Rebecca’s Adventure Ch. 05

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The summer had just whizzed by and with two weeks to go before Rebecca headed back to school she reflected on her adventure. She had been fucking her brother and Julie regularly and they never seemed to tire of each other’s company. She had enjoyed the threesomes and her alone time with her brother, as well as the few times Julie and Becca had been just by themselves.

She had been fucking her stepfather less and less as her mother seemed to have renewed her interest in sex when Rebecca began to satisfy her stepfather’s desires. She had only fucked Julie’s dad the one time, but it was an experience she would never forget. She felt like a little slut but realized she had just awakened a need to fulfill her desires rather than just dream about them and masturbate. She still found time to masturbate too.

She was hornier than she ever remembered and when no one was available or she just wanted more she went online to peruse some porn or read the stories that her online friend Joe sent her.

The stories really turned her on and she would masturbate by lying on her stomach with a pillow and her hand between her legs and make herself cum when they came in the story. She liked what Joe sent her and he seemed to like it when she wrote back how much she liked it and how she got off on it. She found out more about this older gentleman she had an online dialogue with.

He was in his fifties, married but his sex life was lacking a bit. He wanted to have more sex with his wife but she wasn’t interested. He was uncomfortable going outside the marriage, as he was scared. He wrote dirty stories as a way of alleviating this desire and loved the fact that Rebecca loved reading them. This turned him on tremendously she had found out.

He had seen a picture of her but not nude, so he could only imagine what she looked like but her brown hair and brown eyes were his favorite and a huge turn on. He claimed that the eyes of a woman are the biggest things that attract him to a woman. Joe didn’t live close to Rebecca at all so the chance of her meeting him was slim, though the thought did cross her mind. She loved older men and this would have been adventurous.

Rebecca had lots of other online friends as she was very pretty but they were confined to small talk and trading porn.

Rebecca had decided she wanted to have a kind of holiday before she headed back to school so with that in mind she called Julie. When she told Julie her idea she then asked her if she wanted to join her and maybe include her brother.

Julie loved the idea and even suggested a place to go. Julie had to be at her school three days before Rebecca, to report to her grad school. So she suggested they take a trip by her school then they could just drop her off and head back to where Rebecca had to go. Since Julie knew the area they would have some places to go and have some fun.

Rebecca thought this would work out great as her brother’s school was also on the way back and it would conveniently work out for all of them. They only had to ask Rebecca’s brother and he was quick to agree to the plan. He had saved some money from working and was eager to spend some of it.

So it was planned the three of them would drive across three states to Rhode Island and spend some time going to the beach. Maybe hit the casinos nearby and have some fun before school began.

The drive would be long, so they planned on just sleeping at rest stops for a few hours so that they could save money. Rebecca’s brother bought Julies dad’s old van that he did not use much anymore. That way they could carry all they needed to bring them all back to school. When all was done Rebecca would be at school and they planned on driving her car the first part of the trip and dropping it off at her apartment before they went on to finish the trip.

All was set and the first leg was ready to begin. It was a Friday and her mother had said goodbye and left for work, her stepfather was ready to go too when Rebecca pulled him into her bedroom to really say goodbye.

She told him she would miss their lovemaking and would be masturbating while dreaming of his cock drilling her pussy. She kissed him on the lips and their tongues enmeshed, as they broke Rebecca dropped to her knees and unzipped his fly. Removing his flaccid member from the confines of his underwear she felt it begin to swell in her hand before she sucked the entire thing in her mouth.

Soon it swelled to its full size and Becca could only lick and suck part of it at a time. Then she stood up. Rebecca dropped her shorts and panties and turned around waving her cute naked butt at her stepfather. She bent over and leaned on the bed frame and said, “Fuck me good one last time before I go daddy. Fill me up with your seed, I want to feel you while we are traveling.”

With that he placed the head of his cock at her slit, rubbed the head up and down, opening her pussy up for himself and then slowly inserted bursa escort his stiff cock into his daughter’s vagina.

