Girls’ Detective Club Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Alone in the college library Amanda heard a noise, but ignored it.

Engrossed in a True Detective magazine the cute blonde imagined herself as a spunky girl detective, solving crimes and meeting handsome men. Reading a torrid sex scene she rubbed her wet pussy… then heard footsteps…

Spinning around the girl came face-to face with two guys in ski masks. A tall guy and a pudgy one… And the big guy lunged at her! Amanda jumped back. “You have to leave ’cause the library’s closed!”

They grabbed her arms. She twisted. “WH-what do you want?”

The tall one hissed. “I’m Big Dawg and he’s Bubba… and we wanna be your buddies.” The guy yanked off her glasses. “Now Amanda you’re a smart twat, so guess what kind of buddies we wanna be?”

Amanda felt a pang in her pussy and shook her head.

“Fuck Buddies— now get your clothes off!” The girl wanted to run away but couldn’t. Amanda knew she was going to get screwed, but she decided to take the screwing like a True Detective… and memorize every detail of the crime.

Amanda unbuttoned her top and unhooked her bra. Closing her eyes she felt her large tits fall out and jiggle around. Her long nipples hardening with excitement.

“Nice hooters!” Bubba shouted. Big Dawg smacked him. “Whisper you dummy or she’ll recognize your voice.” Amanda made a note of his voice.

Bubba hissed. “Now show us your twat-hole.” The embarrassed girl removed her stockings and panties. Standing totally naked in front of the men she displayed her golden blonde pussy. Their staring eyes made her tingle.

“Hot damn honey, you’re the most gorgeous twat I’ve ever seen.”

Amanda blushed. “Gee thanks mister.”

Big Dawg sucked her tits, chewing on her hard nipples. The guy forced her to her knees and tied her wrists to either side with her own stockings. Amanda squirmed when Bubba rubbed her moist pussy slit.

Big Dawg pulled out his massive cock. “Open your mouth and suck it.”

Amanda gulped. “I can’t— it’s ginourmous!”

Big Dawg slapped her face with his monster prick. “Eat prick when you’re told to or I’ll shove it up your ass.”

The girl’s eyes bugged out. “Not in my ass, that hurts!” The girl stretched her lips wide. He shoved it in her mouth. As she gagged on Big Dawg’s knob, Amanda felt Bubba push his hard muscle up her wet pussy. It actually felt good.

Big Dawg pushed his dick deeper into her mouth. “Suck my prick blondie!” The girl had no choice but to take it down her throat and suck… and gag… and suck… and suffocate.

Bubba moved his cock into her butthole. Amanda couldn’t scream so she squealed and bucked like crazy. The guy laughed. “Com’on Amanda, what’s a little ass-fucking between friends?” The young librarian squirmed as Bubba pumped her ass as Big Dawg fucked her throat.

Fat Bubba came first, spilling his goo down her thigh. Soon she felt Big Dawg’s cock begin to throb, and braced herself. Gobs of cum gushed down her throat. Amanda choked and swallowed as fast as she could.

The girl finally pushed the cock out of her mouth. Goo rolled down her chin in sticky waves. Big Dawg splattered a cum shot across her face, and wiped his prick off on her blonde hair. As a glob of spunk dripped from her nose, the spunky girl detective felt truly spunky.

She licked her lips and her over-stretched mouth ached like she’d just sucked off an elephant. But Amanda was rather proud of herself… not many girls could suck off an elephant.

Falling back on her wrist restraints the naked girl stared up at Big Dawg. “C’mon untie me, please sir.” He laughed and Bubba pinched her swollen nipples. As they left Amanda overheard Big Dawg on his cell phone, telling someone about free blowjobs…


Alone in in the college gymnasium, Laylay curled on the balance beam trying to perform a perfect handstand split. Balanced on her head the Filipina girl spread her small legs down until they were horizontal, and her body formed a perfect T. She smiled.

But as the gymnast balanced upside down with her legs split, she noticed two guys walk in wearing ski masks. Laylay thought they were fake wrestlers… until they locked the door. As a member of the Girls’ Detective Club, Laylay knew trouble when she saw it.

The gymnast bounced to her feet and dashed for the emergency exit. But the fat guy grabbed Laylay and threw her to the floor. “Smackdown!” Laylay bit him and escaped. Only to be caught by the tall ankara escort guy. She tried to kick him but he grabbed the back of her gym outfit and lifted her tiny body in the air.

