My Sisters – My Angels

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Alina Li

Truth is stranger than fiction. Often, that is true. Sometimes, in nostalgia, the line blurs.

Introduction :

I am Mohan. The events of this story had happened long back. I was eighteen then and just got into the college. I was tall at 5’10”, medium built. Gita, 23, was my sister doing her final year of post graduate degree at the University.

My father was transferred to another city and the rest of our family moved with him, while we stayed back to complete our degrees before joining them. We lived in a small rented home. An old lady came in everyday to look after our food and other home needs.

Gita and I were quite close to each other from my childhood. As my elder sister, she had always treated me well as a kid brother and loved me a lot. Even now, she continued to call me kid, and, I was absolutely devoted to her.

She was short, slightly plump and was of medium fair complexion. She was just five feet tall and had big breasts that were perfect globes. She had big buttocks and a nice ass. Her mouth was generous, teeth even, lips full and cheeks chubby. In short, her whole body was a little fleshy, plump delight. She was a kind and cheerful person.

I was a horny guy then and I started seeing her, not just as my sister but an young and healthy woman. Whenever an opportunity arose, mostly when she dressed, I stole a peek at her tits and legs.

Gita had a very good friend who was also her classmate. Her name was Padma. She was of the same age, but in looks, so different from Gita. She was very fair, tall at 5’6″ and had an hour glass figure – a good bust, slim waist, flaring hips and a wide ass.

She had two unusual features that set her apart from the rest – blue eyes and a blond hair; both unusual in our community. She also had a few pimples on her face that added to her attraction. She was part of a large family that lived close to our place. Most boys in our colony eyed her with lust and I was no exception.

Padma and Gita were intelligent and hard working. They liked to study together. It suited everyone, because Padma’s home was always crowded, and our place was quiet and peaceful.

Every evening she would come home by seven and they would study together. Sometimes she would go back, and other times, she would stay back and sleep at our place when they studied till late.

Our small home consisted of just three rooms. There was a small front room with a couple of chairs and a small table, a larger middle room , where we lived , studied and slept. The third room comprised of a small kitchen cum dining room.

As our establishment was temporary, and we did not have large space, we had no cots. We slept in the living room, each on a thin mattress spread on the floor and covered with a thin bed sheet. There was a ceiling fan in the room, and we rarely used blankets, as our town was mostly hot.

Gita and Padma had the possession of the room towards the kitchen side and I had the space towards the front room side.

I have explained the layout in some detail because of its relevance to the story.

As Gita addressed me ‘kid’, Padma also started calling me ‘kid’. I did not mind what she called me because I was in her ‘awe’ ( more honestly, with her heavenly body). Many a times, I closed my eyes and fantasized about her as I masturbated. My sole aim was to get a peek of her body, her assets and touch them if I could.

Now to the story proper.

Visual treat:

One night they were studying and discussing something important. They were both lying on their mattresses which were side by side. They were lying flat on their tummies and had their text books open in front of them. Their arms were resting on pillows, heads raised and they were facing the kitchen wall.

I was at the other end of the room sitting on the floor with my back resting on the front room side wall. In that position, I was facing them and they were facing the wall opposite to me.

I noticed that Padma’s sari was in a little disarray and her bare legs, from feet to knees, were exposed. They were slim, long ,smooth and sexy. I had a book open in front of me and was peeping from the side, so that I could go back behind the book any time, if they turned around.

Even as their discussion continued, Padma started swinging her legs in an arc, first one and then another. She would slowly lift her leg which was lying horizontally on the bed, swing in an arc till it went vertical and nearly made ninety degrees to her body, then swing it back to the horizontal. She would then repeat the motion with her other leg.

As she kept doing this, her sari moved up a little further and her lower thighs were now exposed. I was mesmerized and could not move my eyes away from those thunder thighs. They were golden, smooth, supple and very sexy. I kept staring, first at one thigh and then the other.

I closed my eyes and imagined running my fingers along those thighs and gripping them in my hands. I fantasized about massaging those thighs, squeezing them, licking them with my tongue şişli rus escort and biting them lightly. All these wild thoughts made my cock very stiff in my shorts. I dared not to do anything but wait.

