Passions Of Sin Erupt In Mother Ch. 01

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(I thank everyone for the feedbacks on my stories so far and the votes. I hope you enjoy this story of incest as much as you did my other ones and even more.)

I grew up in an environment that was very healthy and the morals about family that I received from my parents were strong. I finished college and got married to a wonderful, loving and strong man. I loved him since day one and we had to kids very soon after the marriage. I am Sandra 41, 5’2”- black hair with 36 c cup breasts and a body I take care of everyday. I have a son 18, Phil is his name and he is 5’9”, black hair also and is a martial artist. He got his Black belt last month! He has a body that is very well built and my husband talks about it. He seems jealous because now at his late forties, specifically 49, he is not that hard and his big muscled body is becoming blobby. No time for exercise that much for him! He provides us with our material goods and I take care of the house and kids. My daughter Sarah is 16 and she is very beautiful with dark brown hair and blue eyes like my husbands but she has a small breast and complains to me about it many times as she looks at mine!

“You’re still sixteen and it will grow more, so don’t be in a hurry!” I say to her.

“But many girls at school have bigger ones and they make fun of me!” She replies.

“Come on! Grow up! You are acting as a little baby would. That is not the most important thing in life.”

“You say that because yours is big. Why couldn’t I get your big breast?”

“I promise you that it will grow! My breast was like yours till I was seventeen and then all of a sudden it grew so fast. And then came, the pregnancy of your brother and you! And the pill that I was on was making them blow up a bit.”

“You really think so mommy, I will have breasts like you?”

“Yes, you will so, don’t worry!”

I had to deal with my girl that didn’t seem to want to follow the morals of family that I learned and was trying to teach both my kids. Lucky I was that Phil was very mature for his age and despite the fear I had in the beginning to let him take martial art classes, they turned out to be very good, giving him discipline and knowledge of the dangers that threaten us everyday.

It seemed that he was aware of everything going on around him! He always found a way to calm his sister and not argue with her and fight like most of the kids do. I am very proud of him! Not that I am not about Sarah, but he has that little thing in him that makes everybody notice him.

Something that I never interfered with is their relationships that they had while they were dating! I advised them both and gave them my opinion but that was where I stopped. Phil had dated many girls and I never asked him about his sexual relationship with them. I trusted he was well prepared and mature enough to know what is right! But my curiosity was tingling me every once in a while and I sniffed his underwear to see any signs of sex. Not because I was getting turned on but to know if he is still a virgin. So that way I know he was sexually active which is very natural.

John (my husband) and I had a very active sexual relationship until he reached his 45! I wanted him but the agility and stamina were not there any more. So instead of 4-5 times a week it became 2 and today maybe once every two weeks or sometimes more. But I love him and I was not willing to divorce him for that and all the years of love that he gave me and still does! So I discussed it with him and I stopped the pill because I was getting tired of it and it got me nauseous sometimes. And that way he would use a condom and last longer the few times we had sex since he would come almost immediately after two weeks of no sex!

That is when I began to masturbate like when I was in college and in High School! After all these years I never believed I would begin this habit that I forgot totally about! But I didn’t do it often. Just when I would get really horny I would play with myself in the bathroom in the shower so nobody could hear me or walk in on me in my bedroom. My daughter had a tendency of marching in my bedroom when ever she liked!

Now to get to the point since you know about my family and my past. It all started about three months ago. John worked his way up in a software company and is getting well paid for his work which he loves. He works from 10 to 9 in the evening and has an hour lunch break and an additional hour to do anything he likes. Sometimes he exercises in the company building and sometimes he just works. I think that is why he is gone so far up! Sometimes his company demands to go to other cities and states but not very often. Usually it is a two-three day trip.

Three months ago, he had to go on one of those trips and he left Friday night and was going to be back on Monday night. Sarah and Phil had plans to go out so I decided myself to go and watch a movie. I took a hot shower and fixed my hair, ponytail style. I always loved it because John would compliment me about it saying how young kartal escort it makes me look! I wore a pair of jeans and my tennis shoes. On top a T-Shirt with my state University I attended at. Then as I was going out the door, I saw my sons baseball cap and thought it would be nice to look like a college student once again. I guided my pony tail threw the hole between the adjustment strap and off I was gone.

