Road to the Sun Ch. 04

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This is a work of fiction. All parties involved are 18+ in age.

I would like to thank GrandTeton for his editing and for his time and input.

I would also like to thank everyone for their feedback and comments. I do take what info you give me into account. Please vote.


Road to the Sun Chapter 4: Where have all the flowers gone


Melody was snuggled up against James on the king-sized mattress, she had a tightness in her chest. The only man in her life seemed to be falling prey to her oldest sister, Claire. She listened to the play by play rendition by her twin sister Cindy, replay in her mind like a broken record. The pain started to feel like a heavy weight deep in her chest, with thousands of sharp shards of broken glass trying to force themselves outwards. Melody pressed herself tighter to her brother.

She did her best to push the commentary out of her mind. To try and relax by taking slow deep breaths. Even so, a barrage of questions assaulted her: “Why do I feel this way? Am I jealous of Claire? Am I afraid of losing James to Claire? Do I have the right to have our brother to myself? What do I do about his statement to Claire? What do I do about ‘if things were different’?”

More questions than answers. She knew that time would reveal the answers she sought. She still didn’t feel any better. As if by fate, James rolled towards Melody, wrapped her up in his arms, and pulled her tight. His embrace was warm and caring, just what she needed. It made her feel better. Soon she forgot about the pain and the commentary. This is what she needed, what she wanted: to be embraced in her brother’s arms. She snuggled her head against him and soon was dreaming of her knight.


Cindy awoke fairly early. The dream she had was just a replay of her older sister and brother on the porch. She had watched the entire live porno playout through a crack in the door. She was astounded that her sister would yet again take advantage of their brother, what audacity! She remembered the taste of her brother’s cum, the few drops that she had foraged from Claire’s hair. Cindy had tasted a few guys’ cum in her time, her past boyfriends’ mainly, and a time or two with just someone she met at a party. She didn’t know if it was the cum itself, or the fact that it belonged to her brother, that made it taste as good as it did. She felt a bit strange for taking the cum in the first place. But she liked its flavor and took a second helping. Now looking at the back of Claire’s head, she was wondering what the deal was with her sister’s obsession: their brother.

Claire rolled over and looked directly into Cindy’s eyes. Cindy could tell that Claire now knew that she was aware of what had happened on the porch last night. All without a single word. Cindy got up and motioned to her oldest sister to follow her.

Once outside, Claire started to say something. Cindy cut her off.

“I thought we had agreed that you would not force James?!”

“I didn’t force James!”

“And I suppose he asked you to suck his cock!?”

“Well, he sort of did.”

“What do you mean ‘he sort of’?”

Claire slumped her shoulders. “While he was on the porch… jacking off, he called my name.”

“So, he said your name while he played. And that gave you permission to suck his dick?” Cindy was getting madder by the second. “So, does that mean if I am finger fucking myself, and call out your name, that you will just come right over and eat my pussy?”


“What the fuck is wrong with you!? Why is it that all of a sudden you have to get your kicks from James! For gods sakes he is our brother! And on top of that, he turned you down!”

“Well that doesn’t seem to stop you and Melody.”


“Don’t give me some holier than thou speech when you are munching carpets with our sister! I know you two have been going at it!”

It was Cindy’s turn to slump. Her sister was right. She and her twin had enjoyed sex at the hotel on the last night of the move.

“Yeah, well… we didn’t force ourselves on the other. And neither did we turn the other down! So it is different. What is going on with you?”

Claire’s eyes started to water. She took a few deep breaths and lowered her head.

“Something happened at college this spring. I don’t know what to think of it, or how to explain it.”

Cindy was perturbed. Not only at her sister but at herself as well. She had never considered that Claire could have problems of her own.

“Just start with what happened at college and we then can work through it.”

“I was dating this guy for a few months. And when spring break came, we decided to go to a beach house that his parents owned. While we were there, I came across a stack of letters, hidden behind some blankets in a cupboard. While he was out getting wood, I read them. They were love letters. They went into great detail of their sex life with each other. The letters told of how deeply and passionately they loved each other.

