My Instant Sisters

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Some memories will stay with a man all of his life. I imagine this particular memory will be with me when I’m just another old man sitting around the courthouse on a hot summer’s afternoon. I’m not there yet, but I’m splitting the difference. And this story is fairly accurate. It’s not a fantasy. In writing this, it will help me to keep the memory fresh regarding something that happened twenty five years ago. Readers, thank you for sharing with me.

1978 was a year for disco. Elvis was dead. Guys wore their hair and sideburns long and girls were bra less under peasant blouses. The Love Boat was prime time. You could still get Quaaludes. Drug tests had yet to be invented. No one had heard of AIDS. The Pill was in every girl’s pocketbook.

This was the era in which two of my wife’s sisters and their mother had come to visit for a week. It was summer, and we lived in a small apartment just off Peachtree St. in Atlanta with no air conditioning. It was my first time to meet her sisters. I won’t go into the whys of all that, it’s another story.

Upon meeting Cheryl, the older of the visiting sisters, I was completely smitten with her beauty. She was in the first full bloom of womanhood, with perfect alabaster skin, chestnut hair worn shoulder length, and most of all, a big easy smile to go with her placid nature. I instantly felt at ease around her although the sexual attraction was evident as well.

The first night after they arrived, I went into the extra bedroom with the girls’ make up case and some other odds and ends from the car. Cheryl was in there, making up a pallet on the floor for her and her sister to sleep on. She’d already gotten ready for bed, showering while everyone else was staying up visiting in the living room.

I came in with my arms full and she rushed over to help me unload. Her hair was wet and she had on an extra large man’s T-shirt. We got the things put down and she bent over her make up case, digging for her hair dryer, while we made small talk.

As she rummaged, I looked down her oversized shirt and admired her breasts. She’d reach up to push her hair behind her ear, it seemed almost to enhance my viewing pleasure. I was lost in a world of want, looking at those perky upturned wonders. I wanted to nibble those small pink nipples as she crushed my head to her bosom. Lost in my reverie, silence intruded, and I became aware that Cheryl was no longer digging through her case. In fact she was holding her hair dryer and watching me watch her. My eye’s met hers and she broke into that brilliant sunburst smile.

“I’m going to dry my hair before it frizzes up”, she said. ” Do you think I ought to put something on a little more decent?”. The last she asked with a grin, and off she went to the bathroom.

Later, everyone was asleep. Roo, my wife gently snored from time to time. I watched the fan as it made each pass over the bed, cooling for a moment, stifling the next. A moth banged against the screen attracted to the night light.

I lay there naked under the sheet, thinking about a girl naked under a man’s T-shirt. In my mind, I’d already gotten up and gone to her. In reality, my fingers were gently sliding up and down my hardness and had been for a while. My other hand cupped my now aching balls, teasing myself, the recent memory of the other room exciting me further than I needed to be. My cock was slick from want, I could glide my hand down, ever so slowly, shivering with each up stroke.

My wife rolled over on her side facing away from me. A car went down the street, briefly illuminating the room and Roo’s sleeping form. I eased the sheet back from us both and cast about for a towel, feeling that familiar tingling starting.

The moth continued to flit against the screen in counterpoint to my now rapid fisting. I gazed at Roo’s round ass in the dim light and thought about those perfect tits in the other room. I wanted to roll on my side and enter those dozing cheeks. My own wetness would have afforded an unfettered entry.

But my long time of self caress worked against me now. Now inevitable, I would spray, whether I touched myself or not. I could see the sheen of sweat on my chest and feel my balls hard fast against the throbbing in my hand. I was cumming! Now! In agonized silence, I fell off the edge, a delirium, a spouting, a scream in my own head, echoing on and on as my need emptied at last.

Consciousness returned, only like a cloudy dawn after a black night. I put the abused towel under the bed and glistening with sweat, fell fast asleep- at last. The moth still banged against the screen, and the floor creaked in the hall by the door.

The day began warm and humid. I awoke, needing to pee. In the kitchen I could hear coffee cups clanking and voices. The spot next to me was vacant and the sheet was neatly pulled up over my chest.

I pulled on some shorts and padded to the bathroom. It was piled high with girl mess, cleansers, cremes and brushes. The rug was rumpled up against the door. I pulled the door to as much beşiktaş türbanlı escort as possible and relieved myself.

