Honoring Your Lingam

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Hi you. Getting ready to write an erotic fantasy about you, I’m sitting here at my computer nude as I always do. Aside from my computer, this room houses my art supplies, drawing table, framing supplies, life drawings and books. It is in the front of the condo and faces the street. I have opened the mini-blinds enough to allow in some morning light – enough to permit me to view the white gardenias and dark pink azaleas that I planted last year in the small front yard space. The association considers it a common area, but I planted to my own tastes and have requested they not tend here.

For a long time, I have fantasized about someone driving by and seeing me sitting here with my long blond hair falling around my large bare breasts. The window is fairly close to the little street here. Although no one can see in, my fantasy is that they can. I have even fantasized standing in front of the window stroking my bare pussy with my right hand while squeezing and fondling my left nipple with my left hand, pausing for a moment to inhale the delicious musk on my fingers before finishing their task, pleasuring myself until I cum.

Lost in these thoughts, I brush my right hand lightly over both my breasts and caress them. They feel so soft and warm this morning. I already feel so turned on now that I just have to pinch my already erect, rosy nipples with my thumbs and forefingers. Perhaps it is because I awoke in a sensual, nurturing mood from our nice conversation last night; you know how turned on I get listening to your sensuous, manly voice, especially when you talk dirty to me. Perhaps it is because I am about to get my period. My breasts are always more full right now – full like engorged, swollen pussy. Isn’t that a nice image, engorged, swollen pussy? Mmmm…I love the sound of that. My clit is always harder and bigger right before my period, too. I am always insatiable… like now…

Sitting here, I am aware of a strong heartbeat pulsating inside my dark pink vagina. I like its openness this morning and can feel a longing ache along the spongy front inside as well as the tingling sensations in my clitoris. If I lean forward far enough in the chair, the pressure warmly stimulates my rippled g-spot as well as my clit. I like doing this. My inner muscles contract with thoughts of tightening around your hard penis. Light orgasms rock me forward exhaling breathy moans of pleasure.

Wow. Okay, breathe… Time to organize my thoughts and write. I can’t waste all day lost in euphoria. Or can I? I wish! Gosh, my clit is just throbbing. You know, speaking of clitori, I was reflecting the other day about them. I find it fascinating how everything down there can be all closed up, sealed like the bud of an unopened flower … all tightly wrapped around itself. What is inside is amazing: beautiful sensations that can emanate from such a tiny microcosm of a world all its own, explosions of sensation that can affect my entire being so profoundly. The bare whisper of your breath half an inch away, blowing on my clitoris that can make me cry out, arch my back and buck my pussy into your face begging for contact. The lightest connection the glistening wet tip of your tongue makes with my hard, pink little rosebud that can send jolts flying throughout my body to my nipples and beyond…watch out you don’t get struck with lightning. The shudders that can permeate my being and electrolyze every nerve fiber. It is amazing. Totally powerful … yet all cared for and protected in the inner sanctum of a hooded secret garden.

Before I start writing, I want to be sure to look again at the color photograph I sent to you the other day. Remember it? bursa escort It is the one of that natural-looking, brunette with her lips wrapped around some unknown (to us) man’s hard penis. I sent it to you because like most men, you love having your cock sucked! Seeing that photo makes me want to slip my warm soft pink mouth onto the rose-colored head of your sweet sensation.

It really pleases me when you lie back and allow yourself the gift of being pleasured like that. Your lingam is a gentle and tender treasure. When I hold it in my hand and caress it, the warmth of your soft skin tells me just how tender and gentle it really is. I am cradling something very sweet and precious, something that deserves to be honored and nurtured.

I will be grateful if you will allow me to honor your essence. In order to do this, I want to have your undivided attention. I want you to have to think only of receiving enjoyment.

