Pink Ballets Girls

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The rumours are persistent. It is widely believed there are these secret parties organized by high placed and very rich influencers. To the benefit of captains of industry and high level politicians, judges and prosecutors, yes, even state ministers. The parties are said to take place on a regular basis and in sworn secrecy. It’s supposed to involve young girls that according to rumours even disappear and are believed to serve for the filthy pleasures of the men.

In Italy these parties were known as ‘bunga bunga parties’. After dinner parties in the entourage of Silvio Berlusconi where young girls dance around the pool skimpy clothed and swim naked with the guests. Then they compete in strip tease challenges and pole dance acts, the prize for the ‘winner’ is being the sex doll for the host during the night.

In France the underground orgies in Parisian ‘clubs libertines’ range from the boudoir style ménage-au-toutes in deluxe private suites to so called ‘tournantes’, meaning pass-around, or gang rapes. Invited high placed officials participate in unheard of sexcapades and debauchery, including the use of the available jeunesse, the supposed ‘nieces’ of the host.

In England the same practise can be found in manor houses in the country. Nobility, military staff and city captains indulge in all night sex parties where the carnal services of mainly college girls is widely available.

The Belgian staging of secretive so called Pink Ballets (‘les ballets roses’) is the organizing of underground events at a fashionable country house near Brussels. Groups of girls perform ballets attended by prominent figures from social and political circles. These ballets evolve into orgies where the dancers are used for the performances by audience members. The dance sometimes debouch into the collective abuse of a dancer in BDSM action.

These pink ballets do take place. Sure they do. And they are highly hush hush, and do include sexual debauchery. Hey, that’s the sole purpose of it! But these days minors are not a part of it. In the 1959 ballets roses scandal around the French president of the National Assembly Le Troquer the group of girls performing the ballets aged 15 to 17 years. The girls used nowadays are still pretty young, but they’re all 18 years old. During only one year they can participate in these very lucrative events. Then they have to retire.

Because the clients want fresh meat, and because they like their playthings to be young and innocent looking only 18 year olds can participate. That’s why the applicants are recruited among fresh students who are still 17, or just turned 18. They need to have ataşehir escort a tight body and still look to be quiet young.

To secure the needed discretion the applicants are not only thoroughly screened, but they are filmed at every performance, including the application process. With the very prominent clientele secrecy is of the utmost importance. The participants don’t want to be known enjoying extramarital sexual activities. And with such very young looking innocent girls. Their wives would never understand, and their peers could never accept it openly.

Documenting their every activity the girls are bound to the organisation. It is difficult to get out of the business since a single leaked compromising picture or vid can easily stop a promising career in the bud. And since the pay is very generous, especially during the first year, their future is clearly sealed.

Turning 19 means they’re eligible for other nice occupations, mostly in the sex business as highly paid escorts or good skilled sex toys for the rich and famous. As former univ students most of them descend from upper middle class to well to do families themselves. A funny fact is that some of them turn up as the private maîtresse of someone they already know, like maybe an uncle or the father of a roommate. The family connection make the final arrangement after the first year more permanent and easier to control. And it’s a cheaper solution.

Let’s follow the career of one of these girls, the lovely blonde Eva. Eva started her study at the Royal Ballet School in Covent Garden, London, at the age of 16. But although this renowned school pretends to admit only students of exceptional talent, little Eve got admitted because her father was a big financial supporter of the RBS, and because he had arranged for his daughter a top dance teacher. But the talent needed to become a top notch ballet performer was simply not there.

Such developments are good news for the recruiters of the girls. They have antennae deep in such educational institutions. As soon as the signal about a new prospect came in a field agent was put on the case, doing comprehensive research and building her dossier. Through a contact at the RBS and another close to Eva’s sugar daddy the girl was reeled in pretty fast. The school principal eagerly cooperated fully being happy that there was an easy way to get rid of this unfortunate admitted student. And daddy was made clear that interfering was not a very good idea for his own sake. Eva’s mommy would certainly not applause if she would hear about daddy’s one misstep last year when he was in the mansion kadıköy escort bayan outside Oxford. After enjoying a wonderful ballet show of very sexy eighteen year olds he ended with one of them on his lap. Little did he know that his naughty adventure with the same doll later that night in the privacy of his room had been filmed in gruesome XHD detail. The only way to save his own life as it was was to give up on his only daughter. With his money inherited from his wife’s family he really had no choice.

