Pixie, Katie and Me Ch. 02

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This story is the stand-alone continuation of the Pixie, Joy and Me, and expands on several of the characters featured in my story The Loving Porn Queen – specifically, Mel – the Pixie, and Doug, her husband. The dedicated reader may notice a few details differ between this and the earlier story (Porn Queen, especially Chapters 4 and 5). I invite you to see if you can find them. My thanks to Jeriscol for his editing.


Two Weeks Later

The Pixie and I had always had a great sex life. For almost half the time we’d gone together or been married, another woman had been involved. Nonetheless, we often looked for ways to spice up our sex life. Heck, even the Joy of Sex, the book Mel had me read in great detail early in our relationship, recommended using sexy stories or movies to spice up the sexual side of a relationship.

Thus, we had a small collection of DVDs, a pile of Penthouse Letters and a few books that we periodically watched or read to each other on one of our ‘spice it up’ nights.

Towards this end, I stopped at the Triple-X Adult Film and Bookstore on the way home one night to pick up something to add to our collection. After ten minutes in the store I settled on a special two DVD set. The accompanying display and flyer promoting the set extolled their virtues, alluding to their possible showing – in less graphic versions – at the Sundance Film Festival. One DVD was called Love Comes Twice and the other was called Trial and Error. Supposedly, they were the hottest things on the market.

Our two daughters got special stories from Dad that night after Mel had bathed them and also read a story to the two of them. I’m not sure the one year old understood the story but she loved the attention. We did prayers, drinks of water, brushed our teeth again, and had one more potty stop and diaper change, all in the name of extending bedtime. Finally, they were abed and sound asleep.

Mel and I grinned at each other and crept off to our bedroom suite, both eager for some time alone and some sexual entertainment as well. We both took a quick shower together and after drying off I opened up the Love Comes Twice DVD and set up the DVD to play on the flat screen TV we’d just added in the bedroom.

I went and stretched out on the bed, the controller for the DVD player beside me.

Mel came into the bedroom wearing some strappy black four-inch heels, the kind that turn me on whenever I see her in them. We both call them her ‘fuck me’ shoes, often because I end up fucking her soon after I see her wearing them. Did I mention she was nude, except for a black-ribboned choker that set off her blond hair rather nicely?

She thrust her breasts out at me, eyed my rising cock, and walked to the bed with a very sexy waggle of her hips. She reached out and grabbed my rod; “What do we have here? Why it seems to be swelling. Was it something I did? Something I’m wearing?”

I started to sit up but Mel pushed me back down against the pillow. “Turn on the DVD. I’m going to be busy down here for a couple of minutes.” With that she lowered her head to my tumescent penis and lapped up one side and down the other.

I turned on the DVD and in a slight daze alternated my focus between watching the Pixie fellate me and the TV screen as the opening credits flowed by on the screen and the opening music played.

The Pixie had me completely down her throat and was milking me with her tongue, a move so advanced even the Joy of Sex didn’t mention it.

On the television screen, the DVD showed a couple meeting outside a Starbucks coffee shop and talking. I didn’t pay too much attention, but then they were kissing and I watched his hand brush along the backside of the actress whose face I’d missed seeing in an earlier scene. He gestured towards his car, and in the next shot the two of them drove away.

My attention shifted back to Mel. She moved up on the bed so I could reach her pussy with one arm extended as she continued to work her oral magic on my cock.

Then my attention shifted back to the television and the DVD and I did a double take – a triple take. I couldn’t believe me eyes. There was … “HOLY SHIT!” I exclaimed as I sat upright. There was my SISTER fucking some guy in the porno film I bought that afternoon – the guy was not Carl, my sister’s husband.

“MEL,” I exclaimed loudly as she turned to follow my gaze at the TV screen. “Shit, Mel. LOOK! It’s Kara.” I pointed at the television screen.

By now the Pixie had totally abandoned my cock to see what was bothering me. She turned and looked at the TV screen. “It sure looks like her. What a coincidence.”

“No, no, it is her,” I insisted. “See, she even has the beauty mark on the side of her neck. That’s Kara.”

