I take Erin parking out here all the time”

“OK” Clark answers and looks for a secluded spot to pull off in. Up ahead there’s a little cut-in road that’s quickly shielded from the main road by tall brush. He pulls off and kills the lights.

“Speaking of Erin, how is she doing?” Clark asks Eric.

“OTR right now man and all we do is fight. I haven’t had anything in weeks” Eric replies.

Clark’s cock never fully relaxed from Donald’s house and now, with the discussion about all that, he was feeling some definite movement towards being hard again. Suddenly, he felt Eric’s hand caressing the outline of his cock inside his shorts. The feeling was a tingle, shock, thrill and made his groin lurch with anticipation.

“I never did get a good look at this thing back there” Eric said “What I remember though was a damn good-looking piece of meat though”

“Shit, yours has got to be 4 or 5 inches longer, easy” Clark said. “Can Erin handle all that?”

“She can’t deep-throat it and swears I bust an ovary when I fuck her but so far, yeah.”

“Damn, any idea how big it is?” Clark asked.

“A shade over 11 long, 4-1/2 around.”

“Wow, it looks like it’s bigger than that”

By now, Eric had Clark’s fly open and was stroking his cock. “Dude, what are you doing?” Clark asked.

“Chill out, bro. I wanted to do this back there but didn’t know what they others would say.”

Eric was now fully engaged with both hands, spitting into one for some lubrication. Clark leaned the seat back and closed his eyes to enjoy the sensations of one of his best friends jacking him off. He remembered the sight of Eric’s long stick shooting into the tissue, how both of his hands were on the shaft and the head still stuck out while he jacked himself. He pictured Erin trying to swallow that monster and could understand why she couldn’t.

He could feel one of Eric’s hands working the head of his cock, while the other tickled the shaft down to his balls. “Damn it feels good” he muttered.

“Just enjoy it” Eric said, “You should have stroked one out before we left there too”

“This doesn’t suck right here” Clark said “at least the other guys aren’t here watching”

“Wouldn’t care, it was fucking hot watching everyone stroke”

Suddenly, the feeling of one hand was replaced by a warmer, moist feeling. Clark thought Eric had put more spit on the head of his cock and opened one eye to see bahis şirketleri Eric’s head lower as his mouth engulfed half of Clark’s cock. He involuntarily thrust his hips forward and forced the rest into Eric’s mouth until he felt an ever so slight scraping at the base of his shaft from Eric’s top teeth.

“Dammit, what brought that on?” he stuttered to Eric.

Eric just looked up at him as he moved up and down on Clark’s cock, causing warm tingly sensations all over and moving to his groin. He could feel his balls drawing up and his breathing became shallower as Eric continued the slow movement. He could feel Eric’s tongue swirling around the head, along the shaft, thumping along the length and at the hole, lightly teasing it, poking the tip. This was far better than jacking off and it occurred to Clark that this may not be Eric’s first time doing this.

“Well don’t stop man, this feels awesome.”

Eric looked up at Clark and winked as if to say “anytime”.

Soon, all too soon, Clark could feel the pressure building, he knew he was a matter of seconds away from exploding, but had no clue if Eric could tell.

“I’m gonna cum, dude” Clark told Eric.

Eric looked up, pulled to the top of the cock and said “Go for it” and then resumed sucking.

Clark was shocked. “He must want my cum” he thought to himself. Eric increased the pressure on Clark’s cock. Swallowing it to the base and then pulling off till just the head was in his mouth and forming a vacuum bond with the head causing Clark to squirm slightly in his seat from the sensations. Clark could see Eric’s cock filling his shorts and leaking pre-cum again and reached over with his right hand to rub the head, pulling off a few drops of the juice and brought it to his mouth to taste. It was sweet, not overly powerful, but definitely something he could handle.

He knew he was close and could tell that Eric was ready. Eric was quickly jacking the shaft and base with his hand while his mouth worked the top. Clark groaned and could feel fire shooting through his groin, his balls tightened up and his cock practically leaped as it poured a shot of cum into Eric’s greedy awaiting mouth. Eric closed his lips around the shaft as he felt the seed coursing down his throat and massaged a few more spurts from Clark’s throbbing cock and lapped his tongue around the shaft looking for any that may have dribbled out.

Eric raised his head and grinned as he visibly swallowed everything left in his mouth. Clark was still reaching for Eric’s cock and could feel it lurch and jump as he stroked it’s hard length. Suddenly, Clark could feel sticky warmth on his palm as Eric fired off for the second time in the last hour. It felt strange to have another guy’s cum in his hand and after Eric was through shooting, Clark brought his hand over and lapped the puddle of his friend’s cum into his mouth. The taste was strong, salty but sweet. Having tasted his own before, he compared the two and thought they were more alike than different.

“Guess Donald’s not the only one with a taste for cum tonight, eh?” Eric said with a smirk.

“Yeah, I guess not.”

As both boys caught their breath, it dawned on Clark what they had just done and he felt excited. Not only was he sharing some new interesting things with his Dad, but it was clear that his 3 best friends were all inclined to do the same. The feeling of Eric giving him a handjob, then a blowjob was incredible. He wondered how it would be to try himself, but he knew now was not the right time.

“I guess I better get you to the house” Clark said to Eric.

“Yeah, before my mom wonders what’s taking so long, but I can always blame the construction”

Clark put the car in reverse and backed out onto the main road, shifted to drive and headed to drop his friend off.


Thanks to those who have read the previous installments and commented. This is all the work of a vivid imagination with little significance to my real life, other than I may be describing myself or my ideal fantasy young man in this story.

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