My Sexual Family

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This is my first attempt to write a story of any kind. I’ve always wanted to write, so recently I forced myself to make time to do it. Please, if you read the story, give me your honest opinion about it. I welcome constructive criticism as it can only serve to make me a better writer, and hopefully continue the story. Thanks.

* * * * *

Hi. My name is Denise. I’m twenty-two and live at home with my mother and two younger brothers, eighteen and nineteen. I want to tell you about incidents which happened this past summer, incidents that would change all our lives forever, incidents that caused us to crossover into that taboo world from which we could never return.

We were always a close family, but since my father’s untimely death five years ago, we have become a very loving family indeed. It all started last July, just after the 4th. I was working as a legal secretary in the law firm of Richards & Kuntz, which the employees jokingly referred to as “Dicks & Cunts,” behind the partners’ backs of course. At lunchtime we all sent out for burgers and fries as we usually did on Friday. Bobby, a high school senior who interned at the firm during the summer, would take our orders and make the lunch run, then everyone would eat in the large break room. That day as I prepared to eat, I unwrapped my burger and retrieved the catsup we always kept in the refrigerator. It was a brand new bottle of the thick stuff you have to shake, beat and bang to get flowing. After several shakings and beatings, I hit the bottom of the bottle and a big glob of catsup landed in my lap. I quickly jumped to my feet and while everyone else laughed, my face turned the same color as the catsup. Standing there in white slacks with catsup all over the crotch, I looked like I was …well, let’s not go there. Naturally I couldn’t work in this predicament so I asked Mr. Richards if I could go home and change. Since we weren’t very busy Mr. Richards told me to take the rest of the day off, so I left the office for home.

My mother was also working that day. She is the display coordinator for a local department store. My two younger brothers were probably out doing whatever boys do in the summer, playing baseball, chasing girls. Who knows?

I arrived home anticipating a few quiet hours alone, during which I would soak in a hot bath and submit to the mountains of relaxing bubbles. Entering the house, I headed straight for my room. I needed to get out of those clothes and wash them before the stain set. I quickly removed my slacks and blouse only to discover the stain had soaked through to my panties, so I slipped out of my panties, unhooked my bra, donned my nightgown, and headed for the washing machine with clothes in hand. Walking down the hall I thought I heard a noise coming from the boys’ room at the other end. As I tiptoed toward the door, muffled moans and groans became louder. The door was about halfway open so I peeked in. I couldn’t believe what my two younger brothers, both naked, were doing. Donnie, the older of the two, was lying across his bed on his back, while Ronnie, the younger, was on his knees beside the bed with Donnie’s dick in his mouth.

My first reaction was to be really pissed at Donnie for making his younger brother do such a thing, but my anger quickly turned to intrigue as I observed that Ronnie didn’t seem to mind. In fact he seemed to really be enjoying it. He was good at it too. He would hold his brother’s dick at the base and lick it like an ice cream cone. Then he would wrap his lips around the head and slowly slide his mouth down the shaft. By the way his cheeks were working, I could tell he was sucking pretty hard. After the initial shock wore off I watched more intently and more objectively. I couldn’t help but marvel at the size of Donnie’s cock. It was perhaps ten inches long with a large, purple, circumcised head, and it was nearly as big around as my wrist. I was surprised Ronnie could get it in his mouth, yet he seemed to work the top four or five inches easily. Suddenly I heard Donnie moan loudly and clench the bed covers in his hands. I was sure he was about to cum. Ronnie backed off until only the head remained in his mouth. Donnie’s body jerked a couple of times and I could see Ronnie’s throat swallowing furiously, trying to keep pace with his brother’s rapid fire release. Ronnie took it all, never losing a drop. Like I said, he was good.

After Ronnie had drained Donnie’s balls, he let the slowly softening member pop out of his mouth. Both boys stood up and for the first time I got a full view of the younger cock. It was magnificent as well, maybe an inch shorter than his brother’s, but just as big around. The two just stood there silent, a couple of feet apart, facing each other for a few seconds. This lull in the action made me realize that my left hand had unconsciously worked its way inside my nightie and was slowly rubbing my overlubricated pussy, while my right hand was pinching my hardened nipple through the cool nylon.

