One August Night

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Hi, I know this isn’t my kind of story as of late, but sometimes I just have to get back to what I started with. Hope you like it. My next one will be back to a nice, sweet romance.

Thank you, OmegaZone.

L.A Wicker

It was the hottest night of the year. A scorching 95 at eleven P.M. There hadn’t been any rain in over two months and not a drop in sight.

Jim and Candy lay in the seat of his Ford F 250 truck. His hands roaming over ever inch of her gorgeous body, from her very large 38 D breasts to her very firm 36 inch ass and between Candy’s long, trim legs.

‘I need to fuck you so bad baby. Please!’ Jim begged the eighteen-year-old beauty. He knew it was a bad idea asking out such a young girl, but she was so fucking hot and he needed a fine piece of ass like hers.

Candy knew the only reason Jim wanted her was for her tight young cunt and nothing else. She had always had a hot spot for him, but hoped he at least liked her. ‘No Jim,’ she replied enjoying his big, strong hand caressing her dripping, wet pussy. ‘Not on the first date,’ She gasped when his long finger slid deep into her tight, young pussy.

‘Come on. You know you want a big, long, hard cock up this juicy cunt,’ he whispered in her ear as he gently kissed it and began to fuck her very slow with his finger.

Candy spread herself wider, and knew she was close to giving in to this big, strong and handsome guy. ‘Jim!’ She moaned out as another of his fingers went inside her pussy. ‘Let me suck you off and we’ll fuck next time,’ she begged hoping he’d let her suck off his long, thick cock. Candy’s best friend Becky had dated Jim for a year and told Candy the ways Jim loved to get fucked and sucked.

Jim was going crazy. He needed up Candy’s hot, little cunt, but she wasn’t going to put out tonight. ‘If you ever want me to go out with you again, you will let me fuck this the next time,’ he said pushing his two fingers as deep in her as he could. Jim sat up and pointed to the floor of the truck. ‘Sit in the floor. I’m going to fuck your mouth just like it was this hot cunt and ass of yours. You understand?’ He asked with a firm voice. Candy knew why he asked her out and then backed out. Jim was the hottest guy in town and girls’ lined up to get him to fuck them.

‘Okay,’ Candy said as she moved in the floor and took his big cock in her tiny hands and wondered what it would be like having him fuck her mouth. Becky had told her that Jim loved every inch of it in her mouth and down her throat. She stroked up and down the long, hard shaft and started placing small kisses over the dripping head, knowing it should be rammed up her cunt fucking her hard and fast.

Jim grabbed her long, brown hair and watched her pretty face rubbing over his throbbing cock shaft. ‘Suck it!’ He ordered the young girl and held each side of her pretty face. ‘Come on damn it!’ He said with anger running through him when Candy pulled away.

‘I can’t do it,’ she whimpered up to him and hoped he didn’t force or rape her. She knew he was a guy that got want he wanted and that he’d never ask her out ever again. ‘I wanta go home,’ she said as she started to cry.

Jim felt bad for being so mean to her and reached to pull her on his lap. ‘Come on, it’s okay. I’m so sorry for being in such a hurry, but you’re so pretty. I’ve thought of nothing but you all week and was just hoping we’d hook up tonight,’ he said hugging her sobbing body to his. ‘I’m sorry,’ he added giving her a small, loving kiss on her seductive lips.

‘It’s my fault. I knew what you expected from me and I’m just not ready,’ she smiled returning his kiss. ‘I can still suck this big, pretty thing for you,’ she added in a soft voice, hoping he’d give her one more chance to make up for the night.

He caressed the side of her face and kissed her again. ‘It’s okay. You don’t have to,’ he smiled to and knew that he’d have to ask her out again. ‘Hey, how about if we try next weekend. We’ll have dinner, see a movie and see what happens,’ he smiled moving his hand back between her long legs.

‘Mmmm,’ Candy moaned at his soft touch and knew she had made a terrible mistake. ‘I think I’d like that,’ she whispered spreading her legs for Jim.

He slowly pulled from her. ‘I gotta stop. If I keep touching you, I’m going to go crazy. We’ll do it next time,’ he said giving her one last kiss and moved away from her.


Jim walked in the door of the house, wondering if his Mom or sister were home. ‘Anybody home?’ He yelled out reaching to turn on the living room light. ‘Oh my God!’ Was all he could say when he saw his little sister Tina lying on the sofa, spread eagle with a giant rubber cock rammed deep in her cunt. ‘Damn girl! You should do things like that in your room,’ he added feeling his cock filling with blood.