“As I read pendik escort them, it became clear that the letters were between a brother and a sister. I only ever found one name written, Lori. As I read them, they seemed so in love. I had to find out who Lori was.

“So, while we were eating, I asked him if he knew a Lori. He told me it was HIS sister! That she had died in a car accident years ago. He asked me how I knew that name and I just said that while he was sleeping he said her name. He got a bit flushed and apologized.

“So, to make a long story short, we were having sex later that night and he called her name. He must have been really upset because we drove back to the dorms the next morning. When I went to his room the next day, his roommate said he had dropped out and moved away the day we got back.

“Well, after that I had thought about you and Melody. Are you in love with her?”

“Hmm, it is something that I have thought about. But I can’t say that I am for sure. I do love her but I’m not sure if I’m in love, if you know what I mean. Anyways, what does this have to do with you and James?”

“Well… like I said, I was thinking of you two. And I came to realize that a family bond is strong. Then I met up with an ex. Had a bit too much to drink, and one thing led to another. While we were going at it, I called out James’ name. I saw him in my head. It was his cock slamming into me, his cock making me orgasm. And ever since then, it is always James in my head when I orgasm. I just can’t get him out of my head. No matter whom I’m with.”

Cindy scratched her head for a moment. “So… you’re saying that you haven’t had an orgasm since, without thinking of James?”

“That’s what I said. I have tried to think of actors and athletes and old boyfriends. Nothing seems to work. And then, well…now I just give up and let my mind go to James.”

“So… This whole thing is you using James to get off?”

“It is much more than that.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know why, but when I’m with James… well, my orgasms are just so … so… well, they are just the most powerful and mind blowing ones that I have ever had.”

“So… you’re going to continue to try to get James to service your needs?”

Claire threw her hands up and declared: “I don’t know what the fuck to do! I just don’t. What am I supposed to do? Can you tell me that? Can you tell me why I am some sort of fucked up bitch who has the hots for her own brother? Why I can no longer enjoy pleasing myself without thinking of him? Can you tell me that?”

Cindy felt like a dolt to have pushed her sister into that confession.

“I am so sorry. But I have no idea what to say. I only know that the sex I have with Melody is intense. It’s not like anything I have ever had with anyone else. Maybe it’s due to the fact that it is looked down on, or maybe that we will never know anyone the way we know our own family.

“Well, let’s think on it for awhile,” Cindy continued. “Maybe you should also try talking to James as well. I don’t want to see our brother get hurt, or you for that matter. Just let him have a choice.”

“But he has already told me that if things were different he would date me.”

“Well…that’s why you need to talk to him. Let him know what is going on with you. It’s not that you need to be lovers or anything like that. Just something more like siblings with benefits. He might change his mind or at least have a better idea of what to do.”

Claire then started to cry. Cindy felt bad for her and hugged her tight. She was not sure if she had done the right thing. She truly did not want to see anyone get hurt or taken advantage of. She did wish that things had been different. That they were back home with Mom and Dad.

“I think we need a time out. Why don’t we go to town and get the mail? We can do some shopping and maybe get something to eat.”

Claire looked at Cindy and nodded her agreement. Then she added: “Maybe we can even do some laundry. I don’t want to try and do it all by hand.”

“Sure, I don’t really want to do laundry, but I really don’t want to do it by hand either!” Cindy laughed.

They quietly went back inside and got everything together, got into the SUV, and took off to town.


Melody awoke slowly to the cool air that kissed her back. She tried to grab more of the blanket but was unable to locate it in her groggy state. She sat up slowly and surveyed the bed. No blankets were to be found. She got up and searched for a warmer shirt. No shirts or pants, either. No clothes, period. She also noted that she had no sisters as well. Just a simple note that said they were going to do laundry. She went to the fireplace and built a larger fire.

As she sat on the edge of the mattress, drinking her coffee, her thoughts drifted back to her brother. She was in love with him. No ands, ifs or buts about it. She was going to have to talk to James. She was not going to try to seduce him. She wouldn’t force him to do anything that he didn’t want to do. escort pendik If he wanted her? She would be ecstatic. If not? Definitely heart broken. But, if he did, she wanted to give him her virginity, and take his as well. Today was the day. No sisters, no outside influence, and no tricks.

