Lost in Time

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I’m not sure how to tell this story because it’s still quite confusing to me. I was leaving for vacation in August of 1986, headed for some Gulf of Mexico fishing, and night life and food in New Orleans. Heading South on interstate 65 thru Tennessee, crossing into Alabama, I decide to travel the back roads to break the monotony of the highway. All of the little towns that I pass thru were new to me and at about 4:30 in the afternoon I decided to stop. I parked close to a diner, in front of a little shotgun house and walked a short half block in the fresh air. My head was beginning to clear and my stomach made an audible growl. A cold draught beer and a turkey club was just what the doctor ordered and I felt better immediately. When the second beer arrived, I noticed that my waitress was staring at me from her server’s station. Did I have mustard on my cheek? I wiped my face again and asked for my check…it arrived along with a note with her name, phone number, a smiley face and “call me “written in red ink. Molly!

This seemed as good a place as any to spend the night so I walked back to my car with the intent to find a motel. I hadn’t noticed it before, but there was a room to let sign hanging from the gate of the little house. What the heck, I thought, what do you have to loose.

The lady of the house was a petite brunette with short hair, a welcoming smile, and a warm greeting. “Please come in” she said as I entered. The rate was agreed upon as she showed me to the room. It was nothing special but it would do. She invited me to make myself at home and left, flashing me a big smile. I swear I only laid my head down for a minute but it was 9 o’clock when I heard a knock on the door. “Can you help me çıtır escort a bit?” she asked. “Yes, I’ll be down in a second.”

When I came down the stairs I followed her voice to a front room. There was a huge cabinet with boxes stacked on top. Dee, the little landlady was up on a ladder wearing nothing but white granny panties and a lacey under shirt. Maybe she forgot what she was wearing when she called for help, or maybe this was something else. “Hold the ladder please,” I came close and stood beside the shaking ladder and enjoyed the view up close. Her legs were short but had an athletic shape. Her breasts were small and the nipples created a tent in her silk top. “No, get behind me on the ladder.” I wasted no time climbing up the steps until my growing cock was nuzzled tight against her creamy white panties. The more she struggled with those boxes the more she ground her cute little ass against my cock. She had to notice me poking her with my stiffy. I was trying to hold her steady with my hands around her waist. Let me tell you, this felt pretty good and I was hoping this would lead to plowing a furrow deep in her cunt. She stopped messing with the boxes and placed her right hand on mine and slid them under her top and stopped on her breast. A squeeze and a moan was just the beginning.

I pulled her down off the ladder and turned her around. I impaled her mouth with my tongue and the race was on. Who could rip the others clothes off first? I won! Her pants hit the floor just before mine. Her thumbs were inside my waistband and with her eyes locked on mine; she slowly pulled them down over my hips and followed them down until my cock smacked her in the chin. I thought I was escort demetevler going to lose my load that very moment. With her knees on the floor her tongue began to probe my pee hole. I was in ecstasy. She rolled her tongue over and under my cock with a slow methodic pace. My knees began to quiver and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she would receive my seed. She had one hand slowly stroking my cock and the other was buried deep between her legs. I’m not sure who began to moan first but when my cock began to spit and jump, she was getting pretty loud. My legs failed me and I began to collapse backwards onto a loveseat. With my dick still impaled between her lips, she followed me down. Her pace slowed as she licked and sucked my deflating member. I felt her rise and bury her head in the crook of my neck. Breathless, just breathless! After a few minutes she began to kiss my neck and throat, soon finding a nipple. I was worn out from the road and then had the rest of my energy sucked out of the end of my cock, but it was clear to me that Dee wasn’t done with me yet.

She was rolling her leg over my rising cock again and again and now I was wide awake. I grabbed her head with both hands and pulled her into a deep embrace. The cheeks of her ass fit nicely in my hands and I began to kneed them in earnest. What a nice ass for a 60 year old woman! That’s just a guess, but I could be wrong. She drug her nails down my chest and across my beer belly until she found what she was looking for. She raked those nails across the inside of my legs and across my scrotum and I was ready to go. Dee placed both hands on my chest and pushed herself upright, landing her well lubed cunt in the escort dikmen right place to receive my eager cock. With very little effort I slid deep inside her muscle tube. I could feel her flexing those muscles like she was trying to strangle my member. Slowly at first she began to rock back and forth but then she must have caught fire. She was grinding hard against me like she was running the 100 yard dash. I was almost helpless against this little dynamo, but thrust hard and tried to keep up. Her climax was close, and I hoped my balls would wait for her before they shot their load.

“I’m gonna explode.” She said. “OH BABY, here I come!” Ohhhhhh,Ohhhhhhh, she moaned loud enough to wake the dead. Her little body was shaking, almost uncontrollably, but she continued to grind against my rock hard cock. I hadn’t come twice in one night in 20 years, but we were about to change that. I could feel my balls begin to rise and I swear my eyes must have rolled back in my head as a powerful explosion blew my seed deep inside her cunt. I thought my heart was going to beat right out of my chest. My cock was still twitching and she was doing her best to milk every last bit of juice from my soon to deflate member. Her hands were now on my shoulders and she was raised up with her back arched. Her nipples looked hard as a rock and they were pointed right at my face but were too far to reach without breaking contact with her cunt. I gave her ass cheek a good smack and she jumped with a girly giggle. “So long, It’s been so long,” she said.

I lay there wandering many things. First and foremost; what now. I was supposed to be going fishing, but had indeed caught a lovely lady who now rested in my arms quietly falling asleep. As I pondered that problem a smirk came over me as I realized that the next time I gave blood and the person asked me if I had ever been breathless I could now answer, YES, by god, I have.

I was tired, dog tired, and hoped that Dee would not stir until morning. What would tomorrow bring?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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