My şişli üniversiteli escort attention returned to the boys and for the first time I noticed what truly marvelous specimens of manhood they were. Donnie was six feet tall, his brother a half-inch shorter. Both had blue eyes and blond hair with similar muscular builds suggesting correctly that they were both athletes. Donnie was a defensive back on the football team, but had plans to attend Vanderbilt University on an academic scholarship. Ronnie played baseball. An all-state shortstop, he had offers from several colleges and more than a few pro teams were scouting him. Both boys were popular with the girls, adding to my bewilderment over what I was witnessing.

As they stood there, I wondered if the show was over or if Donnie would return the favor for his younger brother. Obligingly Donnie spit into his right hand and wrapped it around Ronnie’s hard cock. He stroked it a few times and I could see Donnie’s saliva glistening on the younger engorged member. Suddenly Donnie released the dick in his hand and with his feet on the floor, turned around to bend over the edge of the bed, his ass pointed toward Ronnie.

I had heard of anal sex before, but had never done it. Once I tried sticking my vibrator in my ass, but the pain was such I didn’t even get the head inside before I decided it wasn’t for me. Conversely I had given several guys blow jobs before, but I had never had as big a dick as either one of these in my mouth. I actually like the taste of cum, sort of sweet and salty and bitter all at once. What I really like, though, is the feeling of the hot cum shooting in my mouth and trying to see if I can swallow it as fast as it shoots. Right now I wanted to see if an ass could really take such a huge cock.

Ronnie grasped his dick and stepped forward to greet the prize offered him. He teased his moistened dick up and down between the cheeks of Donnie’s ass. Donnie responded by reaching his hands around to grab his cheeks and spread them wide. I could clearly see Donnie’s slightly open brown hole as it eagerly invited the welcome guest inside. Ronnie gently lay the swollen purple head between the puckered ass lips and slowly pushed forward. The hole, though anxious, instinctively resisted the oversized intruder until the hole finally snapped around the penetrating cock. The head was in. Donnie’s body flinched with a protesting grunt as the head broke through the initial boundary. Ronnie froze, allowing his brother’s ass to become accustomed to the onslaught. After a few seconds, Donnie relayed his acceptance by pushing his ass back to invite more of the familiar invader to enter him. Ronnie accepted the invitation by advancing and retreating, a little at first, then with ever increasing strokes until his entire manhood was buried inside his older brother’s willing ass.

Donnie said, “Fuck me, Ronnie,” almost under his breath.

Ronnie, as if on cue, began sliding the length of his monster cock in and out of his brother. A few minutes later as Ronnie’s rhythm became faster and faster, it was apparent that he was about to reach his peak.

Donnie said excitedly but not too loudly, “Cum in my ass. Shoot your hot cum up my ass.”

Ronnie made one last thrust and threw his head back as he held tightly to Donnie’s pushing hips.

“Here it comes, Brother,” Ronnie warned, “Take all my cum.”

“Yes,” Cooed Donnie. “I feel it. I can feel the cum shooting inside me. Give me all the cum you’ve got.”

I couldn’t tell who was enjoying this more, Donnie or Ronnie. It was hard enough to believe Donnie could even take such a big cock up his ass, much less enjoy it as he obviously did.

I could have watched this spectacle for hours playing with myself, but the show was over and I wanted to make a hasty retreat before they saw me. I tiptoed to the laundry room and making as much noise as possible, put the soiled clothes in the washing machine. As they heard my activity, I could hear them scrambling to get dressed.

* * *

Watching TV that night, I couldn’t pay attention to the program. Instead I was thinking about the erotic images of my two brothers that were now burned indelibly into my brain. After everyone retired to bed, I walked to my mother’s bedroom door and softly knocked.

“Mom, You awake?” I asked.

“Yes, Honey,” She answered, “Come on in.”

I entered, leaving the door slightly ajar, and walked over to her bed. “Mom, Can I ask you something?

“Sure, Baby. What is it?”

“It’s kind of personal,” I hesitated, “And if you don’t think it’s appropriate for me to ask you about it, I won’t be upset if you tell me that it’s none of my business.”

“Denise,” Mom reassured, “We’ve always been able to talk. You can ask me anything. What’s bothering you?”

“Did you and Dad ever have anal sex?”

Her face turned red and I was sure I had just crossed the line into subjects mothers don’t taksim anal yapan escort discuss with daughters. After a moment of silence she asked, “What brought this on?”

“Nothing in particular,” I assured her, “I was just wondering.”

