Daddy Takes Over Ch. 06

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My hot little Suzy, the eighteen year old Daddy’s slut, was hanging around the backyard on a beautiful summer day next to our brand new pool. It wasn’t a huge pool, but it was a nice underground one with curves and seats in some of the shallower parts. It was perfect timing too, as this summer was proving to be a scorcher.

Suzy was lying on a lounge chair in a tiny pink bikini, the kind that was mostly string with triangles covering her nipples and pussy, and enough fabric to cover her ass crack, but not much more. Her blond hair was up in a ponytail, and her eyes were closed against the bright sun.

I had come home from work mid-afternoon after a rather boring meeting, and put on my swim trunks to join my sexy baby girl in the sun. As I walked out the back door I realised that she might be asleep, as she didn’t stir when the door snapped shut. I smirked to myself and looked around to see that none of the neighbors were in their yards at the time, then walked quietly over to her. I straddled her chair, my hips about level with her face, and lowered my trunks, letting my hardening cock out into the sun.

I stroked myself a few times, the sight of her tight, young body helping my hard on grow. I eased the tip of my cock up against her plump, pink lips, stroking it back and forth against them as it grew harder. “Wakey, wakey sweetheart” I whispered, and her eyelids fluttered open.

“Mmm hi Daddy” she purred, stretching a little before reaching for my hard cock with both hands. She stroked my dick as she started to lick and suck at the tip. I leaned forward to grip the back of the lounge chair and get a better angle on my baby girl’s sweet mouth.

“Oh sweetie, you know you shouldn’t fall asleep in the sun. It’s bad for your skin. Don’t worry though; Daddy will give you some nice cream to keep your skin smooth and soft. Now, take Daddy’s dick baby.” With that I started to thrust my hips back and forth, my cock sliding in and almost out of my girl’s wet mouth, her tongue rubbing up against the underside of my dick, and her cheeks concave from sucking.

“Mmm good girl” I moaned. “Spread your legs for Daddy and rub that sweet pussy, pumpkin.” She did as she was told as I continued to fuck her mouth. I glanced back to see her small hand pull her bahis firmaları bathing suit aside to reveal her shaved pussy and little nub of a clit. She rubbed her clit between two fingers, pinching it slightly as she wiggled her hips a little.

I turned my attention back to her face, watching her expertly suck my cock as she made muffled moans of pleasure. “Mmm that’s it baby, just a little more.” I thrust my cock deep in her throat, feeling her gag just a little before pulling it back out and thrusting it forward again. I did this a few times before pulling my thick cock out of her mouth to squat down over her stomach, grabbing her perky tits in their tiny bathing suit, and stuffing my cock up between them.

The pink string between the two triangles of her top strained against the top of my dick, but it held Suzy’s sweet tits tightly around my dick as I pushed it between them. Suzy brought her hands up to jerk me off with her soft round breasts. Her chest was warm from the sun and her tits felt amazing on my rock hard dick.

Suzy grinned as she bounced her tits up and down, masturbating me fast and hard. “That’s it, oh that’s it Suzy here it comes” I groaned as ropes of cum splashed out all over her tits. “Oooh baby girl” I moaned as she milked the cum from me.

Suzy giggled as I pulled my cock out from between her breasts and tugged my trunks back up. She playfully rubbed my cum into her tits, shoving her bathing suit under them to make her hard nipples shine with my seed. “Mmm you are such a slut for Daddy” I said as I smiled down at her, “now, why don’t we get in the pool?”

“Okay Daddy” Suzy said as I moved away from the chair and dove into the pool. Suzy followed, but eased herself into the water, her bikini top still pulled underneath her perky tits and a wet spot on her pink bottoms. I sat down on one of the benches with the water at about chest height and watched her slip slowly into the pool. Once she was in she swam over and took a seat next to me.

I put my arm under the water and around her waist and pulled her up into my lap, her legs spread on either side of mine and her nipples just barely above the water. I nuzzled my face into her neck, kissing and nibbling at her sun warmed skin as I reached around to grab her firm tits. kaçak iddaa I pinched and rubbed her slick, wet nipples as she squirmed in my lap.