I arrived at the theatre in ten minutes and looked through the crowd. There was a romantic movie playing and I knew a lot of women would be there and was hoping to see somebody familiar. But I didn’t see anyone. I picked some pop corn and water for the pleasure of being a little girl again. I headed towards the room and sat all the way back where I use to sit when I would go with John.

The previews came on and people kept coming in. When the lights dimmed completely a young couple was heading towards me and when they got closer I recognized my son. He looked at me but he didn’t recognize me. I guess the cap that I wore or because of the lights that were dimmed I don’t know. But he stared at my face as if he was flirting with me.

“Excuse me miss!” he said passing in front of me and then his girlfriend. During the entire passing, our eyes kept contact all the time. My heart was pulsing so hard and fast. These five seconds were enough to wake up feelings that I haven’t felt since I was a teenager. My son’s look had made me blush as an inexperienced girl that was falling for some classmate and would act like the world was all hers! It felt so good and I didn’t really do anything wrong? It was his eyes and smile that got me going! But did he recognize me and pretend not to know me or did he actually not know that he was flirting with his mother?

His eyes just kept coming to my head and I was trying to concentrate on the movie but I just couldn’t. My goodness, I was attracted to my own son and he seemed to be attracted to me. Maybe he was just fooling around and that smile was like he knew who I was! But I still don’t understand why he wouldn’t talk to me! They didn’t sit far away but three seats to my left and his girlfriend was on his left. I felt like someone was staring at me and I turned my head and he was looking at me and he turned back to the screen immediately! “He doesn’t know who I am” I said to myself! And he is trying to get a glimpse of me. This is not good and I feel I am going to get him embarrassed and myself as well.

Then he suddenly got up and came towards me again. I was ready to expose myself when he said again:

“Excuse me once again Miss, but I need to pass by. I apologize”

I turned my body to the side and our eyes again kept contact the entire moment he passed in front of me. I felt the same thing but this time I had chills all over my body and my nipples were pointing through my T-Shirt. I was getting turned on by my son with only his look! “I must be out of my mind “I said to myself. My feelings were changing every second that went by and was anxious to see him come back and look at him again. I didn’t even know what was going on in the movie. “Once he passes I am out of here” planning on going home and taking a cold shower or relieving myself with my own hands.

It seemed like forever until he showed up and once again he apologized and our eyes this time were locked and it seemed to me that he did it on purpose to get a glimpse of me. Now even though I was planning to leave, I just couldn’t do it because I was too curious to see the outcome of this flirt! The minute the lights when on I got up and I felt him rush with his girl towards me. I kept walking and I know he was right behind me, I could feel it. The moment I got out and reached my car I took off like a menace. I didn’t want him to see me in my car because he would recognize it. “Let’s just keep it for myself” I smiled and said out loud in a monologue.

I got home and went straight to the shower and masturbated like I had years and years to get some relief. The tension was too strong and the image of my son’s eyes was arousing my sexual feelings through paths and places I never had been before! The moment of my orgasm, I almost screamed his name!

Can this really happen? Can a mother feel lust for her son? But it was only in my mind, my imagination, my fantasy! Everyone can have fantasies right? But I was just asking for it!

I heard the door close downstairs and wondered who it was! “Is that you Sarah?” I called out loud.

“No it’s me mom” my son said to me.

Suddenly I felt that something was going wrong! It was too early and he was home before Sarah? That is awkward! A went downstairs with my robe and a towel over my head.

“Hey Phil, why are you home so early? I thought you were going to stay out late tonight?”

“I was but there was a change of plans!”

“Is there something that I should know?”

“Well I and Kelly had an argument and so I left her home!”

“Whose fault was it? I know you will say the truth because maltepe escort bayan you always do!”

“It was mine but it was not really anything to act the way she did!”

“What happened? Come on tell me everything!” I asked even though I usually stop here but something was pushing me to ask for more!

