My Brother, The Nude Model Ch. 02

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“I’ll have a large caramel iced coffee and… uh… I’ll take a medium french vanilla frappuccino too,” Jacob said.

“That’ll be $6.25,” said the barista, marking down the order on two plastic cups. The coffee at Gaslight Coffee House was among the best in San Diego, and pretty damn cheap too, which was one of the reasons Jacob made it his regular hangout. The warm ambience, created by the softly lit, dark wood interior and the ever-friendly staff, was another.

“Thanks, Lauren,” said Jacob to the barista as he swiped his credit card. He knew every worker by name, and they knew his as well. Jacob stood off to the side and looked out the floor-to ceiling window at the calm waters of San Diego Bay. Dusk was quickly settling on this Friday evening, and Jacob enjoyed the regular sight of hulking gray naval ships navigating the harbor.

“Order for Jacob!” Lauren called. Jacob walked up to the counter and collected the two cups, taking them to a windowside table. He sipped the iced coffee and set the frappuccino at the side opposite him, in front of an empty stool. Katrina walked up from behind Jacob and sat down in the other stool, drying her hands on her jeans after exiting the bathroom. Katrina had her silky hair down, resting on her bare shoulders. Katrina was wearing a sexy, strapless white top that accentuated her perfect, curvy breasts. She took a sip of the frappuccino.

“This is so good!” she gushed. She took a few more sips.

Jacob rolled his eyes. His sister got the same drink almost every time they went to Gaslight together. “Let me try some,” he said, reaching for the cup. Jacob took a sip and made a sour face.

“This is way too sweet! How old are you, 12? Do you need this much sugar?” said Jacob. Katrina shrugged off Jacob’s question.

“Tastes great to me. Let me try some of yours,” Katrina said. She took Jacob’s plastic cup and sipped through the thin purple straw. Seeing Katrina’s glossy pink lips pursed around the straw as she sipped aroused Jacob. Katrina contorted her pretty face as the coffee hit her tongue.

“How do you even drink this, Jacob? It’s way too bitter,” she complained. Jacob laughed. His sister would never learn to appreciate real coffee, but he decided against arguing with her. Jacob looked toward the bay.

“Pretty evening, huh?” he said. Katrina looked out the window as well.

“Yeah,” she said. “This is my favorite time of day.” Jacob found it hard to disagree. The sunset was pretty much over, but a faint pink glow could be seen on the horizon underneath the handsome purple-gray sky.

“So what’s new with you, Katrina? I don’t have any work this weekend. Want to go somewhere?” Jacob asked.

It had been about three weeks since the first night the two siblings had hooked up. Since then, they had kept up their passionate relationship, although taking every precaution to keep it a secret.

“I need some landscape and nature photos for art. Plus it’s been a while since we left the city. Yosemite, maybe?” she suggested. Yosemite was far away, about a 7-hour drive with good traffic conditions, but both of them were free over the weekend and were desperate to get outdoors for a change, away from the stress of college life.

“Sure, but we’re going to have to leave really early tomorrow,” said Jacob. He owned the car, and drove Katrina wherever she needed to go.

“Sounds great,” said Katrina. She and Jacob finished their drinks while finalizing plans for the trip. They thanked the staff for the great coffee and got into Jacob’s Camry. After the 15-minute drive back to the University of San Diego, Jacob dropped off Katrina at her apartment building and shared a long kiss with her. He didn’t drive out of the parking lot until he saw his little sister safely enter her apartment.

The next morning at 3 AM, Jacob pulled up in front of Katrina’s apartment. Just he expected, Katrina was already waiting at the curb, dressed in a gray hoodie and black leggings, carrying a blue backpack. Jacob smiled. Katrina was always ready for an adventure. She put her bag in the back row and sat beside Jacob, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“You completely packed?” Jacob asked his sister.

“Of course,” Katrina said. “I’m more than ready.” She was asleep within 10 minutes of getting on I-5. Jacob looked at his sleeping sister, her left hand on his thigh as she sat slumped over, breathing softly. I’m so lucky to have her, Jacob thought. He got breakfast and coffee for both of them at a supermarket in LA, but she slept through that stop as well. The sun was rising as he pushed the Camry to 10 over the speed limit on the 99 towards Yosemite. It felt so good to be on the open road again, but this time, Jacob wasn’t alone. At just around 10:45, he parked in Yosemite Valley and woke up Katrina.

“We’re here, sis,” Jacob whispered as he kissed her forehead. She was beautiful even waking up from a deep sleep, strands of her pretty chestnut hair escaping her ponytail.