She was nervous; that was a given. She waited for James to have his coffee and to piss. But before she could start, he decided that he was going to check out the wood stove.

The Liberty wood stove was a cast iron squat contraption that sat opposite the fireplace. It stood about knee high, on four claw-foot legs. It was as wide as Melody’s forearm was long and as long as her leg. It had a galvanized steel pipe that rose from the back, then a right angle piece and then two more pipes. The last one passed through a hole in the wall.

She assisted him when he cleaned it out, helped hold the pipes when he tested their connections, helped with carrying the ladder in from the barn. She was holding the ladder steady for him as he worked on taking the outside pipes apart.

Outside there was another galvanized steel pipe, then another right angle and then two more pipes that ran straight up past the roof.

James was standing on the ladder in his black boxer briefs and tennis shoes. He was trying to disconnect the angled pipe from the one that led back into the cabin. Melody decided to start.



“Do you love me?”

“Yep, fucking figures. I think I need to get some of my tools.”

“James? Did you did hear me?”

“What? Oh yeah, I’m going to need something to clean the insides of the pipes. Maybe the old mop.” James climbed down from the ladder and walked off towards the barn.

Melody just stood and watched her brother trudge off. She was miffed and amused. Miffed because he had his ignored her and amused at the sight of her brother walking around in his underwear and a pair of shoes. Not that it was a funny sight. It was of course, but she was amused that she found it sexy as well.

She had to wonder if he found her sexy, as well. Then she remembered the other night. James was dreaming about having sex with her. He had his cock sliding between her pussy lips, rubbing against her clitoral flesh and splashing it with his cum. He had called her name as he rocked against her. But he was running a fever at time. Well, at least she knew that he had fantasized about her.

She looked down at her own body. A slight smile came to her lips as she noticed how her nipples pushed the light pink nightie away from her breasts. Her gaze continued down to her flat and well toned abdomen, then lower to her faded pink panties. Her smile grew at the memories of James’ many attempts to do laundry. Her eyes continued down her shapely legs to the knee high boots with the faux rabbit fur trim. ‘Hell yeah! I do look hot!’

She looked back up just in time to see her brother walking back. He was carrying a toolbox, the old mop and a tree limb. He dropped the limb on the porch before he came back to her and the ladder.

“What’s with the limb?”

“I’m going to turn it into a dream catcher.”

“Is that the one the bear left on the porch?”


She smiled to herself. He always loved doing things like that. She was positive it would be beautiful. Just one of the many things that she adored about him. Some of the others were his blue eyes and the longest eyelashes, ones that every woman would envy. His light brown hair. The dimples when he smiled. Just looking at him made her wet, made her heart flutter. She had never had that type of reaction with any other guy. She had always found other females more to her liking. James was different.

She took a few deep breaths and once again tried to start.


“I’m going to need the Phillips screwdriver.”

She handed it to him.


“Hold these for me. And don’t lose them.”

She watched her brother start to wiggle the pipes apart for a moment. She tried to calm down. She was irritated now. She shook her head and…

“Claire will want you to eat her puss…” she started.

Melody’s laughter consumed her as she observed her brother. He was covered with gunk that continued to drip down on his head. He had been doing his best to keep from thinking about last night. He fumbled with the pipes when his sister mentioned Claire and the word ‘puss’.

“You look like that zombie that came out of the barrel in The Return of the Living Dead.”

James wiped the crud from his eyes and smiled. “Brains!” and reached out for her.

Melody jumped backed and yelled: “Hit it in the brains!”

“I hit it in the fucking brain!” he bellowed. Then just about gagged as the awful stuff seeped onto his lips. He spat a few times then laughed.

“Hand me the mop, please.”

She did and continued to laugh as he wiped his face with the mop. He took a moment then used the mop to clean out the pipes. He put everything back together and joined his sister back on the ground.

With pendik escort bayan an evil look on his face, he once again reached out: “If you love me, then let me eat your brains.”

