Getting My Car Fixed

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I used to absolutely despise getting my car fixed. The idea of taking it in to be serviced repulsed me—the waiting, the sitting around, the boredom. I would avoid it like the plague—but this is how it all changed.

I had been talking with a friend earlier that day about, well, teasing boys. What harm could be done by wearing a short skirt or a low cut shirt if it meant giving a stranger a little thrill? So, I decided that, if I was going to have to take my car in to get the oil changed, I would have a little harmless fun while I was there. I put on my shortest black cotton skirt and somehow “forgot” to wear underwear. I had just gotten waxed, so the cool air felt nice. I put on a thin white tank top, and “forgot” the bra too. My tits are huge—36DD, so it was pretty noticeable that I wasn’t wearing a bra. My breasts heaved as I walked out to my car so that I could leave. I grabbed a sweater on my way out, because, after all, I was a classy girl. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror on my way out. I looked like a huge slut, but I loved it. I left my long, brown hair flowing loose down my shoulders, gently curling down past my breasts. I was just 18 and beautiful, so full of youth and sexual energy. Why not take advantage of it? I left the house.

When I arrived at the dealership, my pussy was literally dripping wet. I got out of the car and told them what I needed done. Tons of young men were staring me down.

“Someone show this lovely young lady to the waiting area,” the manager said. Four or five of them quickly volunteered. I smiled. They whistled at me while I walked past. When I sat down in a chair in the waiting area, I crossed my legs and looked around the room. To my left, there was an office with the door partially ajar. I could see the man inside and my breath caught in my throat. He was perhaps the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. He had to be in his early 40’s, because his hair was slightly graying at the temples. He was tall, and muscular enough that I instantly longed to feel his strong hands around me, and he had the most beautiful piercing blue eyes that were staring directly at me. I shifted in my seat to accommodate my arousal. I was so wet that ataşehir escort I was sure I would leave a wet spot on the chair. We continued to stare at each other, until I, so shaken by our distant contact, dropped my cell phone. I stood and, in a display of wanton sluttiness, bent down directly away from him to pick it up. My ass and pussy were bare, exposed, and I knew it. I wiggled a bit before grabbing the phone and standing back up. When I turned around, I saw that he was quickly approaching me. Is that the outline of his cock in his pants? I thought to myself as my heart fluttered in my chest.

“Would you like to look at some cars?” he asked. His voice was deeper than I could have imagined. I shivered and nodded. My juices were dripping down my leg. I was sure he could smell me. We walked around the showroom, making small talk and looking at cars. I feigned interest as I found excuses to brush against him and feel that body, like leaning into a car to inspect trunk space and pushing my ass against him as he stood behind me, pretending not to check me out. We went outside to look at more models, when suddenly, a gust of wind flew into us, and my skirt went flying straight up. Everything was exposed. I gasped as he grabbed me, held my skirt down and pushed me into the passenger seat of the nearest car. He ran around to the other side and got in the driver’s seat.

“Listen,” he said, “you are a very pretty girl. But you cannot go around in little outfits like this, like a little slut. You’ll get into trouble with horny men like me,” he growled and winked. “I think you need to be punished.”

“Yes, please,” I whispered, biting my lip. “Please punish me. I’m a bad girl; I’m such a little slut.”

“There’s a hotel just around the corner from here that we could go to so I could give you your punishment,” he said, stroking his long fingers up my side, grazing over my tit and up to my cheek.

“Please, let’s go.”

He sped off towards the hotel. He asked for a room for one night. The employee gave a strange look at our odd duo, with this young girl and older man, with no luggage, but he said nothing about it and handed over avcılar escort the room key. When we got there, he held the door for me and I walked in. I heard the door slam behind me and he muttered, “Take off your clothes.” I was so turned on I was throbbing.

“All of them?” I whispered coyly. I turned around. He was not amused. “Take your fucking clothes off. I want to see you naked.” I shimmied out of my skirt and my shirt, and he sighed in pleasure. “Go lay down on the goddamn bed,” he snarled. I obeyed.

“Are you ready for your punishment, bitch?” he asked. I nodded vigorously. He suddenly grabbed me hard and threw me over his knees as he sat on the bed. His hand swung back and then came flying down onto my bare ass with a loud slap. I cried out. He hit me again, and again, and again. I was soaking wet, dripping down my thighs and down onto the leg of his suit pants. He kept spanking me, and I moaned out loud. He bit down on my ear lobe and pulled as he panted into my ear. I could feel his cock hardening underneath my body. “Had enough?” he asked. “Never,” I whispered back, and with that he threw me aside, stood up, and stripped out of his clothes. His cock bounced free as he removed his pants and I gasped. It was huge—at least ten inches and thick, hard, and pointing directly at me. “Fuck,” I said aloud. He lay down, pulled me with him, and I wrapped my mouth carefully around the head of his dick. He moaned quietly as I worked my way down the shaft, playing with his balls with one hand and stroking the part of his cock that was not yet in my throat with my other hand. I kept on like this for a while, until he evidently wanted more and grabbed my hair at the back of my head and used it to force my throat up and down on his cock. I felt him stiffen beneath me, and his cock throbbed. He pulled me off of him. “I’m not done quite yet,” he said, and he grabbed my hips and flipped me onto my back in front of him. He positioned his cock in front of my pussy and began to rub the head up and down my slit, and in tiny circles around my clit. My back arched.

“Are you sure you want this?” he asked.

“Fuck me. Now. Hard,” I moaned, and avrupa yakası escort he did just that. He slammed into me, hard, and pulled out slowly. He then slammed in again.

“God, you’re tight,” he moaned, and began to fuck me faster. As he sped up, my groans became faster and more frequent, and he was soon flying in and out of me. I was about to cum when he brought a hand to my clit, and pushed his thumb over it. My back arched violently and I came, incredibly hard. He didn’t stop, and when I thought my orgasm couldn’t get any better, I squirted. My juices shot from my body, splashing against his chest, and my eyes rolled back into my head. When I could speak again, I let out a slow stream of, “Oh fuck, oh God, oh shit, fuck me,” and then my head lolled to the side. I was exhausted. It didn’t matter to him.

“Shit,” he mumbled, and slapped each one of my tits, and then gave me a light slap in the face. He flipped me over once again, and resumed fucking me just as hard as before but from behind this time. He spanked me rhythmically with his thrusts. He was so deep inside me I was surprised I didn’t just split in two. I came again, squirting again. He powered right through my orgasm, and kept plowing me into the bed. I came again without any break between them. He slapped my ass one last time and his thrusting slowed. He gripped my thighs so hard that he would surely leave bruises. He pulled out, and grabbed me by the hair, bringing my head towards his cock. With a roar, he came in large spurts into my open mouth. I swallowed every drop of cum he gave me willingly, and then quite literally sucked him dry. He plopped down on the bed next to me and we lay next to each other in a sweaty heap for a moment.

“It was lovely punishing you. Your car is probably ready,” he said, turning towards me.

“It probably is,” I replied, kissing him lightly on the lips. We slowly got up, and he cleaned me up with a washcloth from the bathroom, his gentle touches such a contrast to his prior roughness that I shivered against him. We helped each other dress, and when we were both looking somewhat normal, we left. When we got back to the dealership, he helped me into my waiting car. He handed me a business card, and whispered, “Come back any time,” as he kissed me deeply, his tongue darting into my mouth. He stood, shut my car door, and winked at me as I backed out of the dealership. I would come back again, willingly this time. Never again would I consider getting the car serviced a chore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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