As I was about to start the shower, Lisa, the younger sister walked in with her toothbrush and rubbing her eyes. She got all the way in before realizing I was there.

“Oops, I’m sorry, I’ll come back.” she said, beginning to retreat.

I climbed into the stall and grinned at her confusion. She was trying very hard not to look at me. I said, “No, you’re fine, I’ll be washing up”.

“Good, ‘cause I gotta go”, and relieved, she pulled up her nightshirt, giving me a glimpse of her young mouse before she sat and peed like a kitten.

As I showered and she brushed, I could feel her eyes from time to time peering into the medicine cabinet mirror trying to penetrate the steam shrouded shower doors. Growing up without siblings, I reflected on the newness, the strangeness of suddenly having sisters.

In one way, I was an instant brother, a familiar, to be treated as such, and in another, a man, with a man’s body. Such feline curiosity could prove to be trouble, especially with the latent eroticism I was already experiencing.

I was toweling off and was drying my hair blindly, when I suddenly smelled coffee. Than I felt my flaccidness engulfed, my scrotum tightened as a pair of warm soft lips enveloped me. Unwinding the towel from my head, there was Roo below me. With her free hand she waved towards the coffee cup sitting on the vanity.

She gently nibbled and sucked for a few minutes, hers eyes smiling up at me. The ritual continued a few moments, coffee and arousal mixed, until her mother’s voice announcing breakfast from the kitchen ended the intimate moment much too soon.

“Can you wait, will it be all right?” She asked. I grabbed myself, but she said ” Huh-uh, that’s mine, let it be!” She pulled the door halfway to and as she left, she whispered, ” Let’s not be nude in front of my sisters, OK?”.

Saturday is shopping day. Roo’s mom decided to accompany her to the store as well as go see the office where my wife worked. The girls were watching TV and I went out and washed my motorcycle.

As I was finishing, the two sisters came out to visit. They were both dressed in halters and shorts. Cheryl’s was the Bermuda style and loose fitting. We all sat down under the old oak by the drive. A slight breeze had come up, so rare in the summer months. It made the grass bend and sway as each gust came and went. The city is quieter on the weekends, although I could hear the constant hum of traffic up on Peachtree Street.

I pulled out my pocket knife and started playing mumbly peg as we chatted. The girls wanted to learn, so we drew up in a circle, sitting Indian style in the grass. Cheryl faced across from me, her sister to the left. I showed them how to flip the knife off their fingertips to stick into the ground.

I was watching Cheryl practice flipping the knife in front of her crossed legs. My gaze continued up her soft thighs to where her shorts began. To my happy surprise, I was able to keep gazing further north because of the looseness of the shorts. She would move to pick up the knife and afford me a view up to her white cotton panties. I could see a few stray pubes and once as she reached I saw the outline of her sex defined in the soft material.

I had to look away. My mind was already providing the infill, explicit shots of that chubby pussy, grown thick with want. Labia wet and shiny, her- I must stop. Surfacing from this rush of fantasy, my member already growing turgid and needful, I looked up to see the girls grinning at each other. How bewitching, how dangerous! A change of pace was in order.

I asked the girls if they’d like a bike ride. Lisa wanted to ride first. We donned helmets and mounted. Her small soft hands encircled my waist. Off we went, Cheryl waving to my mirror. I rode carefully, although I did have to speed up suddenly at one point to beat a light. Lisa tightened her hold, small firm tits against my back.

As we rode at a more relaxed pace on some side streets, I showed her some of the fine older homes built a century ago. We talked and giggled back and forth and her hands began to roam my sides and arms. I made her hold on properly and returned just as my wife’s car pulled in with the groceries.

The day wore on and skies turned white as the blast furnace heat returned. We decided to take everyone out to Stone Mountain and play. It was fun to watch their reaction to the cable car ride up the mountain and viewing the heroes carved in bas relief gracing the northern flank. The wind was blowing steadily at the top.

Furtively, I would glance at Cheryl’s figure as the breezes molded her clothes tightly to her. We walked down the mountain, collapsing at our picnic area. I was elected hot dog cook. All the women folk chattered like squirrels, passing out paper plates, talking about relatives, funny family events in the past and so on. After beşiktaş ucuz escort our lunch, the frisbee was pulled out and we played under the trees. I tried not to notice Cheryl’s nearness and just focused on relaxing.

We returned well after dark, having stopped at the Varsity for dinner. It was shower stampede time, this author drawing short straw, only cold water left.

