My Daughter Massage Pt. 03

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As you recall, in the last story, I promised Helen and Kristina a vibrator for fun. Well, I went to the sex shop and bought two identical WE-Vibe, so I could control them from my phone. I was ready for Helen’s next visit to give them their presents. In order to be able to use them right away, I decided to completely charge, clean and prepare them. I had loaded the app on my phone and both devices were ready.

Kristina kept telling me when we were alone, about the last time we played together, the fun it had been and all of Helen’s comments ever since.

“Dad, you should hear Helen, she can not believe how much fun it was! Since then, she sends me sexy text messages and yesterday she sent me a picture to share with you, but I had to wait for mom to be absent to show it to you. Do you want to see it?”

“Of course, I want to see it, what do you think?”

“Okay, but first you have to kiss me!”

At that moment, I got closer to my daughter and gave her the most erotic French kiss you could think of, our tongue swirled together in a very slow sexy way. At the same time, she grabbed my dick and said, “I can not wait for next time, now here is the picture!”

It was Helen in bed with a banana in her pussy and she had a finger that was penetrating her butt hole. We could not see her face, because the angle of her phone. The text that accompanied the picture was, “For you and your father to enjoy! I feel so vulnerable! Horny! And ready to submit to all kinds of sexy games with you two! “

I looked at Kristina and said, “Go get a banana in the kitchen! Bring it here and make sure you do not wear panties, also wear a skirt!”

“But dad, Mom is upstairs!”

“Remember that you’re my little naughty sex toy now and we’ll have fun when I say so!”

“Ok, I’ll do it but I’m soooo nervous!”

At that moment, she left and did what I asked her to do. When she came back, she had changed into a little schoolgirl skirt and a white blouse without a bra. I could see her small perky breast and knew she was excited! Her nipples were hard, perky and swollen, the white of her blouse was very opaque, which was giving me a beautiful view. Arriving in the basement, she undid a button. I saw her look at me and smile as she pointed out that it was open to her belly button.

She had the banana in her hand, and she looked at me and said, “Daddy! We must be careful! I do not want to get caught by mom!”

“Honey, you’re going to sit on this sofa and spread your legs, and make sure to put your feet on the sofa, because, I want to have a great view of your pussy!”

“Ok dad, but I’m shaking, I’m nervous!”

“I know, it’s half the fun, now take the banana and rub it on your pussy lips, up and down and on your clit! Keep doing that slowly, push the tip of the banana inside your pussy, but just barely and back out again. I do not want you to push it in completely just yet! Keep doing this until I tell you to push it all the way in! I’ll pick up your phone and send a video call to Helen while you tease us!”

“Really daddy!”


“OK! Do it!”

On that, I made the video call to Helen and told Kristina to continue. Helen answered the video call and was surprised to see me at the other end of the call.

“Mr. X. Is there something wrong! Why are you sending me a video call?”

I told her, “We saw your picture that you sent us, it was delicious to look at and decided to return the favor! Look what Kristina is doing for us!”

I turned the phone to Kristina and we could see the banana ready to go in and out of her pussy, it was all wet. I told Kristina, “It is ok now Kristina, push the banana inside your pussy for both of us and look at the phone while you do this, we beşiktaş türbanlı escort want to see your beautiful face!” While my daughter showed us this erotic view, she tried not to make noise, to prevent her mother from hearing us!

I said, “Helen, my wife is working tomorrow and I want you to come home to sleep tonight. I bought We-Vibe for both of you and I’m going to play with you two. You can not say no! you are both my sex slave now!”

“Ok! I’ll be here after dinner!”

Kristina was about to cum from the banana masturbation she was doing. Hers eyes were almost shut and she kept biting her lower lips. She was breathing heavily and faster now, so I told Kristina to enjoy herself to the orgasm and make me taste her pussy juice on the banana after. At that moment, I saw her bite her lower lips, shake and stiffen! she was so sexy! She looked at me in the eyes when she came! She slowly removed the banana, it was all wet with her pussy juice and she brought it to my mouth, where I tasted it. I heard Helen make a noise as she was masturbating.

I told her, “Stop, keep this for me, see you later!”

Later in the evening, Helen was at home with Kristina, they were both laughing in her room and my wife said, “I’m going to bed because I’m working tomorrow.”

“Ok honey, good night! I will stay here and watch TV.”