He didn’t waste time as they both needed to leave and grabbing her hips he plunged his cock in and out till he could feel that familiar feeling well up in his groin. Soon he was spurting semen deep into Rebecca’s pussy. He pulled out as soon as he was done and put his cock back into his pants. Becca bent down and just pulled up her panties and shorts, gave a her stepfather a quick peck on the lips and bounded out of the room to the awaiting car.

As she sat in the front seat she could feel the cum start to seep out of her pussy and onto her panties. She loved this feeling and even went so far as to reach into her panties rubbing her pussy and getting some cum on her fingers, which she brought to her mouth to taste. She was ready to go now.

They drove Rebecca’s car to pick up the van at Julies house. Her brother had left it there so Julie could pack. They were going to drive two cars and drop one off at Rebecca’s apartment in upstate New York so her car would be there when they returned. They would drop Julie off at College on the way back, as she went to school in Connecticut. But first they were going to the beach in Rhode Island together. The first part of the drive took eight hours and when they reached Rebecca’s apartment they all just collapsed and slept.

Rebecca awoke first and went to the bathroom to pee and wash up. She didn’t want to make too much noise but the shower must have woken them because as she emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her she could see her brother fucking Julie doggy style on her bed. They were really going at it and didn’t even notice Rebecca’s presence.

Her brother kept a frenetic pace as Julie groaned and moaned with every thrust. His balls slapped on her ass as he hit bottom and pulled out only to repeat it. Rebecca could feel her pussy getting wet and her hand instinctively went to it as she dropped the towel on the floor.

She had her hand furiously rubbing her clit when her brother let out a moan that meant he was draining his semen deep in Julie’s cunt. Rebecca hadn’t cum yet so she kept going even as the two of them just noticed her. They both smiled and Julie got up and led Becca back to the bed, she laid her down and then got into a sixty-nine position with her.

Julies cum soaked pussy was above Rebecca’s mouth as her tongue began to lick Julie’s soft inner lips. Julie’s mouth too had found Becca’s button and she was beginning the familiar ascent to orgasm. As Rebecca licked and sucked on Julies pussy she could taste her brother as his cum began to leak out in her mouth. She hungrily swallowed it and continued to lick as Julie came rather quickly.

With each spasm of her pussy more of Rebecca’s brother’s cum came pouring out into her mouth. This was turning her on so much that Rebecca soon came herself. As they lay there she looked to see her brother stroking his now hard again cock. She smiled and said, “No time for another round we have to get going.” He mocked disappointment but he too knew it wouldn’t be to long before he could fuck his sister again.

The next leg of the trip took all day as they stopped along the way to eat and rest. Now they were all in the van and they switched off driving more often. They arrived in Rhode Island at 8pm that night and went straight to the motel they had booked online. It was quite a ways from the beach but it’s all they could get the last week of summer vacation on short notice. Also it was very inexpensive. The only good thing was it had a king size bed and they all fit quite nicely in it.

They went out for sandwiches and beer and came back to the room to eat. After eating everyone was tired so they just went to bed. Rebecca had one rule though: everyone sleeps naked and her lucky brother would sleep where she told him too. This night he was in the middle of two beautiful women. One man two women he was in heaven.

The first day of their vacation turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. They all dressed for the beach and piled into the van, planning on getting breakfast on the way. Coffee and breakfast sandwiches all around were finished by the time they reached to parking area at Napatree Point beach. They piled out and walked down the point till they found a secluded part of the beach.

After laying out the blanket and surveying the beach they found that though not alone, the nearest people were quite a distance away. They had moved their blanket away from the beach in the little dune nearby so that if you were walking on the shore you could not see them. You almost had to be on top of them to see where they had set up. With this in mind the girls stripped off their shirts and removed the top of their bikinis. Julie then said, “I need lotion rubbed on me, any volunteers?”