I emerged to find everyone wearing old thin T-shirts of mine. They were all piled up in the living room, the TV casting the only light. I went to the kitchen to get some ice water only to find Cheryl reaching into the fridge for the pitcher.

The light from the open door shone right through her (my) old shirt and I was suddenly, acutely aware of her near nudity. She was bent over with her soft round ass in full view, her firm tits swaying as the bottom of the shirt hung slack. I could smell the clean grassy freshness exuding from her tender chubby pussy, just peaking out from those downy cheeks. I wanted the moment to last forever!

The motion continued, however, and she turned, startled by my nearness. “Oh hey, do you want some of this?” she asked,waving the pitcher.

I nodded, spellbound as she pulled another glass from the drainboard.

Then, with that big smile, ” Get down some ice, will you?” I nodded and started breaking ice out of the trays. Sighing, she said,” Whew, when does it cool down?”, then reached up and piled her hair on top of her head. On impulse, I took a cube and held it against her neck.

She stiffened for a beat as the cold shocked her and then relaxed, placing both hands on the counter. She made a contented sigh. I watched the ice melt, rivulets running down her back and between her breasts. Suddenly, she grabbed the hand towel, “Oooh, that’s cold on my butt, Brrr!”

I took the towel from her and reaching under her shirt, dried the small of her back, trailing south, my fingers just grazing her naked rump as I removed the towel. She gazed up at me through half open eyes and a lazy smile about the time I heard approaching footsteps. My wife came in, finding us hard at work fixing ice water for everybody. She took out a tray of them, telling us to come on. We grinned and joined the rest.

It was a James Bond rerun on channel 17, going for midnight. The mom was in the easy chair dozing. Roo had gone to bed not feeling her best from the Varsity grease. I was in the other chair dozing off and on, the sisters on the couch. Lisa had her knees pulled up under her shirt, looking like a little tent with arms. Cheryl got up and moved the fan a little and sat back down.

From where I sat sprawled, I faced away from the TV. The fan was on the other side, now mainly blowing on the girls. I had awoken a little when the fan got moved, but I was very groggy. Cheryl was sitting on the end of the couch facing me and the TV.

As the fan’s breeze reached her, her shirt would flutter up. She reached and pulled it down. The movie wore on and she became engrossed. The fan kept fluttering her shirt bottom with each pass. Her legs spread a little and I could just barely see her cleft in the flickering light from the TV. Finally, she reached down and pulled it up around her neck waving it to and fro.

I heard Lisa hiss,” Hey, what if he’s awake- he’ll SEE you!”

Cheryl glanced over at me and smiled, ” No, he’s asleep. If he’s not, he SHOULD be. Anyway, it’s hot, I’m going to bed.”

Next , the television was off and I was alone other than their mom sawing logs in the easy chair. Maybe this vision, this houri, was all a dream that I imagined. But I could hear them in the other room, settling, bedding down, whispering. Than all was quiet, except for my pounding heart and the surety of what I’d seen.

Emboldened, I tiptoed to the guest bedroom threshold, listening all the while for the stentorian snores emanating from the living room. My eyes adjusted in the dark, the pale forms on the pallet taking shape. Lisa was sleeping on her stomach, clad only in panties. Two of my old shirts were hanging on the bedstead.

Cheryl was on the far side and harder to see. I strained to see her, my heart pumping furiously. She was laying on her back, and as I watched, she pushed the sheet down, past her breasts, dewy with sweat. Her tits curved up to points, so inviting, so biteable! The sheet continued down past her stomach and then even with the swelling of her fair mound. I watched her tits rise and fall with her breathing, watched as one hand languorously slid across her taut belly to arrive at her pubis.

I heard a scratching sound and saw the sheet undulate slightly. The snoring from the living room suddenly paused. I was flushed, sweating, impossibly horny. Please, don’t let this end now! I begged silently to no one in particular. My cock was distended and I had gripped it through my shorts in my arousal.

Once again, the snoring resumed. I looked back into the bedroom. Now she’d pushed the sheet to mid thigh. As I watched, beşiktaş üniversiteli escort that hand that scratched, now caressed, fingertips gliding down that furry cleft, returning to slightly spread and examine. I heard a small wet sound and could see her hand describe an orbit ever so slow.

