Let the Sparks Fly

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I recently bought an older home, it still has the screw in fuses. When I try to do too many things at once it will pop a fuse. I was getting very frustrated, and it was getting expensive replacing them all the time.

I was making dinner one night, and the fuse popped. I was fed up with it. I went online to find an electrician. I see a website that caught my eye, so I called the phone number listed.

I got the voicemail, “Hello, you have reached Sam’s contracting. I am not able to take your call at this time, so please leave a message, and a phone number. I will get back to you as soon as I can, Thank you.”

“Hi my name is Jessie, I am hoping to have you come over to my home to look at my fuse box.” I left my phone number, hoping to hear back from him soon.

About 30 minutes later I got a phone call. I answered, “Hello?”

“Hi, I am looking for Jessie, this is Sam from Sam’s contracting.” He said.

“This is Jessie. Thank you for calling back so soon.” I replied.

“Not a problem.” He stated. “So, what kind of problems are you having?” He asked me.

I explained to him about what I had going on, he agreed to come over the next morning at 10 am to take a look, and give me an estimate. So, I gave him my address before we ended the call.

The next morning I was waiting for Sam, he called to tell me that he was running a little behind. So finally, at 10:30 he got to my house.

The doorbell rang, when I went to answer the door, I was on the phone talking with a girl from work. I literally stopped talking, and just stared. Standing in front of me was a gorgeous man, about 6 feet tall, very fit with nice defined muscles. Salt and pepper hair, with green eyes. He was my idea of a perfect looking man. I hung up the phone, and invited him in.

He smiled, and reached his hand out to shake mine. “Hi I am Sam. Are you Jessie?” He asked.

I could not stop staring at him, he had a beautiful smile. I took his hand in mine. “Yes, I am Jessie, come on in please.” I replied.

“The fuse box is in the back room, follow me.” I said to him as I led him to the back of the house.

He asked me a bunch of questions about the electrical, that I must have answered, but don’t remember because I was in total awe of this man. I have not met anyone that I was instantly attracted to in a very long time.

We discussed all the changes that should be done to upgrade the house to be within code. I agreed with him. Sam was smiling the whole time he was there, so it kept taking my breath away when I would look at him. “So, I have a good idea of what you need to have done, let me go back to the office, and write up an estimate.” He told me, “I will contact you in the next day or two with a quote.”

I walked him to the door, “Sounds good, call when you can.” I told him.

I watched him leave the driveway, and went straight to my bedroom. My pussy was so wet, I had to take care of myself right then, so I went to masturbate thinking about him.

I got my vibrator out, and laid on the bed. My vibrator has a clit attachment, so I turned it on, and inserted it into my pussy. I was thrusting my hips, and grinding against the vibrator while it was rubbing my clit. It did not take long for me to have an orgasm. I could not stop thinking about fucking Sam. bahis firmaları

I got cleaned up, and went to work. With a smile on my face.

Sam called me the next morning with a quote for the work that needs to be done. I felt it was fair so I approved the work to be done. Knowing that I was not going call anyone else.

We agreed to have Sam start the work on the following Monday. He said it could take a few days, so I took the week off from work. I was so excited about Sam being in my house again. Every time I thought of him, and that damn smile of his, I would touch myself. My vibrator was getting a good workout.

Monday morning…

Sam got to the house at 9 am. He had another gentleman with him. He was handsome also but not like Sam. I showed the guys to the back room, and told them that I would be in the living room working if they needed me.

I could hear the guys working, and talking. Sam’s voice was very soothing. I was not getting very much work done. I went into the bathroom several times to touch myself. My pussy was sopping wet all morning long.

The guys broke for lunch, and headed out for a bit. I told them to leave the back door unlocked so they could come, and go as they needed.

While they were gone, I went to my room, and got my vibrator out. I was on the bed naked moving the vibrator in, and out of my pussy. I was moaning, and when I had an orgasm I screamed. I opened my eyes, and Sam was standing in my doorway watching me.

I grabbed for the blanket to cover myself. “Oh, my god how long have to been standing there?” I asked him.

“I got back from lunch, and I heard you scream. So, I came to make sure you were all right.” He responded. “From what I am seeing you are more than okay!” He said with a sly smile on his face.

I asked him, “Are you alone, or is your helper still with you?”

Sam replied, “He is on a different job now. I only needed his help this morning.”

I flipped the blanket off me, and spread my legs wide, then asked him, “Do you like what you see?”

Sam walked into my room, and shut the door behind him. “I most definitely like what I see!”

As he was walking further into the room he started getting undressed. He took off his shirt, he kicked off his shoes, and unbuttoned his jeans. I sat up to watch him approach. He got to my bed, and stopped. Then he asked me, “Do you want to feel the real thing, or keep using that toy?”

I looked up at him, as I shifted on the bed so that could touch his chest, “Oh, I want the real thing!” I replied to him. I got off the bed to stand in front of him. I kept rubbing his chest, and pinched his nipples. He sucked in his breath, as his nipples got hard.

I went down on my knees in front of him. I pulled his zipper down, and started pulling down his jeans, and boxers. He had a very nice looking cock, about 6.5 inches long, thick with a large mushroom head. I went to grab his cock, and noticed something. I looked up at him with a cocky smile. “You have a cock ring on?” I stated, “Is this daily wear for you?” I asked as I was rubbing his cock up, and down.

Sam laughed, and replied, “Only when I am hoping to fuck a sexy lady!”

“Oh, so you have been thinking about me?” I asked him.

“Since we meet last week I have kaçak iddaa wanted to fuck you!” Sam stated.

I wrapped my lips around his cock, and started moving my head up, and down. I was able to go all the way down on his cock. The first time I gagged a little, but then I was able to relax my throat. I was holding onto his thighs to keep my balance. Sam grabbed my hair, and was thrusting harder into my mouth.

After a few more minutes of this Sam pulled me off his cock, “Get up on the bed.” He instructed me.

I crawled on the bed, “How do you want me to be?” I asked him.

Sam responded, “Lay on your back for me.”

When I laid down Sam crawled between my legs, and started sucking on my tits. He lightly used his teeth biting on my nipples. He didn’t bite down hard enough to hurt, but just enough to let me know what he was doing. I arched my back to push my tits up to him.

He then moved down my stomach, and got to my pussy. I was sopping wet in anticipation of what was to come next. Sam, opened my pussy lips, and licked my clit. He was sucking on my clit, and inserted a finger into my pussy. He was finger fucking me, god it felt amazing. I felt a second finger go into my pussy, and then I felt a finger go into my ass. Sam was moving his fingers in, and out both of my holes. I started moving my hips to his rhythm. I started breathing hard, and taking short breaths. I had an orgasm, that made me scream out again.

After Sam licked up all of my juices, he came up over me smiling. “Your taste is very sweet. I could feast on you all day!”

He thrust his cock into my pussy. I arched to meet his thrust. I pulled his head down to me, and passionately kissed him. When he lifted his head, I laughed, and said, “I do taste sweet don’t I?”

Sam laughed, and replied, “Yes you most defiantly do!”

Sam, and I found a good rhythm. Since he had the cock ring on, he was staying harder longer. He pulled out of my pussy. “Get up on your hands, and knees!” He ordered me.

I flipped over, and got onto my knees. Sam put his cock back into my pussy. God I love doggie it feels so good. I leaned down, reached back, and started rubbing his balls. I felt Sam’s finger go into my ass. While he was fucking my pussy, he started to finger my ass. “God, Sam pound my pussy hard!” I told him. He started thrusting harder.

