Resistance is Futile Pt. 02

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The next two weeks passed in a blur. I remember them dragging by with excruciating tempo – or lack of it – but couldn’t honestly say what I did during that time. Except daydream about getting home to my girls, of course. I performed my work by rote and the lack of detail I was able to supply when handing over to my opposite number, Travis, drew me an irritated glare. I didn’t care, I was going home. There had been plenty of phone calls and three or four video calls while I was away but they can’t substitute for the real thing. Besides, I had a secret to share with the girls and couldn’t wait to share it in person.

As if I was emerging from a coma, my world brightened as I closed the distance between myself and home. Colours intensified, sounds were clearer and even my in-flight meal tasted like food instead of the packaging. By the time I walked down the gangway to the tarmac in my hometown there was a spring in my step, a sparkle in my eye and an iron bar in my pants.

As I passed through the sliding doors into the terminal, I was nearly bowled over by a frenzied whirlwind of arms and legs, sweet scented hair and squeals.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy, you’re home at LAST! You don’t KNOW just how much I’ve missed you.”

I hugged Emily back hard, and murmured into her hair, “I think I might just know, kitten.” I took her sweet heart shaped face between my palms and kissed her tenderly on the forehead, drawing a warm smile from an elderly couple passing by.

Emily was wearing a summery floral print frock that fell to mid-thigh. Her copper-highlighted tresses were pulled back in cornrows and plaited into a long, thick snake. Her impossibly huge emerald orbs fairly glowed with excitement and my heart thudded to a stop as I drank in her beauty – that fresh, heart-aching beauty that captures the very essence of youth, unconscious grace and innocence. Then I remembered to breathe and my heart once again stuttered to life.

“God, you are beautiful, Emily,” I managed, and she beamed, her radiance enough to rival that of the sun.

“Where’s mum, honey,” I asked and Emily pointed back the way she had come and I picked out Adele’s smiling face moving through the arrivals crowd towards us. Emily grabbed my hand a pulled me in that direction.

“Hello, handsome.”

“Hi honey.”

Adele smiled as we hugged and kissed.

“Thank God you’re home. This one’s been driving me nuts.”

“Have not!” Emily pouted but her eyes crinkled with mischief and she allowed, “Well, maybe a little bit.”

I laughed and took each of my girls by the hand as we moved in the direction of the carousel to collect my bag.

It was good to be home.

Emily had passed her driver’s test in my absence, so of course she had to drive home. Adele still wasn’t comfortable with sitting next to a relatively new driver so I got that duty. Our fledgling driver was fairly bubbling with enthusiasm so I placed my hand on her thigh and said, “Em, hon, I know you’re excited but to drive responsibly you’ll need to take a breath and calm down, okay?”

She looked at me and did just that, inhaling deeply and calming visibly as she exhaled.

“Ok, dad, I’m good now.”

“That’s my good girl.”

“No, I’m your BAD girl!” She leered at me. I could practically hear Adele’s eyes rolling in the back seat.


As I put my overnight bag down on the bedroom floor I was assaulted by a force of nature, knocking me sideways on to the king-size bed I share with Adele.

“About time.” A husky voice rasped in my ear, followed by a hot wet tongue. I could feel her firm breasts pushed against my ribs and she straddled my thighs as I lay on my side, enjoying the sensation of nubile teen rubbing cat-like against me.

“Emily, give the poor man some time to unwind before you start raping him,” Adele laughed from the doorway.

“Oh I think it would be entirely consensual, mum.” Emily purred, but she kissed my nose and climbed off of me. She bounced out the door, pausing to kiss her mother’s nose and a quick hug on the way.

“I swear that girl has a new lease on life since you two discovered each other.” Adele told me. Emily had always been bright and outgoing, so I wondered aloud just what that meant for the sanity of the household.

“Oh I’m sure she’ll settle down in a couple of days,” Adele told me. And so she did.


Later that afternoon I had unpacked and settled down on the couch with three fingers of Jameson’s and a beautiful woman each side of me. It was time to drop my bombshell.

“Hey girls, do you remember that job I applied for as a number cruncher for the company,” I asked the ceiling? “The one that’s taken forever to hear back about?”

“The one where you get to live at home?” Emily asked.

“Yeah, that’s the one.” I had their attention now.

“Did you get it?” Adele asked.

“No!” The girls looked crestfallen.

“I got the next one up!” I crowed.

“Wait. What?” The girls looked at me, confused.

