Quickie: The Gift

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All characters over the age of 18

“I want to cum on your face. I want you to stroke my cock until I shoot a hot load of cum all over your pretty face, with your mouth wide open and your tongue sticking out like you want to lick it all up.”

Jenny had heard those words as she pulled open the front door, intent on telling her younger brother it was time to tell his date goodnight and that he needed to come in from the porch. As soon as her brother’s voice faded in the icy air she pushed the door almost closed, leaning in close to hear what was said next but all she could make out was the sounds of her brother, Jeremy, kissing noisily with his gal Samantha.

“Well, that is a Christmas gift I think I can manage, Mr. Bowen.” Samantha’s words nearly floored Jenny, suddenly the goody two shoes image of the younger woman was blown out of the water.

After a minute she stepped back and without looking outside yelled, “Jeremy, time to come in!”

That had been nearly three weeks ago, and since that time Jenny had enjoyed the secret knowledge of what her brother wanted from his girlfriend and her willingness to comply. The image of her brother getting a hand job by his cute little girlfriend was a constant source of warm tingling that emanated deliciously from between her legs.

It had occurred to Jenny that it was not wholly correct to be aroused by a sibling’s sexual activity, but Jeremy was about the most handsome boy she’d ever known. He had been a constant playmate of hers, ever since they were little. He had been her prince charming on more than one occasion, had been the husband in their frequent games of house and had been an unwitting source of biological knowledge in their games of doctor. Was it any wonder she was getting worked up, albeit vicariously, because of his growing sexual arena?

December 23rd loomed large in both Jenny’s and Jeremy’s minds. It was the night that the deed was to be done, Christmas Eve being reserved for activities with the families, the couple would have no chance to be alone. Jenny had positioned herself nearby whenever Jeremy was on the phone, catching snatches of conversation, trying to determine where the planned rendezvous would take place.

She might have missed it entirely until Jeremy began pestering her about her plans for Thursday. Didn’t she have some place to be? Friends to visit? A boy to chase perhaps?

“No, I have nothing. Why? Did you want to do something?” she asked blithely. Jeremy’s crestfallen face made her sad and then sudden realization dawned upon her. “Oh! Oh, yes, I’m supposed to go out with Nancy!” Jeremy’s eyes lit up momentarily and then he controlled himself, all nonchalance and uncaring cool.

Two days before Christmas Jenny made a big show of leaving the house, driving around the corner and parking her car on a side street. Trekking back to the house through the light dusting of snow, she let herself back into the house and hid in her room while her parents took off for a party of their own. Night fell quickly, dark shadows inching across the living room as she watched from her perch at the top of the stairs, peering through the railing at the scene below.

Jeremy lit tea candles, a glow filling the room warmed by the crackling logs ablaze in the fireplace, the Christmas tree twinkling magically next to the sofa. A little part of Jenny wanted to cry as no boy had ever made such a romantic scene for her. She’d had her share of naughty fun, at 22 years of age, she wasn’t innocent by any stretch of the imagination, but none of her boyfriends were half as sweet as her 18 year old bubba.

With a sigh she settled at the top of the stairs, hidden in the shadows, and waited. Jeremy took a seat on a plush leather recliner and opened a book, he too anxiously awaiting the arrival of Samantha. An hour passed and still no sign of his girlfriend. Calls to her cell went unanswered and he began to worry. Finally, after an hour and a half of waiting he called her home.

Jenny couldn’t tell what was said, but it wasn’t good. Jeremy slammed the phone down, a wounded howl and curse mixed together escaping his lips before he sank to his knees, his sobs filling the room. She wanted to race to him, to comfort him in his hour of need, but she was paralyzed. He thought he was alone, he’d never break down so completely if he knew she were here.

In agonized torment she watched her brother cry, something she hadn’t seen him do since he was 10. It tore at her heart and she had to fight to keep her own sobbing from being heard. Taking a calculated risk, she crept down the stairs, his back towards her as she tiptoed through to the kitchen before she let herself bursa escort out the back door. Running through the snow, her tears icing on her face as she raced the block to her parked car, she tried to imagine what had happened between her brother and Samantha.