Tina just lay there looking up at him wishing he wasn’t her big brother and that he’d come and fuck her to death with his hard, ten inch cock. ‘I didn’t think you or Mom would be home ataşehir escort for a long time. I was watching one of your fuck films on the big screen and didn’t feel like going to my room,’ she replied gently easing the thick, rubber cock from her aching cunt hole.

Jim couldn’t take his eyes off Tina and her great body. She had long, wavy blonde hair, big fat tits and an ass he always wanted to fuck. She sat up pulled down her tiny shirt and straightened her sheer bikini panties and stood up. ‘God, if you weren’t my sister, you’d be on that couch with a cock so deep in your cunt, you’d think it was going to come out of your mouth,’ he said as she moved towards him.

‘Oh really now? I guess that means your young date didn’t put out for you?’ Tina giggled as she walked by him making sure to rub her hard nipples on his arm. ‘Bob backed out on me, so we’re both in the same boat,’ she added walking in the kitchen to get two cold beers. She tried to turn around, but Jim was right behind her, pushing his hard cock into her rounded ass. ‘Oh Jim please don’t! I’m on fire and we might do something we shouldn’t,’ she gasped enjoying the feel of his marvelous cock deep in the crack of her ass.

‘We’re both over eighteen. Wouldn’t it be nice fucking each other?’ He teased reaching to hold Tina’s big tits in his hands as he leaned to kiss the side of her tender neck. ‘My big, long cock up your wet little cunt would feel so good, wouldn’t it?’ He asked knowing Tina always loved seeing him naked.

Tina shivered with delight as Jim held her in his strong arms. She had many dreams of her big brother fucking her since she knew what men and women did together. ‘Yes!’ She moaned out as he slid down his jeans and let his long, hard cock slip between her legs. It moved straight to her burning cunt, making sure he teased the entire length of her wet slit.

‘Oh baby, you’re on fire,’ he whispered in her ear as he gently turned her to face him. ‘Let me make you better,’ he softly said moving his big hands to caress each of her burning ass cheeks as he started humping against her wet cunt. ‘Come on. Nobody will know,’ he said picking her up in his arms and carried her to his room.

Tina moved to the center of his bed and spread her legs, watching her handsome brother taking off his shirt. ‘You are so fucking hot!’ She whispered as he moved over her body and gently lay on her. ‘It’s a fucking shame that brothers and sisters can’t get married,’ she whispered feeling him moving his hard cock to her wet cunt hole.

‘But, we can fuck each other anytime we want now,’ he replied moving forward, driving his long cock deep into his young sisters burning, little cunt hole. ‘Mother fuck!’ He yelled out as her tight cunt locked around his thick shaft.

‘Jimmy!’ Tina screamed out when he filled her tiny body more cock than she had ever dreamed of. ‘It feels so fucking good!’ She screamed again as he started to fuck her hard and as deep as he could. ‘Oh yes!’ She growled, driving her long fingernails into his back. His cock touched places in that she thought would never be pleased.

‘You feel so good!’ Jim whimpered as he used her young, wet cunt. ‘We shoulda done this a long time ago,’ he moaned out driving his cock into her burning cunt as deep as he could.

Tina spread her legs wider, wanting every inch of his beautiful, long cock in her body. ‘Wouldn’t that have been great?’ She giggled thinking of all the many times that Jimmy had turned her on in the last few years. ‘Remember that night up at the lake?’ She asked thinking of the time two summers ago when they went skinny dipping together and he got hard when they hugged each other under the full moon.

‘Oh fuck yes! How could I forget that?’ He asked moving in and out of her cunt, enjoying the sounds of the wetness of her pussy as his cock moved in and out of her. They had been drinking and wanted to cool off in the lake. Tina had been horny all day and had been wearing a small, white bikini all day, making sure she teased him every chance she had.

‘I coulda fucked you to death that night!’ She giggled lifting her hips for him. ‘Fuck me Jimmy! I’m so fucking horny!’ Tina cried as Jimmy rammed in her tight cunt harder than ever.

He closed his eyes, hugging his baby sister to his chest, he thought of every time she had turned him on. He moved faster, pushing in her deeper with each thrust. ‘I love you!’ He yelled out as his cock began filling her tiny cunt full of steaming, hot cum. ‘Oh baby!’ He yelled more pumping her cunt as he filled it full of his hot seeds.

‘Oh Jimmy!’ Tina screamed when she felt the hot cum being shot it her cunt. It felt like a garden hose was rammed in her cunt, filling her with boiling water. ‘Fuck me Jimmy!’ She screamed louder than ever, wrapping her legs around his hips. ‘Fuck me!’ She screamed one last time as her young cunt erupted around his thrusting cock shaft. Blood raced through her body so fast it felt as if she was going to faint. Never in her kadıköy escort life had she ever had such a wonderful orgasm.