30 minutes passed and I checked if my wife was asleep, she was fast asleep. I texted Kristina and told them to come down the basement.

When they arrived downstairs, I watched them both and they had a look of naughty shy girl ready to play. I said, “You want to watch a movie with me!”

“Yes, of course DADDYYYY! What movie?”

“You’ll see, but first, here’s a present for both of you. You must go and insert it into your pussy with the big part inside and the smaller part touching your clit, make sure it’s turned on. It’s called We-Vibe, I’m going to control the vibration from my phone, you can not take it off at any time!”

“Ok Mr. X”

“DADDDDYYYY! what are you going to do to us? I’m excited!”

“You will see!”

They left and when they came back, they looked at me blushing and did not know what to do. I was sitting on the sofa on the other side of the couch and said, “Sit on the couch across me. I will start the movie!”

At that point, I started the movie and the beginning is promising because they show a preview of the images to come and we saw two young women tied to a bed and an older man who used a big vibrator on their pussies. Then we saw the image of a girl getting fucked while eating another girl. We also saw the image of two young women working on an older woman while the older gentleman was watching them.

Kristina looked at me and said, “Do you want to do this to us, Daddddyyyyy?”

At those words, I started their We-Vibe at a very slow mode, they both jumped and giggled.

I said, “I’m going to do that and more! Finally, Kristina! You will have to try to seduce your mother later and do that for our carnal pleasure!”

“Really, you’re crazy, she’ll never go for that! Anyway, she went to bed and she is sleeping!”

“Yes, she will like it I am certain! And it does not have to be today, because you will need time to build her up to it, but I know your mother desires this. She just does not know how to do this. She always wanted to try with a woman and one day, we were watching a porn movie and the hostess was seduced by her daughter. Your mother was silent and was breathing heavily, so I told her that it was so erotic?”

She looked at me and said, “Yes! It’s true and yet so impossible in reality!”

“Is it really impossible, darling? if they are both adults and beşiktaş ucuz escort consent to it. I bet Kristina would love it, because the other day I heard her talking to Helen and telling her how hot and sexy this woman his! Not sure of Helen’s answer, but Kristina answered, I could surely fuck my mother, and I heard her say this, “Of course Helen, I would invite you if Mom wanted too!”

She looked at me and said, “You’re kidding? She did not say that!”

“I told your mother that you said all this and later in the evening, she practically raped me, she was so excited. I told her that the movie really had her turned on. She answered more than I could think about, but it will never happen, I’m sure! I told her to keep an open mind! We never know!”

At this explanation, I increase the intensity of the We-Vibe and the two girls move even more on the couch. The intensity and vibrations really started to do their work on them. The movie progressed and I look at Helen and told her, “Helen, take off your panties and show us your wet pussy!”

“Ok Mr. X! I can also see that you are excited by that throbbing cock bulge in your pants and loved what you see now! I hope we will get to play with you Mr.X!”

“Yes of course!”

At that moment, she got up, took off her pajamas and her panties and we could see the juice run from her pussy on those thighs that were all wet.

“Helen, you’re so wet!”

“Yes, I would like to cum so much! But you keep my orgasm built up so slow with this toy! I beggggg youuuuuu! I want to cummmmm Mr. X!”

“Not yet darling! I have another plan! Kristina, take off your pajamas and panties, show us your pussy if it’s as wet as Helen’s!”

“Yes Dad, I’m very wet and ready to cum also!”

“First ladies! You will do what I say. Helen get on your knees on the couch and drop your head on the side of the couch so that your ass is in the air!” to those words Helen bent over the end of the couch revealing her ass and pussy from behind to Kristina and me. It was so wet she was dripping!

“Ok, like that Mr. X!”

“Yes, that’s fine, now Kristina, I want you to lick her asshole and pussy and when she’s ready for a good fuck, you’ll tell me!”

At that moment, I increased the intensity of the vibration and they made a small cry of pleasure at the same time! I could see Kristina’s tongue coming in and out of Helen’s asshole. I was so hard that it was difficult to hold back from touching them!

“Dad, she’s wet and ready, what do you want me to do?”

“Put your finger onto your pussy lips and get them real wet with your creamy juice and insert one finger at a time into her asshole!”