With your permission, I would first like to wrap soft black deerskin around your wrists and tie them to the bedposts so that your arms are extended. Making sure you are comfortable, I would like you to relax, let me spread your legs (without your help) and tie your ankles to the lower bedposts. In this position of total surrender, space is created for you to relax, enter a state of higher arousal and receive expanded pleasure from your phallus that you are not used to. Quiet your mind and let all anxieties go if you can in order to be able to receive the energy and focus your concentration on enjoyment. I, in turn, get to embrace the joy of your surrender to your softer, gentler side. With pillows under your head, you can watch me if you would like. Placing a soft pillow beneath your bottom, I will be better able to lick and kiss your groin along the silky-soft fold of your inner thighs, and eventually run my tongue all the way down around your most sensitive perineum and your clean, sweet, sweeeet-tasting hole. I can hardly wait to bury my face between your legs, but first things first.

So, I begin. I rub some warmed orange-scented jojoba oil in my hands and place them on your abdomen. Feeling your exhale in tune with mine, in that quiet pause between breaths, I take the right hand and move it up towards your heart. Resting my hand here with the left hand on your abdomen, we breathe conscious intention into our actions.

Gliding the left hand up to meet the heart, I begin to massage your chest. Pushing and pulling your thick sensuous breast meat with warm oil, I can feel the beginning of your letting go as you close your eyes and exhale a long sigh. Light squeezes on each of your nipples, gradually increasing the pressure, alternates with quick flicks of my rigid tongue, sucking them erect while my hands continue to knead your beautiful breasts into my mouth.

Kissing each nipple a sensuous adieu, I lick my way down to your pubic area, letting my long hair follow me and feather your belly. I sit up now and you can feel how wet my pussy has become. A tender smile lights your face. I remind you to breathe deeply so you can extend the length and intensity of the myriad of bodymind sensations.

You are as always, clean-shaven. You like to show off all of your pretty jewels that are laid out before me, just inviting me to come and play. Seeing your legs spread like they are makes me blush with desire and gasp a deep breath of air. Once again I will say that I can hardly wait to bury my face between your legs!! I am so turned on that I lightly brush both hands over my breasts and nipples. I notice that my nipples are so erect; they seem to be almost cold. My skin is highly charged because I am so excited and bursa escort bayan ready. I pick up my right breast, caressing it in my right hand, twisting my big nipple back and forth, rolling it around and pulling on it with my thumb and forefinger. I lift my large juicy breast to my mouth so you can watch me swirl my tongue around my dark pink erect nipple. I moan and close my lips around it. Our eyes meet for a moment’s smile before you watch my nipple disappear into my mouth. Your audible gasp astounds even you. I witness you writhe with wanting; you can hardly stand to be restrained, unable to touch me. It excites me to know that I turn you on so much. I know you get off watching me suck my own tits; remember the first time I did it for you, how excited you were? You told me that you loved watching me do that!

My nipples are actually warm and tingling with excitement as I am writing this, that I have to give them some squeezes now. Maybe I’ll lift them to my lips. Nibbling on them sends shivers of delight down to my already swollen wet ocean. I feel like I am juicing the chair. Good thing I have a towel underneath. I can smell it later and savor the scent of my own sex. Speaking of which, I sure do wish I could lick my own pussy! 😉 I would love to just get down there and suck on my own vulva’s pretty little nipple.

Holding you in my hand, the warm soft skin makes me purr as I begin by planting sweet kisses all around your crown. Barely running my tongue around the rim, licking the ‘y’ on the backside, I kiss ever so softly, lick slowly and gently, tasting every morsel. I love the taste of you. I love inhaling your scent. I can’t get enough. I rub my face all over your penis, drink its sweet essence, caress it and see it so closely that it looks bigger than life.

