Her Dirty Doctor Dreams Come True Pt. 03

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This story is the third installment of a multi-chapter series called “Her Dirty Doctor Dreams Come True.”


Until just moments ago, I didn’t know that my patient Stefania was actually “Sabrina” the mystery woman I’d been lusting after for weeks, but yet here she was, in my arms. I’m on top of her, and she is practically naked, her hands locked around on my neck as we kiss on my exam table with the intensity of two people who’d spent a year in lock up.

It was all so very wrong, so very unethical of me … so intensely arousing.

“Dr. Demarco!” There was another knock on the exam room door.


“Sorry to bother you again but we need you to authorize a script. Patient says it’s an emergency and she’s called three times already. Driving us crazy! Oh, and your 9am is still waiting! Doc, is everything ok in there?”

“Yes, just a minute,” I croaked, nearly breathless, as I stood up from the table and attempted to smooth my hair back into place. There was no helping the throbbing hard-on that was about to rip through my pant seam.

Stefania was looking at me with those doe-like eyes again, except this time she appeared relaxed, as if our kiss had provided her some great release. She also didn’t seem the least bit concerned that at any moment my nurse could burst in and discover our budding dalliance. I’d be stripped of my license and everything I’ve worked for all these years would go straight to hell.

You’d think this realization would’ve dampened my desire too.

That’s the thing about succumbing to your baser nature, once you do it, there’s no other way to but down.

I grabbed for my cock and wrestled it under the waistband of my pants, securing my lab coat over it.

I only had seconds to figure everything out.

“When can I see you and where do you live??” I realized I sounded frantic and quickly reverted to my clinical manner.

“I’m three blocks from the hospital,”she said as she grabbed my prescription pad and scrawled her address and number.

“I’m booked for the evening swing shift so I am headed there right after today’s appointments. Supposed to be out by eight. Maybe nine at the latest? But you never know with delivering babies.”

She stroked my hand, tilting her head to the side coquettishly.

“You’ve got a long day ahead. Come over any time tonight and we’ll just relax. I’d like to take care of you for a change. ”

“Perfect, and if any of your neighbors look at me crooked, I’ll just tell them I’m your uncle.”

That made her smile ear to ear.

“You’re like no uncle I’ve ever had.”

“That’s probably a good thing.”

As I raced to the next appointment, I wondered to myself what “just hang out” means these days. Should I bring her anything? Would there be chit-chat first? Oh god. Am I’m too old for this? My mind was racing again.

Maybe I’d better reread the fantasy story she’d written with me in mind. How kinky did she want to get? I had the passing thought of throwing a speculum in my bag.

The pendik escort other problem – I was wildly attracted to her but I also had the nagging sense of wanting to protect her. She seemed so vulnerable now, which was such a departure for her. And she obviously thought so highly of me.

I wanted to be sure not to miscalculate anything.

Leave it to me to over-think no-strings-attached sex with a much younger woman.

My dick, on the other hand, was clearly not affected by any of this incessant rumination, as it remained in the ready position for at least an hour after we parted.

He is so tall and good looking that I don’t even think of how much older he is. No… I’m lying, I think that’s the part really turns me on. The thought of him coming to my apartment this very evening isn’t even making me nervous as I thought it would. It gives me a strange sense of comfort, like a knight in shining armor is being sent to me. I never was the type of girl looking to be saved.

So much has changed.

My intercom buzzes at nine on the nose. There he is in my hallway, his skin slightly glowing with sweat from the sultry evening and his dark brown, wavy hair the slightest bit mussed. I pause a moment to take in his chiseled features and inviting lips. He’s holding a small bouquet of white flowers and grinning boyishly.

I melt.

Her apartment is quite nice – neat and sophisticated like she is. It’s definitely feminine but you can tell a man lived here not too long ago. I noted a few spaces on the wall where framed photos had been removed. Then I made a note of the well-stocked wine rack. Never a bad thing.

“Come over here, you,” she said, pushing me into the nearest chair.

So much for hellos…

She kissed the top of my head and began massaging my shoulders.


I shook my head.

“Just a long day, you know?”

She looked really adorable to me standing barefoot in her short, floral sundress. I don’t think she had a bra on but her full breasts looked especially enticing spilling over the deep neckline. I have a thing for her nipples as I’ve mentioned. An image of them from her exam this morning flashes through my head.

Her hair was the slightest bit messy from the humidity.

I pictured how it would look once I was done with her.

“Let me help you relax,” she said.

I’d come here knowing what would happen, but all I could think as she approached me was how far I’d deviated from the man I thought I was.

Why did this have to feel so good?

I kneel before him and run my hands over his very strong thighs. I try to play it cool but I really can’t wait to unzip his fly. I haven’t been with a man in what seems like forever.

The way he carries himself with such confidence must have given it away, because I sure was onto something when I wrote him into my fantasy story with an improbably large penis. There’s just something about an obscenely big cock that’s always been appealing to me – that feeling of being totally taken. maltepe escort

Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

His “too much of a good thing” is now staring me right in the face. I am actually a little scared (and wetter than I’ve ever been).