By now I was sitting up watching the fuck scene unfold on the DVD. My beautiful sister was getting ploughed thoroughly in a number of different positions as she and an equally handsome guy rolled around a bed and pledged their ataşehir escort love to each other. They both seemed to enjoy their antics.

Mel watched the DVD with me, but kept one hand stroking my erection. The scene on the TV got hotter and hotter and I realized I’d become even more turned on watching my sister’s sex act on the screen.

Mel noticed too, “You’re getting all turned on watching your sister, aren’t you? Look at you, all full and stiff; you’re very fuckable, you know.” She deep throated me a couple of times, then did a little sexy hum as she showed me a strand of mixed spittle and my pre-cum between my cock and her mouth just as she captured the unusual link with one finger and lapped at it.

“LOOK THERE’S CARL!” I exclaimed a few minutes later with a shout. Kara’s husband appeared on the DVD, romancing a pretty brunette outside of a mall. The two of them soon were in a living room setting proving their love to one another with foreplay techniques that only experts can appreciate; and not long after, Carl’s long prick foraged around in the brunette’s pussy as the two drove to an explosive climax.

Mel was now captivated by her brother-in-law’s ‘equipment’, as she called it. “I never knew Carl was so well endowed. Next time we see them I definitely want to try that out.” She moved around in what we called the reverse-cowgirl position and planted her hot pussy on my cock, slowly sliding down my rigid rod. Given my angle across the bed, we could both watch the TV yet Mel could ride my cock.

I lost the thread of the plot in the movie for a minute as I came deep in Mel’s pussy. I would have normally deflated, but then my sister Kara reappeared on the TV screen making love to another woman, a beautiful lithe blond. The Sapphic interlude lasted a few minutes before Carl and a third guy appeared, surprising the women and joining in the fun. Then another couple arrived and joined the sexual fray, the three couples freely exchanging sexual gifts with one another.

I started to fuck Mel again, my penis apparently experiencing some nearly instantaneous recovery from my last orgasm. She moaned in pleasure as I restarted my upward thrusts into her small body.

Mel turned around and rolled to her side. “Come behind me and fuck me, hard. This movie has me so turned on. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

I rolled into Mel, slamming my cock into her pussy as I glanced up at yet another sex scene with my sister on the television screen. My hips became a blur as I imagined myself fucking Kara, her loving arms wrapped around me, her legs holding me to her body, our chests barely touching so I could just feel her nipples as they dragged across my pecs, and our abdomens pushing into each other. It wasn’t that I didn’t love the Pixie; this was all just different – a whole new way of thinking had come over me.

I exploded again in another orgasm, jetting a copious amount of semen into the Pixie’s pussy. Mel came too.

We lay there exhausted as the closing credits for the DVD rolled across the screen. The DVD ended and the main menu appeared with a light classical music piece accompanying the credits. Mel and I slowly stopped gasping for breath.

“That is one hot movie,” Mel exclaimed as I rolled from her body, my moist cock carrying some of our fluids as I pulled out of her body.

“I can’t believe my sister did that. I feel I should do something but I don’t know what,” I stated.

Mel said, “Well, for one, you can re-start the DVD. I want to watch it again … and again … and again.” She laughed with a sense of sexual glee. I found the remote control for the DVD player and started the movie anew.

“How’d you happen to buy this?” Mel asked. “I take it you didn’t know this had your sister in it?” She laughed again at my obvious mixed emotions at discovering Kara’s appearance in the film.

I explained about my stop at the Triple-X Adult Film store on the way home and the special display promoting the two DVDs. Was I actually blushing in front of the Pixie?

Mel said, “I won’t last through this and another DVD tonight. Let’s save the other one for tomorrow night.” I agreed yet already felt an impatient urge to see it – to see my sister doing pornographic acts while I came, imagining myself deep in her pussy.

Mel read my mind. “This is the start of the scene where Kara makes love with that hunky dark haired guy.” From her position nestled in my arms she pointed at the TV. I watched, verifying yet again that this was my sister. Her mannerisms, tone of voice, gestures, and laughs in the film, all proved beyond a shadow of doubt that my sister was a porn queen – and a very good one. The movie held my interest on many levels, but primarily because I really wanted to fuck my sister – a realization I’d never faced until that night.