I want you to feel the excitement of being more active within the confines of being restrained. A yin/yang tension of fire and water, pain/pleasure. I ask you to tell me what you want me to do. I know that you know how you like it. Tell me. I’ll do anything. Would you like me to rub my hand up and over the top of your head while I jack you off, squeeze, pull up and push down? I do a bit of this to see if it is what you want. Do you want me to squeeze hard? Can I give little pats and spankings? Spankings not unlike the ones you give me on my ass. I tap the side of your hard shaft. You are so erect that you spring back to standing straight up. Do you want me to run my tongue up your inner thighs, caress your balls, lick them and suck them? May I pull on your scrotum while I suck your balls? And play with my pussy, too, while I’m doing that? It turns me on to know that you can’t do anything but watch. At this point you are squirming, raising your pelvis up off the bed, going nuts and telling me to “Pleeez just suck my dick! Honey, pleeez!” It just makes me so hot thinking about it that I can feel it in my feet even. I have to rub my breasts all over you. I kneel over you and let my pendulous breasts hang on either side of your swollen meat that is standing up to greet me. I sway back and forth letting them tap you with little spankings. Your cock is bulging and hard between my breasts. Bulging and hard, but so soft against my smooth skin. I slide up and down your shaft to feel it warmly tickle my belly before lowering myself further so my face/cheeks stroke its length. My open mouth wants my wet insides to make contact. But no…not yet. I make myself wait. I make you wait. My lips dryly whisper sweet nothings along your shaft. Laying my cheek against it as if half expecting it to start cooing.

Finally, my tongue wets the full length of your rock hard dick, licking escort bursa and sucking it like a lollipop. I lick it gently at first, then more firmly, sucking harder, getting you hot just so I can blow cool air on you. Pulling back, the energy builds inside you slowly rather than too fast. Your breathing gets deeper as you let go and moan from the mounting sexual tension. I look into your eyes while my hand is wrapped around the base of the shaft squeezing and sliding up and down, twisting like I did with my nipples, turning you on. Right when you are the hardest, and it seems like you might be ready, I slightly pinch your scrotum between the testicles and pull a bit to prevent orgasm. I hear a loud groan. I feed myself some ice from a glass I have purposely placed nearby. The frigid cold on your fiery hot meat just sends your mind spinning out of control into a pleasurable abyss. Yours moans are wild now and they turn into screams as your hot passion strikes the icy contrast.

It’s time to unleash all that bound-up power. Are you ready? I know your desire is to cum in my mouth and I would sooo like you to have that wanting satisfied. Quickly, you push me onto my back and climb on top of me, straddling my chest. You playfully dangle your jewels in my face. We laugh at the fun we can let ourselves have. Lying beneath you, I must tell you what I see. This sight is so magnificent! What a pleasure it is to get such a privileged view of you! Your lovely bare balls are so close to my face! Your skin looks so smooth and silky and smells SO sweet; I love them hanging in my face like they are. I caress them, rub my face in their flesh and absorb their essence while running my hands all over your belly, drinking in all of you.

It has driven you crazy but finally you get your wish as you see me open my mouth, ready for you to guide your stiff cock down my throat. You begin your long descent into the darkness. In. … Out. In … Out. Going slowly. The look on your face tells me intense sensory delights are right on the top, ever so beautiful. I gaze into your eyes and we look at each other as I trustingly let you thrust yourself into my mouth. I extend my arms out so that I can’t restrain you, so that I am totally open to letting you fuck me this way.

Finally. It is what you have been waiting for. Your body trembles and shakes as your loud sounds of letting go echo throughout the walls of the room. When you are finished, you collapse onto me. Feeling your warm spent energy blanketing me, my body starts to spasm with my own delightful little orgasms. You just love it when I cum like that – just from our energies interacting and not from any specific act done to me. Lengthening my breath to make my orgasms last longer arouses you. You are pleased that I remember what you have taught me and it entices you to bury your tongue in my mouth so that we can both taste your own sweet cum.

Because you were restrained for so long, you have maintained your erection and you are wanting of more. This time, though, you want to excite me but you also want to make me beg you. Are these paybacks? You remind me how you like to enter me slowly, stop … then pull out and hold your hard cock just outside my cunt. You do that and follow it with barely touching my opening with your glowing crown, teasing me, running your cock up and down along my hot pink slit. I ask you to please fuck me and I’m practically pushing myself towards you but you keep making me wait. I want you so badly now that my pussy is just soaking wet. I move my hand down towards my cunt so I can put my fingers inside and rub my g-spot but you grab my hands and hold them down on the bed. Oh how I want us to look into each others eyes while you thumb my clit deeper and deeper until my groans tell you I can’t take anymore and my loud screams beg you to fuck me. Pleeez! You remind me to just keep breathing deeply…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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