Heat at Home

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Ass Smack

I arrive home and we greet each other with a hug and kiss that leaves no doubt that each of us has thought of the other all day. Your hair bounces around your shoulders and frames your smiling face. You press your body into mine and tell me how much you missed me. You softly touch my beard and then bring your fingers under my nose…and I immediately smell your unmistakable and intoxicating natural scent which has coated your fingers. It hits me like a powerful aphrodisiac that makes my cock start to stir. I listen as you tell me that you have been fantasizing about me all day…You whisper that you have not taken care of your urges, that you need me to complete you, to satisfy you, to make you feel like a complete woman. You let me know that you have not showered, as you know how much I am turned on by your natural aroma. You promise to let me wash you with my kisses. We nibble on each others neck and I promise you a personal bath that you will not soon forget. We kiss again. And as we part, your hand brushes my groin and you feel my thickening cock that is hidden beneath my pants. I close my eyes and imagine your softness, your creamy skin, your delicate aroma and your amazing taste.

We do those things that we do every night, dealing with the mundane, eating dinner, talking with the kids…all the time, thinking about each others needs and casting or catching occasional wanton looks, patiently waiting for the chance to be alone together to satisfy our lust and urges. Each time I look at you or think of you, my thick, half hard cock leaves small traces of lubrication inside my underwear, the slippery liquid wasted against the fabric…and I know that you have experienced almost the same thing throughout the day, with your damp pussy leaving a telltale trail which soaks into and through the crotch of your silky panties.

Soon, the kids disappear to their rooms for the night, and we sit side by side on the couch, drinking champagne and enjoying the fire as we snuggle and nestle into one another. Minutes or hours pass, but it has no meaning, as time stands still when we are together.

We eventually retire to our bedroom, with our glasses of champagne, and I turn to lock the door. When I turn towards you again, I smile, as I see that you have unbuttoned your blouse halfway as well as the top button of your pants. Your full breasts strain against the fabric of your blouse as you lean up against the bed. Your eyes pull me towards you. We kiss again, tasting each others hunger in our lips and teeth and tongues. Your hands glide across my back and one reaches my ass, while the other moves to the front, gently touching the hardness that is trapped inside my pants. Meanwhile, my own hands, which have held your soft shoulders, begin their journey and move to undo the remaining buttons of your blouse. I brush your nipples with obvious purpose.

We release each other, and I step back as you slide your pants down each sexy, silky leg, leaving only your panties clinging to your ass and groin. I am beside myself, yearning to touch and taste you, to slide my hands across your beautiful breasts, to slip my fingers, tongue and nose into your hot and wet pussy.

Your eyes and words now insist that I wait, as you spread your legs and lean back to reveal the dark wet spot that your dripping pussy has caused on the silky crotch of your blue panties. You reach up to remove your blouse and then unclasp your bra, releasing your full ataşehir escort breasts. Quickly your nipples harden — caused not so much by the air, but by the sexual thoughts that flow through your racing mind. You lay further back on the bed until you lay fully on the soft covers. All the while, I grow harder and thicker in anticipation of the feast that now lies before me.

You look so amazingly sexy lying there with nearly all your delicious flesh exposed to me, every hidden and exposed delight for me alone. The fact that you have left your panties on only creates further excitement for me.

Again you ask me to wait, and my blood boils as I watch you begin caressing your tummy, and then your hands move up to stroke and tease your hard, sensitive nipples…circling each once, twice, three times…before tracing invisible lines down to the inside of your thighs. I watch as you brush your wet mound and move your hips almost imperceptibly as your fingers travel across your delectable skin. I notice how your legs open and close without thought as your roving fingers play an unheard melody across your skin.

I stand hypnotized and transfixed at the sight of your sexy show. Your eyes open and you sit up and smile at me, knowing full well the effect this has had on my mind and body. I watch as you glide close to me, taking my arms in your hands as you whisper in my ear that you want me to watch and not touch until you tell me otherwise. I start to protest, but you shush me and start to unbutton my shirt. You take your time with each button until they lay undone, and your fingers now wrestle gently with my belt. I want so badly to take you in my arms, but you have told me to wait, and the promise of amazing things awaits each of us in time. With my belt undone, your fingers find the button of my pants and waste little time with that obstacle. Again, you stand close to me and nuzzle my neck, your soft hair tickling me as your hands stroke up and down beneath my loose shirt. In one fluid motion, you remove my shirt and toss it to the floor. The heat of our excited bodies helps warm the room and my raging cock continues to coat my underwear with lubrication. Your hands find the zipper and pull my pants down to the floor. I step out of them, with the tent that is my underwear leaving a clear picture of my desires. You brush your nipples against my skin and then press your body close as your hands glide up and down my back. Your lips open in invitation and we kiss once again with only our underwear separating us.

Breaking the kiss, you drop down to kneel in front of me. I feel your hot breath as your mouth hovers just beyond my cotton prison. Your hands start to slowly pull on the fabric until my thick, pulsing cock is freed. You stop to watch as a drop of my wetness forms and slowly slips out to coat the head. You continue to pull the underwear down until I step out of them. Holding the material, you look inside to see the stain of wetness that has soaked them. Your tongue reaches out to lick the fluid and then you rub what remains onto your nipples as you lick your lips. Your eyes then reach for my length and you take an achingly long tender lick that starts at my balls and finishes at the tip of my slippery cock before opening your ruby lips to take the raging beast slowly into your mouth. I watch as my cock disappears and the sensation and heat nearly makes me collapse with passion. You move your head back kadıköy escort bayan and forth, sucking me with deliberate slowness as your hand reaches down to touch your slick and ready mound. I stroke your hair and moan from the intense feeling. Impossibly, it seems that I thicken more with each movement in and out. Though one hand eagerly touches your slick and ready pussy, your other cups my balls and assists in feeding and removing my cock from your throat. In and out…and the pressure slowly builds to shoot my seed deep down your throat. The intensity is now totally beyond words.

