Reflections of an Incestuous Father

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Before we start I need to ask you some questions, one factual, the others philosophical. If the answer to question 1 is yes, then the others are primarily redundant. So here we go.

Have you ever fucked your daughter?

On the assumption that the answer to that question is no, and it generally is, I congratulate you, but, at the same time, I pity you. I can’t help but feel that you’ve missed out on something wonderful.

Let’s move on then.

Have you ever thought about it?

Given the opportunity would you?

If you did think about it, and I’m assuming that maybe, just the once you did, did you think about what would be the thing you enjoyed most?

Let me expand from there and take your mind on a journey it has probably denied itself.

Have you ever sneaked a look at your daughter as she grew, registered that primal desire for her nubile body? Have you had desires and dreams and fantasies, even once? And even if you have had them have you held them buried?

Honestly have you ever really wondered what it would be like? Lusted, wished, dreamed, desired, fantasied what it would be like? How would it feel? What would your emotions be like? How would your body react and feel? Or have you kept those dark thoughts locked in the deepest dungeons of your mind?

Let’s say you’ve had those thoughts, desires and dreams. What would be your favourite? What would be the favourite thing she would do to you, or you to her? The thing you would like best, the morally forbidden thing that you desire and would enjoy the most.

Let me take you there, be your catalyst forming those questions that you daren’t admit to wanting to ask.

Would it be the feel of her soft lips as they lock on your shaft as it slides in and out of her hot mouth, her tongue teasing and playing with the head? Driving you to heights of delight at the sensations her mouth causes? Until without warning you can last no longer and you fire your gift of hot, thick, sticky cum into her mouth. Hitting the back of her throat before coating the top and sides, pooling on her tongue.

All the time she’s on her knees in the classic blow job position, looking up at you, through the fringes of her hair, wide-eyed with, is it shock or delight? Finally, she realises that to finish she will have to swallow your cum. A faint shudder before that first gulp. Is that lust or loathing in her eyes? She’s driven you to an orgasm so big that you’ve given her so much cum that it takes two gulps to get it all down.

You soften and go limp, eventually slipping out of her mouth, leaving a trail of cum over her lips before you do something you’ve never done before in your life. You drop down and kiss her on the lips, tongue playing inside her mouth as you share the taste and feel of your own cum in her mouth and on her lips.

You’re only doing it because she is your loving and giving daughter, a daughter that will do anything for you, anything you ask her to do. She’s just proved that, hasn’t she?

Could that be your favourite fantasy? Cumming in your daughter’s mouth? That’s not that bad an idea, is it?

Maybe your favourite fantasy is for full sex. True and complete penetration of her body. The feel of her pussy as it parts and welcomes your rock hard and impatient cock for the first, but not to be the last time. A cock that you have no real control over. It has a mind of its own and is determined to plough its own furrow.

The soft velvety feel of a young, but not innocent pussy, (or maybe you were even luckier in your dreams and fantasies and she was innocent and you were her first. What joy would that bring you?) as it cups and caresses that cock of yours. Opening and widening allowing you to slide in, clenching as you slide back before powering in again.

Her pussy seems to ripple along your cock as you thrust into her. Getting as deep as you possibly can. Young, slender legs pull up and back, thighs wrapping around you, ankles locking tight, keeping you tied to her. She wants this now. Thrusting up at you her pace matching your own. You’ve become one, two entities merged into one, after all, you are father and daughter.

The wonder as you cum inside her, hot jets of cum escaping your cock and filling her pussy. You can imagine the feel of it as it floods and flows around your cock. A rock hard cock still buried deep inside that soft, no longer virgin pussy. As you pull out a dribble escapes and trickles down the crack of her arse, leaving a sticky trail, evidence of illegal shame. An incestuous act of the highest kind, the most basic and brutal kind.

Maybe she screams at the moment she feels your cum fill her womb.

Is that your deepest desire? To truly fuck your daughter.

Maybe you are looking for something even more perverted than oral or vaginal sex with your daughter, maybe you have deep held desires to take her anally?

She’s on her knees facing away from you, tight peach of a bum pushed up and, if not willing, at least accepting bursa escort what awaits it.