“Is beşiktaş türbanlı escort it too hot for leggings?” Katrina asked. Jacob stepped outside and sampled the midday mountain air.

“Yeah, you should plan on a warm day,” he said, but also hoping she would reveal more of her perfect body. Katrina understood and changed into black Nike shorts and took off her hoodie, revealing a pale blue athletic top that covered her sports bra. They stepped out of the car and put on their backpacks, making sure they had their phones, water, and Katrina’s camera.

They went to the visitor center and the Lower Yosemite Falls trail, where Katrina snapped a few pictures of the majestic, roaring cascade. They visited other viewpoints, where Katrina took a few pictures of Yosemite’s majestic granite formations. “Can we hike already?” Jacob pleaded. “You have enough pictures.”

Katrina reluctantly agreed, and they caught a shuttle to the eastern end of the valley and began a hike into Tenaya Canyon. This was a lesser-known part of the park, and the siblings wanted to avoid the crowds at more popular trails such as the Mist Trail to Vernal Falls. It was already mid-afternoon, but Katrina had gotten plenty of pictures, and they weren’t planning on a long hike anyway. Hiking side-by-side, Jacob and Katrina followed the meandering trail underneath the pine trees. Despite the shade, Jacob found himself sweating and removed his white tee, baring his toned chest for his sister.

Katrina looked over at her shirtless brother. He had a great body, and Katrina felt her nipples harden as she looked at his sweat-slicked, muscular torso. “Come on, Katrina, take your shirt off!” Jacob encouraged her, smiling. “You’ll feel so much better.” Katrina took his advice and tucked her top into her backpack. It really did feel better, the cool breeze rushing over her stomach and arms relieving her discomfort. As an added benefit, she knew how much it turned Jacob on. For Jacob, seeing his little sister in nothing but shorts and a bra set him off greatly. Her beautiful, slender legs and round breasts evident under her bra were more than enough to get Jacob’s blood pumping. Her reddish-brown hair was in a bun now, and she had put her sunglasses up on her head, revealing her delightful dark brown eyes.

After about 30 minutes of hiking, they pulled off the trail and shared a bottle of water while seated on a rock. “Katrina, I know this cool place a little way off the trail. It has a waterfall and a pool. What do you say? There’s probably no one there,” said Jacob.

Although there were very few people on the Tenaya Canyon trail, Katrina wished for absolute privacy with her brother. “Sure,” she said. Jacob led the way after they veered off the main trail, following a creek for a few minutes until they arrived at the place. Sure enough, there was nobody there. A clear pool of water about 30 feet wide, fed by a small, babbling cascade, lay amid some rocks. Jacob and Katrina set their stuff down, removed their shoes and socks, and sat together with their feet in the cool water. Katrina took a few pictures of the pool and leaned her head on Jacob’s shoulder.

“This is nice, Jacob,” Katrina said. “Should we swim?” Jacob nodded.

“You first,” Jacob said. Katrina nodded and placed her sunglasses and camera beside her bag. She began to wade deeper when Jacob grabbed her arm.

“Take it all off,” he said, gesturing to Katrina’s clothes.

“You sure no one’s going to see us?” his sister said.

“We’re practically the only ones who know about it. Plus, you don’t want wet clothes. You didn’t bring a change of clothes, right?” he said. Katrina nodded. The rest of her clothes were in the car. She got out of the water and stood in front of Jacob.

“You can undress me, but you have to swim with me naked, too,” she said. Jacob agreed and slipped off her shorts. She was wearing white panties underneath, which he removed as well. Her hairless vagina was now on full display to Jacob, its pink, delicious folds begging for Jacob’s touch. Katrina looked around nervously, half-expecting someone to surprise them. Jacob laughed.

“Relax. No one is going to come here. Besides, no one knows who we are. We’re just a normal couple, if anyone asks.” Katrina was reassured by his steady words. The cool air tickled her bare pussy, and she silently pleaded Jacob to eat her out. She liked the idea of fucking him outdoors, where they could be seen, and her cunt began to throb. Jacob kissed her just above her clitoris, savoring her taste, then removed her sports bra. It took a little effort to remove, but Jacob was rewarded with the sight of his sister’s perfect tits. They were perfectly sized, not too large that they swayed with the slightest movement, but large enough to give Katrina a filled-out figure. Though it was a sight Jacob had seen many times, gazing at his little sister’s bare breasts never failed to get a rise out beşiktaş ucuz escort of his dick.