Then Sam told me, “I want to fuck your ass!”

“Yes, I want to feel your thick cock in my ass!” I screamed at him.

Sam took his cock, and lined it up with my asshole. I felt the head of his cock push past my anal ring. It was a very tight fit. Sam slowly pushed his cock deeper into my ass. I felt his balls against my pussy when he was all the way in. He paused for a moment for me to get used to his cock. He then started thrusting in, and out.

“Fuck my ass, god that feels so good!” I yelled at Sam.

Sam started pumping harder into my ass. I was fingering my pussy, and rubbing my clit. “Oh, god Sam I’m going to cum! Your cock feels so fucking good in my ass! Don’t stop!” I was telling him. Then I came so hard that I squirted all over the bed.

Sam was thrusting harder, and faster. “I am going to cum!” He said to me

I told him. “Cum in my ass, I want to feel you fill me up!”

Then I felt Sam tense up, and kaçak bahis cum deep inside my ass. God, it felt amazing. I collapsed on the bed, and Sam came down on top of me with his cock still in me.

We were both breathing hard. Sam was nuzzling into my neck. I could feel that he was still hard. He pulled out of me, and rolled onto his back next to me. He had a huge grin on his face. He got up, slapped me in the ass, and told me, “Don’t go anywhere. I will be right back!”

I laughed, and said to him, “No worries, I can’t move right now!”

Sam went into the bathroom to clean his cock. He came back into the bedroom, and laid beside me. He then looked at me smiling, wiggling his eyebrows, and asked me, “So, do you want to climb the mountain?”

I looked down at his cock to see that it was still hard. I smiled, and crawled on top of him. I could not get enough of him. I sat on his cock, and started rocking. Sam was holding my hips. I leaned forward, and started kissing him. Sam grabbed my ass cheeks, to use as leverage to move me up, and down on his cock. I sat back up, and started pulling on my nipples.

Sam moved my hands, and took over rubbing my tits. He was twisting my nipples, it felt so good. I threw my head back moaning. I then started bouncing harder on Sam’s cock. I reached down to rub my clit as my orgasm was building up.

I squirted all over Sam when I came. I fell forward onto him. He rolled us over so I was on my back. He started grinding into me. I wrapped my legs around his to have leverage to be able to push up against him.

Sam was leaning down kissing me. I wrapped my arms around his neck to hold onto him tight. Sam started thrusting hard in, and out of my pussy.

He tucked his head into my neck, so he could pound my pussy harder.

Sam, and I came together. I screamed as I came, and Sam grunted loudly. Then he collapsed on top of me.

He rolled over onto his back, breathing hard. “Well I see I am not going to get a lot done on this job with you around.” He said to me.

I laughed hard, and replied, “Well then you’ll just have to work longer hours to get the job done.”

Sam laughed, and pulled me over to him. I rested my head on his shoulder. We were both very sweaty, and exhausted. I noticed that while his cock was flaccid he was taking off his cock ring.

“That does its job very well.” I said to him.

Sam laughed, and agreed with me. He got up a few minutes later. “Can I use your shower really quick to clean up?” He asked me.

“Sure, help yourself. Towels are in the cabinet.” I told him.

I stayed in bed while Sam got cleaned up. I could not move a muscle. Sam came into the bedroom with just a towel around his waist. God, if I had the strength I would fuck him again right this minute. Sam seen the look in my eyes, and laughed.

“I need to wait for a little bit, before we can go at it again.” Sam told me with a smile. “I am going to start working on the job I am supposed to be doing here.” He winked at me while he got dressed.

I smiled, and said to him, “No, problem I am just going to take a little nap.”

Sam came over to the bed kissed my forehead, and as he went to leave the room. I said to him, “Well one positive thing is that I took the week off work, So, we can do a lot more fucking before the job is done.”

Sam was looking at me with a big smile on his face, and said to me, “Oh, yes we will be fucking each other a lot more this week.”

I fell asleep with a smile on my face, dreaming about the week to come.

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Surfing Lessons Ch. 04

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Over at Donald’s house, Clark felt like he had a turbo case of ADD. He could hear his friends talking, see what they were doing for their project, but damn, he just couldn’t focus.

Donald had the 27″ flat panel monitor turned to where everyone could see it while he worked on the website template. Eric and Brandon were sprawled on the floor and the futon in Donald’s spacious room over the garage, there was Panic! at the Disco playing in the background and a faint odor of feet in the room. Yes, Brandon had his shoes off again.

Clark was buzzing with memories of the night before. He was also mesmerized by the sight of Eric’s obviously unencumbered “package” as he lay on his back on the carpet. He felt a stirring in his own shorts, wondering how Eric was hung. Of course, they’ve all showered together but they were the showers of guys trying to get in, get out and not pop a woodie in front of his buds.

“That’s it, I’m done!” stated Donald, spinning around in his desk chair. “I need to see some tits” he said with a chuckle.

“Just where do you plan to see those?” asked Brandon. “Julie’s at some cheerleader camp through this weekend and I know you don’t have a Plan B”

“Funny, you should say that grasshopper” Donald responded, “I have Plan B right here” He grabbed his crotch at the same time the boys saw the website for Xtube come up on the monitor. Clark snickered to himself and then saw the most recently viewed titles before Donald clicked away from the page. Clark saw “Self suck cum boy”, “Bukkake Bitch” parts 1, 2 and 3 and one called “DP 12-2”.

“Put on some gang-bang stuff” groaned Eric from the floor, although he had turned on his side. His Adidas shorts were bunched up on the bottom leg and there was a clear outline of cock and a nice large ballsack evident in the shiny navy blue shorts.

Suddenly, on the monitor was an orgy scene with two identical twin girls and about 6 chiseled guys with average to large cocks, hard as rocks, either being stroked or sucked by the two girls. Each had one in their mouth and one in each of their hands, servicing 3 men at once, with the guys trading positions from time to time during the 15 minute video until the final minute where all 6 guys exploded volleys of cum on the girl’s faces.

Brandon was hunched back in the futon with his hand in his crotch, idly moving it back and forth. Eric was openly stroking his cock through his shorts while Donald sat back in his chair and watched them both and the video as it ran. Clark glanced around and felt less self-conscious about his own growing hardon since the others were obviously affected similarly.

Donald clicked to another video, this one of a girl and two guys in an Egyptian type setting. The girl seemed less than enthusiastic about the plowing she was getting from behind and even more disinterested in the cock she was servicing from the front. Suddenly, the guy in front leans over and locks lips with the guy in back as they continued to ram both ends of the girl in the middle.

“Oops, sorry guys, didn’t know it was going there” excused Donald.

“Fuck it, at least they’re into it, she could care less, it looks like” scowled Eric, continuing to stroke on the floor. Clark stared at his shorts and could see a pre-cum stain spreading across the front; proof that Eric was getting off on what he was watching.

On the video, the three had shifted around into a 3-way oral position, with the girl being eaten by a guy who was being blown by the other guy who was being blown by the girl. Out of the corner of his eye, Clark could see Brandon unzip his khaki shorts and pull his cock through the fly of his boxers. It looked like it was about 6″ long and average thickness to Clark, curved up along his belly with a pointed head and open hole on the front. The video ended with an obviously over-dramatic orgasm for the girl canlı bahis as both guys kneeled over her, jacking each other’s cocks in her face.