Your knob-head presses against her puckered, resisting anal star, pressing remorselessly forward, forcing a passageway inside. At last her arse relents and opens. You slip inside, coming to rest as her sphincter closes around the mushroom head of your cock. The root still is not allowed entry, as nature takes over and tries to force you back out. That’s the natural order of things in this opening of the human body. Exit not entry, and certainly not entry by you.

Allowing each of you time to understand and accept what is happening you pause for a second, before, inch by inch, you seat yourself fully, your cock now buried to its root. Your balls are hanging against her pussy. You slowly withdraw, conscious of the discomfort and pain it is causing her. Acutely aware of the heavenly tight feel of her arse as it grips your cock, now seemingly reluctantly to release you. It is the tightest yet softest thing that has gripped you. Knowing you will not last long your pace increases as you grip her hips and pull her back against you.

Happily, for both of you, she responds and pushes back, matching you. If not in intensity, after all this must be hurting her, but she is compliant and accepting as your balls tighten and you unload inside her tight little bum. She wants to please you and knows instinctively that this is something you like.

Carefully, as soon as you have softened enough you withdraw with a sigh and a plop you slip loose and a smear of cum wipes down her thighs.

Is that the thought that fills your mind?

Or do your desires lie in a different area altogether? All these things we’ve just considered are of her pleasing you, maybe your fantasies lie in a different direction. Giving pleasure to her.

You start by kissing her, the sweet taste of her lips on yours. Breaking the kiss you move lower down her body lingering to suck and play with her boobs. You suck and tease her nipples, awestruck as they harden under your tongue. This is only a distraction, your ultimate goal lies much lower and is much more intimate.

Kissing and nipping lightly, she shudders under the lightest of touches. She’s torn not knowing if she really wants you doing this but accepting as she knows she should. Guiltily acknowledging that she is enjoying how her body feels and responds. You move lower and lower until you are at the thing you seek the most. Your face is inches, if that, away from her pussy. Her sweet, young, pussy. You delight in the sight of it, the intricate folds and hidden secrets. The merest hint of her natural musky smell entrances you as it wafts into your nostrils, increasing your lust-fueled desire even more.

You drop your face against her, brushing your mouth onto her sweet lips in the lightest of loving kisses. Still, this isn’t what you want and desire. You part her with your fingers exposing the delicate pink inner core of her true essence as a woman, the musky smell intensifies as you lower your face to her once more.

She is wet, you can see her glistening pearls of nectar forming already. Tongue extending you lick once, twice, three times along her slit, before losing count and, you’re fulfilling your desires, instinct taking over. The taste and feel of her are a new pleasure. The massive array of taste-buds on your tongue register her taste; tangy and bitter but a delicate sweetness of honey underlying it all.

The feel is soft and like satin against the nerve-endings of your tongue. She is hot and wet, thick secretions starting to leak from deep inside her as her excitement increases. Driving your own lust higher as you realise that she, your daughter, your own flesh and blood is responding to you, she is enjoying what your mouth and lips and tongue are doing to her body, the feelings they are creating within her.

You increase your ministrations, tongue licking and probing deeper and harder, delving where it has never gone before, where it shouldn’t be. She is flooding now, her juices flowing readily as you gulp and slurp them down, excited by them coating your face and chin.

Forcing yourself away from her vaginal canal you move an inch or so higher and see her exposed clit as it peaks from its protective hood. A little nub that contains so many pleasure cells that will cause her delight. You suck it into your mouth, holding it in your lips before nipping it between your teeth and flicking it with your tongue.

She explodes and cums with primal intensity. Her hips thrust up at you as her legs wrap around your neck, pinning you in place, face mashed against her pussy, her thighs holding you in a deathlike grip as she cums and cums again.

Something you have dreamed of causing her to do for so many years now. Shuddering and whimpering she collapses in a spent, exhausted, emotional mess.

This must be near if not at the top of your desires to make your daughter cum by eating her pussy. It must be on many fathers bursa escort bayan after all.