Starting the car, she considered driving over to the girl’s home and confronting her, but the thought of her brother all alone made her go back home. Parking in the driveway, she wiped her eyes and tried to hide the fact that she had been crying before she tromped through the snow, planning to make the excuse that she and Nancy had a bit of a falling out. It was weak, but she was pretty sure that Jeremy would be too wrapped in his own pain to take any notice.

“I’m home,” she said, too loud in the quiet still of the house. Without a word she went to the living room and found Jeremy sitting in the recliner, his face tear streaked and eyes red. His pain struck at her again and she immediately wrapped him up in her arms, not bothering to ask what had happened.

By the time their parents returned the living room had been cleaned up, no sign of the intended romantic rendezvous was in sight, though the process made Jenny feel almost as bad as Jeremy. She led him to his bed and tucked him in, his only words when she asked what had happened were, “It’s over.” Jenny only nodded, kissing him on the forehead before she left him to try and sleep.

In her own room, stripped down to just a cotton nightgown and snuggled warmly in her bed, Jenny couldn’t help but feel a pang of unreleased tension. She wanted to reach down and relieve herself, but she couldn’t bring herself to go through with it. The coincidence that had put her in place to overhear her brother’s Christmas wish had given her a delicious thrill that had been building to this night and it had been stripped away. Now she was upset with Samantha too. How much worse must it have been for Jeremy?

Her dreams were haunted by visions of her brother, Samantha was there in the beginning, providing him the pleasure he so craved, but then she disappeared. Then all she could see was the hand, gripping her brother lovingly as his face was thrown back in ecstasy. At last she woke with a start, the sunlight streaming in brightly, the last visions of her dream still vivid in her mind.

Christmas Eve day was a bright and cheery day, though Jeremy seemed to trudge through it like a zombie. Jenny made every attempt to make him smile, though she did not berate him when he could barely turn up the corner’s of his mouth. She didn’t try to convince him that he was better off, that Samantha didn’t deserve him, or any of the things people try to do when you have a broken heart. She just let him be, surrounded by her love.

That evening the went to their Aunt Trudie’s home, taking two cars as Jenny guessed that Jeremy wouldn’t want to join in on the traditional drive to look at lights. Cousins and distant relatives were all about, and though Jeremy put up a brave front, he was still shell shocked and didn’t give much more than single word answers to many of the questions. Much earlier than expected, Jenny convinced her parents to let her take her brother home.

Jeremy plopped down on the leather recliner, the fire being stoked up by his sister. He smiled ruefully, looking at his sister’s rather delicious looking ass. The bubbly cheeks that filled out her jeans were more than enough to make any man’s mouth water, and he was not immune simply because they shared the same parents. His cock began to stir as he stared at her, it had been nearly three weeks since last he masturbated, intending to save himself for Samantha.

Looking up he caught her eyes, a questioning look upon her face as she caught him staring. For the first time that day he actually smiled, which warmed Jenny’s heart. Perhaps not all was lost, she thought.

“So,” she began as she squeezed into the recliner next to her hunky brother, “you never told me what all the fuss was about last night. Why all the candles and such?”

Jeremy looked away, suddenly embarrassed. While he was avoiding her gaze, Jenny looked down and saw a tell tale bulge lumping the fly of his jeans. Her heart began to beat faster and she felt her chest constrict as excitement coursed through her body unbidden. The sensation was sudden and unexpected, her nipples began to harden to tight little points and if not for the thick bra would have been visible through her cable knit sweater.

“Sam was supposed to give me a present last night,” Jeremy whispered at last, turning to look at his older sister once the words were out of his mouth.

“Have you ever had this kind of present before?” bursa escort bayan Jenny asked, her eyes twinkling with mischief. Her body suddenly felt very hot and she desperately wanted to start ditching clothes, but knew it would only freak her brother out. The fact that it didn’t bother her at all, the thought of being naked in front of Jeremy, never occurred to her.