Donald fiddled with the keyboard and mouse, hunting for another video as his shorts tented under the desk. “Did you like that one?” he asked the guys.

“Fuck yeah” Brandon grunted, “let’s have some more like that”

“Hey, if you spooge over there, you’re gonna have to clean it up” Donald told him.

Brandon was seemingly oblivious but answered, “maybe you can clean it up for me, bitch, WITH YOUR TONGUE!” At that Donald launched over to the futon and started pummeling Brandon playfully, who didn’t fight back, instead continued stroking.

Donald’s crotch was still tented out and he started swinging it in Brandon’s face, telling him “Maybe I should whip this out and let YOU see what a real cock is like!”

By now, Clark and Eric both have their shorts down and cocks out watching the other two wrestle on the futon. Clark glanced over at Eric and felt his eyes widen at probably the longest looking cock he’d ever seen. It looked to be easily a foot and looked even longer due to it’s narrow circumference. Eric’s fingers easily overlapped as he stroked the entire length up to the flared, mushroom shaped head that was visibly oozing at this point, damn near drooling.

“Dude, I need a fucking towel soon or I’m soaking your carpet with this stuff” Eric told Donald. He jumped off the futon a ducked into his bathroom to grab a wad of toilet paper and threw it at Eric who didn’t miss a beat on his cock while he grabbed the paper in mid-air. He held the wad in front of his cock just as jets of cum started streaming out, soaking the toilet paper and his hand. When he finally stopped, the other three were staring at him openly and he blushed a bit at the show he’d just put on.

Brandon was still stroking himself and eased up from the futon and made a hunched over sprint to the bathroom, tightly grasping his cock as he made it through the door. He thought he made it too, in position over the sink, when a laser shot of cum emerged from the head, splattering the mirror 3 feet away, followed by another that hit just a bit lower and trailed to the faucet and sink. He cupped his left hand over the head and deflected the cum as he stroked 6 more jets of the fluid out, making a white-yellow puddle in the grey granite sink.

“Goddam” Donald muttered as he leaned in the door, “better get the Windex out, bitch, I don’t want your spooge all over my bathroom.”

“Fine, I’ll clean it up after you slurp some” Brandon answered, and as he did, he scooped two fingers through the runny puddle in the sink and flicked a few droplets at Donald’s face, splattering his cheek and lip.

“Fuck! I’ll kick your little dago ass for that!” Donald yelled and grabbed Brandon’s cock, spinning him towards him and as he did, Brandon drags his fingers again through the cum puddle and sticks them in Donald’s mouth. Donald stops, lets go of Brandon’s cock and wipes the excess off his face. Clark noticed that he never spit anything out though . . . . . curious.

While this scene played out, a cell phone started ringing “Smack That” in the room. Eric turned and grabbed it from his backpack and muttered “H’lo” into it, listened for a bit and then said, “OK, we’re wrapping up soon, I’ll get Clark to drop me off”

“Mommy calling?” Donald teased? “Momma’s boy need to go home?”

“Yeah, I told her I wouldn’t be late again tonight, Clark, you don’t mind dropping me do you?”

“Nahh, it’s cool, I need to go in a bit anyways, I think Dad was wanting to grab a late dinner cuz Mom’s out of town for a while.” Clark told him.

“Well girls, this has been a blast, or several blasts, but I need to go then” Eric said. He and Clark gathered their papers and notebooks into their backpacks and headed out the door while bahis siteleri Brandon was wiping the last of his cum off the mirror with a paper towel under the close supervision of Donald.

A few minutes later, while driving off in Clark’s Altima, the two boys started remembering what had just happened in Donald’s room. They reminisced about the videos and then Clark asked Eric, “Did you notice that Donald ate Brandon’s cum?”

“Yeah, I caught that, didn’t look like he was surprised at all by it” Eric mused. “Hey, take the river road to my house, the main road’s fucked up because of some road work”

“OK”, Clark said, mentally calculating how much longer this was going to take. He knew that Dad was going to be home from the gym, but really didn’t know when and this evening had him seriously wound up. He was going to need some relief and soon.

“Hey, did you get off back there? Eric asked.

“What, did I enjoy it? Yeah, it was cool, even if you made me feel like my dick was nothing compared to yours”

“No, I mean, I came, Brandon came, you know Donald’s beating off or something right now, but did you?

“Nahh, it’s ok, I can take care of it when I get home. I’ll have the house to myself until Dad gets there”

Eric looked at him and said “Do you want to now? Take care of it, I mean”

“Dude, I’m driving”

“Pull over; nobody ever comes down this road unless they’re going to my house. I take Erin parking out here all the time”

“OK” Clark answers and looks for a secluded spot to pull off in. Up ahead there’s a little cut-in road that’s quickly shielded from the main road by tall brush. He pulls off and kills the lights.

“Speaking of Erin, how is she doing?” Clark asks Eric.

“OTR right now man and all we do is fight. I haven’t had anything in weeks” Eric replies.

Clark’s cock never fully relaxed from Donald’s house and now, with the discussion about all that, he was feeling some definite movement towards being hard again. Suddenly, he felt Eric’s hand caressing the outline of his cock inside his shorts. The feeling was a tingle, shock, thrill and made his groin lurch with anticipation.

“I never did get a good look at this thing back there” Eric said “What I remember though was a damn good-looking piece of meat though”

“Shit, yours has got to be 4 or 5 inches longer, easy” Clark said. “Can Erin handle all that?”

“She can’t deep-throat it and swears I bust an ovary when I fuck her but so far, yeah.”

“Damn, any idea how big it is?” Clark asked.

“A shade over 11 long, 4-1/2 around.”

“Wow, it looks like it’s bigger than that”

By now, Eric had Clark’s fly open and was stroking his cock. “Dude, what are you doing?” Clark asked.

“Chill out, bro. I wanted to do this back there but didn’t know what they others would say.”

Eric was now fully engaged with both hands, spitting into one for some lubrication. Clark leaned the seat back and closed his eyes to enjoy the sensations of one of his best friends jacking him off. He remembered the sight of Eric’s long stick shooting into the tissue, how both of his hands were on the shaft and the head still stuck out while he jacked himself. He pictured Erin trying to swallow that monster and could understand why she couldn’t.

He could feel one of Eric’s hands working the head of his cock, while the other tickled the shaft down to his balls. “Damn it feels good” he muttered.

“Just enjoy it” Eric said, “You should have stroked one out before we left there too”

“This doesn’t suck right here” Clark said “at least the other guys aren’t here watching”

“Wouldn’t care, it was fucking hot watching everyone stroke”

Suddenly, the feeling of one hand was replaced by a warmer, moist feeling. Clark thought Eric had put more spit on the head of his cock and opened one eye to see bahis şirketleri Eric’s head lower as his mouth engulfed half of Clark’s cock. He involuntarily thrust his hips forward and forced the rest into Eric’s mouth until he felt an ever so slight scraping at the base of his shaft from Eric’s top teeth.

“Dammit, what brought that on?” he stuttered to Eric.

Eric just looked up at him as he moved up and down on Clark’s cock, causing warm tingly sensations all over and moving to his groin. He could feel his balls drawing up and his breathing became shallower as Eric continued the slow movement. He could feel Eric’s tongue swirling around the head, along the shaft, thumping along the length and at the hole, lightly teasing it, poking the tip. This was far better than jacking off and it occurred to Clark that this may not be Eric’s first time doing this.