After a few minutes of this, Padma moved her legs a little apart, and continued doing the same exercise of swinging her legs in an arc. Now, even the mid section of her bare thighs were exposed. It was time for me to take a small risk.

I just slid my back down slowly along the wall until my head almost dropped to the floor level. I put my head on the pillow, put the book in front of me and slowly adjusted my position. I was now looking directly into the forbidden area between Padma’s gorgeous thighs.

Even as I looked, my pulse quickened. Oh, my god! She had no panties on and all I saw, at first, was a blond bush of her pubic hair.

And hidden in that hairy thatch, I could see her vaginal lips.

As she continued moving her legs in an arc, I could see her cunt lips becoming prominent, first one and then the other. That first look at her golden cunt and bush was too much for me.

I got up noiselessly without attracting attention and went to the toilet, where I stroked my cock furiously. As I fantasized about putting my cock into her golden cunt, I ejaculated in great spurts.

I kept seeing the visuals of her cunt that night, like an action replay and I had big hard on the whole night. Fortunately, Padma had returned home that night and was not there physically to torment me more.

Movie fare:

A few days later Gita told me one morning that we would be going to a movie that evening. I was her escort whenever she went to see a movie. So I presumed it was just the two of us, and I was pleasantly surprised when Padma joined us.

As the theater was some three miles away, we took a Cycle Rickshaw, a common means of transport then. A rickshaw is a tricycle with a wide, covered and cushioned back seat for the passengers, and a small, higher front seat for the puller.

It was comfortable for two, but a little too crowded for three. My sisters sat on the seat and they made a little room for me between them.

“Come on kid and adjust here,” said Gita.

So, I sat between them, only half of my bottom resting on the seat. I had Padma’s left thigh on one side and Gita’s right thigh on the other side. I put my left hand out in front of me to brace myself from falling, when Padma said, “Hold on to me, kid.”

Was I delighted with the offer! I promptly put my right hand across her lap and gripped her right thigh. In the process, my right elbow rested in her lap.

As the rickshaw traveled on the rough roads, my elbow moved a little deeper into her lap, till it pressed lightly against where her mound was. Even as I elbowed her mound, I gently squeezed her thigh. Having so dared, I got really scared.

Padma gave me a little surprised look, and then went back talking to Gita, as if nothing had happened. Even as I let my breath out slowly, I felt her mound pressing lightly against my elbow.

I was sure I did not move my elbow on my own, so I wondered whether it was the rickshaw movement or whether Padma deliberately did that. I had no time to ponder over that for long, as we reached the theater.

Once we bought the tickets and went into the theater, Gita took an aisle seat, Padma sat next to her and I sat next to Padma. I was both excited and scared. Excited at the prospect of some touching, scared of overdoing that and an adverse reaction from her. The theater was half empty and the movie was a romantic Hindi movie.

After a while, I felt my shoulder lightly touching Padma’s shoulder as she shifted a little in her seat. When I put my right hand on the arm rest between us it touched her left hand which was already resting there.

I moved my hand a little away such that only my finger tips were lightly touching the smooth skin on the back of her hand. I advanced my fingers by a few millimeters and my tips were lightly touching her fingers.

After a few minutes of my light caress, Padma lifted her hand from the rest and put it back covering my right hand with her soft left palm. I just could not believe my luck and was thrilled. Her palm was very soft and gently pressed against the back of my hand.

She had long, slim, tapered fingers and they curled around my hand and her nails lightly scratched against my palm. After a gentle squeeze of my palm she took her hand away.

Horny as I was, I kept reading a message in every movement. So I took that as a go ahead signal and became a little bolder.

I slowly let my palm slide half way down the rest on her side of the seat. I now lifted my palm slowly so that it was now horizontal and parallel to the seat with my fingers extended in front. I let it move slowly till my finger tip lightly touched her sari. I now carefully moved my hand a little back till my finger tips found the edge of her sari covering her blouse.

I now moved my extended fingers ever so slowly şişli türbanlı escort under her sari, bracing myself for the contact against her blouse and the breast inside it. It was the tip of my forefinger that made the first light, tentative contact with the side of her left breast.

