Daddy Trains Lizzy Ch. 01

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All characters are over 18.

Part 1: Frank Teaches Lizzy a Lesson

Frank came home after working over time at his law firm, expecting for his dinner to be on the table and his daughter to be there with a smile on her face. Instead, what he found was an empty house with a note on the fridge saying, “Went to Amanda’s house, be back later”. Ever since his wife ran off with her tennis instructor, Frank has been working overtime to make sure his daughter, Elizabeth, could stay in the lifestyle she had become accustomed to. In return, her duties were to keep the house clean and make sure dinner is ready when he returns from work.

As he sat down in at the kitchen table with the note in his hand, he looked around and what he saw was a filthy kitchen, dirty dishes and trash overflowing. Suddenly the anger hit him. How dare she, after all the extra hours he’s put in for her, and all he asks in return is a clean house and dinner when he comes home, and she can’t even do that. He fixes himself some dinner and he waits for her arrival, determined to teach her a lesson of respect.

As he sat on the couch he looked at all the pictures of his daughter smiling innocently in every single one of them. As he looks at them he notices that she has become a beautiful young woman. Looking at one of the pictures, cleavage clearly visible, tight young ass, he begins to think of her in what some would call “unnatural ways” looking at her tits, her curves, and her ass. Since his wife left him, he hasn’t had sex in years because of his busy work schedule; his cock begins to grow slowly thinking about Lizzy in a sexual manner. The dirtiest of thoughts of her are pouring into his head as he waits for her.

At around 1:30 in the morning, the door opens and she stumbles in, wearing a black knee high skirt, black high heals, and a blue low cut v-neck top. He looks her up and down, admiring her body and says firmly, “Young lady, have you been drinking?”

“Just a little Daddy,” she replies, slurring bahis firmaları slightly.

“Just a little? Look at you, you can barely talk. What have I told you about drinking Lizzy?”

“Not to do it Daddy.”

“Well now you have to be punished Lizzy, you know that.” He looks her up and down, wanting to lift her skirt up so badly. “Bend over the couch baby girl.”

“But Daddy…”

“No buts Lizzy, you know the house rules.” He watched her as she bent over the couch, her skirt slowly riding up. When she was fully bent over he slid her skirt up and lo and behold, she was wearing the tiniest black thong he had ever seen. Frank instantly felt his cock get rock hard in his pants. “Thongs Lizzy? Do you know what it means if a girl is wearing a thong?” Not giving her time to answer, “It means that she is a slut who wants nothing but a good fuck, is that what you want baby girl?” His hand now firmly planted on her round ass.

“No Daddy, I just thought…”

Frank interrupts her, “Baby, now you really have to be punished.” He lifts his hand and firmly smacks it back down on her ass, leaving a nice, big red hand print. She lets out a yelp, her ass stinging from the pain, but before that pain subsides Frank lands another blow, leaving another hand print. She screams out again, he continually lands smacks down on her tight ass at an even pace. Her screams and yelps all of a sudden turn to half moans, he notices this and starts to rub her swollen ass and he slides his hand down over her thong only to feel that it is soaking wet. “Lizzy, why are you so wet, are you enjoying your punishment?” She doesn’t answer, but he can see her face turning bright red and he can sense her submission. “Baby girl, are you a virgin?” She nods her head yes. “From now on, you’re going to help Daddy a little more than just cleaning and now you can only wear these thongs for me, when I allow you to, do you understand?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Good girl, but for now I think it’s getting in kaçak iddaa the way, don’t you?” He starts to slide them off slowly enjoying the first view of his daughter’s virgin pussy. “Oh baby, your going to be such a good little submissive for Daddy, you already shaved your little cunt for me,” he whispers in her ear. Once the thong is down around her knees, he slides his finger up and down her wet pussy, before sliding it in slowly, letting her enjoy the feeling of his penetration. He hears her moaning softly as he begins to fuck her slowly with his finger, letting her cunt adjust before sliding in a second. With the second finger in, he feels how tight she is, and her body is now responding to his touch. He leans over her and whispers, “Baby does that feel good?”

“Mm hmmm, yes Daddy,” she moans out. He can tell from her voice that she is in an extreme state of arousal, and is now moving her hips up and down on his fingers; her body is practically begging him to fuck her. He removes his fingers and puts them to her mouth.

“Taste yourself baby girl, clean Daddy’s fingers so I can fuck you.” He smiles and she opens her mouth for him, completely submitting to him as she cleans his fingers. “You’re such a good girl Lizzy, do you want to feel Daddy’s cock inside you?” She nods her head yes. “Then beg for it like a good little girl.”

“Please Daddy fuck my virgin pussy, I need it so bad, I want you to be my first.”

“Do you want to submit to Daddy and serve him whenever he wants?”

“Yes Daddy, I want to be your little sex slave, please fuck me,” she pleads. He smiles down at his little girl begging him to fuck her, and he starts to unzip his pants, making sure it’s loud enough for her to hear. His cock is rock hard in his hand, as he strokes it up and down slowly, enjoying the view of his daughter bent over the couch, skirt up around her waist, thong around her knees, dripping wet cunt, with her voice begging for him to take her. He takes the tip of his cock and strokes it kaçak bahis up and down on her pussy lips, getting the swollen head of his cock wet with her juices. Then he slowly eases it inside of her, letting her tight, virgin pussy adapt to the size of his thick cock. Pushing in slowly until he reaches her cherry, he puts one hand on her back holding her to the couch and one on her ass as he pushes through it without warning, taking his daughter’s virginity. She cries out softly but overall he can tell she is enjoying every second of it.

He starts to fuck her slowly, grunting and groaning as he feels his little girl’s tight cunt gripping his cock. Watching her little body as she moans and gyrates with pleasure, he starts to fuck her faster and faster knowing that after years without sex he won’t last long. Then, all of a sudden out of no where he feels her cunt squeezing his cock tighter than ever as she moans loudly with her first orgasm by a cock, and it’s her Daddy’s cock. With that, he can’t hold out much longer and he pumps in and out of her faster and harder feeling his cum boiling up from his balls to his shaft. He holds onto her hips tightly as he gets as deep as he can get and he unloads his hot cum deep inside of her, spurt after spurt. He then feels her cunt contracting again as she has another orgasm, her pussy milking his cock of every last drop of cum.

He collapses on top of her, panting in her ear, “Did my baby like her first time?”

She moans in between pants, “Yes Daddy, thank you.”

He whispers in her ear, “Good girl,” proud of her for thanking him, knowing she is a true submissive. Her body has gone limp under him, so he picks her up and carries her into his bedroom, and he carefully removes all of her clothes so she can sleep comfortably. It is now, that he sees her perfect breasts and he smiles knowing he has years to enjoy them, but for now she can sleep. He undresses as well and climbs into bed with her and whispers in her ear, “From now on you sleep with me in my bed, always keeping your body available for me to use.” She looks up at him with a contented look on her face, and with that, he kisses her fore head and holds her naked body close to his as they drift off to sleep.

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