“DON’T! Who you guys anyway?”

“I’m Big Dawg and he’s Bubba, and we’re here to help you.”

“I no need help stupid!”

Bubba whispered. “We’re here to help you get laid Laylay. And we’re gonna fuck that sassiness right outta you.” He patted her pussy. Laylay tried to kick him, so he slapped her fanny. “Now you take your fuckin’ like a good Filipina or we’ll tell everyone you’re no legal.”

“Hah I plenty legal—I’m twenty-one.”

“How about your momma… I heard she’s plenty illegal… like deportation illegal?”

Laylay’s head dropped. “Yep. You guys plenty good detectives… Okay I take fucking like good girl.” They pushed her to her knees and Bubba whipped out his boner. But Big Dawg moved his crotch to her face.

“You can pull mine out girlie.” Laylay obeyed, her little fingers unzipped his bulge. She wanted to tell him she no-like cocksucking, but she knew he no-care.

Getting his zipper down Laylay reached inside, trying to wrap her small fingers around his fat organ. But she couldn’t. So using both hands she yanked it out… and came face-to-face with a prick the size of a python.

Laylay screamed, “IT A MONSTER!”

Big Dawg laughed and pressed his monster prick to her lips. As his wide cockhead stretched out her mouth it reminded her of the wooden ball on her bedpost… Laylay opened her mouth and sucked it, bobbing her dark head up and down. As she sucked his prick grew even bigger.

“You’re a good suck-suck Laylay.”

He petted her head and she wanted to bite him. Abruptly Big Dawg pulled her mouth off and in moved Bubba’s boner. As she sucked Bubba Laylay noticed an odd taste on his prick… it was pussy juice. And Laylay could tell it was Amanda’s pussy juice because… just because.

Then Big Dawg lifted her up and tore off her gym outfit, leaving the naked Filipina squirming in the air.

Bubba snapped some pics. “Wow look at her smooth twat, she’s a shaver.” Laylay tried to cover her bald pussy. But Big Dawg split her pussy lips and they both stared into her Filipina fuck hole.

Bubba snapped another pic just as she kicked his face. Big Dawg flipped her around with her feet dangling in the air. “I’ll take her front door and you can bang the rear.” After sucking her tiny brown tits Big Dawg lowered the little brunette onto his enormous fuck-pole.

“Ouch dammit!” Laylay felt her pussy tissue rip as his thick prick punched into her twat. The man lifted her little body up and plunged it down on his massive prick, up and down, up and down. She felt Big Dawg’s fuck-stick stretching out her poor pussy.

At that moment Laylay realized his big prick was even bigger than her bedpost.

Until now her wooden bedpost was the only man she’d ever known, intimately. At least Laylay thought of Mr. Bedpost as a man, a big stiff man who she sometimes humped late at night… And who sometimes gave her splinters in her twat.

Just then Laylay felt Bubba spread her butt cheeks, and his wide prick plunged straight up her virgin asshole.

“OUCH! DAMMIT— you stupid pricks are ripping me in half!” The stupid pricks laughed and shoved their pricks in even harder. As she dangled in the air the two rapists bounced her back and forth like some Filipina fuck toy.

Laylay wrapped her legs around Big Dawg. His huge prick pounded her uterus, while Bubba’s super-wide cock ripped her ass. “Hey, I not internet fuck-slut.”

They laughed and laughed as she got fucked like double-stuffed Oreo. Soon the pricks spewed, filling her with creamy cum from both ends.

Big Dawg pulled out. Bubba had Laylay touch her toes, so he could snap a pic of her freshly-fucked asshole. As she bent over Laylay noticed Bubba’s extra-extra wide Nikes. And both guys wiped off their slimy pricks in her jet black hair.

Laylay thought the screw-fest was over until Big Dawg opened the door… for three football players.


Walking past the library Ms. Hanna noticed the door wide open, with laughs and groans coming from inside. As a teacher and head of the Girls’ Detective Club she felt obligated to investigate. Tip-toeing in the red headed teacher noticed a group of boys huddled around a naked girl.

Ms. Hanna recognized her friend Amanda, on her knees giving blowjobs, with her arms tied to each side. Poor Amanda had a prick pumping her mouth and a thick stream escort ankara of cum dripping from her chin. Six boys had finished getting sucked off and at least a dozen more waited in line.

Ms. Hanna screamed. “Stop this immediately! You are all under report.”