I froze my finger there and waited with bated breath. When there was no adverse reaction, I moved my fingers a few more millimeters, and now my three fingers were touching her heavenly breast very lightly.

Because she was sitting to my right and it was my right hand, I could only brush lightly with the back of my fingers.

Padma didn’t say or do anything. Do I dare to go further? Though I was very scared, I decided to take my chances, as It was a case of now or never. I let my wrist turn such that my open palm now faced Padma’s left breast and a little away from it. I then moved my open palm ever so slowly till it made the lightest contact with her left tit.

I let it touch the breast fleetingly and then froze it. Padma shifted slightly in her seat and that movement pushed more of her left tit into my palm. I did not know whether that movement was by accident or design, but, the end result was fantastic.

Her heavenly breast, which was the object of a thousand fantasies, was in my palm.

Now a little about her magnificent tits.

While Gita’s breasts were very big like melons and round, Padma’s were not perfect spheres but shaped more like mangoes. They drooped slightly and the bottom halves appeared slightly larger and heavier than the top halves. But they were full, firm and very sexy. And they were just the right size in proportion to her figure.

I cupped and gently squeezed her gorgeous breast and was on cloud nine.

She made a very slight sound that was like a sigh and there was a slight tremor. She did not say or do anything further.

Emboldened, I squeezed her boob again, this time a little more firmly. Through her blouse, I felt her nipple stiffen and poke at my palm. This added fuel to the fire and I continued to squeeze her magnificent breast.

After a few minutes, I realized that at this rate I would sprain my right wrist soon, because of the angle. So I reluctantly gave up the priced possession. Soon after that there was the intermission and we all went out and had soft drinks at the stall.

After the break, I thought I should explore new territories. When it was dark, I now let my left hand drop on to her seat and find its bearings. My fingertips touched her sari clad left thigh on the side. I first pressed my tips slightly against her thigh and waited. I then let them move up and rested my palm lightly on her left thigh, midway up.

Slowly I gripped her thigh. It was warm to my touch even through the many folds of her sari and the petticoat. The very feel of her magnificent thigh in my palm drove me to a stiff erection. After a few minutes of resting there, I made my hand into a fist and moved it up and backwards along her thigh. I finally allowed it to rest at the junction of her thighs.

By a slight application of pressure, my fist finally made a light contact with her mound. Though fully clothed, her mound was radiating heat, and even as my fist pressed it lightly, Padma let out a low moan, audible only to me. Her breathing quickened, and in a quick movement, she clamped her thighs shut locking my fist in position.

I was in a daze. Was this really happening, I asked my self. Was that my hand so close to her beautiful, hot, virgin pussy just separated by a few layers of clothing!

After a few minutes of resting there, I wanted to try and grip her mound in my palm, but honestly I was too scared. When I lifted my hand, she shifted in the seat away from me towards Gita.

I got the message, no more games now. After the movie we dropped her at her place and went home. That night I had a wonderful time masturbating, recalling my fondling of Padma’s tits and thighs in greatest detail.

Heavenly sister:

The next few days were uneventful as both of them were very busy with their studies. Except for an occasional peek at Padma’s legs, I couldn’t do much for lack of opportunity.

Then, one day Gita asked me to get home early in the evening so that we could go to a movie. I was thrilled at the prospect of fondling Padma again. We went to see Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” and it was a scary and intense movie.

Everyone was so engrossed in the movie that there was no chance of playing touching games. Both of them literally huddled together. After the movie, we dropped Padma on the way and returned home.

After dinner, we settled down to study. A little while later, Gita said she was still thinking of the movie and unable to focus on study. I told her that I was also feeling the same way.

We then decided to go to bed and try to sleep. We made our beds in the normal position, she at the kitchen end of the room and I at the opposite end.

After a few minutes she sat up and şişli ucuz escort said, “Kid, I am scared. When I am closing my eyes I am seeing that murder in the shower.”

” Yes. It was very scary.”

” Move your bed next to mine, please,” she pleaded.