She undid her ponytail and let her wavy chestnut hair rest on her full, heavy breasts, just above her erect pink nipples. Katrina savored the feeling of her older brother admiring her naked body and was well aware of the erection appearing in his shorts. “Damn, Katrina,” Jacob said, ecstatic. “Can I?” he said, indicating his desire to rediscover the taste and feel of Katrina’s body.

“You don’t even need to ask,” Katrina responded. The look of desire and hunger in Jacob’s eyes delighted her. Katrina lay down on her back in the shallow water, resting on the pebbly bottom. The cold mountain water was a few inches deep, submerging only the underside of her body and leaving the rest above water. She spread her legs and looked at the dark green tops of the evergreens surrounding them, seeming to scrape the blue sky. Small birds chirped and flew around, setting Katrina’s mind at ease.

Jacob got on his hands and knees in the water and went to work. He put his face between Katrina’s legs and worked his tongue throughout her dripping pussy, soaking in the sweet flavor of her vagina. Katrina closed her eyes as he feasted, trembling with pleasure each time his tongue made a pass through her pussy. She felt him using his teeth to gently nibble her vulva and clit, and she shuddered with pleasure. Her legs tensed up and she pressed her legs together around his head. Jacob loved his sister’s reaction every time he tasted her. He ate her cunt like a delicate fruit, working it with his lips and tongue and sucking on the sweet, juicy folds of skin. Unable to hold it any longer, Katrina let out a cry and trembled as she climaxed, sending her love juice gushing onto Jacob’s face.

Her chest heaving and eyes still closed, she expected Jacob to relent and let her pleasure him, but Jacob wasn’t done. He took in a mouthful of sweet, cold water and spit it in a stream onto Katrina’s rigid nipples. She gasped and tensed her body as the frigid water rushed over her sensitive breasts. Her senses had never felt so heightened, the melody of the peaceful forest, the bitter cold of the mountain water, and the thrilling tingle of her earlier orgasm turning every touch into pure bliss.

She moaned as Daniel suckled on her nipples and massaged her sensitive flesh with his strong hands. Jacob clearly relished every touch, tasting her nipples and exploring Katrina’s curves with his hands and mouth, gently moaning. As Jacob worked his fingers gently through his sister’s throbbing vagina while orally pleasuring her tits, Katrina was soon rewarded with another body-shaking orgasm even stronger than the first. Jacob licked her pussy clean and let Katrina lay alone for a couple minutes, her plump tits heaving up and down as she gradually returned from her orgasmic bliss, tears streaming down her flushed cheeks.

Jacob removed his shorts and underwear and steeled himself to enter the water. Katrina watched him walk naked to the waterfall and climb into the chest-deep water underneath. “Holy shit, this is cold!” Jacob screamed as the waterfall crashed onto his hair. He quickly jumped out of the water, shaking uncontrollably. Katrina laughed and walked over to him.

“I can see that it’s cold,” Katrina said as she felt the tough skin of Jacob’s ballsack, which had tightened in the icy water.

“Let’s swim together, Jake,” she said playfully.

“Not a chance. My dick is going to freeze off,” said Jacob, laughing. Before he could react, Katrina pushed him forward and he slipped into the frigid pool. He shivered but stayed in the water.

“You have to jump in, too, Katrina,” he said to his sister who was still giggling and standing nude at the edge of the pool.

“You have to catch me then, Jacob,” Katrina said. Without waited for a reply, she leaped forward, screaming in delight. Jacob caught his sister and fell backwards into the water. They both surfaced, shaking water out of their eyes. Katrina placed her arms around Jacob’s neck and pressed her lips to his. Jacob felt Katrina’s stiff nipples and supple boobs press against his chest as his little sister passionately made out with him. They felt just like reckless kids again.

Katrina felt Jacob’s cock harden and rise, pressing against her leg. She broke the kiss and gripped her brother’s boner under the water. Katrina sucked in a deep breath and submerged herself, locating Jacob’s rock-hard dick and sucking on it for a few seconds before she had to surface for air.

“How did that feel?” she asked Jacob, wondering to herself how many of her friends had given underwater blowjobs before. I’m probably the first, she thought, then giggled as she realized how stupid she looked trying to suck Jacob’s dick underwater.

“Ummm, well, my whole lower half is numb, so I didn’t really feel anything,” Jacob admitted. “Don’t worry about me right now. Let’s just have beşiktaş üniversiteli escort fun.”