She takes all she can of me into her mouth, her pretty head moving gingerly back and forth, the look of surprise still in her eyes. Her mouth feels fucking amazing.

As the intensity builds, my pelvis juts out involuntarily and I grasp at handfuls of her hair, guiding my rod deeper in as gently as I can. I’m only half way in her mouth and the head of my cock is already bumping the back of her throat.

I am a lot to handle.

I cannot stop thinking that this woman with my cock in her mouth is my patient. To my dismay, the notion only makes me hornier.

But all thoughts dissolve as I’m carried away by the confluence of so many sensations, her tongue swirling around the tip, her hand working in unison, gripping me firmly, her tongue on my balls.

Stefania is deriving intense pleasure from servicing me, and soft moans escape her lips as she bobs up and down on my stiff cock.

She’s got a perfect rhythm going now, and try as I might to delay the inevitable, my body seizes in a cataclysmic shiver as I spew an ungodly amount of cum down her eager throat.

She pauses a long time and then gulps hard.

“Good girl.”

Stefania wipes her mouth like nothing happened and smiles at me innocently as I kiss her forehead the way I always do at her appointments.

I can’t wait for what’s next.

Despite the weakness in my knees, I scoop her up gallantly and carry her to bed where I gently lay her down. I sit, sidesaddle next to her, my feet on the floor.

“Are you here to tuck me in?” she says, putting on a little girl voice while raising one eyebrow devilishly.

“I haven’t decided what’s in store for you yet, sweetheart.”

A peek below her floral dress reveals tiny white cotton panties, always a turn on in my book. I start to feel her.

My fingers trace the front of her pussy, and through the thin fabric I can make out the outline of her lips. She tenses up as I apply pressure and go for her clit, and her quick breaths become audible.

She’s pulled down the top of her dress by now and is pinching at her nipples. My hands wander down to her ample ass. I picture how I will pound it later. For now, I’ll be nice.

I gently kiss her belly, inner thighs, and work my way slowly all the way down to her delicate ankles. As I do this, I continue massaging her clit lightly through her panties.

She’s breathing hard and arching her back, pushing harder against my fingers. It takes all my restraint not to rip off her thong and stuff my cock into her, but I am enjoying watching her writhe.

“I have an idea. Why don’t you show me what you do when you’re alone?”

She flashes back a coy smile and, wasting no time, eagerly replaces my hand with hers and begins playing with herself.

As her kartal escort white panties become soaked to the point of translucency, I can see her pink clit swelling through the cotton.

She spreads her legs wide for me and pulls her panties to the side with one hand, finally exposing her warm pussy – the very scene I’d imagined in my head, over and over again.

I take a moment to appreciate her body outside of the garish glare of the florescent lights in my clinic. Even there, she’d been a lusty enough vision to me. Her small lips are perfectly symmetrical and the inside of her is invitingly smooth. She’s fondling her firm breasts, their large, brown nipples standing at attention as as she rubs her clit sensually.The look on her face …

“You dirty little girl.”

She’s inside herself now. I see how wet her fingers are as they emerge over and over. She traces them back up to her clit, the lubrication allowing her to caress it at more feverish pace.

I whisper to her: “Do you think of me when play with your pussy?”

My cock feels like it’s going to explode again.

“Always,” she breathes.

“And what am I doing to you?”

“You’re licking my pussy and fingering me.”

This is my specialty, by the way.

“You’re getting me ready for your huge cock.”

My mouth begins to water.

To start, I stiffen up my tongue and run it vertically up and down her opening very slowly, like I am sealing an envelope. With each stroke, I stop short of her clit. It’s totally engorged and I can tell from her sounds and movements that she’s close already.

“I know your first time with an experienced man can be exciting, but I’m going to make sure we make this last for you.”

Her fingernails are digging into the back of my head.

I switch my focus to penetrating her to with my fingers as I stroke her g spot firmly. More guttural moans belie a new dimension to her pleasure. I’m careful not to touch her burning clit. I know if I so much as breathe on it she’ll be pushed over the edge.

My fingers still deep inside her, I sweep my tongue around her wet hole and along the inside of her lips.

I think about fooling around with her ass, but I’ll save that for later. As you might imagine, I have big plans for Stefania.

For now, I am eager for her to cum all over my face, so I rip down her white cotton panties and kneel on the bedroom floor. Grabbing her around her waist, I drag her to the edge of the bed and bury my face in her pussy. She gasps.

My fingers digging deep into her ass cheeks as I lift her pelvis off the bed and harder into my face, I lap quickly at her clit, my tongue stiff and deliberate. Her pussy gushes as she moans.

As she nearly crushes my neck in the vice grip of her thighs, Stefania lets out a wail like I have never heard before. It lasts for what seems like forever before she collapses back on the bed with the dizzied look of ecstasy on her face.

Now it’s my turn.

I dive to kiss her and we practically devour each other. As we tussle back and forth in her sheets, I can feel how hard she’s longed for a man’s touch. My hands are all over her, feeling every inch of her body. I unzip her dress and throw it to the side She’s such a pretty, supple thing, it all feels so surreal.

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