Rebecca’s brother was right there when she said that and in no time he was rubbing bursa escort bayan lotion all over her back and then all over her naked white breasts. Each pass over Julie’s nipples brought them to attention and when he was done he turned to his sister. He did the same for Rebecca and when he began rubbing her nipples she let out an involuntary moan, which caught him by surprise.

He stopped momentarily but began again when she told him it just felt good. He finished up and Rebecca grabbed the tube of lotion and rubbed lotion on her brother. She made sure she lingered on his legs close to his manhood which she noticed was getting very stiff. That finished they all lay down to sunbathe.

Soon the heat was getting to Julie and she began to rub the only man there all around his shorts. He responded by rubbing her breasts, bringing Julie’s nipples to attention again. This time they got closer while lying down and began to fondle each other like high school kids under the bleachers.

It was soon evident that Julie had him so excited he would soon shoot off in his bathing suit if she didn’t do something. So she told him to lie on his back and she pulled down his shorts. His cock sprang to its full hardness when released from its confines and Julie began just stroking him. He was enjoying that very much when Rebecca opened her eyes and noticed what was happening.

She just watched while Julie bent over and took his cock in her mouth. She had seen this before but here on the beach it seemed all the more exciting. She could only watch though and while on her stomach she brought her own hand under her body and slipped her hand inside her bathing suit bottom.

Her fingers quickly found her clit and began to rub as Julie continued to give her brother a blowjob. Rebecca’s brother’s hand found Julie’s dangling breast and fondled them while she continued to lick and suck his member. Rebecca could see the veins in his cock as Julie’s lips released it. It glistened in the sunlight with the wetness left on it when she let it out of her mouth. It looked beautiful to Rebecca and she was getting hotter and more turned on by the minute. (Does dude have a name?)

It looked as though she might cum before her brother so she then spoke. “Julie, I want him in, me do you mind?”

She responded with, “No, as long as I get some too”

They wanted to go unnoticed so as Rebecca lay on her side her brother entered her pussy from behind. Julie lay down so that her pussy was at Rebecca’s mouth so she could lick her while Rebecca got fucked. It was slow at first until they got their rhythm but soon he was thrusting deep into his sister’s cunt while Rebecca had her tongue locked on Julie’s clitoris.

The sun, outdoors and the fact it was very public turned them all on so much that none of them lasted long. Julie came first and then Rebecca’s brother spent his jism deep into Rebecca’s pussy. Rebecca had come a little when that happened but she could cum again and planned on it later. As they all lay there completely naked it was then that Rebecca noticed and older gentlemen in the dunes about twenty feet away on his knees.

He had been watching them and had his cock in his hand and was masturbating to the scene before him. He didn’t look away or even stop when they noticed him. In fact he just spurted a great load of his seed on the sand in front of himself. After he just smiled got up pulling on his suit as they smiled back at him. Then he walked away.

They laughed about that one the rest of the day. Later they went walking down the beach they ran across the man who was obviously with his wife. They were about 100 yards from them but you couldn’t see where they had been. He smiled and waved when they went by. The man and his wife were in their forties and not bad looking and though the wife wore a black one piece bathing suit she had a nice figure. They waved back and walked on.

Later on the way back the couple had left, but Rebecca knew they had made his day. Later in the afternoon as they all walked back to the van they happened across a group of bathers that were partying on the beach. They beckoned them to join in so they graciously accepted beers all around. This party had been going on a while when it started to get dark. They were on part of the beach where you could have a small bonfire with a permit and someone had just that as soon a small fire was lit and all were gathered around it.

Julie and her brother were together having naturally paired up after Rebecca had begun talking to a very cute guy. His name was Nathan but everyone called him Nate. Rebecca soon discovered he was only two years older than she and was working for an insurance company out of Hartford CT. He was on his vacation and was down at the beach with some college buddies. They were the ones who had made the bonfire and supplied most of the beer they were drinking.

As the night wore on Rebecca and Nate moved a little further escort bursa from the fire and a little closer to each other. Rebecca had not planned to get intimate with anyone but after a few beers she was quite loosened up. It didn’t hurt that Nate was quite good looking and looked great without a shirt, she found herself drawn to him like a moth to flame.