Shuddering and whimpering, maybe that is what you dream about most? The sounds that are caused by having sex, especially with your child. The short panting of her breath, matching your animalistic grunts as you hammer into her. The slap of naked flesh on flesh. Her sighs and groans and whimpers and screams as she cums.

Maybe that is what you dream of most? The sounds of having sex with your daughter.

All of these dreams or fantasies have her if not willing, but accepting. Maybe your evil thoughts are governed by something even darker, maybe she isn’t willing and you have to use force. Or you have some hold over her and exert pressure in that way, by blackmailing her into giving in to your demands for her body.

Those forceful thoughts are not mine, but who knows what lies in your mind? And of course, these are your thoughts and desires, not mine. I’m only helping you to explore them after all. We’ll come to mine later.

But these are only dreams and desires and fantasies for you, deeply repressed and held in check as they should be in any civilised and moral society. These are mere thoughts about you and your daughter having sex. Having sex together, breaking that most basic and sacred of moral codes and taboos.

And for that I congratulate you, but I also pity you as you haven’t sampled that special kind of sex. That special type of sex, that basic fucking that happens when a father and his daughter copulate with each other.

Some of us have acted out some, if not all, of those dreams, desires and fantasies, and they are every bit as good, if not more so than you have imagined them.

Please believe me. I know, for I have acted out my desires and fantasies, and they are just like yours are.

Summer 1969.

I took my eldest daughter, Kathy, who was nineteen at the time first. She had fully enjoyed the summer of love to its fullest extent. Taking the name literally as its meaning.

She had been stood up by her latest boyfriend and came to me for comfort, as she curled against me on the sofa, I couldn’t restrain myself any longer. I had been secretly lusting after her lithe young body for years.

Kathy flounced into the room and flopped onto the sofa next to me, the minuscule skirt of her dress drifting even higher up her slender toned thighs. I sighed silently with barely repressed lust.

Kathy is a lithe, slender, willowy, sexy, five-foot-seven inch tall blonde. Her hair is styled in a layered feather cut that hangs to her shoulders, deep blue eyes, small boobs that all the girls wanted at that time, and were the size I preferred as well, and endlessly long legs.

She was as sexy as hell, she knew it and used it.

Whilst her mother and I were more liberally inclined than many of our generation and her contemporaries parents were, we did have reservations about what was happening at that time. The promiscuity and free love, the sexual revolution.

Margaret, my wife and Kathy’s mother had put her on the pill as soon as she had hit puberty, not as an encouragement for her to have sex, but to ease her periods but the family planning side effects went a long way to pacifying our minds over unwanted babies!! Aids wasn’t around and we didn’t know about the other more exotic STDs that are about now, thank God. Safe sex was about not getting pregnant!

“What’s up?” I asked at her obvious annoyance.

“John. He’s just phoned to cancel our date, some stupid reason about having to work and I’ve got tickets to this great new blues and rock group called Led Zepplin, They’re like, so hard to get hold of and now I can’t use them. Not only that I’ve got this new dress.”

She stood up to show me the dress, twirling around. It was a crocheted wool style in pink with a scalloped hem that just about came lower than her crotch. Not only that I wasn’t sure what if anything she had underneath it. I was certain she didn’t have a bra on and I wasn’t sure about panties. To my relief, I saw that she had a pair that matched the colour of the dress. But I could definitely see her nipples as the swell of her breasts pushed them against the mesh of her dress.

“Well that’s his loss, honey, and I like the dress even if…”

“Oh don’t go on about how short it is, mum’s already done that.”

“No, I was going to say, it’s a bit long for you,” having a brief laugh at her expense, I was going to comment on how short it was, but heck let her mum take the flack over that.

“Yes you were, you said ‘even if’.”

“I was going to say you should have a different pair of shoes, those don’t do it or you justice.” Kathy wasn’t sure to believe me

Snuggling up close and resting her head on my shoulder she sighed deeply.

As we sat on there my hand had rested on her slim toned thigh, then as if of its own volition, it travelled higher until it was slipping under the hem of her dress. The dress was that escort bursa short and had ridden even higher up her thighs as she sat that as soon as my hand went under the hem, my fingers were pressing against the thin cotton panties that covered her sex.