I felt a genuine concern for my sister as I never saw her scared like this and immediately moved my bed next to hers.

She turned left on her side and rested her right palm on my arm, even as I turned right towards her. She grumbled, “Had I known that the movie was going to be so scary, we wouldn’t have gone.”

” I too got scared, sis, two, three times. But it is a great movie. Murder of the detective was scary and so was Mrs. Bates in her chair in the end,” I added.

“Why are you trying to scare me more?” she chided me and moved closer.

My right hand which was lying between us was now very close to her left breast.

I could clearly see the swell of her big breasts peeking through the top her blouse.

It was the closest view I ever had of her tits and they looked awesome. I forgot everything else and my entire focus was on those twin globes.

I told her, “Sis, don’t worry, I am here with you. Close your eyes, think of other nice things and try to sleep.”

” Be very close to me and don’t go,” so saying she closed her eyes.

I let my left hand rest lightly on her waist and started stroking her gently with light taps, trying to lull her to sleep. I did that with such loving care that she obviously liked my tender touch, and moved even closer to me.

Thus, her left breast came into contact with my right hand.

It was a big moment, a moment of reckoning.

All the wild thoughts and fantasies I had about her magnificent breasts came flooding into mind. Continuing my gentle tapping with my left hand, I let my right hand get the feel of her big breast.

It was like a big melon and I let my fingers press lightly against it. It felt as if I was pressing a big, bouncy rubber ball. Her eyes were closed and her breathing even. So I let my whole palm rest on her big boob.

It could not cover her entire tit. I gently pressed it and then lightly squeezed it. My fingers crept up a little and came into contact with the smooth swell of her big tit and I felt a shock run through me.

I was on fire with desire now and took my left hand away from her waist and put my left palm on her right breast. My two palms were resting on her two big tits and I was shaking like a leaf with raw passion.

I gently squeezed my sister’s breasts. She gave a moan, her eyes still shut and her right palm which was resting on my arm till then squeezed my arm a little. I continued squeezing her boobs for a few minutes, even as my cock became very stiff. I could feel my own heat.

Even though my fingers were touching the swell of her breasts, I had this intense desire to see and feel more of her breasts bare. As she was turned on her side towards me, her blouse front was facing me and it was not difficult to unhook slowly the top two hooks, one after another.

I now inserted my right palm through her partly open blouse top and got hold of her right tit in my palm. She gave a low moan and buried her head in the pillow. I tried to hold the whole of her big tit in my hand and failed.

My fingers were busy seeking her nipple and came into contact with her aureole. As my finger tip massaged her aureole and found her hardening nipple, she moaned again. For such a big boob, her nipple was relatively small and sexy.

Both my hands went to work on her right boob, pressing, squeezing and rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Her nipple became hard and erect. My body was now very hot as if I had a high fever, and my cock was very stiff and throbbing. I felt I would explode soon with this heavenly pleasure.

Gita suddenly opened her eyes and whispered to me gently,”Stop it, kid.”

I reacted as if whipped. I pulled my hands away as if I got a shock. It was as if I woke up with a start. I got really scared.

What was I doing lost in the blind passion! My sister is awake now and she is going to thrash me, or, worse, report me to our parents. My thoughts ran real wild.

I looked at Gita with a guilty and dazed look.

Her action took me by surprise and I was dazed now with wonder.

She sat up and unhooked her blouse completely and removed it from her body exposing her totally bare melons to me.

Stroking my face tenderly with her hands, she asked, “Do you like them, kid?”

I stammered and said, “They are most beautiful, Sis.”

She now lied next to me, gently pushed my vest up. I got the idea and removed it.

She then put her right arm around me and pulled me close to her, so that her bare breasts were now pressing my naked chest and her nipples were rubbing against mine. My arms automatically went around her.

Brother and sister, we hugged each other and tightened our embrace, like lovers. I felt a flood of emotion then; a strong love for my sister.

I was in new territory and this was senior league. I was a virgin and I never went beyond a little touching with any girl and did not really know how to go about, except for my theoretical knowledge. It was now for my loving elder sister to tell me and guide me what to do, and I would do it with all my love and lust.

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