The Pixie laid beside me stroking my flaccid cock as she watched the film again, her magnificent breasts pushing into the side of my chest. I reached kadıköy escort bayan around and stroked one breast, bringing the nipple back to an excited state. Much to my surprise I hardened again, particularly as the love scene between Kara and one of her co-stars splashed across the screen.

Mel rolled in front of me and indicated that I should penetrate her from the back so we could again both watch the movie but continue having intercourse at the same time. We coupled up and I started a slow oscillation in and out of the Pixie’s pussy.

When the group scene with three couples appeared on the TV screen I found I focused on Kara – my sister. I watched her receptivity to each of the men in the film, including Carl, her husband. For me, the camera almost focused on her to the exclusion of the other actors.

And then, with a little warning to Mel, we came again, our synchronized orgasms ripping through our bodies. As my ecstasy faded so did the film.

“Just stay in my pussy,” Mel told me softly. “Sweet dreams.” She took the remote and the TV went dark. I closed my eyes and drifted into dreamland, appreciating the warm pulpit my cock was buried in. I had very sexual dreams that night. Not surprisingly, Kara played a major role in them. Mel was there too. I even imagined her with Carl at one point, finding pleasure in watching her with another man – even though it was my brother-in-law – especially because it was my brother-in-law.


I didn’t want to leave my heavenly and sexual dream state in the morning. My alarm clock went off and I kept hitting the snooze button and trying to return to the place I’d been before I’d been so rudely interrupted from my sleep. I couldn’t; so I eventually got up and joined Mel in getting the kids ready for daycare.

As we puttered around the kitchen, Mel said to me with a smile, “You were really turned on last night. Seeing Kara like that lit your fires in a way I haven’t seen for quite a while.”

I nodded sheepishly, feeling somewhat embarrassed by the incestuous feelings that had emerged as a result of the DVD and our sex play. “How’d you know?” I tossed out.

Mel came close to me so our daughters couldn’t hear her remarks and whispered, “Besides the fact that we made love three times, you called me Kara about five times while we fucked and watched the movie.” She gave me her most lecherous grin over her shoulder as she walked away.

I had a hard time focusing on my work the rest of the day. Visions of Kara lying prone with my cock driving into her pussy kept flashing before my eyes, or there was the group scene with the three couples where different men kept approaching Kara and pushing into her willing body. In my daydream, I was one of the guys.

In a more rational moment, I reflected on the entire film and Kara’s performance. I realized I hadn’t paid enough attention to the plot, but from what I could remember I liked it – a lot. Kara appeared to be a skilled actress, her natural talent coming through the various scenes. Moreover, Kara liked what she was doing in the film – the acting, the genuineness of her responses, and the sex; she liked it all.

I was horny again by the time I got home. While this was not an unusual occurrence, the level of my ardor that day surprised even me.

Mel was feeding both kids in the kitchen when I walked in. I swept Mel off her feet with a shower of kisses, much to the amusement of our daughters Ashley and Catrice. Ignoring the food clinging to their bibs I then picked each daughter up and whirled them around the room, giving them kisses as well. Gales of laughter echoed around the house, as I loved them.

“You’re a great daddy,” Mel told me as she flowed back into my arms. “Thank you for all your love for us.” We kissed some more; both kids looked interested in what we were doing.

As we parted, Mel asked me with a laugh, “Did you think about anything other than your sister all day?”

I retorted, “Good question. Yea, at least for a few minutes – like between 12:47 and 12:48. Other than that, my mind was consumed with you know what.”

“Well, the movies are playing again tonight,” Mel said with a mischievous tone to her voice. “Perhaps you’ll like the second film even better than the first.”

The second film was better than the first – at least in my opinion. Kara, my sister, again had a starring role in Trial and Error, apparently the second film she’d made. Mel and I watched the film similarly to how we’d viewed the first film the night before: amidst our own sexual activities and orgasms.

The next morning as we got ready to go to work and drop the kids off at daycare, Mel said to me, “I think you should visit Carl and Kara down in Texas this weekend and see what they’re doing? It’s not that I mind, but there’s a whole side to your sister and brother-in-law that you don’t know about and should.”

I acknowledged, “You’re right. I’ll see what I can arrange. You escort maltepe don’t mind being alone for a few days?”

