On The Road With Mom

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We had been driving all day and we were all beat. This was the third place that we had stopped in our search for a room and I think that it is safe to say that we had lucked out. We got a large kitchenette with three beds in an older motel for a really cheap price. It is off-season I know but I think the proprietor had felt sorry for Mom. A woman traveling with five kids, and driving an old clunker of a car elicits a bit of sympathy. Especially when Mom made it clear to the owner that we were traveling a long ways on very little money. So we had gotten what amounted to a small apartment with a large front room containing a couch with a hide-a-bed and a single bed, a full kitchen / dining room, A large bathroom with a real shower and a real bedroom. After the last couple of nights of me sleeping on the floor of some sleaze-bag hotel or other with my little brother while Mom shared beds with my three sisters this was going to be heaven.

We moved our bags into the room and Mom and I went to the closest supermarket to get some food. We picked up some hamburger, bread, and all the fixings for a little picnic dinner complete with chips and coke and headed back. When we got back to the room, I cooked dinner while Mom got the rest of us kids settled in and allotted the beds.

I had figured on having the single bed to myself, but Mom had decided that the two youngest kids, Bret and Jolene would sleep there and Beth and Alice would bunk on the hide-a-bed. That left me to bunk in with her, which isn’t too bad if you are ten, but I was almost twenty and the thought of sleeping with Mom was kind of strange. But, when you are living with your parent or parents you do what Mommy says.

After dinner we all took our showers and watched a little TV before Mom announced that we should all hit the sack because it had been a long day today and was going to be an early morning tomorrow and we would need our rest. I grabbed a handful of potato chips and headed off to the bedroom just to get out of the way of the females preparations for bed, which I knew from long experience, would take ages and complete privacy. Mom slapped me on the ass as I went by and said, “Don’t get any of those chips in the bed now Teddy. I don’t want to be sleeping on them tonight.” I responded, “Don’t worry Ma, I’ll be careful.” and of course I wouldn’t be careful at all. She scowled at me when I called her Ma, she hated to be called Ma. She said it made her feel like an old Arkie. And since she hated it, that made it that much more delicious to call her Ma.

I need to say here that my mother was not a bad looking woman. Sure she had five kids and a shit head for a husband but she was only thirty-seven and could and often did pass for a woman in her twenties when she did not have all of her kids in tow. She was around average height at five foot five, one hundred ten or so pounds auburn hair, and green eyes. She was not top heavy but she was reasonably well endowed and had a very nicely shaped derriere. Whenever I had friends over they almost always drooled over her and I know for a fact that when her and dad split up, which they did on a regular basis, she had more than her share of men lapping at her feet.

My parents had what one would describe as a fiery or tumultuous relationship, which means that they fought like cats and dogs. How they ever stayed together long enough to make five kids is beyond me, but somehow they had managed to bring five souls into this world. There was first me and then there was my sister Beth two years later. Alice followed a year and a half after that, but the two youngest, Jolene and Bret were only five and three, so there had been a big gap there, but I digress. My parents fought about nearly anything and every couple of years they would split the blankets and dad would take off or mom would move out. Usually they would kiss and makeup after a short time and things would return to normal for a while and then the cycle would start all over again. The last time that they split, it was for over a year, and that had been two years ago. That time I had been forced to drop out of school and help support Mom and us kids. I returned to high school after they reconciled but that had put me two years behind in school which is the reason that I was still at home and not out on my own. Right now I only had a few months until I was supposed to graduate so I was hoping that we would find a place to stay before too much time had transpired so that I could get back to school and finally get my diploma.

This split seemed more serious than the others. Mom had found out about a girl friend that dad had and she went ballistic. It probably would not have been so bad but she found out that dad had brought his bimbo over to our apartment and fucked the slut in his and mom’s bed while Mom had been at work and us kids were either at the baby sitter or at school. This time there had been none of the usual yelling, and screaming, and punching. Mom had simply withdrawn us from school, packed our clothes, left a note, and started out in our old car for parts unknown.

We drove west this time, we might end up in Seattle, where we had relatives, or we might head down the coast to other relatives in California. It all depended on whether mom could find a job to support all of us. Until ataşehir escort that time we were vagabonds, gypsies of sorts and I guess that brings us back to tonight and a small motel in Idaho.