“Well don’t stop man, this feels awesome.”

Eric looked up at Clark and winked as if to say “anytime”.

Soon, all too soon, Clark could feel the pressure building, he knew he was a matter of seconds away from exploding, but had no clue if Eric could tell.

“I’m gonna cum, dude” Clark told Eric.

Eric looked up, pulled to the top of the cock and said “Go for it” and then resumed sucking.

Clark was shocked. “He must want my cum” he thought to himself. Eric increased the pressure on Clark’s cock. Swallowing it to the base and then pulling off till just the head was in his mouth and forming a vacuum bond with the head causing Clark to squirm slightly in his seat from the sensations. Clark could see Eric’s cock filling his shorts and leaking pre-cum again and reached over with his right hand to rub the head, pulling off a few drops of the juice and brought it to his mouth to taste. It was sweet, not overly powerful, but definitely something he could handle.

He knew he was close and could tell that Eric was ready. Eric was quickly jacking the shaft and base with his hand while his mouth worked the top. Clark groaned and could feel fire shooting through his groin, his balls tightened up and his cock practically leaped as it poured a shot of cum into Eric’s greedy awaiting mouth. Eric closed his lips around the shaft as he felt the seed coursing down his throat and massaged a few more spurts from Clark’s throbbing cock and lapped his tongue around the shaft looking for any that may have dribbled out.

Eric raised his head and grinned as he visibly swallowed everything left in his mouth. Clark was still reaching for Eric’s cock and could feel it lurch and jump as he stroked it’s hard length. Suddenly, Clark could feel sticky warmth on his palm as Eric fired off for the second time in the last hour. It felt strange to have another guy’s cum in his hand and after Eric was through shooting, Clark brought his hand over and lapped the puddle of his friend’s cum into his mouth. The taste was strong, salty but sweet. Having tasted his own before, he compared the two and thought they were more alike than different.

“Guess Donald’s not the only one with a taste for cum tonight, eh?” Eric said with a smirk.

“Yeah, I guess not.”

As both boys caught their breath, it dawned on Clark what they had just done and he felt excited. Not only was he sharing some new interesting things with his Dad, but it was clear that his 3 best friends were all inclined to do the same. The feeling of Eric giving him a handjob, then a blowjob was incredible. He wondered how it would be to try himself, but he knew now was not the right time.

“I guess I better get you to the house” Clark said to Eric.

“Yeah, before my mom wonders what’s taking so long, but I can always blame the construction”

Clark put the car in reverse and backed out onto the main road, shifted to drive and headed to drop his friend off.


Thanks to those who have read the previous installments and commented. This is all the work of a vivid imagination with little significance to my real life, other than I may be describing myself or my ideal fantasy young man in this story.

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Lessons from Sadie Ch. 03

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In the five days before the Thursday High School dance when I was to test my abilities on Jan Vickley, I had two more sessions with Sadie in which, as well as the anticipated joys of her body, she schooled me further in small details. A load of time on bra-unfastening—with one hand!

“The other hand could be busy” she pointed out, bathing me in that knowing smile. She also gave me advice on what to say and what not to say “This girl you’ve suggested might have reputation among the boys but there’s no greater turn off than showing that you expect her favours. Act grateful—always.” I think I followed that piece of advice for the rest of my life.

So, equipped, and much more confident than I had ever been before I attended the Thursday dance. The school hall was always crowded and there was a rich array of nubile girls to view, most of them professional virgins, I guessed. Saving it for one lucky man. I could look forward to that kind of challenge at a later date. When I finally spotted Jan Vickley, she was, not surprisingly, in a group consisting of her friend, Mandy Summers, and a gaggle of wide eyed guys. From time to time she would be up swaying provocatively, on the dance floor with one of them.

Clothed in a bright red flowing skirt and a low cut black blouse Jan’s voluptuous body was certainly eye catching, if not breath catching. But getting near her was going to be the challenge.

However at one point she and her friend slipped away to the toilets and I lingered near enough at that end of the hall to ask her for a dance as they returned. Her face showed some surprise.

“Asking me to dance, Jack? I thought you were too good for the likes of us.”

“No, I’ve never been a good dancer.” A small white lie. “I’ve been learning.”

On the dance floor Jan certainly knew how to project her sexuality, coming in close her thighs meshing against mine until the natural happened, and her eyes widened as she said with a wicked smile, “Am I making it hard for you?”

We danced a second time later in the evening and that’s when I quietly asked if we could take a walk afterwards. She frowned, “I’ve already promised Jake Regis.” And as my disappointment showed she quickly added, “But meet me outside anyway” And with a flick of her skirt she walked away.

At the end of the evening, after risking one or two dances with other girls and finding them insipid in comparison to Jan, I waited among the dispersing crowds outside. Jake Regis was hanging around too. Jake was one of the big talkers about his conquests, tall and, I suppose, fairly good looking with his fair hair and blue eyes.

Jan came down the stairs, with all the swagger of a female who knows the effect her movements had on men. Jake moved towards her. So did I. Her green eyes viewed us together before she said, “I suppose I can handle you both. Come on.”

And like a pair of sheep we followed her provocative sway down to the river bank, which was always a popular courting area.

“Since there’s two of you I’m just doing hand jobs tonight, but you can have a breast viewing.”

And as she kneeled on the grass she unbuttoned her blouse to reveal two melon sized breasts, all brown tipped and snuggly looking.

We kneeled on either side of her, “I’m first,” Jake said scowling at me. I shrugged at Jan and she proceeded to open Jakes flies to reveal an only semi-erect penis. “Needs work,” she commented and proceeded to stroke it with some vigour. It must have done the trick for in less than a minute Jake was groaning and Jan had released him to spurt his load into the grass. He lay back with a satisfied sigh.

Anticipation had given me a lift so that when Jan turned her attention to undoing my flies my erection lunged out solidly to her view and I could tell by the look on her face that she was surprised and impressed. Her hand grasped it firmly and she began tugging.

I reached out my hand and stroked down the side of her face. Her eyes flashed to my face and there was a little frown of uncertainty on her brow. As she pumped away at my cock I allowed my fingers to glide down her neck and under her open blouse onto the start of the hillock of her breasts.

“I said, just for looking.”

“You’re giving me pleasure, ” I replied. “I’d like to return the compliment.” Always be grateful, that’s what Sadie had advised.

My index finger was tracing over one of her nipples and I felt it rising under my touch. Spreading my hand over the ample breast I applied all of Sadie’s tutoring to the movement of my fingers and hand, and knew from Jan’s breathing that I was getting results.

Encouraged I lowered my mouth to her breast and began gently tonguing her nipple while my fingers continued to flutter over the other breast. She didn’t stop me.

Jake had sat up, “You didn’t bahis firmaları let me do that,” he grumbled.

Jan was shuffling from the kneeling position without stopping her hand action on my erection. Now her legs were splayed out in front of her and the invitation was just irresistible. Without checking my mouth’s pampering of her breast I allowed my hand to trail down over her belly to the waistband of her skirt. It was elasticated and my hand slipped easily underneath and over the swell of her lower belly and under her panties.

“Steady,” she gasped.

“Should I stop?” I asked, raising my head from her breast.

In the dark our eyes held for a moment. Then she moved her face closer and our mouths came together, tongues searching. I took this as a positive sign and my hand continued its journey to romp through her pubic hair, which felt particularly thick and bushy compared with Sadie’s.

