One Fucked Up Story Ch. 01

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One Fucked Up Story 01

By : DickThePimp


You ever been molested by your sister? Just asking cause certain people say I was. Nothing too weird. We’re both adults. Real horny ones. Anyway, I was passed out drunk the other day. It happens. I woke up and my sister Nikki was jerking out the last drops of cum in my cock into her very beautiful, very blonde pussy. Nikki wanted me to get her pregnant and she thought it was a hot idea to do it while I was passed out. Hey… I didn’t mind at all. Felt real fuckin good from what I could feel. My aunt Patty walked in on us and did mind actually. She called the cops on my sister. I got em to drop the charges. I felt bad too… but it made me think.

I thought about how naughty and taboo it was. Your hot blonde sister with her big ass titties and long blonde hair riding your fat cock while your passed out drunk. It’s fuckin hot! I decided to start makin a porn series about it. Getting bitches drunk and fuckin em. Awesome.

My first costar is actually my aunt Patty. We’ve fucked a few times over the years… and she’s really fucking beautiful. Plus, she started this whole thing rolling so she seemed like the right choice for first up.

I was hanging out with Patty at my trailer yesterday and we were pounding some beers and a bottle of Jack. I slipped a little pill in her shot glass to move the whole thing along a little quicker. I was filming us. I told her ataşehir escort it was just a family fun thing. She was cool with it, so fuck it. My plan was moving along nicely.

“You know, James. I haven’t sucked your cock in quite awhile. But… I don’t know if I should anyway. Dan… (her husband)… is still mad about me blowing you the last time.” Patty was already a little tipsy. I made sure to make sure she got even more tipsy. The alcohol was flowing big time. We finished a bottle of Jack and about a dozen beers already… me more than her.

“Yeah… you’re one helluva good cocksucker, aunt Patty. Got them dick suckin lips.” We laughed… and kept drinking.

About five minutes later, aunt Patty was passed out cold on my couch and I was biting and sucking roughly all over her gorgeous, enhanced D cups. She’s beautiful, shoulder length auburn hair, tight, toned body. Those D cup jugs. Sweet little mature ass. Fucking gorgeous.

My mouth was stuffed full of delicious titty while I yanked her skin tight jeans off and started finger molesting her pussy. Two fingers fucking and swirling around inside, tapping all over those pretty pink folds. Patty snored slightly, a happy drunk smile on her gorgeous, glossy red lips. I looked up at her face, pulling and sucking on her firm jugs, merrily drinking the sweet titty milk that poured out onto my titty crazed tongue.

My twelve inch dick was so God damn hard. I yanked my shorts down and pulled Patty around, filming it all with my phone. I put her smooth, supple legs on my shoulders, slapped my fat heavy meat on her already dripping wet slit and all over that throbbing clit a few times, then slammed up her sleeping, kadıköy escort but very welcoming cunt. So tight, so warm and inviting. All her tangy juices drenching my invading monster.

I fucked Patty for a half hour like that. My cock throbbing hard as it pounded all the way up that tight sheath. I groaned at the tight grip her mature twat kept on me, bathing my dick with her slutty juices, massaging it perfectly each thrust in.

I kept sucking her tits, pulling em as far as I could with my mouth, rapidly licking the rock hard pink nips as they twitched happily in my ravenously sucking mouth. Patty moaned and writhed on my couch, a sly smile on her drunk face. She bit down softly on her tongue as it stretched out across her smooth, luscious red lips. I kissed her, sucking her tongue, mine dancing dirty with hers as I pounded hard up her continously cumming cunt.

I flipped Patty over and spit on her anus. I rubbed it in with my massive crown, then pushed against her tight anal ring. I pushed through. “Ahh! Mmmmmmmmm.” Patty cooed in her sleep. I bit her neck and held it like a hungry dog with a bone and I drilled up that super tight, super firm ass, every fat fucking inch of my huge fuckin cock violently slamming up that fucking beautiful milf ass! FUCK YEAH! I kept filming everything, zooming in on her smiling, passed out drunk face for effect.

Patty kept cumming… and cooing. I came, deep up her ass. My thick, gooey wad jolted outta my fat rod and plastered every fucking inch of her bowels. FUCK, IT FELT GOOODDDDD!!! I leaned my head down, shaking it, and groaned in pure carnal delight as my cock throbbed heavily each jizz dump I deposited into my aunt’s bostancı escort really tight, trembling butt.

I pulled out and pointed my cock up towards the back of aunt Patty’s dark haired head. I pissed, dumping a massive load of warm yellow dick liquor all over her back, her hair, the right side of her face… and my couch. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

I checked my phone as I kept pissing all over my drunk aunt. My piss splashed her wildly, bouncing off of Patty’s head and hair and splattering me and my fucking phone. FUCK! I LOVED IT!

I moved up to Patty’s head and straddled it. I slipped my piss dribbling dick into her drooling mouth. She instinctively sucked it. “Mmmmmmm. Pissy.” Patty smiled around my cock, still passed out drunk. The pill sure helped too.

“Thanks, aunt Patty.” I playfully said and took a pic of her smiling, piss drenched face.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” She just moaned and smiled… and started snoring again.

I showed the footage to Nikki this morning and she loved it. “What did Patty say when she woke up all covered in your yummy piss?” Nikki asked, smiling and giggling, as she bent over and started sucking me off as we chillaxed in my bed.

“Don’t know. I left before she woke up. She didn’t call the cops so I guess she didn’t mind too much. Ahhhhhhh.” I answered, enjoying those full, luscious lips engulfing my huge, very happy meat.

I got a text right after that… from aunt Patty. She wrote, “thanks for the pissy fun, baby. Let’s keep it to ourselves though, OK? Don’t need the hubs getting all pissed off and cranky again. Besides… it’s always better to get pissed on, than pissed off.” Patty put a bunch of laughing emojis on the end of the text, and a big kiss too. Love that slutty drunk broad. I showed Nikki as she deepthroated me. We laughed. She gagged and spit up on my cock, but she cleaned it and kept on suckin. Such a sweet sis. She can molest me any damn time. HA!

By : DickThePimp

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