“You are now looking bursa escort at the new Work Management Governance Manager for Basin Meta Minerals Propriety Limited – a position that comes with office here in town, a company car and a big fat salary increase.” I announced with a flourish.

Adele whooped and Emily sprang from the couch and plopped straight on to my knees, almost spilling my whiskey in the process.

“Babe, that is amazing,” Adele enthused and Emily bounced alarmingly on my knees, clapping and smiling. She had clearly removed her bra since we arrived home from the airport and her firm mounds jounced and jiggled invitingly through the thin silky material of her dress. I imagined her little nipples rubbing on the inside of the cloth and to my delight, they appeared to harden and jut appealingly.

“So what does this mean for us,” Adele, ever the pragmatic one, put her finger directly on the important issue.

“It means, my love, that apart from occasional overnight visits to the various assets, I’ll be home every night and weekends, too.”

“Yes!” Emily shared her feelings.

“Yes!” agreed Adele and I.

Adele leaned across and kissed me, full and deeply, her cheeky little tongue darting into my mouth. I returned serve with gusto, feeling plenty pleased with myself.

“You best be sharin’ THAT, mumma,” Emily drawled and joined us, her dainty tongue plunging into the fray with abandon. I had never expected to have two tongues wiggling suggestively into my mouth and gasped with delighted surprise. Emily giggled into my mouth and Adele broke away to laugh aloud.

“Well THAT was unexpected, young lady,” she growled in mock-outrage, swatting Emily’s firm buttocks just above where they sat on the tops of my thighs.

“Fun, though.” Em was unrepentant. I had to agree with her.

My mobile phone buzzed and skittered on the coffee table, ending the moment before we really understood there WAS a moment. Emily swung around from the waist and captured the glancing at the screen as she passed it to me.

“It’s Meaghan,” she announced, and rose to her feet to allow me to take the call. I thumbed the screen and answered.

“Hey, gorgeous girl, what’s happening?”

“Hey dad, how are you?”

“Pretty good for an old bloke, how about you?”

“Aww, you’re not that old, and I’m good.”

“Glad to hear it, chicky.”

“Soo… it looks like I’ll be in town in a few days for work and I wondered if it would be okay if I stayed with you. I’m rolling out some training packages for the sales staff and the company will pay for a hotel but I thought it’d be nice to spend some time with you and Adele and Emily.” As usual, Meaghan spoke in a breathy rush. She lives her life at 110% of the speed limit and can at times be hard to keep up with. Makes for exciting times, though.

“I think that’ll be fine, Meg. Just let me check with Adele. What are the dates?”

“I’ll get there… well, I’ll get to Riverton on Thursday and have some work to do there Thursday and Friday morning. I’ll get a hire car there and drive up to you on Friday afternoon and then I can stay for the long weekend. I can drop the car at the airport Monday evening and fly back down here to South Point ready for work on Tuesday morning, if that’s okay?”

“Hey babe, is it okay if Meg stays with us this weekend?” I asked Adele.

“We’d love to have her.”

“Yay,” called Emily from the kitchen, where she’d gone to make herself a drink. Meaghan was five years older than Emily and the younger girl looked up to Meg, in spite of towering over her, height wise.

“Sounds like it’s unanimous,” I told Meg.

“Was that the beanpole I heard in the background,” Meg asked.

I laughed. “Yep. I think she’s grown another inch in the past month.”

“That’s all I need,” Meaghan mock-grumbled. “More height insecurity. Alright, I’ll see you Friday. I’ll bring my highest of heels. Love you!”

“Love you too, honey. Bye.”

Meaghan stood five feet three inches in her socks. She packed some powerful womanliness into her diminutive frame, though, with shapely curves enhanced by hours spent in the gym and a tiny waist topped by impressive D-cup breasts. She has a wide, generous smile and a perky little upturned nose with a gorgeous spray of freckles. Her eyes are vivid, clear cerulean and her hair… Oh, her hair. It’s the flaming colour of a spring sunrise. Where Emily’s long hair is a deep auburn with coppery highlights, Meaghan’s is the fiery red that women pay a fortune for. As a kid she’d borne the brunt of all the ‘ranga jokes and ginger taunts and had taken them all in her stride. As she matured the taunts dried up and the boys’ heads started turning. Now in her early twenties, Meaghan was the embodiment of femininity. She often reminded me of a pocket-sized Jessica Rabbit.


Emily came back into the living room with a tall, tinkling glass of juice. She placed it on the table next to my whiskey and plunked herself back down next to me.