Then a tapping, then travel back to her hole. Again that wet smacking sound and her hand appeared to tap against her pubis. It came to me. She was finger fucking! Than her knees drew up and Cheryl’s thighs hung open, affording me a better view at last. Her hand came up to resume that slow sensual orbit at her mound. Her other hand kneaded her tit, pulling and pinching her nipple.

I waited, wetness staining the front of my shorts, balls screaming for release. Suddenly her hips jerked. Had she come? Is she done? Is her pussy slick? If only I could see! Then I heard a contented sigh and her legs relaxed.

Time passed, me still as a church mouse, frantic with want. Three paces and plunge into that tight cleft. Let me give us release. Let me- Cheryl rolled over on her stomach, the sheet pulling completely away. Oh that ass, so womanly, so inviting!

Envisioning it rippling as I speared her from the rear, my head was roaring and suddenly my seed spilled unheeded into my shorts. Blackness, stars, nebula, did I cry out? God no, please let me be silent. I trembled as cum ran down my thighs, my waistband sticky. In the distance, I heard the sound of thunder, see a brief flash of heat lightening.

Sunday morning brought distant church bells and the threat of rain. I was sponging myself off and then went back to our bedroom with cool wet cloths. I pulled back the sheet and gazed at my wife’s nakedness.

Reaching down, I started gently wiping her pussy. In her sleep, she sighed and spread wider. I washed her carefully, cleaning her folds and intimacies. Than I placed a towel at her junction and eased myself onto the bed.

I placed my face against her mound, feeling the pubes tickle my nose. Blowing softly, then licking those lips, watching her engorge. Like a flower opening to the sun, her inner lips parted, eager for my lips to suckle and nibble.

I licked downwards, tasting her growing need, hearing her awaken, moaning softly. Returning to find her clitoris erect, demanding sucking and receiving it. Watching as my sleepy head gathered her breasts in her hands and squeezed them, nipples tight and dark. The sharp intake of breath as I drew her hard clit into my mouth, arching a finger into her canal. Finding the roughness in the velvet inside, while nipping her man then tongue sponging her top to bottom.

She trembled, pulled a pillow over her face and archeed her back. The end was near. Big round tongue lappings, pubis to clit, another finger joins inside, playing a tarantella on the G, then sucking, sucking. A muffled shriek emanates from above, soft hips suddenly muscular and demanding, tightening on my head. Then violent bucking, my head in a silent Valkyrie’s vise, my face awash with her cum, her salt.

Trembling, soaking in sweat, she released me. With the other rag I wiped my face, then sponged her softly. She couldn’t talk yet. I brought her some coffee as I heard the rest of the house start coming to life.

Some days passed and heat continued unabated. We went visiting on Sunday, then back to workaday schedules. The sisters and their mom played tourists going to Grant Park Zoo, the Cyclorama and then Six Flags.

The evidence of my past debauchery was safely hidden in the bottom of the hamper, to be explained,(if noticed) in the future. After dinner Wednesday night, I went to the Chinese grocery for some stamps. Cheryl decided to walk with me. She wore a loose blouse tucked into old thin jeans with short boots.

As we turned a corner, I got to admire the view of her ass flexing and swaying. I got caught.

“You sure do look behind me a lot”, she grinned.

I replied that I was a sucker for old jeans, especially if they fit well.

“Aw, you’re sweet!” she said. We marched on, I couldn’t help but watch her tits swinging free under the flimsy gauze. On the way back, she reminded me about the bike ride she hadn’t gotten yet. I told her we’d go right then if she wanted to. Upon our return, I fished out the helmets while she went to tell her mom. The rest of the gang was going to a movie. Roo gave me the “You behave!” look as we went out.

We rode off, heading north. I really wasn’t planning any itinerary. All I knew is what I could feel. What I felt was a pair of nice soft round tits against the back of my shirt and a pair of long thighs molded to mine as we cruised the early evening traffic. The heat of the day was still with us and the hot asphalt didn’t help. I was covered in sweat from riding through such a sauna.

Then I remembered a pond north of the perimeter. I’d been shown it a year or two earlier. It was on an abandoned estate just above Sandy Springs. How I learned of it will be revealed in the future, but it had belonged to relatives of the Candlers, who started Coca Cola, the only real soft drink.

The house was a ruin, but there was this beautiful pond on the grounds that the locals went swimming in on a hot day. This had qualified as a hot day for sure! We bee lined to it, carefully going off the road and around a fallen tree, and pulled the bike into a thicket.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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