“Do you like our new pool baby girl?” I asked as I moved one hand down into her tiny bathing suit bottoms, stroking her clit as my other hand stayed on her exposed breast.

“Ohh yes Daddy, I like it very much, but don’t you worry about all the neighbors that can see into our backyard?” She asked, still wiggling under my hands.

I plunged a finger into her tight pussy, making her moan. “I don’t know sweetie. Don’t you like them looking at your tight little body? Your perky tits, stiff nipples, and your round ass in this tiny bikini?” I started to work my finger faster in her tight hole, pinching her one nipple hard. “Maybe they’re all peeking at you from behind their fences, stroking their cocks as they watch you swim or lay in the sun — waiting for you to spread your legs a little to get a glimpse of your puffy pussy lips in your tight bikini or maybe for you to take your top off to get the sun on your bare tits.”

I finger fucked her faster and harder as I whispered in her ear, her eyes closed and her hips grinding against my hand. “Wouldn’t you like that baby? All those men jerking off in their backyards because of your slutty body? Their fat red cocks in their hands as they pretend to weed the flower beds, while watching you through cracks and holes in their fence, grunting as they cum all over their wives azaleas.”

“Oohh Daddy” Suzy moaned, her pussy clenching around my finger as she came.

“Mmm see baby, It’s not a problem. I know you like it, and I know that Daddy’s cock is the only one that can ever really satisfy you.” I slid my finger out of her pussy and went back to rubbing her stiff clit, my hard cock now making a tent of my swimsuit between our legs.

“Okay Daddy, but what if they want more than just looking at me?” I took one of her hands and placed it on my swimsuit covered cock. She started to stroke it and grind it into her snatch.

“Well baby, you can give it to them if you want, especially if Daddy is watching from inside the house, or if you film it for Daddy to watch later. Mmm in fact, pumpkin, I think it’s a great idea.” I reached under the water to slide kaçak bahis my trunks down, releasing my raging hard on into the cool water of the pool, then slid Suzy’s suit to the side. She raised herself obligingly and put her knees up on the bench to straddle me better before lowering herself on my hard cock.

“Mmm yes baby girl” I moaned when my hard on entered her hot pussy, an intense change from the water. I reached around to fondle her tits as she started to bounce on my cock, making the water splash around us.

“You could get the neighbors to stick their hard cocks through holes in the fence for you to suck. Ooh sweetie, yes. Ride Daddy’s cock while you think about all our neighbors cocks sticking out of the fence for you to suck all day long.”

“Mmm Daddy” Suzy moaned, grinding herself on my cock as I spread my arms back along the edge of the pool, letting her do the work and watching her sweet ass move under the water. “I’ll suck all the cocks you want as long as I can get Daddy’s dick inside me every day.”

“Daddy spoils you letting you have everything you want, but, if it’s Daddy’s cock you need, I’ll give it to you anytime pumpkin.” Suzy moaned and I grabbed her hips, flipping her over to kneel on the bench, her elbows and bare tits resting on the side of the pool. I slammed my cock back inside her from behind, making the water slosh over the edge of the pool, leaving Suzy’s tits in a puddle.

“Oooh Daddy!” Suzy groaned as I pumped in and out of her pussy, bending over her, my hands on the edge of the pool to drive my cock in deep. “Yes Daddy! Fuck me nice and deep, it feels so good!”

I continued to fuck her sweet, tight pussy, driving the water and Suzy into a frenzy. “Mmm yes baby, cum on Daddy’s cock, that’s it give it to Daddy.” Suzy moaned loudly as she came, her pussy clenching down on my cock bringing me to my own orgasm. “Oh fuck baby!” I groaned as I shot my cum deep inside her, underneath the cool water of the pool. I gave her a few more strokes, letting my cock slowly shrink inside her.

Daddy, you’re the best” Suzy sighed with pleasure as I pulled out of her and she started to adjust her swimsuit.

“Mmm so are you sweetie” I said as I gave her a deep kiss on the mouth. I didn’t tell Suzy, but I could have sworn I heard a grunt from behind the fence in front of us, followed by a dull splash, but Suzy would have to find out about that another day. I thought to myself that our new pool was going to be a popular place that summer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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