“It’ll be good to bursa escort bayan see Meg again,” she said. “I haven’t seen her since the wedding.” Meg and Anthony had been married six months earlier. Emily had been one of the bridesmaids.

“Yeah, I wonder how married life’s treating her,” Adele put in.

“I guess we’ll find out soon,” I said.

“So, I think it’s time we started my next lesson, daddy. What’s next?”

“Ahhh, I’m not sure,” I turned to Adele, “Has she been a good girl, babe?”

“Mostly. A bit cheeky at times but I s’pose that’s normal for a teenager.”

“Hmm, cheeky, eh? I guess we’d better beat that out of her, then.” And with that I seized Emily and cast her, shrieking, across my lap. Adele, laughing, stood and moved around to grab Emily’s kicking feet. I pinned Em with one hand and with the other I hiked her dress dress up over her pretty little derrière. Which, incidentally, was naked as a jaybird.

“Now THAT’S naughty,” I said.

Adele meanwhile had manoeuvred herself under Emily’s shins and was sitting next to me, barely keeping the flailing limbs under control.

Emily’s pale bottom mooned up at me, breathtaking in its pert, firm roundness. I could see the tiny pale hairs that covered it, almost invisible but for the sunlight streaming through the window turning them into the softest golden corona. My penis lurched to life and began to throb gently with my heartbeat.

“Go on then,” she said, “give her a crack on the backside.”

“Mum, NOOO,” wailed our little girl and I gave her a swat on the right cheek.

“Owowowow,” she wailed, although it was nowhere near hard enough to hurt.

“Oh that’s not hard enough,” laughed Adele and gave Em’s left buttock a resounding CRACK. Emily shrieked again, redoubling her attempts to escape. A red handprint appeared on her bum cheek. Feeling a bit sorry for her I gave it a tender rub, as she bucked and writhed under my pinioning arm. “Now the other side, said Adele and gave Emily a matching palm print on the right with another CRACK. Emily was caught between tears and laughter as I began rubbing her second welt. She quieted across my knee and I freed the hand holding her down to help rub here reddened arse. She moaned gently. I discovered that if I pulled her cheeks apart I could see her pretty little pink rosebud and the rear of her vulva, glinting softly with just a hint of dewy moisture.

I looked at Adele to see she was watching the show, too, her bottom lip caught gently between her teeth. I moved my hands down a bit and pulled Emily’s cheeks apart giving us a better view. Emily’s lips parted gently allowing us to see into her tight little pussy. Adele reached out tentatively and ran a long fingernail slowly and gently down Em’s bum crack, bumping lightly over her tiny pink anus and stopped. Emily shivered and moaned again and Adele looked up at me. I nodded encouragingly and her fingernail resumed it’s course, tracing down to pause at the entrance to Em’s honeypot. Then, slowly, began to sink in. My rock hard shaft pulsed against Emily’s stomach. I absolutely could not believe what I was seeing.

“Gaah,” said our little girl as Adele’s forefinger pushed in, past the nail, the first knuckle and eventually all the way in, her thumb resting against her daughter’s sweet little freckle. Emily pushed her butt up against her mother’s finger, making little gasping sounds. Adele withdrew her finger and, looking at me, slowly raised it and put it in her mouth, sucking it clean of her daughter’s juices. I was panting now, close to orgasm. Adele slowly replaced her finger in Emily’s vagina, thrusting it in and out several times. This time when she pulled out it was my mouth if found its way into. I savoured the sweet, musky flavour of our little girl and began jerking my hips uncontrollably as I pumped my semen into my trousers, making little grunting sounds. Waves of orgasm rolled through me and the world faded momentarily, concentrating into concentric spheres of pleasure radiating from my groin.

“Daddy did you just cum in your pants?” Emily giggled, causing her tummy to bounce against my still spasming member, intensifying the waves of pleasure rocking through me. Adele laughed too.

“Someone’s got a hair trigger today.”

“Well in my defence it’s been two weeks since my last ejaculation,” my orgasm was fading now, allowing me to marshal my thoughts into some semblance of order.

“Wait, you mean you haven’t masturbated once since you left? I thought that was what the photos were for,” Emily said over her shoulder.

“The photos were to remind me of what was waiting for me at home, honey, not porn.”


“Well, two of the three people in this room still need satisfaction, Mr Premature. Are you up for it?” asked my cheeky bride.

“I’m sure we can work something out,” I put my game face on.