“Hey, I didn’t get that?” Jake protested, getting to his feet.

Jan broke away from my lips to growl, “Oh, just fuck off, Jake.”

I saw Jake drift away in the gloom but fancy he lingered on the edge of the clearing.

The tips of my fingers began gliding into that mellow groove, when she shuffled again and said, “Just a minute.” She hoisted up her skirt and almost in the same movement slipped her panties off and even in the evening darkness I could see that her thick dark bush was indeed expansive.

“Lie back,” I told her, without comment she did as she was told and I immediately stooped my head to that dark furriness and my tongue searched into the open crevice, already moistening. Back and forwards along the swelling labia I operated the very tip of my tongue until she was gasping.

With just another deeper flick my tongue encountered her hard little button and I concentrated on that, enjoying the sounds of her laboured breathing. Then I moved my fingers ahead of my tongue so that they could probe for that secret place and it was no problem. Two fingers sank deep into her vagina and she began make squeaking noises, hips lifting to meet the ministrations of my tongue.

“Oh, God I’m cumming,” she almost yelled and the next second she was bumping and heaving so much that I lost my place and could only sit back and watch her ecstatic movements.

As she quietened she raised her head, “I’m sorry. I didn’t think it could be so quick. And I haven’t made you cum.”

I lay over her, “It’s not over,” I whispered, mentally thanking Sadie for this level of confidence. “The best is yet to come.”

And lying between her thighs I placed my cock head against her vaginal lips, “I’ve never come twice,” she said apologetically, and gave a little gasp as I slid easily into her moistened depths, allowing my rod to plunge right to her upper reaches. Very slowly I retracted, then plunged. And continued like that for a while, slow retraction, swift plunge, slow retraction, swift deep plunge. I listened for her breathing, heard it quicken. Then raising my body slightly I made sure that each forward stroke, faster now, was riding over her clit. Her vaginal walls began drawing at me and her breaths became low grunts as our rhythms merged.

When I felt the timing was right I changed to a series of rapid hard thrusts and felt myself close to climax and knew from the tossing of her head and her gasps and moans of delight that she was almost into her second cumming.

As I felt my balls about to explode her hips heaved up from the ground and a strangled scream escaped her lips as with two final hefty strokes I allowed myself to burst inside her, sure that my cock head struck against her cervix as we heaved and grunted in those final ecstatic throes.

As we lay cooling down she said, “I know I have a reputation, but I’ve only ever gone all the way twice before tonight. But it was nothing like that. Why haven’t I heard about you before?”

What could I say? I’m just a learner? Hardly. Secretly elated, I just said tactfully, “I save myself for the best.”

After we’d lain there for a short while she murmured, “Could we do it again sometime?”

I placed my hand over her pubic mound, “What about now?”

She sat up in some surprise, “You could do it again?”

I nodded towards my flickering penis, “He looks interested.”

“Oh, God, this is terrific.”

And second time around it was.

When we parted she was still rambling about how wonderful it had all been and I was feeling pretty pleased myself about this first ‘trial’ encounter. I just longed to tell Sadie about how well it had gone but knew it was too late to see her that night.

Then the next day at school I discovered how quickly reputations can be formed. Quite a few girls treated me to long lowered lashes looks or turned away giggling. A couple of the guys in my year kaçak iddaa came up to me and one of them said, “Jake tells me you really qualified big with Jan Vickley”

When I went into class, there were a couple of whistles and, did I imagine it, or did Miss Orry, our class tutor, give me a long hard stare? I’d had a secret passion for her, with her trim little figure and curling blonde hair, since she’d arrived at the school three years earlier.

But that was pushed from my mind that afternoon when Mandy Summers, Jan’s friend approached me as we changed sessions. “I know this sounds awful,” she began tentatively.” But Jan’s told me about—well, you know.” She licked her lips and I waited, admiring the swell in her sweater and her long hair, same colour as Sadie’s. “It’s just that—Oh, well, Jack, I’m sick of being a virgin.”

Just a little shaken I tried to remain calm, “You think there’s something I can do about that?”

“From what Jan’s told me—yes. Would you, Jack?”

Would I? Was it always going to drop into my lap like this? In no time we’d agreed to meet that night. And it became a question of where. The comfort of houses was out so in the end we agreed on a trip to the coast. The nights had been warm and to my mind the sand dunes were high, wide and as private as you could get. And I was about to try my hand with a virgin. I could hardly wait.

We met just after seven, and strolled through the funfair over the beach. We bought ice creams and strolled, hand in hand, towards the dunes, talking about anything but what was about to transpire.

As we moved in among the hills and hollows of the dunes I sensed Mandy becoming more nervous. Her hand tightened and slackened on mine. At last we came to a deep, well grassed hollow, and I spread the coat I’d brought for the purpose and she sat down nervously.

Nestling beside her I kissed her neck and whispered, “What’s the furthest you’ve gone?”

In the fading light her eyes reminded me of a trapped rabbit. “Touching—down there.”

“Did you cum?” I hoped I wasn’t being tactless.

“No, but he did.” Her eyes met mine as she added quickly, “Onto the ground.”

Without further ado I kissed her, allowing my tongue to probe along her closed lips, pleased to find they parted without too much pressure and the tip of her tongue touched mine. I let it go on like that for a while, my fingers gently massaging the side of her neck. Eventually my hand slid to the open neck of her blouse, slipped the button there and my fingers teased the beginnings of her neat bosom.

I was going to make this nice and slow, because it seemed, that’s what was needed. Gradually I moved down the buttons of her blouse until they were all undone and I held a breast that fit nicely into my cupped hand, although still encased in a lacy bra. And there was my next challenge—unhooking the bra, one handed. First attempt I was clumsy but at second try it came away nicely, and she flexed herself out of it and her blouse.

Now I laid her back and began gently kissing each breast in turn, licking at the tiny nipples, the smallest I had encountered in my brief sexual career. But soon they were responding to my stimulus, and as my lips sucked gently at them she gave out a little moan of pleasure and began unfastening my shirt.

We stayed like that for quite some time, me pleasuring her breasts while she stroked my chest, tugging at my own nipples which was surprisingly pleasurable. I would have liked her to be more adventurous and put her hands where my trousers were being strained painfully. But i wasn’t going to do any pushing.

My hand moved down her flat belly to her skirt which I had noticed was a button up type. With just a little more urgency I quickly undid the buttons, parted the skirt and let my fingers roam over her thighs and pubic mound over her panties. It was then that her own hand moved to my groin and as her fingers felt along the length encased there I heard her gasp, and I like to think it was shock rather than passion.

Through the thin silk of her panties I traced the edge of her labia, and her thighs immediately parted, so Islid my hand under her panties and stroked through the warm fuzz to the fleshy welcome spot.. With just a suggestion of movement from my hands she raised her hips so that I could push her clothing down and away. Then my mouth was moving down over her belly and into her light pubic bush where my tongue instantly flicked at the labia corner and I felt her jerk as her fingers fumbled to undo my belt.

Moving my tongue slowly up and down those swelling lower lips I was surprised how quickly she moistened. I placed my fingers over her vaginal opening rubbing only gently but making each movement a gradual deeper entry. Her whole body began jerking and shaking, while her hands kaçak bahis finally came into contact with my bared engorged cock.

I slid my tongue back to where my fingers had played and probed what felt like a tiny hole. The tip of my tongue circled it, before sliding back to her clit .