I pressed harder against her and felt my fingers slip into her, only partly restricted by the fabric. I could feel the heat and dampness of her pussy as it reacted to the pressure of my fingers.

I was acting on basic lustful instinct, my body reacting without my brain’s input, but deep down my brain knew what was happening and was welcoming the action and the sensations that were coming to it. A primal urge that I had kept suppressed was rising up.

Kathy didn’t move, didn’t try to pull away, she didn’t scream or shout at my outright assault of her. She simply looked at me open-mouthed. Her face was a mask. If she had reacted then everything else that happened wouldn’t have. I’m certain I would have stopped, but she didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying she encouraged me, she didn’t, but she didn’t make any move to stop what I was doing.

“Stand up,” I told her. When she did as I requested I turned her so she stood directly in front of me.

“Take off your clothes,” it was more order than request.

After a second’s hesitation, her face going red, she reached behind her, fumbling for the zip on her dress then slid it down until it would go no further. She let the dress drop from her shoulders and pool at her feet. I looked her straight in the eyes mouthing, “Panties as well.”

Kathy hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and keeping her gaze locked on my face pushed them over her hips and let them slither down her thighs to join her dress in a pile on the floor.

Only then, when she was naked did I look at her body. It was beautiful, more slender and toned than I could ever have imagined. Willowy, with small but high and firm breasts, capped by small nipples that were hard and pointing out. She was excited and it was clear.

My hands went to her hips as I pulled her closer to me and dropped to my knees so my face was opposite her pussy. Neither hesitating nor giving Kathy a chance to do anything I pressed my head between her legs. Face into her groin, I pushed my tongue deep into her slit licking quickly and firmly up and down. Eventually taking her stiffened clit between my teeth and rubbing them around it. Kathy let out a loud gasp and then started to moan. My hands slipped onto her bum, relishing the contact with her firm peach. I pulled her closer to me as I continued to lick and suck on her pussy and clit.

“No, oh God no,” pleaded Kathy. It wasn’t a plea for me to stop. We both knew what that plea presaged, she was going to cum. I was tonguing my daughter to a climax and she was powerless to stop it.

I pushed Kathy onto her back, spreading her legs wider and buried my face deeper in her pussy, making her scream with surprise and delight as my tongue licked and probed inside her sopping wet slit.

Kathy screamed even louder and flooded my open mouth with her sticky juices, coating my face and chin. I stayed against her as long as I could as she bucked and thrashed under me, drinking down every drop she delivered to me, delighting in the taste.

Kathy was still screaming and thrashing when I pulled away and slipped my cock into her mouth.

She looked at me aghast for a second before doing what I hoped. Acting instinctively, taking my cock slowly deep into her hot mouth. Tongue flicking and rolling around the head and glans.

Pulling back until just the head was between her lips she teased me by rolling it around and around the head, taking in the pre-cum that was leaking from the tip. Four quick bobs of her head getting me as deep as she could before releasing me with a plop.

“No more, that’s all I’m going to do.”

“I’m going to fuck you then,” I told her. Kathy laid back and spread her legs wide. She smiled up at me enticingly.

As I looked down at her, the sight of her naked, young, but compliant body made me harder than ever as I positioned myself above her. I slid into her wet slit without any effort. Penetration was easy, she was already lubricated and relaxed from her own orgasm. Kathy wrapped her silken thighs around me as I began to pump into her, long, hard, fast pumps of my cock, pulling out as far as I dared then pounding in as roughly and quickly.

Kathy responded in kind, rolling her hips off the floor and thrusting up and out at me, hands going to my arse to pull me into her even deeper and quicker.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard, please daddy,” Kathy panted in my ear, as she blew hot breath into it. Grinding her groin against me.

That made me even more excited, her calling me daddy as I fucked her for this first time. Asking her daddy to fuck her hard, stimulated me. My long-held and deeply hidden dream coming true at last.

I was hammering away at her as hard and as fast as I could, sweat was running down my back and face with the effort. Kathy was the same, rivulets of perspiration running down her body, pooling between her boobs, making them harder to grasp as I tried to play and tease her nipples.

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