I shut the door to the bedroom, hurriedly stripped to my jockey shorts and started to climb into bed. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and of course had to stop and admire the view. I was nearly six feet tall and around one hundred eighty pounds with dark hair and blue eyes. “Not a bad looking fellow”, I thought, “You, my friend, should have a gal in here tonight.” I said to myself and chuckled.

I wasn’t bad with the lady’s but with all the moving that we did I never got the chance to have a real steady girl like all the other guys did. I was often accused of being shy around the lady’s but in reality I just liked to be quiet and check things out before I jumped into anything. I was relatively well experienced sexually for my age. I already had a couple of short flings with married older women under my belt and some trysts with girls my own age or there about. I was no Don Juan, but I was told that I was pretty good in the sack. I just didn’t get around that much. Besides girls my own age didn’t really offer me all that much, so I just kept my distance and watched the show most of the time when I was in social situations. But right now I was watching myself and I noticed that I had a pretty prominent bulge in my jockeys tonight. I guess that thinking about the sex with those lovely older women had excited me a bit even though the romps had been over long ago. Having a hard on right now was not something that I really needed or wanted and I hoped that it would go down before Mom got in here and saw it. Normally I would just go into the bathroom and masturbate but there was no private place to jack off here in the motel room. Besides it would probably be going down on its own soon, I hoped. I climbed in the bed, pulled the covers up over my waist and relaxed for a minute. It would probably take Mom a few minutes to get herself ready and then make sure that all the other kids were tucked in. So I sat up in bed and finished my chips before turning off the light, covering up, and rolling onto my right side to try to go to sleep.

Mom came through the door finally. She had left the light on in the bathroom directly across on the short hall and with the light behind her I could see the silhouette of her body through the flimsy blue nightgown that she always wore. She was still quite shapely and the brief view that I got did little to abate my erection. She closed the door, stumbled against the bed and said, “Teddy, turn on the lamp before I kill myself.”

I did as I was told and was rewarded by a view of her cleavage as she leaned over to rub her foot. “Damn!” she said, “That hurt! Why don’t you kiss it for me?”

“Sure, “ I said, “Just bring it over here.” I was just kidding, but she actually limped over and held it up for me to kiss.

When she lifted her toe to my lips she inadvertently exposed a lot of smooth white thigh and the crotch of her panties to my view. This had the natural effect that the exposed flesh of the private areas of any woman would have on a normal and healthy young male, whether it is their mother or not, and despite my best efforts I could feel my skin flush with excitement.

“That feels better.” She said and she kissed me on the ear. “You feel a little hot. Are you feeling ok tonight?” she asked as she walked around the bed, and crawled under the covers.

“Never better.” I lied.

“Ok, I just worry about you son. You can turn off the light now.” She said sweetly, and I switched off the light and tried to go to sleep.

I was tired as hell, but I could not seem to fall asleep. My mind was racing, thinking about everything and nothing at the same time. I lay there awake for what seemed like hours. If I had been in my own bed, I probably would have tossed and turned but laying there next to my mother all I could do is stare at the wall and listen to her deep breathing, and that made it even more difficult because she was not a quiet sleeper.

I’m no saying that she snored, but she would move about restlessly and make these little sounds in her sleep. They were just deep breathing or grunts and moans, but when you can’t get to sleep anyway, they can be pretty annoying. Besides, I still had that raging hard on that started before I got into bed and it wouldn’t go away. I wish that I was alone so that I would just whack it off and get some relief, but here that was impossible unless I went into the bathroom, and I didn’t want to get caught doing that. My only option was to just lay there in a fetal position attempting to hide my raging erection in sleepless torment, while my mother tossed and turned next to me. First she pushed her buttocks up against mine, I moved, as close to the edge of the bed as I could, but the contact had seemed electric and my throbbing meat had gotten even more rigid. Then she turned over and stretched her arm across me while snuggling against my back, which of course had pressed her boobs against my body, all the while she was breathing deep and her breath was tickling my ears and god I was getting hot and needed to toss the blankets off before I roasted. So as quietly kadıköy escort as I could I moved her arm off of me, got out of bed and opened the door to go into the bathroom and beat off. When I got into the hall I was confronted with another problem, Beth was already in the bathroom sitting on the stool. She saw me and my erection come out of the bedroom, shook her head, smiled, and quietly closed the door to the bathroom, leaving me standing there with my dick sticking out about a foot and nothing to do but go back to bed and wait for her to finish in the bathroom.