I became aware of her lips running along the length of my cock, backward and forwards, faster and faster as her breathing quickened. Her lips remained closed and I guessed she had never taken a boy in her mouth before. I was not intending to force her, in my mind now was that moment when I would be claiming my first virginity. The thought was almost exciting by itself. But her wetness, her trembling and her own ministrations to my erection suggested that it was time to perform the very necessary deed.

I sat up and moved my body round to cover her. “You think you’re ready?” I asked.

“Yes, oh, yes—but don’t hurt me.”

I was raw enough myself not to make too many promises about that. I rolled between her open thighs and placed the head of my cock at her vaginal lips. Now I reminded myself what Sadie had said about this in one of her most recent lessons. “Never be too fierce. No matter how desperate you are yourself. Always respect the virgin and what she is giving you.”

Accordingly I allowed myself to push into her just one inch, what had seemed like a small hole to my fingers, now seemed to grow as I entered, an accommodating growth. Two inches in now, then back. I heard her breath catching. Three inches and back, forward, but gentle. “That’s so nice,” she gasped.

And I kissed her as the head of my cock encountered obstruction. Just as Sadie said it would. “At this point,” she had said. “Don’t hesitate. Go through it. Her pain should only be momentary. But you have to ensure immediate pleasure to supplant it.” A tall order, it seemed. But here we were. I looked down at Mandy, smiled at her, and she gave a nervous impassioned smile back. Then I drew back inside her before thrusting forward, feeling the obstruction briefly hold, then vanish, and I was plunging up inside her, as she squealed her anguish which quickly lapsed into a gentle moan—of pleasure. I kept the thrusts going deep into her. Now she felt pliant and giving and almost automatically her vaginal walls began their independent pulling at my shaft. I shifted slightly so that my movement brushed her clit and in no time she was heaving against my thrust, gasping, moaning, squeaking, almost every noise possible as she came for the first time in her life. And I had done it. I don’t know whether it was that feeling of triumph alone which brought me to my own vigorous climax and I was the one grunting madly as I plunged into the newly opened depths of her.

On the way home she told me it was a moment she would remember for the rest of her life, and could we do it again sometime. Without being too positive I told her I was sure we could. But with the hour being reasonably early I was eager to recount my experiences to Sadie.

I saw Mandy home and then hurried home myself. As I approached her back door it suddenly opened and a tall man came out, fastening up his shirt. He did not look my way and as I began moving forward again, another man came out, breathed deeply at the night air and moved away without seeing me.

What was happening here? Had Sadie been harmed? The back door being opened I stepped inside and made my way to the bedroom. Sadie was sitting on the edge of the bed, totally naked, calmly brushing her hair.

Her face showed surprise, then regret, as she noticed me. “Jack, I wasn’t expecting you.”

“Who were those men?”I asked her, like some possessive husband.

She held out her arms to me, “Come here, Jack. Please.”

I could never have resisted her in spite of my present uncertainties. I went and sat beside her on the bed where she took my head and drew it to her wonderful breasts. “Jack, I said I wouldn’t be jealous of you with girls of your age. You must understand my needs. They are massive Jack. More than any one man can hope to satisfy.”

“But two men–“

“Yes, two—at once. I won’t hide that from you. You need to hear my story—someday. But for now–what have you been up to?”

Disappointed as I was at not being the one and only I went on to tell her about Jan and the spread of my reputation at school, highlighted by the taking of Mandy’s virginity.

“A virgin? Well done, I’m so proud of you, Jack. Oh, you’re going to have such a life.”

How could she have been such a prophet?

“Now, have you got anything left for me?” she asked, as her hand slid down to my groin. “Oh, I think yes.”

And she led me into that dark and wondrous path once again, showing me just how much pleasure there was in the world.

Just before I left she asked me if I had any plans for future conquests, “You could become more ambitious now.”

How could I know that it would be school that would bring me a sexual conquest that I could have only dreamt about.

End of part three.

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Roger came home drunk that night. He had been coughing up blood for two days and he knew that the end was near. Although he had taken fairly good care of himself, there were things he couldn’t forsee.

His wife had left him quickly and silently ten years ago and he had never heard from her since. Her not was short and to the point when he came home from work. “I do not love you and I never have. Goodbye, Roger.”

He didn’t think of her too much these days, but he dreamt of her often.

His children were the only ones who kept him going. Ecco, nineteen, and Dane, sixteen. Although he hated working long hours, his children understood. Ecco had learned many things on her own when her mother left and he felt terrible that he hadn’t been there for her. Dane, on the other hand, hadn’t changed at all and he took faith that his father would always be there since his mother wasn’t.

He had difficulty opening the door, but he managed. He saw dane laying on the floor of the family room. He was there every Sunday night afte watching Nosferatu. Dane figured it annoyed his sister, Ecco, but she loved that film in truth and allowed him a little spite in a normally well behaved repartee between brother and sister.

As Roger tried to climb the stairs, he remembered Ecco was in her room alseep. He had to shush himself on several occasions because he was afraid that he would wake her.

In truth, she was already awake. His car alerting her like it did every time he came home. She was scared. She had never seen her father drunk before, but she knew that was what his problem was. He didn’t drink in all the time she could remember so she became frightened. If he had never been drunk at home before, what else would he do?

She had been close to drifting off when there was a knock at her door followed by her father shushing himself again. She pretended she was sleeping, hoping that he would go away. She didn’t want to see him that way. When she didn’t answer, he opened the door quietly as he could and crept in. He came to her bed and stumbled himself to the floor beside her.

He stared at his beautiful daughter and thought about how much he loved her. He stroked her hair, touched her arm, and thought about how nice she smelled. Like her mother.

He felt his cock stirring as he watched her move sleepily. She turned over to face him fully, lips parted slightly.

She waited for him to leave and pretended to sleep. She could smell the liquor on his breath, his musky cologne drowned by the mask of sour mash whiskey. His hands were so hot on her cool skin. bahis firmaları She tingled as he stroked her arm and tugged lightly on her earring.

What was he doing? What did he want? She couldn’t figure what he was up to.

“Ecco. Ecco, wake up a bit.”

“Mmmm, wha’ daddd….”

“Ecco, let me lay next to you for a bit.”

“What’s wrong daddyyy…”

“Daddy feel a little lonely. You don’t mind if he feels better with you, do you?”

“Mmmmmm, whatever makes you happy, dad…goodnight.”

Roger took his shirt and jacket off as he flipped off his shoes. He settled into her bed as she moved to the side. He was so hot on her skin, but she didn’t dare complain. He put his nose in her hair and sniffed deeply, hoping to hold her scent in his mind forever.

He wasn’t mindful of where is cock was and Ecco felt it poking at her back. Roger held her so tightly that she thought he was going to absorb her. When she tried to move a bit to get some air, he moaned and pumped his cock against her.

She felt too good to him. He couldn’t help but respond as she ground against him. She just didn’t know what she had been doing to him. For the past three years she had blossomed into a voluptuous and stunning woman. He wondered with a little envy if anyone had sampled what she had to offer.

“I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too, daddy. Go to sleep, you need some rest.”

She was dismissing him! He wanted to tell her how proud he was of her and all she could think of was sleep!

“Oh, is that how it’s going to be? Turn and look at me, girl.”

“What’s wrong, Daddy?”

“I think you know.”

“I don’t, really. What is wrong?”