He responded by putting his arm around her shoulders as they talked about work and school experiences and dating. Both had similar experiences, only a few partners and not seeing anyone at the moment. Nate broached the subject of sex carefully as he did not know what to expect as Rebecca was being shy and guarded in her conversation.

When he asked her if she was a virgin she laughed and told him that was lost quite a few years before. That broke the ice and soon they were talking about what they had fantasies about. Then and there Rebecca decided that she would do something she had not really done before and go further than she ever had on a first meeting or ‘date’ such as it was turning out to be.

She leaned in and kissed him, surprised he responded with enthusiasm. Soon they were kissing like they had been dating a while and Nate’s hands began to roam. Feeling good about the way the night was going Rebecca let him go on. His hands rubbed her back and down her legs, then up and down her sides.

Nate was careful to avoid the breasts as he did not want to appear too eager but, it was clear what was on his mind as Rebecca cuddled close to him. She could feel his penis getting harder through the thin pair of shorts. Rebecca had put on a t-shirt and removed her bathing suit top beneath it hours earlier so when Nate’s hands found their way under her shirt he was greeted with her soft-fleshed bare breasts.

As his hands slid up her shirt and cupped each soft orb, his fingers ran over her nipples making each one stiffen, she sighed a pleasurable sigh. He took his time and was very gentle while he caressed each breast. Every time he got to her nipple jolts of excitement shot right down to her clitoris from her nipple. She thought if he continues this he could make me orgasm just by caressing her nipples.

He did continue and she felt herself rubbing her body into his now very erect cock. When his hands began to move down to her bathing suit bottom Rebecca just coaxed his hands back up to her breasts telling him she wasn’t ready. He was a gentleman about it and took it in stride, besides the way she was rubbing his cock through his shorts had him hard and very excited.

This went on for quite a while when Rebecca was so horny she was going to let him go further when her brother stepped over and said, “Becca we have to go soon.” With that he disappeared back into the darkness. This interrupted the mood slightly but Rebecca realized it wasn’t the time or place really to fuck this good-looking guy like she wanted.

Rebecca whispered to Nate, “Come with me.” She then got up, took his hand and walked further into the darkness and up a small sand berm. When they got there they could see each other clearly but no one could see them. She unzipped Nate’s pants and let them fall to the ground. He wasn’t wearing underwear so his erect cock sprang out right away. She took hold of his cock and began to stroke it.

She said, “I don’t want to leave you like this so I will relieve the pressure. If your going to be around this week we can get together another time and finish what we started the right way, on a bed ,not out on the beach.” Then she motioned for him to sit while she continued to stroke his cock.

It was nice size about six inches long not too wide and she could get her hand around it fairly easily. Her stroking was doing some good as Nate began to moan because she was getting him close. She marveled at the smoothness of something so stiff yet so soft.

His cock head was bigger than the shaft and looked like a mushroom on top. He was circumcised but there was enough extra skin that it slid easily up and down with each stroke. It didn’t take him too long and he was grunting, she could feel his body tighten and go rigid as his cock began to spurt his seed.

Rebecca didn’t know where the first squirt went but she felt it in her hand as she stroked him. Slowing she could feel each spurt as his cock spasmed and launched his jism. The next few spurts just came out and covered her hand that was jerking his cock.

He had cum a big load she could tell and wistfully thought it would have been nice to have it in her pussy instead of her hand but it wasn’t to be tonight. They cleaned up best they could and made their way back to the dying fire and said their goodbyes exchanging phone numbers of the motels they were each at. Rebecca found Julie and her brother and left.

On the trip back to the motel Rebecca drove because Julie and her brother were in the back doing there best to get naked and have sex. Becca could hear, but not really see them, as there were moans and slurping noises and enough that she was getting very turned on. By the time they arrived the two in the back were totally naked and asked Rebecca to go open the door so they could just run in the room.

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