“Did someone ask you to have anal sex?”

“No. Really, I was just wondering,” I repeated.

“You’ve been spying on your brothers, haven’t you?” She asked accusingly.

“Mom, You know about that?” I was shocked.

“Of course,” She said matter-of-factly, “When did you see them?”

“This afternoon, I had to leave work early”

“They’ve been doing that for months, maybe longer. I first saw them about three months ago,” She smiled. “It’s harmless enough, and they both seem to enjoy it. I know I enjoy watching them.”

“You do?” Again, I was shocked. “I thought something was wrong with me. I got so turned on watching them, I didn’t even realize I was playing with myself. Hell, Mom, since then I’ve even had fantasies about joining them. Is that sick or what?”

“I can’t answer that, Honey, but I know every time I watch them I just want to strip naked, run in the room, lie down on the floor, and let both of them do whatever they want to me.”

“Are you serious, Mom? You mean you would let your own sons fuck you?”

“I wouldn’t have thought so,” She explained, “But every time I see those beautiful cocks, I want them both inside me. I’m just not sure I could ever get up the nerve to actually go through with it. Anyway, to answer your original question, yes, your father and I often enjoyed anal sex.”

“Didn’t it hurt?”

“A little at first, but your father was very gentle and after a few times I loved it so much I always looked forward to the next time he wanted to take me up the butt. He wasn’t quite as large as your brothers, but almost, and whenever I see Donnie and Ronnie, I realize how much I really do miss a nice dick cumming in all my holes.”

“Wow, Mom. I’m learning things about you I never knew.”

“I know, Sweetie. These are things I never would have told you, but since you asked and I know how you are feeling after seeing your brothers together, I just wanted you to know that I have similar feelings.”

“Thanks for the talk, Mom,” I concluded, “I really do feel better now. Goodnight.”

I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. As I did, I couldn’t help but notice that our little talk had caused her nipples to become hard. Even through her gown and the sheet, they sat up like thimbles atop her large breasts.

I returned to my room glad to have had the talk with my mother, but visibly shaken at the desires I now knew she harbored, and the frankness with which she shared those desires with me. The mental images of me on my knees with a sibling dick in my mouth were quickly replaced by images of my mother lying on her back, letting her two sons take turns fucking her. I slept very little that night. Most of the night was spent making love to my favorite dildo. At least I didn’t have to get up early. Tomorrow was Saturday.

* * *

Saturday morning I slept till ten. The breakfast dishes had long since been put away, the boys were already gone, and Mom was bouncing around the house doing her obligatory weekend domestic chores.

“Morning, Sleepyhead,” She bubbled as I entered the kitchen still rubbing my eyes, “Want some breakfast?”

“No thanks. Maybe just some juice and coffee,” I replied almost mumbling.

“Just made a fresh pot. Help yourself,” She offered as she filled a small glass from the pitcher of orange juice in the fridge.

Neither of us mentioned our late-night conversation and I was glad not to go there this morning. The cold OJ felt good going down. As the coffee slowly swept the cobwebs from the corners of my mind, I found myself looking at my mother in a whole new light. I had always known she was attractive. She still turned many a man’s head, even at 46. She was statuesque and buxom with a ‘never met a stranger’ personality. She had a beautiful face sporting big green eyes, a perpetual smile, and framed by shoulder length, light red hair, which she always jokingly cursed as, “This damned orange hair.” Her five foot seven inch frame carried 140 pounds well, and though she kept in shape, a little middle age spread had inevitably found her hips. Her legs were still long and shapely, and her mammoth 40 DD breasts had begun to sag just a little. I watched her closely as she flitted around the house, dust cloth in hand, humming some indiscernible tune like a barefoot Mary Poppins in blue shorts and a yellow halter top. I was thinking to myself, “Nobody should be this happy so early in the morning. She must be on drugs.”

The caffeine having achieved its desired effect, I felt like I was once again among the living. Mom asked, “What you doing today?”

“I’m going to help Jennifer look for a new apartment,” I answered, “Her lease is up and they raised her taksim bdsm escort rent 50 dollars a month, so she’s going to move.”

“Will you be home for dinner?” Mom asked, still dusting everything in sight.

“Probably not,” I explained, “We don’t know how long it will take. We’ll probably grab some dinner and maybe have a few drinks. I’ll just stay over at her place tonight.”