“Don’t you dare touch me!”

She ran around the cabin and he gave chase. He called out “Brains!” and pursued her around the pickup truck.

“James! Don’t you dare touch me!”

“You already have some on your arm and legs anyways.”

“Gross! Oh my god! Yuck! I have to wash. I can’t take this stuff on me.” Her hands were shaking.

Down at the creek bank they stripped. They washed each other’s hair and backs. They both were too consumed with getting the muck off to be bothered with the idea of each being naked. James noticed that Melody still had some in her hair and rewashed it for her.

She stood still and gazed out over the valley: its rolling valley floor crisscrossed by the creek. The valley was bordered with mountains on three sides, the largest of which was at the far end. It was a truly gorgeous place, one that belonged in a epic motion picture. The perfect location.

She turned around and placed her arms around his neck. He automatically placed his hands on her hips. She got on her tippy toes and gently kissed his lips.

“Thank you”

“You’re more than welcome.”

She kissed his lips lightly once more then backed off just a bit.

“I love you, James.” Then she kissed him ever so softly.

Her lips pressed against his more firmly as the kiss continued. She could feel herself getting warmer. Her lips became more demanding and they parted. Her tongue slipped between his lips and sought his tongue. When he started to explore hers, she wrapped her arms around his neck tighter. His arms encircled her. Their bodies pressed tighter together and the kiss became more passionate, more urgent and compelling. Her fingers combed through his hair and pulled him even closer. His hands started to roam up and down her back. She then started to grind her mound against his thigh.

James could feel her wet breasts pressing firmly against his chest, her pubic mound grinding against his thigh, the moisture trails her breasts and mound left behind. His hand firmly caressed her back from her neck down to her butt cheeks. He squeezed both twice before his hands once again moved higher. The feel of his hardening cock pressing against her hip drove Melody wild. She pulled him down towards the ground and he gently laid her back onto the grass.

She watched him sit back on his calves before he looked her in the eyes.


James could see the desire in his sister’s eyes, her passion, her need and love. This was the second sister who seemed to need more from him than he had already given. He had to admit to himself that he also needed something physical. He knew deep down that he cared for all of his sisters. He would do what he had to do for them. But, this he did not have to do. This, he wanted to do. He wanted her, more than anything that he could ever remember. He enjoyed the times that he had spent with Melody over the years. Now those times felt more like dates with a girlfriend. Not that he knew what a girlfriend date was like, but something akin to one in his mind. He loved her as a sister, but wanted her as a woman. He knew that at this very moment, things had changed. Everything in their lives had changed: Mom and Dad had died; they had a new place to call home; there was a new life ahead of them, and an old life left behind. He was not sure what would change after this moment between them. But change there would be. His desire was far stronger than his reluctance to change their relationship. He leaned forward and kissed her ever so softly upon her lips.

He then moved to her side and lay down beside her. His finger found her hairline and then traced the outline of her face, down past her ear to her jaw line, down to her chin and up the other side and past the ear to where he first started. Then he let his finger travel down her forehead between her eyebrows to her nose, on down to the tip, then to her lips. He outlined her lips then kissed her softly once more. His finger then moved down to her chin and then down the center of her throat. His eyes took in every inch that his finger traveled. His gaze and finger travelled down her sternum to the base of her left breast. Up around her mammary to the top, down towards her areola. He noticed that the pale pink areola had puffed up along with the small bumps that it contained. His finger then traveled up and over her hardened nipple then down the soft breast to her ribs.

“James, that feels so soft and almost tickles.”

He never said a word, just continued his exploration. Back to her sternum and then down to her belly button his finger and eyes went. Down to her mound, once shaven but now with stubble. He then changed direction by going up towards her iliac crest. Then down the center of her thigh, over her knee and down the shin. To her ankle and then ending at her big toe.

Her breathing had become stuttering gasps for air. She swallowed hard and lifted her head. She looked down her body to where her brother now sat; perched at her feet. She tilted her back and looked at the valley once more as he kissed her toes and then lightly licked them.

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