The startled boys started to run, until someone yelled, “Hey she’s alone.” They stopped and turned around. Hanna felt them stare at her big chest. Boys always stared at her tits, and she liked it. Johnny, the biggest and worst boy stepped forward.

“Fuck you Ms. Hanna.”

“John I will not tolerate swearing.”

“Fuck you Ms. Hanna— Right now!” He moved towards her and pulled his prick out. The rest of the football team circled around her like horny wolves. “Yeah Ms. H, get your clothes off or we’ll rip ’em off.”

Hanna looked over at poor Amanda, on her knees sucking off another cock while a boy fucked her pussy from behind. And more cocks in line, waiting to unload their cum.

“Okay boys you can do me, but it’ll be my way. That’s an order.” Hanna dropped her dress and undid her bra slowly, watching their stiff young pricks stick straight up.

Hanna loved being the center of attention. She wiggled her Double D’s and heard the boys inhale. Two boys yanked down her panties. As soon as the guys saw her red-haired bush Hanna had hands all over her body, groping and fingering and poking…

“DAMMIT I ONLY HAVE THREE HOLES!” The naked teacher pointed at their boners. “Now take turns. That’s an order!” She grabbed Johnny’s boner. “I want big cocks in my pussy, small cocks in my ass and I’ll suck off the mediums.”

The young pricks nodded in unison. Hanna got down on all fours, spread her knees and wiggled her ass. The boys reported to their assigned holes and soon she had three cocks fucking into her at once. The other football players took pics and waited for their turns.

It wasn’t pleasant but the teacher managed to suck, fuck and buck enough to help them all cum quickly. After-all this wasn’t her first rodeo…

After getting screwed and re-screwed, Ms. Hanna waited patiently for the last boy to finish fucking her ass… Bobby was always a slow student. With a grunt he finally shot his load and pulled out. Hanna moved to get up. But Johnny held her down and squished her tits together.

“Stop it John you’ve already had your piece.”

“Sorry Ms. H, but your fat boobs been drivin’ me crazy all year. I want to fuck them bad.”

“BAD-LY Johnny. You want to fuck them BAD-LY.” The boy nodded and Hanna smiled. Guys always wanted to fuck her tits badly. It was part of the fun of having big tits. Johnny shoved his cock between her squished mounds, hurting her titty skin.

“No John use your saliva— spit on me dammit!” He spit three times into her cleavage and pushed his prick in smoothly, fucking it in and out of her slick tit tunnel. Ms. Hanna sucked his cockhead every time it popped up between her tits.

The nasty boy came quickly. Cum splashed across her big chest. After Johnny, more boys lined up for a sloppy tit fuck. Finally the last one finished and left. Hanna quickly wiped the puddle of spit and cum off her chest and ran over to help Amanda.

The exhausted girl hung by her tied wrists. Jism dripped face and more jism ran down her thighs. Ms. Hanna ran over and gave Amanda a sticky kiss, merging their cum-covered lips. Hanna untied Amanda and wiped her gooey pussy.

“Amanda honey are you okay? Who started this? That trouble-maker Johnny?” Amanda rubbed her swollen mouth and shook her head.

“No two guys in ski masks, Big Dawg and Bubba.” She looked up. “And gosh Ms. Hanna, you wouldn’t believe it.” Amanda spread her hands out. “Big Dawg had a cock THIS LONG!”

“Oh My Goodness! What a Big Dong!”


The next day Amanda met Laylay in class. They kissed and rubbed each other’s tits. Amanda noticed her friend had trouble sitting. “OMG Laylay, yesterday I got totally raped in the library.”

“Already I know,” Laylay said. “I tasted your pussy juice on Bubba’s prick.”

“They raped you too? “


“OMG Laylay you must be so sore down there… let me rub it.”

Ms. Hanna walked up. “Dammit Amanda, get your finger out of her pickle hole!” The teacher cleared her throat. “Okay ladies as the head of the Club—”

“—which Club ma’am?” Amanda held up her hand. “The Detective Club or the secret one?”

Ms. Hanna smacked her head. “Both dammit. Now ladies it was my duty to tell the college dean what happened to us yesterday.” Amanda giggled. ankara escort bayan “So are they all expelled?”

“Are you nuts Amanda? There’s no way Dean Holmes is going to expel the entire football team. The poor man would lose his job.”

Laylay whined. “So stupid pricks get away with fucking us?”