Quietly as I could I retraced my steps back into the bedroom, closed the door and crawled back into bed to wait. I had just settled into my misery when I once again felt Mom against my back, her breath on my ears, her boobs against my back, my hard on got even more impossibly hard and I closed my eyes in torment. It was then I heard her say, “That is one hell of an erection you have there son.” And I thought that I would die.

“Damn!” I said, “How did you know?”

She responded with a chuckle, “It’s kind of hard to miss when you are standing in the doorway like that.”

Then I remembered how she looked as she stepped through the door with the light behind her. How stupid I had been, but then she was supposed to be asleep.

“Don’t worry, it’s all pretty normal.” She said. Then she asked, “Why don’t you just deal with it?”

“What do you mean?” I ask stupidly.

She responds, “Just masturbate, I know that you do it, I know that you do it a lot in fact. You are just one horny little devil” Then she ran her hand across my body and began to stroke my dick through my under wear. “Do you want me to help?” She inquired. “You used to like me to help you with your problem. Are you too old for your mommy to play with you now?”

Her soft hand stroking my engorged penis felt so very good. She knew just how to bring my level of excitement to a fevered pitch and she rubbed her pelvis against my buttocks and her breasts against my back in rhythm with her strokes. I closed my eyes in delight as she lightly kissed the back of my neck and the memories came flooding back in a torrent. I know it sounds weird, but I really hadn’t thought about what had happened in quite a while.

It had occurred back when Mom and dad had split up the last time. Mom had gone through a bunch of real losers for boyfriends. One after the other they had come and gone from her life and left her feeling even lower than she started. All those guys were interested in was a piece of ass and it bothered me to watch them use her. It came to a head one night when I came home from working my shift at the service station and caught this one guy, Dave I think his name was, with his hand back about to hit her. I stood in the doorway to the kitchen and told him that if he struck her it would be the last thing that he ever did.

He made like a big tough guy for a minute. He even walked over to confront me, hoping I guess, to intimidate me into backing down. But when I smiled and went chest to chest with him, he realized that he might be in a little trouble here. I had him by a good thirty pounds and five inches in height and I was tired and in no mood for messing around with some midget with an attitude toward women. He stood there for a minute or two trying to figure some graceful way out of this predicament but he finally ended up gingerly squeezing between the door jam and my shoulders on his way to the screen door. I reached behind me and gave him a little shove in the back as he beat his hasty retreat. He called me a fucking asshole as he walked quickly down the sidewalk to his car, but that was just fine with me, I probably was an asshole in his demented little mind. It was then that I sat down with Mom and talked with her about what was going on in her life and how it affected us kids.

I told her that she needed to have better taste in men because the ones that she was hanging out with were nothing but jerks and losers. I said, “It might even be good if you laid off the guys for a while, just to let your head clear.”

“But Teddy,” she said, “I have needs and desires. I need to have a man around. I love you, but you can only do so much. I need a man in my life for other things, you know what I mean.”

I told her that we would have to find a way to deal with it.

Then she kissed me on the forehead and said, “Ok, then you will be the man of the house from this moment on.” She got up, patted me on the shoulder and walked passed me to the sink. She poured me a cup of coffee brought it over and put it on the table in front of me and asked, “Would you like a sandwich darling?”

We lived in a two bedroom duplex that was set up in the shotgun style. Shotgun means that the rooms run in a straight line from one end of the apartment to the next, so, if you came in the front door you would pass through the front room, then the master bedroom with the bathroom off to the side, then into the kitchen and finally either go through one of the two doors in the kitchen and exit through the screened in back porch or go into the smaller second bedroom. I slept on the couch in the front room, which is fine with me because it gave me at least a little privacy. Mom slept in the master bostancı escort bedroom, although sometimes one or both of the younger kids would sleep with her, it gave her the privacy to do what sexually active adults do on their free time. The other kids normally slept in the second bedroom.

