Green for White Ch. 01

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Author’s note —

This is a work of pure fiction. There is no connection to any real people or places. Any resemblance to real life people, events, or someone else’s writings is coincidental. It is for entertainment only and is not to be reproduced without written consent.


Hally Martin worked as a secretary in the office of a mid-sized clothing company. At 5’6″ and slender body, she had secretly dreamed of being a model. She was beautifully proportioned and amply endowed with a set of creamy smooth 35C breasts. When she wore her long brown hair in a ponytail, she could almost feel every guy’s eyes noticing her, as her hair kept time to the sensual sway of her hips as she walked.

On one late Friday afternoon, two of her co-workers showed up at her desk to ask her if she wanted to go with them to be in the audience of a game show on Saturday evening. Game shows were not exactly what she was in to but she didn’t want to disappoint her friends, so she reluctantly agreed. The game show called Green for White had been the whispered talk of the water cooler for the past week and now that it was in town for two weeks, the excitement was building.

Her co-workers didn’t give her much of a description of what the show was about, just that there would be audience participation at times, competing for cash. The fliers that were circulated, indicated that Saturday’s show would involve modeling unique dress creations and accumulating a lot of white. There would be cash prizes for the winners. Now Hally had always wished she could go into modeling, plus she could use the money.

Her co-workers were early in picking Hally up so they could be one of the first ones in and sit up front. As it worked out, the three of them got first row center seating. There were some good looking guys that filled the seats on either side of them and also just behind the girls. Thirty minutes later, there wasn’t an empty seat. The show started a few minutes later with some fanfare and applause cards to get the crowd warmed up. A few minutes later, the announcer walked on stage to an even louder applause.

“Ladies and gentlemen, there are a number of you who are familiar with the show, and some of you who are not. To those who are not, you’ll just have to follow along as it unfolds. Tonight, the final contest of the show is the modeling game. It will be comprised bostancı escort bayan of 3 teams, 4 guys and 1 girl on each team. We will pick those contestants now so that they have time to prepare backstage while we start the show with some warm-up games.”

Looking over to stage-right, he pointed to a girl and some of the guys seated close to her. Switching to stage-left, he pointed out a second team of 1 girl and 4 guys. Finally he came back to center-stage, looked at Hally and told her and 4 of the guys seated near her, to come up on stage. Hally was a little reluctant to leave her seat and her co-workers had to pull her out of her seat to get her started toward the stage.

“These are the three teams that will compete for tonight’s grand prize, but first they will need to prepare backstage.”

Some of the stagehands then escorted all the contestants to separate rooms backstage, one for the guys and one for the gals. As the contestants walked backstage, the announcer started some of the warm-up games.

Backstage, Hally and the other two girls were taken to a room where the girls were asked to change their clothes. All three girls were asked to change out of her skirt and blouse to put on a to-the-knees dress that felt more like paper than cloth. They were also told that she could keep her panties and pantyhose on but they had to remove their bras. In the room for the guys, they were asked to remove ALL their clothes and put on just a robe for their part of the contest.

When it was time for them to appear, the three girls stepped out to the center of the stage and asked to model the dresses they had on, then stand in front of a metal rack that could swivel from vertical to horizontal. As Hally stepped on stage, the crowd gave her a loud applause, calming her anxiety about what was to happen next.

Each girl was strapped to her own metal rack, hands, feet, and torso. A blindfold was placed over the eyes of each one. The announcer said that to be eligible for the extra bonus, the girls would have to wear a ring-gag in her mouth. Hally thought it odd for this last item but was too psyched for the chance to win big money to say no. The hostess deftly slipped the ring-gag into Hally’s and the other girl’s mouths and secured it firmly behind their heads.

With the girls all prepped center-stage, the male contestants for each girl were ümraniye escort bought out to stand on each side of the racks.

As Hally heard the announce say “Let’s see what the boys have in store for each of our contestants”, she heard the sound of cloth hitting the floor and the crowd going wild with applause.

The announcer went over the simple rules:

1.The first contestant to have all 4 males fill her with white, won.

2.The contestant had do reach the point of release as well.

3.An adjustment in time would be made if the female contestant wore pantyhose and if hair that block clear view, had to be moved out of the way.

4.Points would be added if the contestant was able to swallow the entire length.

With that, the girls blindfolds were taken off.

As Hally’s eyes became accustomed to the light, she looked to the side of her to see that all four of the males on her team were nude, as were the guys on the other girls’ teams.

The announcer started a 10-to-zero countdown that the crowd picked up on. When the count hit zero, there was a flurry of activity.

All four guys for each girl began to rip the dress off his female contestant. The paper dresses were no match for the guys’ strong hands. Hally’s pantyhose were soon ripped apart and thrown to the crowd. The tattered remains of what had once been her panties soon followed, causing pandemonium from the guys in the crowd, grabbing for them as material sailed past their heads.

The metal racks were swiveled into a horizontal position and locked in place. The girls legs were spread wide, opening out for all in the crowd to see. Since all three girls retained an appreciable amount of hair covering their crotch, the guys were given hair clippers and razors. The guys worked quickly and carefully, cutting off all the hair until each girl’s sex was completely bald. After having shaved her, a guy on each side of her leaned over on each side of Hally and started sucking on hr puffy nipples. Hally couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She had been stripped, shaved, and now being molested.

A third guy started licking her pussy, paying special attention to her clit. The ring gag in her mouth kept her from screaming for them to stop. The fourth guy stood behind her head, lining up his cock with the opening of the ring gag. She tried to fight the urges in her loins kartal escort from the licking she was receiving but it was a losing battle. As she started to give in, the fourth guy slipped his cock through the ring in her mouth, pistoning in and out, deeper with each stroke until his cock hit the back of her throat. When the third guy shoved his cock into her pussy, it caused Hally to swallow hard. That was the moment the fourth guy was waiting for, as he shoved the rest of his cock into her mouth and down her throat. She was now fully impaled from each end.

Hally found that if she took a deep breath when the cock in her mouth pulled out of her throat, back into her mouth, she would not suffocate. Since this was a race against the clock and not for stringing things out, the guys kept up a furious pace. When the cock in her mouth, filled her throat with cum, the guy that had been sucking her left tit, traded places with the cock into her mouth. When the cock in her pussy coated her insides, the guy that was sucking her right tit, traded place with the cock that had just shot inside her. By the time the second guy had creamed in her pussy, Hally was having her own orgasms in non-stop succession.

All through the contest, the crowd had loudly cheered each team on. During the whole contest, there were lots of video cameras in the audience capturing the contest from start to end. Even Hally’s girlfriends had video cameras, catching the action from front row. At one point, they were allowed on stage to get close-ups of the action.

The game was a timed orgy contest. All four guys had to cum in her pussy and all four guys had to cum in her throat. When the last guy to fuck his female contestant had completed his mission, the game would stop and that team would be declared a winner. As it turned out, Hally’s team was declared the winner.

When all three girls were un-strapped from the racks, they were congratulated buy the announcer. Hally was told to stay on stage and the other two girls were escorted off stage, their wobbly legs barely carrying their body. Hally was told that since she was the winner in tonight’s contest, she had won $1,000 and would compete in another contest the next night against the winners from the previous two nights.

On the ride home, her girlfriends were a bit worried that Hally wasn’t talking to them. It wasn’t because Hally was mad, it was because it was taking her time to recover. When she finally did speak, it was to tell her girlfriends that what she had experienced that night, had been the most intense sex of her entire life and that she was looking forward to next night’s show.

To be continued . . .

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