“Well, we got to the movies and when we walked to sit in the as we usually do, there was this girl that was sitting in our way to our seats. I think she was a college girl or somewhere around 25 the most. But she was very beautiful and looked at her in the eyes and I smiled at her and she did too. But that was all! Of course I went to the restroom on purpose to see her again because the attraction was strong! I know that nothing was going to happen but I just liked her eyes! Actually I was hypnotized by them! Now Kelly didn’t notice anything of that but what I did after was what got her angry!”

My goodness, he didn’t recognize me! And it was a college girl 25 years old, the most? Compliments from my own son giving me a clue on what he thought about my age! But he went on!

“So mom, are you listening?” He noticed that I was in deep thoughts!

“Of course darling, you were saying that what happened after…”

“I got up fast and followed that girl even though we usually stay until everybody is gone. She was wondering why I got up so fast and I just told her that I needed to get some air fast! I followed the girl that picked up her pace and I did too, forgetting that I was not alone. I just had to see her again and where her car was so maybe I could see her somewhere again, even for a glimpse. Kelly grabbed my arm and stopped me and asked me why I was chasing the girl. So my excuse was that I thought I knew her. That was very bad.”

I smiled and hugged him and said that it would be alright. Something my son didn’t do when he was near me was to look at me straight in the eyes. The shy type I guess and that is why he did not recognize me! I have to be careful with this! I don’t want him to think as if I am a pervert! He left to his room and he closed the door and I heard him lock it!!!!!!!!

I began thinking dirty without being able to control the thoughts. “Is he going to masturbate? With the thought of that girl which actually was me? Come on Sandra wake up! He is just upset and wants to be alone!”

But I had to go up and glue my ear on his door and listen! I was turning in to a pervert trying to see if my boy was masturbating! I stood there for a while and then I heard “Oh…oh…” and a release of sigh that made me, finger myself in front of my sons door. I was turned on again so I slowly walked back to my room and locked the door for the first time I remember when I was without John at home. I lay on the bed and tried to bring his image masturbating in my head and “fingering myself”. I came as hard as the first time. And then I fell into tears of my dirty thoughts about my own son! I am loosing it. And he won’t be leaving for a college out of state but he will be attending to one that is not even 15 minutes from the house. I will go crazy if these thoughts don’t stop! In my tears and thoughts I drifted away to dream land!

The next morning I got up and was in shock! I didn’t wait up for Sarah? I gave in to my incestuous feelings and forgot about my daughter! I am a bad mother!

I walked to Sarah’s room and slowly opened it and saw that she was sleeping and was kind of relieved but not completely. I had to be more mature and careful with the entire situation and get out of this bad state that my mind was in. Maybe I will just reveal myself and make my son realize that what he also is doing is wrong!

I prepared them I nice breakfast and took it to their bedrooms each. When I got to Phil’s door I knocked because it was still locked.

“Phil darling, I made you guys breakfast, want to open the door?”

The door unlocked and he was rubbing his eyes but my eyes were on his cock that was awake and out of his boxer opening. It wasn’t the biggest cock but it was normal and beautiful with blood vessels all over. I took my eyes back up before he would see me looking down there. He probably didn’t know it even, because he just got up and still was rubbing his eyes.

“Thanks mom” and he kissed my cheek almost touching my robe with his cock. I shivered to the thought and left in less than a second trying to catch my breath that was puffing from the scene that just took place. “I shivered! My god what am I going to do? This is driving me crazy but I like it. Maybe if he never knows it will be better and I will have a better fantasy to masturbate when I do!

I gave my daughter her breakfast and tortured myself from locking myself in the shower and taking care of my clit that was pulsing and my juices that were running down in my panties. I left for a walk and try to sort things out. But I just couldn’t do it! The images were always there! If he wasn’t my son I would swallow that cock this morning in a second! I guess I will just have escort pendik to live with it and enjoy it until it goes away, if it does!

Dinner was torture once again for me with my son sitting next to me and reminding me of last night and this morning. So I tried to bring up a conversation. “So what are you both going to do tonight?”

