Old Family, New Loves Ch. 06

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My story is a wonderfully happy one now. My life with my Aunt Kate and Uncle Pierce was so fulfilling. I had lived with them for over two years now. We had settled into a comfortable lifestyle.

Both of them were naturists and enjoyed spending all the time they could without clothing. And I happily joined them when I moved in after my mother’s passing.

Both Kate and Pierce loved having me share this nudist living. They had always allowed their children to know what they did, when my cousins came of age.

I was their adored niece. And now that I had made love to every one of their children I was wondering what it would be like to make love to these two. They are still lovely people, both personally and physically. They took great care of themselves.

With every day, watching them walking around the house with nothing on, I got hornier for them both. I made the decision to see if I could seduce them into making love to me.

It seemed that the best course would be to get Kate to make love to me first. She was truly the leader in the family. She always had been, even though she had never worked outside the home. She was the power in the household. Her children and her husband deferred to her.

But she had always been a benevolent ruler. The house was always filled with love. I now needed to see if I could seduce her into actually making love to me.

Don’t think it had never crossed my mind that my mother and Kate had been lovers. They were college room mates for three years. For two years they had lived off campus in a one bedroom apartment with no other room mates. And after graduating together they had continued to be friends across the years and the miles. There had always been contact between them.

My mother had married at age thirty. She gave birth to me a year later, and was fifty-three when she finally passed away. She and Kate had been the same age. So I was now twenty-five and Kate would be fifty-six on her next birthday. She had married right out of college, so her oldest son, Forrest, was thirty-three. Pierce was a year older than his wife.

They had struggled when young, but he had inherited this mansion on a historic square in old Savannah. They took many years to return it to its previous glory. And all the time Pierce had been establishing a thriving law firm, and Kate had been raising her five children. They were wonderful people.

I was running all this over in my mind, trying to decide if Kate and Mom were ever lovers. I know Kate loved her husband, and they certainly had made love over the years with so many children. But was Kate also bisexual? I was determined to find out. The first thing I was going to do was get Kate to talk about Mom more than she had in the past.

Sometimes I walked home for lunch. It was only about ten minutes from the City Hall to our residence. I just let Kate know I was coming so she would be sweet enough to have a sandwich ready for me. This day I arrived just after noon and Kate was in the kitchen, completely nude, of course. I would have liked to strip down and join her but I really didn’t have time. But I did sit down with her to have lunch.

“This is good Kate. Thanks dear. I was thinking of Mom last night before bed. She had a lousy life with my dad, but we two did enjoy ourselves after he left. She never really told me a lot about how you two lived during college. Did you have lots of fun? I do hope so. It would be nice to know she had as much joy in her life as possible.”

“Oh, Trish. You don’t need to worry about that. Beverly was a fun loving girl. We had lots of fun in college. Actually, we both barely graduated. It’s been so long ago, but I will say this. We both had a good time. And getting good grades was very far down on our list.”

She laughed as she said this. I knew she had never really used her degree. It had been in Fine Arts. My mother had got her BA in English. She loved to read, but apparently she hadn’t loved to study. Oh, well. It never really mattered.

She had worked as a clerk and then a secretary for most of her life. And she had often went out with girlfriends from work. I was busy living my own life in high school and college. I was beginning to wonder if her girlfriends had been something a little more.

“Mom ankara escort always did enjoy going out with friends. After my dad left us all her friends had been women. I wondered about that. I guess she wasn’t too interested in men after my father treated her so poorly.”

“Well, sweetie, I don’t know for certain. Bev had a few boyfriends in college, but we really spent most of our time going out together. I did love her, you know?”

“I know you did Kate. Otherwise I don’t think you would have taken me in the way you did. I will always be grateful. I suppose I was just hoping that Mom enjoyed her girlfriends as much as I have enjoyed mine.”

“We’re adults, the two of us, Kate. I’m not embarrassed to say I’ve had some sexual contact with women, along with men. I mean, I’m twenty-five years old. The world is a lot more forgiving about those kinds of relationships now. Don’t you think so, Kate?”

“Yes, that’s true, Trish. I hope your mother enjoyed her life too. I mean, I know she did. Okay, I’ll say this. Your mother told me all about your lives together and also about the loves in her life. I’ll tell you this, Trish. She had fun.”

“You understand, dear? I’m not telling tales out of school, I don’t think. She always said you two had a good relationship. I don’t think she would care if I told you she had fun after your father left.”

“From what you’ve told me, you two had lots of enjoyment in school together. That’s so sweet, Kate. She loved you, and I love you. You two must have really made college work for you.”