“Sort of, but not really,” Jeremy offered, surprised at how open he was being, though he was sure that his sister would never truly figure out what he was talking about.

“Oh, something special then,” Jenny whispered, her hot breath caressing her brother’s ear. She saw his cock lurch in his pants, though he fought to control it. “I understand,” she said softly, this time reaching out and touching his thigh, her hand inches away from his straining sex.

Jeremy twitched, his legs jerking slightly at the touch, though he had no where to run, and suddenly didn’t want to.

“Tell me,” she began, her raspy voice quiet in his ears, forcing him to lean closer to hear her words. “Did she offer this gift? Or did you ask for it?”

“I asked for it,” Jeremy croaked, confused by the question, not seeing how it could matter.

“Ahh,” she said with sudden comprehension. “I see, I see. Well, do you still want this gift?” Jenny’s heart was racing in her chest, she couldn’t believe the words had come from her mouth. In the soft firelight, the house still as a tomb, everything could be wonderful or completely horrible depending on what her brother said.

“Uhm, well,” Jeremy paused, unsure if he should be talking this way with his own sister. Yes, she was beautiful, had been the subject of many dreams and fantasies, but could she possibly be offering what he thought? How could she know what he wanted? And why? It had to be obvious at least, that whatever he wanted from Samantha was sexual. Could she be serious?

Jenny leaned forward and then turned to face her younger brother. His handsome features washed in the yellow orange light of the fire. The flickering shadows dancing across his doubt filled face, his mind trying to convince his heart to relent.

“I’m an authorized agent of Santa Claus,” Jenny said, full of authority and appropriateness. “I have been given the pleasure of providing this Christmas gift to you.” Jeremy looked at her in disbelief, still confused on how she could possibly know what he truly wanted. “If you still want it, that is,” she concluded quietly.

“Of course I do,” Jeremy said quickly, suddenly afraid that he might hurt his sister. He leaned forward and pecked her on the lips. It wasn’t a brotherly kiss, but it surely wasn’t much of a regular kiss either. “Thanks, sis.”

“Silly boy, that wasn’t what you asked for Christmas,” Jenny said in a mock reprimand.

“Okay,” Jeremy sighed, rolling his eyes. This time he reached out and palmed her boob, giving the healthy orb a firm squeeze, causing his cock to jump noticeably in his pants.

“Now listen here, mister!” Jenny cried, covering her breast with her hand, trapping Jeremy’s hand on top of it. “That wasn’t it either, and if you aren’t careful Santa will revoke your one Christmas wish before you ever get it!” She pulled his hand away and dropped it in his lap, smiling knowingly as he stopped before he hit his aching cock. “Now, are you going to play nice? Or do you want me to give your gift to someone else?”

Jeremy’s eyes widened in horror at the thought, assuring her quickly that he would behave. His heart began to race as she slipped from the recliner, kneeling on the ground before his feet.

“Just between you and Santa’s helper, okay?” she asked, looking up at him. Jeremy nodded slightly, nervous knots forming in his stomach, dumbstruck at what was happening.

Jenny watched her brother’s face as her hand rubbed over the top of his engorged penis, the hardness beneath her fingers satisfying and thrilling at the same time. She could feel the beginnings of moisture forming in her panties, knowing it wouldn’t be long before they were soaked clean through. She tried to gauge his size, though she had been fooled before, and decided it didn’t really matter.

“Oh shit,” Jeremy whispered, his eyes fluttering as he tried to decide if he wanted to watch his sister or close his eyes tight and imagine it was someone else. A picture of Samantha filled his mind and the sudden anger made him jerk his eyelids open. He looked down as Jenny was pulling the zipper on his jeans down, the sound seeming to fill the silent room.

Her fingers fished in his pants, pushing down his underwear until she curled them around his shaft and pulling his cock out so that escort bursa it stood straight up in the firelight. Jenny gazed upon it for a moment, the beauty of the male organ never ceasing to amaze her, the dichotomy of soft and hard, silk and steel, such a source of pleasure and unrelenting desire. Jeremy gasped as her fingers played up and down the sensitive shaft, smearing the clear drop of precum that had pooled on the tip.