“Mom, can I stay over at Mary’s house tonight?”

“Sure you can but I will talk to her mother first.”

“YES! You’re the greatest!” and she ran to the phone and called Mary’s mother and I cleared out that everything was ok and she kissed me and went to pack up some things, since she was going to come back Sunday night!

“What about you darling, what are your plans?” I asked Phil.

“Well Kelly wants to go and see this stupid movie and I have to go or else she is going to get upset!”

“That’s great! I hope you have a good time!”

“I doubt it but to be honest with you mom, I am going because maybe I will see that girl again!”

I was flattered and worried at the same time because he was falling for a woman that he didn’t know was his mother!

“But she is older than you and you have a girlfriend?”

“I don’t feel anything for Kelly like I do for that girl!”

“But you don’t even know her?”

“That is why I feel I must find out who she is!”

I think it was time to say who it really was! But something inside me said “go and get dressed like yesterday and let him find out by himself.”

I ran up the stairs and got dressed but by the time I was down, he was gone. I have to go and find him and make this nonsense go away! I put on the cap like yesterday and wore the same clothes and shoes. I knew the movie he was going to, so I didn’t have to worry. I got in my car and drove to the theatre. I arrived and walked quickly to the entrance and saw that he was standing at the door looking and searching. I stopped behind this column next to the door and hided without knowing why. I just did things without thinking! Soon I saw him going in! I ran to the box and was hoping that there still were tickets for that movie.

I was lucky to find a ticket the last minute since the movie was new. I walked with my heart pumping so hard I thought it was going to break. The closer I got to the room I was acting as if I was going on a first date! I was losing control of myself! I knew I wasn’t acting right but my guts were pushing me to act like a stranger without a second thought!

I walked so slow it took me forever to get to the back. When I looked I didn’t see but a few people all the way in the back row! I walked and as soon as I got closer I saw my boy sitting a little bit further to the left from where he was sitting yesterday. I sat exactly where I was sitting yesterday. There was another couple sitting between us though so I couldn’t see him unless I bend over. But that would be too obvious so I didn’t. I was just wondering how far he would take this.

Then suddenly after the movie had started and was on for more than 30 minutes, he appeared and I looked at him as yesterday and as he said “Excuse me miss” and he smiled at me again. He looked so happy and relieved to see me. Maybe he will just get over it after a few times. But even if doesn’t stop, once he recognizes me, he will stop! When he got back, he stood next to me for a few seconds and I thought he was going to talk to me but he didn’t. He dropped a piece of paper folded and went back to his seat! His eyes this time made less contact because of his embarrassment I guess! I didn’t open the paper but I placed in my pocket making sure that he saw me do that!

Before the movie was over, I left curious to see what he wrote on it. I stopped at the ladies room first and then I opened the paper!

“I can’t say dear because I don’t know you but I feel I do. Your eyes hypnotize me on sight! They are the most beautiful eyes I ever saw. I can look at them all day. If I said love at first sight I know you would think I am crazy! But I can’t sleep since last night! My name is Phil and I would like to meet you even if there is no future between us.”

Under were our home phone and his email. I cried to his words I read! I can’t believe I am falling for my son while he is falling for me! This can’t continue anymore, it must stop!

I went outside to wait for him and talk to him because it was going too far! I looked for his car and found it not too far and waited with my ass resting on his trunk. While I was waiting outside someone approached me and harassed me.

“Hey baby, what are you doing out here by yourself? Why don’t you come with me for a ride?”

“Leave me alone or I’ll scream!” I said.

He grabbed my arm very hard and I felt something hard on my back like a gun or something. I was scared to death! I thought I was going to be raped and killed and ditched somewhere!

“If you say a word, I will kill you!”

He began to pull me when… I felt my hand released and before I could see what happened, my son was holding this guy with one hand on the ground. I don’t know how but the guy was in pain as my son held him by the elbow while his hand was above his head and with the upper side of his palm on the asphalt. The guy couldn’t move at all! Any attempt would just make my son push harder!

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