“Trish, we did have fun. I mean, we had fun with each other. Okay, I’ll be honest. I loved your mother so deeply that we did have a little sexual fun together. But things were different then. And besides, I already knew Pierce and I loved him too. I’ll just say that you mother was the first big love of my life. Even if she was my sister. That doesn’t upset you, does it?’

“Oh, god no. Kate, I always knew you and Mom were close. And you two being lovers truly makes me happy. I’m glad to learn it. It makes me feel that Mom really did have some great joy in her life. I would never regret her making the most of the time she was given. It makes me love you even more, Kate.”

I got up and went around the table to her. I leaned down and hugged her, and then I gave her a kiss on the lips. She kissed me back, with her hands caressing my hair. Then we broke, I smiled at her and got ready to get back to work. This had been a good start on the road to seduction.

This was on a Friday. The next Monday was Presidents’ Day. I had the day off. So did the people working at Pierce’s law firm but he was going in to do some work. He sometimes did work at home but I think he didn’t want to bring all the files he needed home with him.

However it provided me with the perfect opportunity to get her to make love to me or to make love to her. I didn’t care which. I just wanted some of her pussy. I was a real slut now. I believed we should all be sluts. Men and women. Sex was beautiful.

Over the weekend we three were enjoying ourselves as we often did. All of us were naked, of course. I was thinking about making love to the two of them and I think I was getting wet quite often.

I was wondering if Pierce or Kate noticed. I did see them glancing down at my vulva on occasion. I hoped they were beginning to lust for it. I know I was lusting for both of them.

I made a point of touching both of them often but very casually.

Especially Kate because she was the one I had my eye at this time. I was hugging more often and allowing my pussy to touch them while my hands were patting their backs.

I could feel Pierce growing a little harder a few times. And it was clear that Kate’s hairy pussy was glistening with moisture once in awhile this weekend. Honestly, I could smell her and I am sure they could smell my muskiness too.

But I delayed making my move until Monday when Pierce went off to work. I would be alone in the house with Kate. We all ate breakfast together and then Pierce departed. Then I began the seduction process. I started with conversation again. We were in the kitchen cleaning up and just chatting.

“I always wondered, Kate. Do I remind you of Mom? I know we’re quite similar. We both escort ankara have this long dark brown hair and these green eyes. It’s nice to be so close in appearance to her. I somehow can see her whenever I look into the mirror.”

“Yes, sweetie, you do. It’s odd but I love to think I’m seeing Bev whenever I see you.”

“That’s nice, Kate. Can I ask you something personal? Do you think about making love with Mom when you look at me. Maybe once in awhile?”

“Oh, honey. That’s so personal. I guess it’s true. I do think of Bev and the times we spent together.”

“Being honest, Kate, I’ve often wondered what it would be like to make love to you. I mean I’ve been seeing you naked for years now. Is it bad that I get sexual feelings for you?”

When I said that I was standing beside her. I quietly reached up and brushed her hair back from her face. She was a pretty lady even if in her fifties. Her hair was slightly graying but still had lots of red in it. I could see that she was actually blushing. That was amusing. She was twice my age, and she was shy with me.

“Trish, I’m not sure this is quite right. I mean we took you in almost as a daughter.”

“But Kate, I’m not your daughter. I’m not anything of the kind. I’m your old lover’s daughter. I’m your niece. Making love to me would be like making love to my mother. Your lover, Beverly. Really. There isn’t the least thing wrong about it.”

With that I put both hands on the sides of her face and I moved in to kiss her. I placed my lips softly on her lips and I could smell the lipstick she was wearing and her Jasmine perfume.

I began getting more aggressive with my mouth and I knew I had crossed over to where I wanted to be when she opened her mouth and accepted my tongue. Then she used her tongue on me and began nibbling on my lips.

We had moved closer together, and our breasts were touching. Both of us now had hard nipples and I was leaking fluids out of my vulva. I reached down and discovered she was moist also.

She moaned as I put two fingers into her pussy. My thumb was on her clitoris and she started to press her pussy against my digits. She wanted more and I wanted to give it. And get it in return.

It was overpowering, the passion we both felt, and we simply dropped to the kitchen floor and began exploring out bodies. I was above Kate kissing her lips and rubbing her cunt with my hand. I was humping her thigh with my hairless pussy and getting juice all over it. I was coming as I fucked her leg and I think she had an orgasm as I fingered her hairy triangle. Her moaning was making me more lustful and I wanted more.

I crouched over Kate and began licking her cunt. Her hands grabbed my long locks and she ground her pussy up into my face. She was saying over and over, “suck it, suck it, oh jesus, suck it baby girl,” and I did. I tasted her juices and licked and sucked her until she was almost wailing from the passion she was feeling. I was ecstatic that I had succeeded so well but I didn’t think about it. I just wanted to make her come and to come myself.

