Daddy’s First Experience

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I had woke up early one Saturday morning, going into the kitchen and making some coffee. Sitting at the table, thinking of making breakfast, but thought I would wait for Rebecca, my 20-year-old daughter to wake up. My wife had left several years ago, leaving me to bring up Becca alone. Becca was a beautiful girl, soft hair, great little body, and such firm perky little titties, she was going to make some guy extremely happy one day.

I hear the sound of her coming into the kitchen and turned to look towards her. She was running her fingers through her hair, and yawning. I could see her thighs as her rode parted while she walked in, and the little tease of cleavage she was showing with her arms raised.

She walked over to the table and jumped up on it, sitting right next to me. Her robe slipped open some, and showed more of her thigh, and just a glimpse of her sweet pussy lips.

“Good Morning baby” I said to her.

“Morning daddy, did you sleep good last night?” Becca asked me.

“Not to bad, just didn’t seem to be asleep long.” I told her.

I couldn’t tell her that I slept restless because I was thinking of her lying in the next room, her sweet young body, tight and virgin. It had been a long time since I had been with a woman, and looking at her, in her tight jeans, her short skirts, was starting to make me wonder.

“I’m sorry daddy, maybe you just need to go out and find a girl to bring home and wear yourself out, maybe that will make you sleep better.”

This was coming from my daughter, my sweet innocent daughter.

“Don’t you miss having a woman to hold, kiss, and all the other things you did with mom each night?” she asked inquisitively.

“Now, why do you say that? How do you know the things I did with your mother?” I asked shocked.

“We talked about it when she gave me the sex talk daddy. She told me all about sex, and I asked her about what it was like with you. She told me everything you did together.” Then she let out a coy smile.

I couldn’t believe my ears. My wife had escort beşevler told my daughter about how I fucked her, sucked her clit, everything.

“Well Becca, when to people love and care for each other, sex is a natural part of the relationship.” I told her, trying not to let my excitement get the best of me.

Then she turned towards me, and slide across the table so she was in front of me. Resting her feet on each arm of the chair, pulling the robe down between her legs.

“Daddy? Do you love me?” she asked, with a sparkle in her eyes.

“Of course I do Rebecca, you’re my little girl.” Taking a drink of my coffee, trying not to choke as I imagined her legs spread before me.

“I’m not such a little girl anymore daddy. I’m all grown up.” She looked at me seriously now.

As she finished saying this, she untied her robe and opened it up, exposing the most perfect pair of breasts I have ever seen, and a neatly trimmed little patch of hair on her virgin pussy.

“Rebecca!!” I screamed, “What are you doing?”

“Oh daddy, I love you, and when mom would tell me the things you did to her, how you made her feel, it made me so excited. I would go to my room and masturbate thinking about what you were doing to her. I have wanted to feel the same things as she did.” She looked down and blushed.

“One day Rebecca, you will meet a nice man who will show you all of this, and he will also take care of you as I did your mother.” Taking another quick drink of coffee, my cock growing hard under the table. “Now cover yourself up Becca.”

“But daddy, don’t you like my body? Don’t you think I am pretty?” batting her eyelashes at me.

“Yes, I think you’re a beautiful girl, and you have an exquisite body Rebecca, it’s just not for daddy to see like this.” Looking away, and yet, still seeing out of the corner of my eye.

She reached out and took my hand, kissing the palm of my hand and then placing it on her breast. It felt so firm, soft, milky smooth. I couldn’t help but begin to escort balgat squeeze it some.

“Daddy?” she asked quietly.

“Yes Becca?” I answered. Oh my God, I was going nuts. This is my daughter.

“Will you please do the things you did to mommy to me? I want to feel your tongue sucking my pussy, feel your hard cock in my mouth, my pussy, and my ass. Please daddy, I have wanted you to be the first, I want you to take my virginity in every hole.” Her beautiful eyes looking at me, begging for me.

“This wouldn’t be right baby, I am your father.” I couldn’t believe I was turning this down.

“You always said it was a fathers duty to protect, care for, love and teach his children didn’t you daddy?” she had this mischievous look in her eyes.

“Well, yes, that’s what I have always said baby.” She had me there.

“Then teach me daddy.” She took her hand and placed it around my neck and pulled me close to her breasts, turning till her nipple was resting against my lips. All I could do was open my mouth and begin to suck on them. They were delicious, sweet and perky. Pushing her back to lay down on the table, I softly kissed along her stomach, down from her breasts, circling around her belly button a little bit, and then placed my tongue on her clit. She was more delicious then I imagined. I could feel her begin to squirm, and hear a soft moan coming from her mouth.

I began to lick across her clit, nibbling on it as I ran my fingers up and down between her wet lips. As I pressed my finger into her virgin pussy, I could feel her hymen still intact and protecting her. She let out a slight yelp as my finger began to slip inside her. Her clit was hard in my mouth, and it was easy to grab it with my teeth and bite on it. Pulling her clit with my teeth, I shoved my finger inside her, tearing her hymen a little.

“Daddy, that hurts, please be gentle” she whined at me.

“I’m sorry baby, this is your first time, and it will hurt some.” God I couldn’t wait to shove my cock through escort batıkent a cherry again.

I stood up, and lifted her legs over my shoulders. She reached down and touched her clit, spreading her small lips apart for me.

“Oh daddy, take it, break my cherry, fuck me daddy, fuck me now” she begged me.

I let the tip of my cock rest between her wetness and rubbed it up and down thru her lips. As I began to work it into her tight pussy, she arched her back, and kept whining slightly. I worked my cock in slowly, till it was pressing against her tight wall. She looked me in the eyes and said;

“Daddy, take it now, shove your hard cock in me, fuck me hard and deep daddy. I need to feel it now, now fuck me” almost yelling at me.

I took hold of her legs, and I rammed my cock right through her hymen and broke her cherry fast and hard, then pumped my cock in and out of her feverously. Fucking my little girls virgin pussy the first time, it was so tight, and she was soaking wet, dripping off my balls. I fucked her hard like that, then she started moaning loudly.

“Daddy, I’m going to cum, oh god daddy, make me cum, I want to cum for you daddy on your cock, fuck me and explode your cum inside me.” she yelled, needing it badly.

“Becca, your pussy is so tight, so delicious, I have to fuck you harder.” I managed to say back to her.

“YES daddy, YES, fuck me hard, fuck your little girls cunt deep and hard now daddy.”

She was moaning and screaming so loud now, I had to let go, I could feel her pussy beginning to tighten around my cock, and I knew she was ready to cum. I thrust deeper in her, faster, harder.

“I’m cumming daddy, I’m cumming!!!” she let out a huge scream and clenched her pussy around my cock.

I exploded my cum inside her tight pussy, deep, I could feel her pussy twitch each time I shot a load into her. She collapsed on the table, breathing heavily and her legs shaking.

“Daddy, that was the first time I have ever orgasmed. You gave it to me.” she smiled, trying to catch her breath.

All I could say was “Becca I love you baby, you are delicious.” Beaming the biggest smile ever.

“Teach me more daddy, right now, more” she was begging again, her eyes glistening now.

“Don’t worry baby, there is a lot daddy is going to teach you,” smiling once again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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