They made out again, this time under the waterfall. Jacob ran his hands through Katrina’s hair and gazed into his sister’s endearing eyes, savoring the sight of her gorgeous face. “I love you more than you’ll ever know, Katrina,” he said, meaning every word of it. “Who fucking cares who we are? Nothing should be able to come between us,” he said bitterly. On the verge of tears, Jacob found comfort in the taste of his sister’s lips as they made out again.

Katrina found herself nearly crying, too. Strong, confident Jacob, who she thought would never show weakness, was overcome by emotion. “Let’s not worry about anything else,” she whispered above the sound of crashing water, and locked lips with him again.

Exhausted and shivering, the siblings climbed out of the water and lay side by side, their hands clasped between their naked bodies. Neither of them spoke for what felt like hours as they silently soaked in each other’s presence. Finally, Katrina spoke up. “You know, I’ve always wanted to get fucked outdoors.” It had always been a fantasy of Katrina’s, and today she had just the right amount of recklessness and lust to get it done.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Jacob said, standing up and brushing the sand off his back. His dick was soft, but after a couple minutes of stimulation from his sister’s mouth and hands, he was ready.

“In the ass first, Jacob?” Katrina said. Though Jacob enjoyed fucking her pussy much more than her ass, Katrina loved anal and wanted to loosen up a bit before the main event. He agreed to her proposition, and Katrina got on her hands and knees. Jacob positioned himself behind Katrina and eased the head of his cock into her tight butthole, then fit the rest of his wide shaft into her butt.

Jacob was never really a fan of anal, but he knew how much Katrina loved it. She had a tight butthole, and the way his little sister moaned while taking Jacob’s cock from behind was such a turn-on for him. “Harder, Jacob,” she begged, although it seemed to Jacob like she could barely handle it now. But Jacob knew better than to say no to his lovely sister, and rammed his dick deeper into her, his balls slapping loudly against her shapely ass.

With each powerful thrust by Jacob, Katrina’s body rocked forward and she stifled screams. “Oh fuck, Jakey! Just like that!” she moaned. Her tits were now swaying wildly as she felt her brother’s massive shaft stretching out her ass, sending waves of pleasure through her. Tears began streaking down her face. His hands gripping Katrina’s slim waist as he forcefully pushed his dick several inches deep into his sister’s ass, Jacob began to feel a familiar throbbing in his cock as it glided through Katrina’s asshole.

Katrina yelped as she felt hot spurts of cum deep inside her ass. She hadn’t expected him to cum from anal, but that was even better because Jacob would last longer in her pussy. Jacob groaned as the last drops of semen shot into Katrina’s asshole, then he withdrew his erection and sat, panting, against a rock. Katrina, trembling with pleasure, cleaned the strings of cum off her older brother’s dick with her tongue, reveling in its salty taste.

Seeming to remember they weren’t in the privacy of each other’s rooms, the siblings both looked around and instinctively covered themselves, but were relieved to find that no one else had stumbled upon their secret paradise. Katrina wiped sweaty strands of her out of her eyes and kissed Jacob. “Are you ready for your little sister’s pussy?” she said sweetly in between deep breaths, knowing how much Jacob loved it when she talked dirty.

“The question is, are you ready?” Jacob responded, which elicited a playful slap from Katrina.

“Loosen it up for me, Katrina,” said Jacob. “Play with that pretty pussy for your older brother.” Katrina loved Jacob’s dirty talk even more than she loved talking dirty to him, and she began to finger her sopping wet vagina. Jacob watched intently as his little sister played with the juicy lips of her tight, beautiful cunt, and his softening penis stiffened right back up.

Katrina absolutely loved touching her pussy, even more when she had her loving brother as an audience, but nothing in the world compared to the heavenly euphoria she felt when taking Jacob in her tight vagina. “Fuck me, Jake,” she said hoarsely as her throbbing, dripping pussy ached with desire. Katrina was on birth control pills, so it would be fine if she let Jacob fuck her raw.

Laying on her back with her legs up, Katrina felt Jacob run his fingers through her vulva before squeezing his bulbous pink head in between her legs. She stifled a gasp as Jacob slid his manhood into her tunnel. Both of them tensed their entire bodies, as they allowed the feeling of Jacob’s engorged cock pressed tightly between his sister’s wet, sensitive walls to overtake them.

Jacob fucked Katrina like a man possessed. She was certain that no man in the world could produce such pleasure as Jacob did. At times, he was an animal, forcefully fucking his little sister’s delicate cunt until she was nearly screaming. Other times, he slowed down the tempo and allowed Katrina to feel every single ridge of his impressive cock slide against her soaked pussy walls.

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