“No,” Mel said. “I’ve got to spend all day Saturday working for a new client – sort of important. I’ve already arranged childcare. I’m working on the presentation in the morning and seeing this new couple that afternoon – a new wing to their home. I do want to know what you find out though – and as soon as you have anything to report. I’m not sure I’ve ever been more curious about anything in my life.”

The next day, I made arrangements to visit a construction company the following Monday near where Kara and Carl lived, ostensibly to place a large order with them and see how they did quality control on some of their doors and windows. I also arranged my flights for Friday and Monday. Armed with that excuse, I called Kara and announced that I wanted to spend the weekend with her and Carl. I was sort of rude and didn’t give her a chance to say she was busy with anything, I just told her when I’d be arriving the next day, on Friday, and leaving on Monday. Kara actually seemed glad to hear from me and said they’d look forward to my visit.


I got to Kara and Carl’s house about four o’clock Friday afternoon. I wanted to just burst in the front door and ask about the porn films I’d discovered a few days prior that featured the two of them. Instead, however, I bit my tongue and waited for an opportune moment.

The day was hot, certainly compared to Columbus. Carl suggested I put on shorts and that we sit beside the pool and talk before cooking up a few things for dinner on the grill. After I changed I walked around the house, taking the long way out to the patio deck. There were the sofa and artwork that I’d seen in one of the DVDs; then I noticed the lamps and the coffee table too. All had been part of the staging in the films.

I joined Carl on the deck and he thrust a cold beer into my hands. We talked about the weather, how long it had been since I’d seen them, Carl’s search for a job to replace the one he’d lost many months earlier, and my work as property manager for several dozen properties owned by the real estate investment company I worked for.

Kara came and joined us, also enjoying a late-afternoon ale. Mostly she just listened as Carl and I got reacquainted, occasionally asking a question about my job or volunteering some piece of information about what they’d been up to, including her loss of employment.

I looked for an opening to spring my surprise question to them. After we’d talked for over half an hour, it finally came when there was a lull in the conversation. I looked at the two of them, signaling that I was about to speak and then I sprung the question on them.

“So how is the porn business?”

Carl didn’t bat an eye except to look at my sister to see how she wanted to play this. Kara looked puzzled and for a moment I thought perhaps I’d made a colossal mistake. She asked flatly, “Excuse me, would you care to explain that question?”

I explained, almost rationally but ready to burst apart into a million little pieces, “So Tuesday, I stop by our Triple-X Adult Film and Book Store on the way home from work and I’m browsing the store for a good film or two and I see this special display for two films by the same outfit. One film is called Love Comes Twice and the other Trial and Error.”

Carl nodded in acknowledgement of what I was telling.

I kept looking between the two of them and continued, “Now it’s odd that they promote one porn film versus another because there is such a wide variety in the kinky tastes of the American public, so the display really caught my attention. Anyway, I ended up buying the two-video package. I remember the display had lots of rave reviews about the videos. I figured how could you miss with reviews and PR like that.”

“So Melissa and I loved up the kids, read them stories and tucked them in bed. Now we had the whole evening to ourselves. We figure we’ll make love and watch one of the videos I’d just bought and fool around. I pop one of the DVDs into the player and turn it on as we start to get into our … errr … lovemaking.”

“I’m splitting my attention between what Mel is doing to me and what is happening on the TV screen, AND THERE IS MY SISTER GETTING FUCKED BY SOME GUY THAT’S NOT CARL.”

Kara calmly said, “Oh, you must have been watching Love Comes Twice to get to a love scene so early in the video.”

Carl struggled to hold back a laugh and let out a snort. At least they saw some humor in my unease.

“So WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I asked, my voice resounding around the patio.

Carl answered calmly now deciding to come to my aide, “We are making adult films, and I might add that we are very good at it.”

I made a couple of snide comments about what being ‘good’ consisted of, but Carl brushed them aside.

Finally Carl turned square on to me and spoke, “Doug, we told you a little white lie a few minutes ago. We said we were still looking for a job when, in fact, we stopped several months back. We have our own company producing adult films. There’s good money in this – very good.”

I must have looked skeptical because he clarified his last remark for me.

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