With one last lick, you remove yourself from my cock and stand up to face me once again. My knees are weak from your actions. You tell me to lie on my back on the bed, and I eagerly do so. You climb up, and facing my head, you straddle my neck. I look up to see a woman filled by intense sexual energy. You bend your knees and slowly descend until your panties are mere inches from my face. There is no mistaking how excited you have become, as the wet spot glistens with your juices. I smell your natural scent and breathe deeply to draw in the heady perfume that emanates from your pussy and ass. Again, you remind me that I do not have permission to touch you. You know the odor excites me tremendously, and this is validated by the pulsing cock that stands hard and stiff behind you. I lift my head slightly, wanting to bury my nose in your panties, but you detect the movement and lift yourself away. Standing again, your ankles brushing my neck, I watch as your thumbs reach into the waistband and you start to peel the sticky panties from your pussy. You slide them down until they are stretched across my mouth and nose. The aroma and the wetness are too much, as I breathe into them. The heat of your skin still in them, I take them in my mouth and suck the wetness and flavors down my throat. You watch me as I do this and feel the power that this gives you. You are in control. You are dominant. You will direct this encounter as you see fit.

Holding the headboard, you lift one then the other foot to release your panties to my mouth. Standing naked above me, you now turn towards my feet and descend once again. You reach down and take the panties from my mouth. Your asshole is so close to my nose and the wonderful smell of you is sensual, sexy and strong. You command me to lick your ass…to wash your rosebud with my tongue and mouth. I eagerly agree and begin to swab the sensitive skin with my tongue. The taste is like nothing I can describe. I lick you and wash you and clean you until you are satisfied that I’ve done my job completely and then you shift forward to your knees, giving me direct access to your dripping pussy. Taking my cock in your hands, you tell me to clean your pussy, and nearly sit on me while I hungrily lap and drink your juices. You continue leaning forward and aim my engorged cock toward your hot mouth to once more feed your own desires. I take your hips in my hands and move your ass around to gain access to every fold, every hidden delight. Your juices run into my mouth and I hear you start to moan as the inevitable orgasm rushes towards release. I hold on tighter as I know you will buck, and I do so want to taste your cum as it shoots into my mouth. My cock drops from your mouth as you grunt through the first wave until the explosion grips your body and you dive forward, taking you out of reach. I watch your pussy escort maltepe undulate with each wave and your legs shake with the power of the intense release. I strain to bring you back to my mouth, but your body has control and resists. When you start to regain control of your senses, you lean back toward me again and allow me to have one gentle taste of your release. I know you are so sensitive after this initial cum, so I slowly caress the folds of your puss with my eager tongue and drink the nectar that slides from deep inside of you.

I know that this orgasm has unleashed a deeper desire in you. I know that the inside of your pussy begs for my thick cock to fill it, to stretch it, to massage it until you explode once again, and then you will fuck me with vengeance and power, until I spew my hot semen inside, washing your cervix and the walls of your vagina with my slippery cum. Only then will your body and mind be satiated.

And as if I were writing this sexual play, you remove yourself from my mouth, and turning, you look into my eyes for a moment, squat down over my raging hard on and aiming me with your hand, impale yourself onto me. Shuddering with the feeling of being so full of cock, you start to pump up and down on the thick, hard shaft and then stop to grind your pussy into me, then start once again to pump up and down with each deep thrust touching the very core of you…You sit straight and lean back as I begin to thrust into you. Faster and faster I fuck your soaking pussy until your eyes squeeze shut and the second, and even more powerful orgasm builds and hits you like a freight train. The sheer power nearly throws you from the cock that connects us, but you hang on and then, with renewed energy, start to fuck me towards my own release. You are truly fucking me, but above me, you know that in this position, you will once again orgasm before you can milk the cream from me. You pull yourself off of my shaft and turn onto your hands and knees with your sex pointing at me…willing me to take you. I waste no time getting to my knees and position myself between your strong legs. Without a warning, I drill myself into you. You know that it will be my orgasm that builds almost immediately, as I cannot last long in this position, but I resist and resist, determined to bring you to that orgasmic knife edge before I’ll allow myself to coat your pussy with my creamy goo. I grab your hips and fuck you with rapid motions and soon, you whimper and moan and cum again, with your pussy gripping my shaft. Only then do I release the flood of cum into your body. The feeling is so intense that I nearly black out with pleasure as spurt after spurt of my thick, hot juice fills your waiting and hungry cunt.

We eventually slow to a stop and both shiver uncontrollably with the intense release of energy that has held us prisoners of our lust and desire.

I soften slowly until your pussy releases me, and I sit back to rest. Knowing you as I do, I am surprised when you don’t fall to your side as you normally do, but tell me to watch, as you work to push some of the abundance of my seed from you until a thick drip of cum starts to emerge from inside you. You command me to lick you once again. This is new to me, but I do as you wish and lean forward, moving my mouth toward your pussy to lick the mixture of our lust from your slit.

In this way, you have once again controlled me, by making me do the things that I don’t even realize that I crave from you.

I lie back, satisfied and exhausted. You slide next to me and I listen as you tell me that your cycle is due in a few days and you will want me to do things to you….I listen as you describe another fantasy and I begin to harden again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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