“You are. And you are going to change right now.” He tossed her blankets to the floor and raised to his knees. She was too stunned by his actions to move and she bit her lip to keep quiet. She didn’t want to wake Dane.

Roger leaned over and ripped at her night shirt. She clung to his hands, trying to keep him from stripping her, but he was too strong. She struggled to keep her shirt on, but he flipped her over with the force of tearing it from her.

She tried to get off the bed and run, but he grabbed her and flung her back down. She kicked out and fought against him. He grew tired to restaining her and held her wrists over her head with one hand. She tugged to get loose but his grip pinched the harder she fought. She decided to kick more hoping it would break the spell he was under. It proved useless. He dodged her feet and managed to pin her down with his body. All she could kaçak iddaa do was strain against him and squeeze him between her thighs. Both efforts seemed to increase his desire.

“Don’t, don’t…sshhhhh, don’t. Ecco, don’t. Settle down, baby.” He smiled as she let loose one more time and lifted her hips hoping to throw him off. All she did to him was make it easier for him to hold her down.

“Baby, I love you.” He let his head rest on her shoulder. “I love you.” He looked at her neck and kissed her lightly. Her indrawn breath gave him mixed signals and he kissed her again.

Her father’s kisses confused her. She knew it was wrong. He didn’t understand what he was doing. She wanted to get away, but she couldn’t just leave him like that. He needed her understanding. Something was hurting him inside and she had to help him.

“Please, Dad, don’t do this.” He kissed up her jaw and to her ear. She wept silent tears of confusion. “Please, I..I’ll do anything if you’ll stop scaring me!” She couldn’t get more words out with her father’s mouth on hers. He pushed hard against her lips prying them with his tongue. He squeezed harder on her wrists to get her to open her mouth. SHe did and he moaned into her, kissing her deeper. She didn’t fight him, he was too too strong.

“Please baby, it’s been so long since…I’ve had someone with me. I have to do this.”

“No, you don’t.”

“I have to. I won’t hurt you, I promise.” She sighed with relief when he eased some of his weight off her only to gasp when he wrenched his zip down. She could feel him against her thigh, so warm and hard. She struggled a bit and he ripped her panties off, the fabric burning her skin.

“Daddy, please…” He took no notice of her pleadings. All she could do was watch his face as he took in her body in the moonlight. He smiled as he rubbed his member over her full mound, making her shiver. He took a nipple in his mouth and suckled. It tasted so good to him, her sweet young skin.

While she was distracted, he slipped a finger into her to feel her wetness. Her fear and confusion left her soaking under him. He drew in a quick breath and put his head at her entry. Taking a few test pumps, he eased in as far as she could let him. Her pussy was so small, it hurt him. He could tell that she was hurting too. She held her breath and shut her eyes with each entry hoping it would be the last.

“Baby, you feel so good to me. Love me. Open up. Put your legs around me. Please baby, I love you.” She did as she was told, gripping him tightly with her legs on his hips. Her effort made kaçak bahis him slide in more, her pain becoming unbearable. “Oh, yes. Like that, I love it.” He rolled his hips higher and harder, wanting to have al of her that night.

“Aaaahhhhh, Daddyyyyy, no….” He pushed into her with all he had and felt her ripping open. he stopped and looked at her, disbelief colouring his face. A single tear rolled down his cheek as he fell silent. What had he done to his daughter?

“Oh, baby, I didn’t know. Forgive me.” He just stared into her eyes wanting to see her face, wanting her to see his shame.

She stared back at him. What could she do? He was still in her and she felt that there was no more pain.


“Yes, my sweet child?” She took his face in her hands and kissed his mouth. He didn’t know what to do, so he let her kiss him. She kissed him deeper, moving her tongue in his mouth like he had done to her.

“Baby, what…”

“It’s too late now, daddy. And I do love you.” She held him snug against her and ground her hips into his. “Love me.”

He didn’t need to hear any more. He moved in her again, slowly at first and then faster as his lust caught him. Each stroke made her cry out to him. He watched her beneath him, her writhing body sending electricity through him.

“Ohhh, yeah, aaahhhhh, yes pleaseeee, oh God, daddy, fuuuccckkkkk mmmmeeeee!” She screamed to him as he fucked her, his daughter. “Aaahhhh, harder, please. Fuck me more, ooohhh that is so gggoooodddddd!”

She thrashed under him, her body uncontrollable with desire for her father. His own body had betrayed him that night and he was enjoying her. He growled and grunted as he plowed her supple body with his thick cock, the itch of his oncoming orgasm twitching his balls.

“Fuck, baby, I want to come in you. Fuck!! Take my seed, take my come!”

“Come in me, daddy! I want to feel you in me. Make me pregnant daddy!”

That was all he could take. He let loose a roar and filled his daughter’s womb with his sperm. It felt so wonderful as he pumped her full as she clawed at his back. SHe bucked hard beneath him, wanting every last drop. Finally her legs fell from him and he rolled to her side. Their sweat and sex intermingled as a powerful sedative gently lulling them to sleep.

As Roger held her he fell to sleep dreaming of the future. He looked so peaceful to her. She climbed out of bed and picked up his clothes, taking his pants and leaving his shorts on.

When she was through straightening up she went back to bed and covered her father. She donned another shirt and laid next to him, listening to his heartbeat. She fell to sleep thinking about what she had done. She loved her father and he loved her. Now it was up to them.

After all, there was always Monday.

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Summertime Is The Best Ch. 02

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I woke up the next morning to find myself alone in bed with the usual morning stiffy. I rolled around a while before getting up. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. While there I looked over at the tub and remembered the events of last night. That did little to get rid of my pestering erection. I slipped on some jeans in an attempt to at least conceal myself. I walked into the kitchen and saw Sophie sitting at the table. She was still wearing the panties and tank top she wore to bed last night. Since the AC was still stuck on cold her nipples were hard as pebbles…pressing against the white cotton top. She smiled at me as I sat beside her and made myself a bowl of cereal which she too was eating.

“Well good morning Josh…and how are you this fine morning?”

“Um…great,” I replied.

“I bet…so how was Stacy last night?”

“It was fine,” I said as I felt my face turning beet red, why I was still embarrassed in front of Sophie, I did not know.

“Just fine?…hmph…I’ll have to let Stacy know.”

“More than fine…it was amazing…she was great,” I blurted out.

“Hmm…amazing uhh…I’m sure she’ll like hearing that a lot more.”

Just then there was a knock at the door.

“Ohh….Josh…would you get that…Stacy ran out to do some errands, and I better get changed out of these.”

Sophie ran off to the bedroom as I got up and answered the door.

A tall well built man in a blue uniform was on the other side of the door as I opened it.

“Hi…I’m here to fix the AC…”

“Yeah….umm….the temperatures can’t adjust….and it’s freezing,” I replied.

“Ok…it shouldn’t take long,” he said walking past me and heading over to the AC unit.

I went ahead and finished my cereal while the guy worked and Sophie was in the shower. About twenty minutes later the guy found me in the living room watching television.

“Ok Sir, it’s all fixed…there was an electrical problem…the thermostat wasn’t transmitting to the unit…but it’s all fixed now…everything works fine.”

“Great…so what do we owe you?” I asked.

“Ohh….the company bills you…so if that’s it, I’ll be off.”

“Oh, okay…that’s fine….thanks for coming out,” I replied walking the man to the door and seeing him off.