One year after her enrolment in the RBS Eva was transferred to the institute in Oxford, conveniently close to the mansion. In fact the mansion served also as an internship facility. The never openly mentioned name of the institute was the School for Advanced Sexual Training. In circles that had to know it was simply referred to as the institute.

Ballet classes was not on Eva’s curriculum. Although not at the level of top ballerinas her dancing skills were above standard for her future use. And they had been enhanced during her year at the RBS. The programme for Eva were the usual classes for the hospitality business, ranging from hostess to serving, from posture to household chores and other general skills of use in the hospitality industry.

Being only 17 she could not yet participate at events or follow the more advanced classes at the institute. The advanced training was exclusive for the 18 year olds. They followed courses like oral technique, servitude par excellence, Kama sutra positions, tantra sex, BDSM, backdoor training, porn acting. But a few times Eva was staged at an event, performing a beautiful solo dance. Of course still in appropriate dance attire, but serving as a perfect appetizer for the more sordid shows to follow, and as a promise for the near future.

At Eva’s inaugural event she was the central star of the evening. It coincided conveniently with her eighteenth birthday, and her daddy was invited to the party. But Eva was left in the dark about this fact. Her solo performance, following the opening ballet by the ensemble of eight girls, was choreographed by her principle teacher in a way that exploited her many sexual advantages to the fullest. Her routine made a profound impact on all present.

She was an instant hit. All assembled envied the principle guest, who surely had to be a celebrity or someone of exceptional wealth or power. But since daddy had become a big benefactor for the institute – no doubt from his wife’s money – he was given the privilege to initiate his own girl. The poor thing only found out who the principal guest was after she had been escort maltepe disrobed and paraded fully naked through the room and put on display bound to a king size bed on the stage. She wasn’t going anywhere and would soon be deflowered by the man in the dark spot.

Dad stepped on the stage shaking off his robe. His mighty tool was already semi rigid pointing the way to his own flesh and blood. Eva let out a shriek which all present interpreted as an expression of eagerness. With an instant revelation she understood her fate was sealed. Not only was she going to be used for the benefit of others, but her first sexual encounter was going to be with her own daddy and witnessed by many. Not to mention the cameraman who stood close by providing crispy clear close-ups of the action on two big screens left and right of the big bed. And no doubt on a secured server somewhere in the mansion for keepsake.

The unfortunate proceedings of the last year finally turned into something good for dad. Not only could he now attend the Pink Ballets, he also saw his paramount fantasy of an incestuous coupling with his daughter becoming a reality.

The price dad had to pay was to endure witnessing Eva being used by many men during that first prime year. Being such a great hit she provoked a great demand resulting in performances at every event. All regulars at the ballets wanted to taste the newest sensation for themselves. And special requests came in for Eva to perform in private for specific VIP’s, from nobility to important foreign associates.

Eva’s education was one of the more extensive at the institute in recent years. Because she was already advanced in ballet more time could be spent for other abilities. And because she was such a favourite with the guests at the mansion and receiving frequent requests to perform she got extensive practical experience during her prime year. She developed into an all-round versatile and extreme flexible fuck doll, resulting in many demands for her future services.

Daddy was a sensible man deciding to keep his pumpkin close to his… ehm, dick. From her 19th b-day Eva served as her daddy’s very personal assistant, including the benefits of a corporate owned apartment in the city dad used as his hideaway, and where the more personal assistance took place. To keep all his escapades under the secret lid of the institute he had to bear the occasional use of his dearest possession by other men. Never the least but always men of high social circles or extreme powers this arrangement didn’t do him harm, generating enough resources to cover all extra expenses he had to meet.

The story told to mommy was that Eva had left the ballet for a successful business career with dad’s corporation. Not entirely untrue. And that she had done a two year education at a private business school in Oxford, graduating as a personal assistant, ‘with merit’. Entirely true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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