“Oh don’t be upset honey.” Amanda watched Ms. Hanna kiss Laylay on the lips and rub her tiny tits, to calm her down. “Yes the jocks get away with it, but it wasn’t their fault. The dean said they were just being boys, naughty-naughty-naughty boys.”

Laylay whimpered. This time Amanda jumped up and kissed Laylay, squeezing her tiny tits to calm her down.

Ms. Hanna pulled them apart. “Anyway Dean Holmes wants the Girls’ Detective Club us to find the ring leader, Big Dong. Oops I mean Big Dawg.” The girls laughed. “Ladies once we find Big Dawg we’ll find Bubba and we’ll bring both pricks to justice.”

Amanda raised her hand. “Excuse me Ma’am, but exactly how do we find Big Dawg?”

“It’s easy. Just look for a tall guy with a foot-long dong.”

Ms. Hanna pushed up Amanda’s tits. “Now Girl Detectives, make sure you show plenty of skin. Because the best way to catch a Cock is to look like a Cunt.”

The coeds headed off on their cock quest. Detective Amanda went out on prick patrol, hunting for Big Dawg. Ditching her glasses and bra, the blonde opened her blouse wide, displaying nipple-to-nipple cleavage. She knew guys couldn’t resist a nice flash of boob meat.

As she strutted down the halls, Amanda checked the crotch lump of every guy who looked at her tits. But her boob bait only got nibbles, no bites.

Giving up Amanda boarded the city bus for home. She had to walk all the way back to find an open seat… and sat next to Jake the Jerk. Girls didn’t like sitting next to the Jerk because always tried to sneak a feel.

The bus left. Amanda noticed Jake was tall, with camel hump lump in the front of his pants. Yikes! Could he be Big Dawg? Displaying ample cleavage the Girl Detective bent over and bumped the suspect. He looked at her bulging tits.

“Well howdy Amanda. The twins look mighty fetching today.”

She smiled but frowned when she felt his fingers slipping up her her thigh, inches away from from her coochie. Amanda grabbed his hand. “Jake there’s something serious I need to ask you.” He winked and she felt the jerk’s hand on her boob.

She let him squeeze. “Were you in the library two days ago, with a stocky guy?”

“Sure I was there with my frat buddy Billy. We was perusing porn on the internet. You gonna report me sugar?”

Amanda laughed. “Silly I know how horny you guys are.” She stared at his zipper… it seemed to be smiling at her. “Jerk… I mean Jake, I’m trying to identify a suspect and I need to see your cock.”

“What the—?” Jake the Jerk actually blushed. “Well okay, anything for a lady.” He unzipped slowly. “No wait Amanda. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours first. I been dying to see your sweet coochie.”

“Here? On a bus full of people?” Jake nodded. Amanda whispered, “Jeez the things a girl detective has to do…” Moving to the seat corner Amanda reached under her dress and pushed her panties down. “Okay Jake take a quick peek, my bus stop is almost here.”

Jake ducked under under skirt and nudged her thighs apart. Amanda let him snap a pussy pic but soon felt his finger pushing into her pink hole. “Stop it jerk.” She pounded his head until he came up.

“Wow Mandy, your blonde pussy is awesome. Now it’s my turn. Prepare to be amazed.” He pulled out his prick. Amanda wasn’t amazed. He saw her face. “No wait Amanda it gets bigger.”

She gave his cock a courtesy stroke and the thing did get bigger, rising up like a purple-headed snake. But it wasn’t Big Dawg’s dong.

“Sorry, you’re cock’s not the suspect.”

“But Mandy you can’t leave me like this. Hell I’m stiffer than a pine tree. Please sugar lips…?”

Amanda stared at his pine tree prick. “Okay I’ll help you but we have to hurry.” The blonde detective took his cock in her mouth and sucked as fast as she could. Swirling her tongue around his knob she deep throated his boner on every down-stroke.

As her head bounced up and down, she pushed his hand under her skirt to hurry him on. Jake’s finger found her fuck-hole and his prick swelled. Amanda could tell his balls were about to churn. She gently squeezed Jake’s nut sack—and his prick burst— Amanda gagged and swallowed gobs of goo as fast as she could.

The bus jolted to a stop. Amanda took one more cum gulp and raised her head. “Wait driver! This is my stop.” Wiping jism from her lips, she ran off the bus with her pussy throbbing.

Next time Amanda planned to mount Jake the Jerk— and fuck his fucking brains out.

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