‘Damn, that was great!’ Jim leaned down to kiss Tina and could feel his cock was still hard. ‘You know what else I’d like to do?’ He said thinking of the great ass of hers and the many; many times he had grabbed a feel of it.

She giggled and had a good idea of what he wanted. ‘Let me think?’ She teased knowing he loved touching and rubbing her great ass every chance he had. ‘Does it involve me lying face down on the bed?’ She teased more wondering what his big cock would feel like up her ass. She had a few guys do it before, but neither of them had a cock like Jimmy’s.

‘Good guess,’ he replied giving her another kiss, but this one was more loving, with more passion than any of the ones before. He loved Tina with all of his heart and tonight would take them to a new level of love.

Tina looked into his dark, brown eyes and knew she could never deny Jimmy anything. ‘Yes! I’d like that a lot!’ She smiled knowing that she would be his sex slave from this moment on. ‘There’s some jell in my bathroom,’ she whispered and felt her body begin to burn just like before. She needed Jimmy to please all of her many desires and would do anything to please him.

Jim rushed to the bathroom, finding the jell he ran back in the bedroom to see Tina had turned on her stomach. He saw her beautiful, bare ass ready to be taken. So many years he had admired it and tonight he was going to get it. He moved on the bed, making sure his face was against it. He started placing small kisses over each of her wonderful cheeks.

‘Oh my God! You’re going to kill me,’ she moaned out enjoying the tender kisses on her burning ass. No man or boy had ever loved her like he was and this was her brother. “Oh fuck!’ She cried out when his tongue teased her tight anus. ‘You’re going to fuck me to death,’ she giggled trying to spread herself for him.

Jim laughed and gave her a kiss before sitting up. He squirted a large amount of jell on her anus. ‘I’ve wanted to get this ass of yours for so long,’ he whispered moving to her most private place and slowly eased into her.

‘Oh fuck!’ Tina screamed as his large cock-head moved into her very tight ass. ‘Oh Jimmy! It feels so good!’ She cried enjoying him carefully moving deeper and deeper into her tight ass.

He enjoyed her ass squeezing his cock. He’d had ass so many times before, but this was so much better. Maybe it was because this ass was his baby sister, the one he had watched go from a skinny pest to a woman he’d die to fuck. “You’re wonderful!’ He moaned out enjoying her squeezing him.


Donna Jones leaned against the wall and couldn’t believe her son had brought home a girl and was fucking her. She listened and felt her own lonely cunt coming to life. It sucked dating men her age. Most couldn’t get it up and if they did, she’d be lucky if she had fucked for ten minutes. She needed a guy her sons age to fuck her for hours and still want more, but not many guys wanted a fifty year old woman.

‘Fuck my ass Jimmy,’ Tina cried out feeling a massive orgasm was nearing. ‘Fuck me you bastard!’ She screamed again lifting her ass up for him to fuck anyway he wanted.

‘You horny fucking bitch!’ He replied giving her great ass a hard slap as he drove deep in her. ‘You like that bitch?’ He teased slapping her again as he drove back inside her.

Tina lie face down, her ass high in the air enjoying Jimmy fucking her like a cheep whore. ‘Oh yes! You can fuck my cunt or ass anytime you want!’ She moaned moving in time with each of his deep thrust up her tiny asshole, thinking of how she was going to dump her limp-dick boy friend Bill.

Donna slowly moved her hand under her short skirt to her wet cunt. Closing her eyes she saw Jimmy on top of the pretty, young girl fucking her in the ass and wondered what a cock as big as his would feel up her own ass. She carefully ran her fingers down her wet cunt slit, thinking of the many times she would wake him up in the morning and would see his long, thick cock at full hardness. She moved her fingers over her burning cunt as she listened to the sounds of him fucking the very horny, young girl.

‘Oh Jimmy! I’m cuming! I’m cuming!’ Tina screamed out and Donna rammed two fingers up her own cunt. ‘Fuck her baby.’ Donna whispered out fucking her dripping, wet cunt. ‘Give her something good tell all her horny friends tomorrow.’ Donna whispered again fucking her fifty year old cunt hole as fast as she could.

‘Oh God, I’m cuming!’ Jimmy yelled out as he filled Tina’s sexy 36-inch ass full of his cum and he slowly lowered himself on her body. ‘This is going to be so cool fucking you,’ he whispered in her ear and heard something in the hall. ‘Don’t say anything! I think Mom is home,’ he whispered again and gently kissed Tina.


‘Fuck!’ Donna said to herself as she silently made her way to take a hot bath. bostancı escort Just her luck, they both came before she did, the story of her life. She made sure to get the water in the large garden tub as hot as she could. Donna loved cuming in the tub while one of the water jets was blowing on her cunt.