The apartment was a little crowded but it fit the budget. Mom worked in a retail store as a bookkeeper and I worked at a service station a few blocks away that was also owned by our landlord. We brought in enough money between us to meet the bills and little else. Beth, the oldest of my sisters took care of the younger kids and kept the house fairly clean. It was a hard life at times, but it was not too bad when you figure the alternatives.

Mom worked the day shift, she would leave the apartment at about six in the morning and get home around four or so. I worked the three to eleven thirty shift as a pump jockey, so I would often walk into the house after midnight to find my mother humping some guy she had met at a bar, or been introduced to by her co-workers. At such times I would normally just sit on the front porch and wait for the man to leave and then go inside to bed. It may sound strange that I accepted my mothers promiscuity with such aplomb, but you need to understand that I was an adult sexually myself. I had been sexually active for more than a couple of years now and I knew what went on between consenting adults. Besides we had been living in small houses and apartments most of my life so the sound of adults screwing their brains out was nothing new to me. In fact, when I was younger I would sneak little peeks as they fucked and sucked each other. At the time it had seemed a mystery to me how they could enjoy such stuff so much. In time I came to understand the pleasures of sex, but by that time I had long since stopped peeking.

A couple of weeks after my run in with Mom’s loser boyfriend I came home from work one night and found Mom sitting up waiting for me. This had become fairly common since our little talk. I would come in and head into the bath to wash off the night’s grime. When I came out of the bathroom she would have a little dinner and a cup of coffee waiting for me. I would eat and we would sit and talk for a while before we headed off for our respective beds. This night I headed straight for my bed on the couch, but Mom didn’t go straight to bed, I could tell because the light to the bathroom stayed on after she turned off the bedroom light. This was not that unusual so I paid it no mind, but, the sound of something heavily falling on the hardwood floor of Mom’s room caused me to glance toward the doorway separating the two rooms and I saw something that I had never noticed before, you could see the doorway of the bathroom reflected in the mirror of the vanity. I don’t know how I had ever missed this fact, but just lying there on my bed on the couch I had a clear view of the bathroom door and maybe half of my mothers bedroom, and standing there in the doorway was my mother, undressing for bed.

She bent over and picked something up from the floor and placed it on the dresser beside her. Then she began to unbutton her white blouse, slowly releasing each button and moving down to the next, each time revealing a little more of her very white flesh to my enraptured view. Finally she reached the bottom and pulling the tail from her skirt she undid the very last button and let her blouse fall open, exposing her very nice breasts encased in a white bra. She shrugged the blouse off of her shoulders, pulled her arms out of the sleeves, neatly folded it, and laid it on the top of the dresser. She stood there for a second and scratched absently at her breasts and midsection and that made her tits jiggle from side to side just a little. Then she undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor, she bent to pick it up and I could see the cleavage of her breasts, and I imagined that I saw a bit of her nipple. She folded her skirt up and laid it on the dresser beside the blouse, and then she reached down to undo her stockings. You need to understand that this was still in the day that some women wore girdles and stockings. Pantyhose had recently come on the scene but a lot of women still wore the old style girdle with the snaps to hold up the stockings. She undid the stockings and placing her foot on the bed rolled them down her leg, as she did so she once again exposed her cleavage to my enthralled view. She then rolled the stockings up and placed them on the dresser beside her other clothing. The same scene was repeated with the other leg and then she hooked her thumbs into the top of the girdle and shimmied it off of her hips and down to the floor. When she did this her whole body would move from side to side and her breasts jiggles deliciously in her brassiere. She stepped out of the girdle and straightened up and the girdle was laid on the dresser next to her other clothes. She ran her fingers over her stomach and lightly scratched and rubbed where the girdle had cut off the circulation. It was amazing what the sight of my mother standing there in a white bra and white cotton panties did for the hardness of my penis. I guess that I should have felt some guilt at being aroused by the sight of my semi-nude mother, but I didn’t. It was like I was watching all this on a movie or on TV. I was detached from the fact that this was the woman that brought me into this world standing semi naked in the mirror. For me at the time it was just a very attractive older woman that I saw in a very erotically voyeuristic manner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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