“Just be careful,” she advised, “You know how the cops are on holiday weekends. They’ll pull anybody over if they think the driver’s been drinking. I’m sure they’d love to stop a couple of girls like you – maybe make a deal to let you off.”

“Ooh! That sounds interesting. After all, it’s been a while,” I teased, “But with my luck it would be a woman cop.”

“Women can make deals too, Sweetie,” She warned, “Just be careful. OK?”

“Sure, Mom,” I agreed, “Don’t worry. We’ll be fine.”

I took a quick shower, put on some jeans, a tee shirt and sandals, and stuffed a change of clothes in my overnight bag. The vacuum cleaner was standing at attention like a sentry in the middle of the living room, giving testimony to Mom’s incessant cleaning. She was now standing on a chair with a bottle of Windex, vigorously making circular motions on the glass with a paper towel.

“You gonna paint the house too?” I joked.

“Maybe tomorrow,” She answered sarcastically, “You can help.”

“Bye, Mom. See you tomorrow. Love you.”

* * *

The day with Jennifer was productive. She signed a lease for the first apartment we saw. It was just as nice as her current apartment, and was thirty dollars less than she was now paying. We stopped for lunch about 12:30. During lunch Jennifer’s boyfriend called on her cell phone. He was on his way back from Dallas a day early and would be in Shreveport around six. Knowing she would want to be with him, and that my presence would certainly qualify as one of those, ‘Three’s a crowd,’ situations, I told Jennifer I really had some things I needed to do at home. Since we had already found her an apartment, I would just go on home after lunch. She thanked me, fully aware that my decision was for her benefit.

I arrived home around three o’clock. Mom’s red Chevy Blazer was still parked in the driveway. Surely she wasn’t still cleaning. The house had to be as antiseptic as a hospital room by now. I eased into the house quietly in case she was napping after a full day of housework. Two bags of groceries on the kitchen table told me she had been to the market. I could hear her still humming from the bedrooms. Where did she find the energy to still be cleaning and humming?

I was about to call after her when I heard her say, “Ooh yes! Like that.”

I could sense the pleasure in her voice. Was she masturbating after a hard day’s work? I hoped she left her door open. I seemed to be turning into quite the voyeur. As I stepped into the hallway, I was discouraged to see my mother’s bedroom door closed. I tried to think of some excuse to open her door when I heard her again.

“God, that feels good,” she whimpered.

Her voice was not coming from her room. It was coming from the boys’ room. Was she in there alone or had she finally mustered the nerve? The door was wide open. Moving stealthily down the hall on my hands and knees, I carefully eased my head around the door facing.

She did get the nerve. She was sitting in the overstuffed chair against the wall facing me. The two boys were on their knees, one on either side of her, both naked and each with a raging hard-on. Mom had her halter top pulled up around her throat, and each son had one of Mom’s nipples in his mouth sucking away as eagerly as piglets on a sow. Mom was stroking the blond locks of each boy’s hair with her hands, her eyes closed while softly moaning with pleasure. She then moved her hands to the arm of each son and firmly lifted. The boys obeyed her silent command to stand and she sat with two huge cocks inches from her face. She raised her arms straight up in the air and as if by instinct the two boys knew to pull her halter top over her head. Donnie tossed it on the floor. For the first time I had a perfect view of my mother’s magnificent tits hanging freely from her chest. They were hefty and pendulous, each the size of a large cantaloupe. Her areolas were rose pink and big around as a coffee cup, in the center, dark red, inch long nipples the diameter of my index finger, still swollen and wet from the spittle left behind by the recent sucking they enjoyed.

My mother took one of the engorged cocks in each hand, slowly stroking as she looked up at the two young men towering over her. As drops of pre-cum appeared on the heads of the dicks in her hands, she lovingly cleaned each of them with a lapping motion of her tongue. She turned to her left and rubbed the head of Donnie’s dick over her closed lips, then slowly opening, she let the hard shaft slip inside her warm mouth.

She easily took six inches of his monster and expertly sucked it, bobbing her head back and forth, occasionally pulling it out of her mouth with a loud pop, then taking it deep again with a, “Mmmmmm.”

Very soon Donnie warned, “I’m gonna cum, Mom.”

Mom pulled the hopeful rod from her mouth momentarily. She looked up at Donnie and begged, “I want to taste your cum, Baby. Shoot all your cum in my mouth.”

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