Emily extricated herself from my lap and stood in front of us. She crossed her arms at the waist and grasped the hips of her little summer frock. In one smooth, practised escort bursa move she drew it up and over her head and tossed it aside, revealing her tall, slender frame in all its athletic glory. I marvelled again at the sheer youthful beauty of the girl. Smoothly muscled limbs shaped by years of netball and ballet: high, firm breasts tipped with incredibly dainty rosy buttons, now crinkling and shrinking further under my gaze: narrow waist with just a tiny hint of womanly shape over her stomach and slim, high set hips.

I rose to my feet and extended a hand to Adele. “Come on, let’s all get naked,” I said, pulling her up. I started unbuttoning Adele’s blouse as Emily deftly unfastened her slacks and slid them down her legs. Adele stepped free and I peeled her out of her top. Emily moved behind her mother and unhooked Adele’s bra, allowing it to join the growing pile of garments on the floor. Adele’s breasts were unravaged by the passage of time, high, firm and proud. Larger than Emily’s, they were crested by darker crowns, no less suckable.

I stooped and hooked my fingers into the waistband of Adele’s thong, gently drawing it down so she could again step out. I placed my hands on her buttocks and rested my head against her lower abdomen, nose against her pubis and inhaled deeply. Her musk was somehow deeper than Emily’s, richer and somehow more fitting for her forty years. It was no less dizzying, for all that.

“Your turn, dad,” said Emily.

I rose to my feet and loosened my belt. Emily batted my fingers aside and took over releasing me from my trousers and shorts. As she pulled them down past my now semi-hard member she giggled at the mess I had made.

“Oooh, daddy, you did have a lot going on in there.”

As Adele worked her way down my shirt buttons, Emily grabbed her discarded frock from the floor and began firmly but deftly wiping away my sticky mess.

At last all three of us were al fresco and I had one goddess standing in front of me, breasts thrust against my arm, with her daughter on her knees in front of me. Adele put her arms around my neck and kissed me, pushing her amazing tits more firmly against my side. I felt a warm, wet sensation engulf my glans and I knew Emily had taken me into her mouth. I moaned in pleasure as the girls worked me with their tongues. Adele kissed her way down my neck, my chest and then swirled her tongue around my nipple. Then she gently but firmly pushed me back until my calves touched the couch, Emily following along on hands and knees, still latched onto my member like a sexy little calf. As I sat down she released me with a wet little plopping sound, making us all laugh.

“Why don’t we give dad a chance to regain his strength?” Adele asked Emily, who blinked in confusion. “Lets give him a little show to help him kick-start that beast of his.”

“No more smacking?” Emily asked, mindful of the red splotches still adorning her sweet little arse.

“Not at the moment, honey. Here, come and get on your knees so he can see our butts.”

Adele moved in front of me, got to her knees then leant forward so I had a clear view of her magnificent backside. Emily moved to her right side and emulated her, giving me an unrestricted view of two gorgeous bums.

“Now bend right down so your breasts are on the rug and push your butt back so daddy can see our bumholes and pussies. Boys like that, don’t they Steve?”

As the girls adopted what I consider to be one of the sexiest poses a human female is capable of, a low rumble escaped from deep within my chest and my member thudded, mindless of its recent demise.

“And now we can just play,” Adele told Em.

Both sets of labia were swollen with desire and moist. Adele’s were luxurious, full and deep pink with prominent lips that grew all the way to the rear of her vagina with a little raised rim dividing her pussy from her perineum. They were parted and reminded me a little of a butterfly. Her anus was tight and light brown, complementing her labia. I knew from experience just how inviting that particular hole was.

Emily’s lips were much paler pink and smaller, fringed with little crenulations. They tapered into the entrance to her vagina, which had parted due to her posture and revealed her rosy pink interior and little white bumps of her internal structure. Her anus was like a tiny pink blossom. I wanted so badly to explore the possibilities of that region.

I sat forward to better enjoy the show as each girl slid a hand between her legs, their knees touching as they spread them a little to allow better access. As if by unspoken agreement they rubbed their middle fingers lightly up and down their centres, moistening the pads before moving slowly down to begin lightly circling their clitorises (clitori?). I was at three quarter mast by this stage and the girls began to breathe more deeply as they intensified their motion. Their heads were laying flat on the rug, facing each other and I could see that they were looking into each other’s eyes.

Adele slid across and kissed Emily, licking her daughter’s lips and pushing her tongue into her mouth. Emily moaned and returned the kiss. Their hips were rocking now in time with the circling of their fingers and my cock had reached full extension.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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