Her Halloween

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Her Halloween, A Trick or A Treat

She kicked at the sand as she walked on the beach. Felt strange to her that it was so warm for the last day of October. Halloween, normally a chilly holiday built around spooky stories and trick or treating but not for her this year. This year was more of a treat. A business trip with perks. A few hours a day, listening to corporate pep talks and then a chance to relax and be free. Professional to the end, she represented herself well. She was early for the morning seminar and was at the least, prepared with notepad in hand. The reality was that they could have been talking about any topic but that was not her focus. Sitting in front of her was one of her bosses. He was a regular visitor in her thoughts. She often wondered what he looked like undressed. Curious what he thought about her, outside of her work resume. As she made her way back into her room, she glanced at the adjoining door that connected their rooms. So close but so far away. Was he thinking of her as she thought of him?

A quick nap before dinner was all she wanted. She laid there drifting between reality and fantasy. Once again her mind was on her boss. She imagined him in his room. She knew that he was thinking of her. He would not be able to control himself so he entered the shower. Warm water ran down his back as he slowly began to rub his engorged cock. She thought of how his breathing would pendik escort become heavier. How his eyes closed and his mouth opened. Was he thinking of her body or what he wanted to do with it? She knew her thoughts were safe so she let them come streaming in. She had the power and control to think whatever she wanted to, so she did just that.

After a slow lick, she eased her fingers between her legs. She parted her lips and felt the warmth and the wetness. She began to rub and found the spot which she would concentrate on. With her other hand, she played with her nipples. She pulled them and squeezed. She was so very wet. Thoughts of being taken, running through her mind. She slowed down and found a less aggressive rhythm. She wanted this to last.

She was at that point, ready for the first orgasm when she opened her eyes. She saw the shadow of the door expand. He was watching her. As if no time passed, she came to the conclusion that she was beyond the ability to stop. Her back arched as she came. She did her best to muffle her scream but she was not quiet. She didn’t want the orgasm to end but she knew that there would be more.

By the time she had finished cumming, he was at her bed side. As she felt his hands softly touch her skin, she reached over and released his cock. It filled her hand. Warm, hard and thick, she began to lick slowly from the base to the top. She opened her mouth maltepe escort and let it enter. It tasted as she had imagined. He played with her breasts and then worked his way down to her thighs. Parting her legs, he used his tongue to explore. She felt her body tense as he circled her clitoris. She wanted him inside her so bad. She was going to cum again.

She heard the knock, first faint and then more pronounced. She could not believe her luck. She was determined to ignore it until she heard a throat being cleared. Her eyes slowly opened, to familiar surroundings. Yes, it was Halloween but she was not at a resort. She was in her office. She remembered closing her blinds and that she had locked her door and that for the first time in her career, she was going to masturbate at her place of work. They would think that she was busy and no one could get in. No one, except for her boss. She saw him standing there in front of her desk. She had been caught. She was leaned back in her chair with her form fitting skirt hiked up around her waist. Her tall black boots were firmly spread on her desk. Her breast had long since spilled from her sweater and the wet spot under her ass was too much evidence to overcome. Stunned and fearing the worst, her mind raced to get out of this mess. She knew she would be fired and that scandal would follow her. She knew that there was no way out. And then what she kartal escort would see changed everything.

He stood there staring with cock in hand. No, it wasn’t the cock that she had envisioned. It was much larger in length and girth. As she attempted to stand up and gather herself, he was behind her. She felt his firm hand grasp her hair and the other graze over her breasts. He bent her over the desk and she felt the warm tip of his cock slide across the length of her pussy. He eased it inside of her. She was so wet that it gave little resistance, First it was just the tip, slowly in and out, always finding its way back. He let go of her hair and placed both hands on her ass. He slowly let his cock penetrate deeper and while she moaned he quickened his pace. She reached down and rubbed her clit as he continued to thrust that impressive cock deep inside her. She felt his body against hers beginning to become tense as he grunted with joy. With rapid thrusts, she felt his cum explode deep inside of her. She came hard as he continued to fuck her. Her pussy squeezing his cock until she was finished.

Before she could get herself together and without a word, he quickly exited the room. She could not believe what had just happened. She knew that her job was safe and so was their secret. He had a significant other. He would not talk. As for her, she could not wait to get home and tell her husband. She had no fear, knowing that he would share in the excitement. That he would ravage her cum soaked pussy and that a secret fantasy that they shared had been fulfilled. She felt wonderful. Halloween she thought, a trick of her mind and then a very erotic treat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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