She slowly undressed, making sure to tease each of her hard nipples and very swollen clit. Carefully stepping in the water, Donna stretched out back and pushed the button the turn on the whirlpool. ‘Oh fuck!’ She gasped out when the hot water shot between her legs. ‘Oh God I hope I can cum,’ she moaned out thinking of Jimmy fucking his young date and what his big cock would feel like up her cunt.

Donna was lost in a world of dreaming of being fucked by her son and didn’t hear the bathroom door open until she heard the sound of someone pissing. She opened her eyes and there he was. His long cock relieving it’s self right in front of her. All she had to do was to just reach a few inches and she could have held it, but she instead reached for her cigarettes and lit one.

‘Fuck!’ Jimmy yelled out as he jumped with fright. ‘You scared the holly living shit out of me,’ he added turning to look at her. The light from her lighter lit her mature body just enough to make his cock begin to again come to life.

Donna held the lighter, enjoying his coming to life right before her eyes. ‘Looks like you better go jump that hot babe again!’ She teased letting go of the lighter.

‘She’s asleep. I thought I’d go grab a beer,’ he replied straining to see his mothers’ breasts. ‘Would you like one?’ He asked hoping like hell she would. He knew it was wrong, but if he ever got the chance, he’d even be up for fucking her too.

Donna smiled when she saw Jimmy looking at her sagging breasts. ‘One condition,’ she softly said reaching for her lighter. She flicked it, acting as if her cigarette hadn’t been lit right, but she just wanted to see his growing cock again, and maybe Jimmy would want to see her old body too.

‘What’s that?’ He asked looking to her big breasts and very hard nipples, wishing he could remember sucking them as an infant.

Donna smiled and couldn’t believe she was going to try and seduce her very own son. ‘Only if you come and sit with your old Mom,’ she replied setting the lighter back on the side of the tub.

‘Hell yes I will,’ he quickly blurted out. ‘You’re not old! You’re a fucking babe,’ he added and ran to the kitchen for the beer. He looked inside, grabbed two beers and stopped. ‘Fuck this!’ He laughed and grabbed the twelve pack and headed back to the bathroom and the very lonely lady waiting for him.

‘That was fast.’ Donna said as she lit the last of three scented candles, giving the room a soft, sweet smell of romance. She turned to see his long cock growing even bigger. ‘Think you can keep that big ol’ thing under control or should I be worried?’ She teased watching him twist off the caps on the bottles of beer.

‘You’d never have to worry,’ he smiled down to her looking up to his big cock. ‘Well, on second thought, as pretty as you are, maybe you should,’ he smiled and stepped into the tub.

‘Sit by me, your poor Mom sure feels lonely tonight,’ she said in a helpless kind of voice. ‘My date sucked the big one. I knew he was to old for me,’ she added sticking out her lower lip and knew Jimmy would never have a problem keeping his cock hard.

Jimmy made a face of pain as he sat next to her, putting his strong arm around her body. ‘Couldn’t he keep it up for you?’ Jimmy teased hugging her to him and could feel her began to tremble.

‘No!’ She replied enjoying being so close to his naked body. ‘He got me so fucking excited and then nothing,’ she said and started to cry.

‘Oh shit, don’t cry,’ he whispered hugging her even closer than before, gently rocking her back and forth. ‘You need some hot, young stud fucking you,’ he added thinking that he’d be willing to help her.

‘Like who?’ She asked sniffing back some tears and took a large drink of her beer, waiting for him to reply. ‘Who would be willing to fuck a fifty year old woman?’ She asked again and saw something in his eyes. ‘What is it?’ She asked leaning to caress his handsome face.

Jimmy felt his cock fill with blood and knew what was coming. He pulled her on his lap and drove his tongue deep into her willing, mature mouth while his right hand carefully moved between her wonderful legs. ‘I would!’ He quickly said and moved back to her mouth, kissing her deeper than ever, but this time, she began to kiss him back with more fever than in all her times of being with a man.

She pulled from his mouth and gasped for air. ‘Oh my God!’ She said covering her mouth. ‘I’ve wanted this to happen for so long, now that it is, I’m shocked it’s so good,’ she smiled and moved back to kiss her son more. She spread herself as wide as possible in the tub. She needed her aging body to be pleased and soon.

‘Oh Mom!’ He moaned moving from under her and on top of her beautiful body. ‘I want you so bad,’ he moaned moving his long, hard cock to the very place that he’d came from twenty-five years ago. “I need to fuck you,’ he whispered giving her a loving kiss on her full, red lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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