Helen was breathing hard and said, “It’s so HOOOTTTT! I like it so much! But if you continue with this We-Vibe, Oh Goddddd I will CUUUUUMMMM AAAAARRRRGGGGG! “

So, I slowed the intensity of the We-Vibe until it was to minimal. I got up, got undressed, went in front of Helen and I told her to put my cock in her mouth. My daughter was so hot behind Helen and she said, “Daddy! Tonight, you must fuck me please!”

“Only if you promise to seduce mom!”


At that, I increased the intensity of Helen We-Vibe, I removed my cock from Helen magical mouth. I went behind my daughter, I turned off her We-Vibe, I removed it from her pussy and I put my cock on her pussy lips, teasing her! She pushed hard on my cock and began to breathe very heavily. She was so wet and tight. She is so small for a young woman in her twenties. I increased the intensity of Helen’s We-Vibe to maximum with jerking motion. Helen was shaking all over. During that time, I was fucking Kristina so hard and she kept licking Helen asshole and jerking beşiktaş üniversiteli escort back on my cock, tightening her pussy lips around my shaft. We were all breathing very heavily. I was about to cum and I saw that Kristina was ready to cum and the noise ARGGHHHHH that she was doing while sucking Helen butthole was just too much for me!

Then she said, “DAAAAADDDDDYYYYYY! Faster please! Stronger! I’m about to CUUUUUMMMMM!”

I started to penetrate her so hard and hit the back of her pussy. She enjoyed that so much that she screamed ARGGHHHHH! and then I heard my wife say, “Is everything okay in the basement?”

My daughter said, “Yes mom! Sorry for the noise!” While shaking and cuming, she was dripping so much creamy juice on my dick and I started to spurt inside her, I filled her up so much that I thought I was going to pass out.

My daughter looked at me got up, put on her pajamas and said, “Daddy! I’m going to see mom and I’ll start my seduction as promised!”


“Yes Dad!”

She left and I stayed with Helen, she asked me to fuck her in the ass and that’s what I did as all this excitation was keeping me hard, she was so tight and I could feel the vibration of We-Vibe on my cock while I was fucking her asshole, that sensation on my cock was so much and after a while I started to spurt cum all inside her, I was coming for the second time that night, WOW!. She was biting the sofa to muffle her noise and was jerking back on my cock cuming like crazy! We fucked for a while and the movie was finished. So, we started to relax kissing slowly and then we heard my daughter come downstairs.

“WOW! It took you a long time! What happened? Tell us?”

“I told Mom that you had fallen asleep and that Helen and I were Bi and decided to have fun. I told her; I was sorry I woke her up. I said you did not even move that you were sleeping really hard on the sofa. She laughed and looked at me and asked if I really liked women. I answered yes. She made a little cry and I asked her if she had already done it with a woman when she was younger. She looked at me a little shy and puzzled and slowly answered “nooooo! I never had the chance.” So, I told her, you never had a chance which means you would have liked it. She said yes. At that moment, Dad, I laid down next to her on the bed and started rubbing her belly with my finger and I told her she should try it, it’s fun. She replied, I wish one day, but I do not know anyone who might be interested as our friends are stuck up.

“At that moment, I took her chest gently with my hands and she looked at me with that look that says to continue and yet confused. So, I said to Mom, “May I caress you to sleep.” She answered ok. I kissed her gently on the lips and she started French kissing my dad! At that point I knew I was going to make her cum, I got down slowly on her, licking and sucking her neck, down to her breast. I cupped them with both my hands and started to lick her nipples, biting them, she was breathing so heavily. I kept going down with my tongue onto her belly while still massaging her breast. She was arching her back. I removed her panties and started to lick her pussy gently, she was so wet. I gave her a crazy orgasm, then I told her to lick me.

“When she did, she said I tasted good, but different, she said almost like your Dad, She didn’t know your cum was mixed with mine. I replied, it shows that we are from the same family. She sucked my clit to an amazing orgasm then I kissed her and told her to sleep and said, “You know, Helen would like to join me someday when daddy is away, to give you multiple orgasms.” Mom said to me, “Do you really think she would?” And I told her that Helen and I were little sluts and would like that. Mom said, “Your father can’t find out!” And I replied that if he learned about it that I would fuck you too and that I am sure you would like it! Mom took me by the neck and gave me such an intense kiss. So, what do you think about that daddy, was I a good slut to you!”

“Honey, you’re the little princess I’ve always needed. I love you both!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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