I lifted her up and got my legs crossed over hers so that we were tribbing. I knew about that. I had done it many times with Kate’s daughter, my cousin Julia. Julia had taken my virginity with a strap on. Now I was teaching her mother how to scissor.

Our cunts were rubbing together as our eyes locked and she began fucking me as she cried out my mother’s name. “Beverly, oh fuck, Bev, it’s so fucking good baby. I love you, I love her, Bev.”

This was perfect. I had loved my mother, and now I was making love to Kate who had really made love to my Mom. I was coming so hard and squealing as Kate and I fucked each other. Our cunts were so wet and we kept coming over and over. I was fondling her small breasts and she did the same to me. It was perfect. That was the only word.

At last we were both exhausted and slowed down. As we did I leaned over and hugged her. She was sobbing with relief. I believe she had wanted me for years and she had finally achieved what she had wanted and what she had always felt was wrong. It wasn’t wrong because sex is not wrong. We were just two women who were making love.

Completing the newfound relationship, we went into her master bedroom on the ankara escort bayan first floor and showered together. She was giggling like a girl now. I was just as giddy. I could not help but think that life was going to be so much lovelier now. I loved Kate, and now we were lovers.

I tickled her in the shower as I washed her body and made her come some more. She kissed me and then washed me clean, too. I had seduced my benefactor. Now I wanted to seduce her husband.

Our relationship had changed forever. We spent the rest of the day just doing house chores. But as we passed each other we would softly and gently touch. Kate was letting me know she was grateful that our lives had changed. It was lovely to know that I had found a lover in her and that I could have love with her anytime I wished. But would she allow me to share Pierce? I would find out soon.

When Pierce arrived home that evening we had dinner ready. He kissed Kate, patted me on the head, and went to his room to wash up and get rid of his clothing. He came out directly with nothing on, ready to sit down and dine. We all had a slow dinner and just talked. But he looked oddly at the both of us. He seemed to sense a difference. I could see him shake his head now and then as if he were trying to decipher the change.

I couldn’t help giggling once in awhile when I looked at Kate. She would get a stern look on her face and then break out into a loving smile. That continued throughout dinner. Afterwards we all went into the den to watch some television. We didn’t watch often but we had a favorite program on that Monday and we watched for a couple of hours. After that I said I was going up to read in bed. Kate and Pierce both said goodnight and I left.

Some time passed and I was reading in my chair, still naked of course, when I heard a tap on my door. I simply said come in and it opened. It was Pierce. He smiled and entered. His cock was hard. This was highly unusual, because I had never seen him with a full erection.

“What are you up to, Pierce? You look like a boy on the prowl. What’s up?”

He didn’t respond immediately. He walked slowly over to where I was sitting. His prick was at the level of my face. He was smiling as he looked down into my eyes. I was gazing up into his. I reached out. I grasped his dick and pulled him to me. I wanted that cock. I realized that no seduction would be necessary. Pierce was here to use me and I was ready to be used.

“Sweet little Trish. You should know by now my Kate has never hidden anything from me. I knew she’d been your mother’s lover. I now know you’re her new lover. And you’ll be mine too if you wish, dear. I would never force you to do anything. Do you want some cock dear? Do you need it my love? Do you want to please your Pierce? Suck it baby. Suck it for me Trish.”

“I’d be happy to give you a blow job Pierce. But first, you need to get on the bed. I want a man’s tongue on my pussy. My hairless pussy needs you to suck it while I suck your prick Pierce. Go on young man. Get on the bed and let’s eat each other.”

I giggled as he quickly moved to my bed and got into a supine position with his prick standing tall. I crept onto the bed and lowered my pussy onto his face as I held his cock and began licking it. His tongue entered my cunt and I moaned as I squeezed his hard dick.

He used his fingers to spread my pussy lips and then pressed three fingers into my cunt. I squealed as I squirted juices out onto his face. He just laughed and then groaned as I took his whole cock into my mouth.

Our mutual lovemaking continued until I felt that he was close to coming. That would not do. I wanted that come in my pussy. I had been having continuous orgasms as he licked and bit my pussy lips.

Now I moved quickly, got above him, and lowered myself down, holding his prick as I drew it into my cunt. It went in so deep and he groaned again and began humping up to feed it deeper and deeper into my pussy.

I was bouncing up and down and crying out that I wanted him to come in me, and he was saying it was coming and wanting me to take it all, take it all. Oh god, he was a great fucker. My Pierce was finally fucking me.

I took his sperm as he spurted it into my pussy. It was so hot and made me come one final time before I collapsed on top of him. And I realized that Kate was with us and kissing me, and crying. And it was so fucking good. I loved them. They loved me.

All of my old family members were my new loves. It was very good.

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