Parents Aren’t In

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Bear with me here, this is my first submission.. If it’s decent I’ll do more, and go much further with this 🙂


My sister and I had always had a normal relationship for siblings. 3 years my younger, I had always found myself sticking up and protecting her, getting incredibly annoyed when she would follow me everywhere when we were younger, and incredibly moody and irritating as we grew up. Like all siblings, we loved eachother deep down, but in our case you’d need a submarine with a pretty powerful searchlight to find it.

As we got older, and I suppose we matured, we got closer again, both secretly enjoying the trust and friendship we’d got back, though making a point never to admit it.

As such, I’d never, of course, thought of her in any sexual way. To my knowledge, she was still an innocent virgin. It was only when she turned 18 that I found out about a boyfriend for the first time. Any ‘bad’ thoughts had never crossed my mind. That was to change, however.

It changed by complete accident. I went into her bedroom, hunting for the Television remote we shared. I looked through a couple of her drawers, then found some things that left me speechless. Hidden away, under a pile of deliberately-placed letters, were some of the things an older brother doesn’t always expect – or want – to find in his 18 year old sister’s bedside drawer. A pregnancy test (negative), sachets of lube, condoms, and even a small pink dildo. I smiled as I picked it up; machines, it seemed, couldn’t make a plastic dick as big, or thick as my own penis. I put it all back as it was, and went to my room.

That night, though, I was laying in bed, and couldn’t sleep. And in my head, those sexual thoughts appeared kartal escort for the first time. Was she good? Did she moan? Was she a kinky fucker, a bit like me, or one who just spread her legs and let the guy work? Given the dildo, I doubted that one. Funny, though, because the walls separating our rooms are dead thin, and yet I’d never heard anything. Then, I couldn’t help myself. I pulled out my cock, and started to jerk. I’m a pretty decent looking lad; dark hair, a bit of a mop on my head; a bit of a beer gut forming but nothing extensive, a slight tan, fairly handsome features, and pride of the lot, a long, thick, 9-inch cock that I’d buried in many a girl throughout my 21 years. Yet here I was, stroking off thinking about my little sister shoving a load of plastic into herself.

I heard a knock, and started, trying to stuff my penis back into my boxers. I gave up, pulled the covers up, but my sister walked in; and she’d have had to be blind not to have noticed the tent formed on my bed. She seemed to stare, say that she’s off out, then bounced out of the room. As she left, I couldn’t help but stare at her arse through her leggings, and note the skimpy pink and black thong she had on. I started up again.

The arse was still in my mind for the few hours I was on my own indoors. She was fairly small, about chin-height on me, small, perky breasts, but she’d become a woman; her curves were incredible, and her butt was unreal. I’d always admitted she was a very pretty girl, too.

Later that day, when she’d got home, we were both on the reclining sofas, watching a film, and I couldn’t help noticing how far spread her legs were. I could see the underwear through the thin layer of cloth, maltepe escort bayan and disappeared upstairs, feeling the bulge in my jogging bottoms getting bigger. She followed though, and when I got into my room, silently stood outside. She walked in, bold as brass, me turning around, my long cock flying around with me, and she smirked.

“Don’t hide it, Gary. I’m not an idiot. You think I’ve not noticed you staring at my arse whenever Mum’s not around? Why do you think I always wear such skimpy clothes when it’s just you and me in? I’ve known, it’s just been fun to tease!”

I was speechless. I went to make a rebuke, but knowing I was bang to rights, nothing came out. She just came over, smiled, took my cock in her incredibly soft, smooth hand – heaven – and started slowly stroking up and down the shaft.

“I’ve never had one this big before. Let me see what I can do with it…” With that, she sank to her knees, licked the tip, then slid the rest into her mouth. I felt her sucking, taking as much of my cock as the poor girl could, then gagging slightly and taking it back out. Me not knowing what to do; this is my kid sister on her knees blowing me better than any woman I’ve ever had, the thought of it being my little sister making me feel awful, but knowing this was my dream coming real was incredible. She smiled up at me. “Don’t worry Gaz, Mum and Dad won’t be home til late tonight. We’ve got ages.”

With that, she stood, pulled off her white vest-top, me stunned by the lack of underwear, and pulled down her leggings. She walked over to me, put her hands on my chest and put my hands on her thong; clearly imploring me to pull it down. How could I resist!?

I pulled it escort pendik off, then when it was on the floor, gently pushed her on the bed. I started rubbing her clit whilst I bit on her nipples, her giggling, me feeling her sex getting wetter and wetter. I stopped, and put my head between her legs. Suddenly, I was sucking up the insides of her thighs, licking along her bikini line, her clutching the sheets, stopping short of begging me to lick her swollen cunt. I shoved my face in, rolled my tongue out and licked. I put two fingers in, pumping her pussy, while I eat out her clit. The minute I felt her tense, preparing to cum, I took the fingers out and shoved my tongue in, rolling it over and into the hole, feeling all over her orgasmic juices flowing all over my tongue. I went to get up, to drive my cock into her, and she grabbed my face and snogged me, desperate to get any of the last of her pussy juice into her own mouth. Christ, my sister was almost as kinky as I was!

I slid in, inch by inch, until I was buried in her tight box. I started slowly withdrawing and pumping back in, until eventually, I was pounding away in my sister’s tight pussy, the tightest I’ve ever had. She was almost screaming, so I told her to be quiet a bit… so the kinky little fucker ripped her wet, juice-soaked thong off the floor and stuffed it into her gob. Then, when we both felt my cock swell and tense, she leapt off the bead, sank to her knees and jerked until there was a thick, sticky white goo dripping over her face. I swear, she’d never looked more beautiful.

I turned away, stunned from what had happened, when she came up behind me and whispered into my ear:

“I knew you wanted all this, bruv. Remember when we were little and we used to shower and bath together? We could both use a clean… How about you get in the shower, give me a couple, and we can do it again… Old time sakes, init?” she said, with a wink.

I felt my member growing again. I was glad I had a sister…

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