Slowly she stroked his flesh lightly, just enough pressure to build his arousal, but not enough to friction to bring him to completion too soon. This was a gift to herself as much as it was to him. She had hoped to watch Samantha do this for her brother, how much better was it that she got to do it herself? For several minutes she stroked his shaft, feeling his body shift back and forth as he was tormented by the pleasure, bringing a wicked smile to Jenny’s lips. She had never experienced anything quite like this. It was definitely something to explore with future beaus.

Jenny let go of her brother’s cock, leaning back and pulling off her sweater. Jeremy looked down in surprise at the sudden loss of contact, a whimper escaping his lips. Their eyes met as she pulled the sweater over her face, her bra encased breasts bared to his view.

“I can’t ruin my clothes now, can I?” Jeremy shook his head, his lip quivering slightly at the sight of his sexy sister. “Besides, I think you like it this way better, huh?” He nodded, his hand jerking as if he were going to touch her, but then he pulled back.

She took his hand and brought it to the silk bra, the pink material yielding to his exploring fingers. Jenny sighed, her hand once again returning to his upright flesh, fingers dancing lightly up and down as he squeezed her charms with as much love.

“That’s nice, bro,” Jenny said softly. She watched his eyes as she said it, hoping to see if the acknowledgement of their relation was a turn on or not. With a guff Jeremy’s eyes narrowed and his cock grew harder in her hand, another large flow of precum oozing out the tip ominously.

“I think we need just a bit more lube,” she said matter of factly. Jeremy watched in stunned amazement as his sister sat up on her knees and then lowered her mouth over his cock, the wet furnace enveloping him completely to the root. Her tongue swiped back and forth and when she pulled back there was a fine sheen of saliva covering his entire dick. “Much better,” she announced as her hand now slid up and down easily over his straining love muscle.

Jeremy squeezed his eyes shut, trying to hold back the impending explosion that was sure to come any minute. This was more than he could have ever expected his sister to do, and yet she was doing it willingly, and seeming to enjoy herself.

“I’m going to cum,” he whispered.

Jenny leaned forward, placing the head of his cock over her open mouth. Extending her tongue she licked the underside of the crown while her hand jerked his cock in long, steady strokes. Soon his body was shaking and then she felt the telltale recoil and then his seed was spraying out wildly. The first jet completely missed, landing somewhere behind her, but the next were aimed correctly, splattering across her lips, nose and eyes. Four more pulses of sticky spunk shot out, nearly covering her in it.

When she thought he was finished, she pulled his cock into her open mouth and sucked on it tenderly, coaxing out the last drops of his load. Jeremy looked down in complete amazement as Jenny began to push the strands of protein into her open mouth where she licked them up and swallowed them down with abandon.

“Merry Christmas, Jeremy,” she said, sure that her face was a mess with his spunk.


Christmas morning came bright and cheerful, though for the Bowen clan it wasn’t nearly as early as years gone by. With two grown children, the household was allowed to sleep in, so now it was the parents urging the kids out of bed to open presents.

Jenny and Jeremy exchanged sheepish looks and knowing glances as they opened gift after gift. The pair felt pretty smug, especially Jenny, sitting in the same room they had the night before when she gave Jeremy the best present of the year.

“What the heck is on this?” their mother said, holding a bulb that had fallen on the ground. Jeremy and Jenny looked on confused until she spun it around, a white gob sticking to the side of the ornament.

“Oh I must have spilled some frosting from my cinnamon roll, Mom, that’s all,” Jenny quickly covered. Jeremy shot her a pleased smile, grateful for the quick explanation.

“Oh? Hmm,” she said, both children watching in horror as their mother swiped away the dried glob with her tongue. “Not bad, a bit salty for my taste. Still pretty good.”

Jeremy turned his face, afraid his reaction would be a dead give away, so he never saw the wink their mother shot at Jenny.

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