“Hey Soph…the AC guy fixed the problem…they’ll be billing you,” I shouted.

“I heard Josh,” Sophie said as she emerged from the bedroom. I was stunned at her beauty. She wore a blue cotton skirt that barely reached her knees, and a sexy short sleeved shirt with the first two buttons unbuttoned…her B-cup breasts fighting to get out. The sight sent a tingling to my crotch causing my cock to stir.

“I take it you like?” Sophie said, hinting at the newly formed curve in my jeans.

“Let’s go to lunch Josh…ohh…and I have a little surprise for you….come here.”

I slowly made my way over to Sophie, standing in front of her. She took my right hand in hers…holding my by my wrist. Sophie lowered my hands down her body…running it over the softness of her skirt till there was no more. She pulled a little…my palm now pressed onto her leg. Sophie slowly began to raise my hand…running it up her leg…causing her skirt to hike up as she moved my hand further and further up. My hand was now resting on her inner leg. Sophie adjusted her grip….now holding my fingers with her. She continued moving upwards…now moving a little to the side…she ran my fingers along her hipbone and onto her abdomen. She stopped and looked at me.

“Don’t be nervous Josh….this is supposed to be fun…for you and me,” bahis firmaları she said…giving me some relief. Sophie resumed her control of my hand…now moving down. My palm was pressed onto her stomach and her palm pressed upon mine. The smoothness of her stomach slowly turned to prickly stubble. Further and further down…I expected to feel her panties…but there none…my fingers went straight from feeling the stubble of shaven skin to the slick feel of her outer lips. I guess Sophie’s surprise was no underwear…and boy was I excited. When Sophie finally reached her pussy she lingered…holding my fingers and rubbing them against herself. She subtly slipped my index finger into her pussy passed her outer lips. Allowing me only briefly to savor the feel she retracted my hand brought it up to her mouth and began to suck on my fingers. After releasing my hand Sophie adjusted her skirt and headed for the door.

“Come on Josh…we’ll never get to lunch if we continue this.”

We decided to walk since the restaurant was that far away. As we arrived Sophie took a seat in one of the outside tables. I followed her and took the seat opposite her when she stopped me.

“No Josh…over here…next to me.”

I dragged my chair beside Sophie’s and sat down. It didn’t take long for our waitress to come and take our orders. I noticed as I spoke to the waitress that Sophie began to secretly rub my leg under the table. As the waitress left I looked to Sophie who was still rubbing my leg.

“So tell me Joshy….what did you and Stacy do last night?”

“Um..well…I don’t know if I should.”

“Ohh please Josh….if I don’t hear it from you…I’ll definitely hear it from Stac….I just want to hear your take on it.”

“Well she pulled me in the bathroom and told me to take off my clothes…I umm….hesitated at first, so she removed her top. Then she took off my boxers. She offered to help relieve me…so I asked for a hand job. She asked if I wanted to try something different and proposed a blowjob so I said of course. She said that first I would have to satisfy her…she then took of her panties and sat down on the tub…pulling me down with her. So I started to lick her pussy and was really getting into it…so much so that I needed to stroke my cock…which I did, but she stopped me with her foot. When I was done…she let me up and we switched positions…then she started to suck on my cock…before I knew it I was cumming. Stacy then wiped me off and we went to bed.”

“Well Josh…sounds like you had the time of your life…Ooo….you’ve got me all hot and bothered thinking of you two in the bathroom…..here…..feel.”

Sophie grabbed my hand and pulled it over to her crotch…she slid it below her skirt and then released my hand. I with my hand still buried in her skirt started to rub her slit which was overly wet. We looked into each others eyes as I slipped a finger into her cunt…moving it slowly in and out of her opening.

“Mmmm….Josh….you’re soo good,” she whispered in my ear. “Hmm….looks like we have and admirer,” she continued.

I looked over to the table opposite us and saw that tow guys, no older than myself, were staring at us, their eyes fixed below the table.

“Hmm, I think that turns me on even more,” Sophie whispered, just as our waitress came with out order. I retracted my hand, wiping my palms in a napkin before Sophie and I started to eat. When we were finished, Sophie and I took a stroll through the town before we decided to head home. About five minutes away from the apartment we saw that the sky had gotten considerably darker, and kaçak iddaa even worse, tiny droplets of rain had started to fall. I looked to Sophie who was staring straight up at the sky letting the water hit her body. I stared as the droplets of water hit her clothes, each time revealing more and more. Soon enough the rain had started to pour down and we decided to make a run for it. By now our bodies were soaked. I kept my gaze on Sophie who was drenched head to toe, her clothes clinging to every curve of her body. Her petite breasts, which were now completely visible through her soaked shirt, looked marvelous with her rock hard nipples poking through. As we ran into the wind and rain I looked down to Sophie’s waist. Her skirt which was now dripping wet was plastered to her legs…and as we were running against the wind, her skirt was fit into every crevice and curve. I could clearly see the lips of her cunt formed in the wet material, thanks to her lack of underwear. Sophie caught me staring at her and grabbed my hand in delight, pulling me with her as we ran. We rushed into the apartment and before I had a second to breathe Sophie pushed me up against the wooden door and began planting kisses on my shoulder, my neck, my face, before I knew it she had her tongue buried in my mouth massaging my own. I took the hint, quickly bring my hands up and slipping it into her shirt…grabbing ahold of her wonderfl breasts. I started rubbing and massaging her tits as she licked every area in my mouth.

“Ohh god Josh…you got me so horny I just had to,” she cooed whilst continuing her invasion of my mouth. Before long my cock had started to grow, no doubt the result of our soaked bodies pressing tightly against each other. Soon enough my cock was sturdy as ever pressing through my pants, pressed onto Sophie’s bare soaked leg.

“Mhmm…seems I got you horny too huh?” Sophie moaned as she lowered her hand and began massaging my cock though my soaked clothing.

Feeling caught up in the moment now, I reached behind Sophie holding her tightly, lowering my hands to her ass, groping her warm flesh through the coldness of her damp skirt. I grasped onto her firmly, picking her up off the ground. Sophie countered by wrapping her legs around my waist. She had now released my cock and was cradling my head with her hands as she continued kissing me, her warm tongue almost one with mine. I began to walk us over to Sophie’s room. When we reached, I threw her down on the bed. She bounced up and down on the mattress giggling before settling down. When she did, she began unbuttoning her shirt, throwing it to the floor before working on her skirt. She then lay before me completely naked, completely beautiful, her damp hair still plastered to her face as she looked on at me longingly. I didn’t need a hint…I quickly stripped out of my wet clothes and joined Sophie on the bed.

“Ohh Josh…I was hoping this week would turn out like this, you have no idea. Stacy thought she’d have you first, but it looks like I beat her to it.”

With those words Sophie leaned into me and resumed kissing me. We laid there, our naked bodies tangled together as the rain beat down on the nearby window. I used my right hand to rub, knead, squeeze Sophie’s wonderfully soft yet firm breasts, leaving my left free to get a good feel of her toned ass. The smoothness and warmth of Sophie’s skin felt amazing against my body. Sophie was now lying on top of me. She was straddling my stomach as she continued planting deep passionate kisses on me. Needless to say, my cock was hard as steel by now and was pointing straight up, right behind Sophie’s body. I could kaçak bahis tell Sophie was horny as well, as she was constantly grinding her slick cunt on my stomach. The moment came when I could no longer stand it…I felt as though my cock would burst.

“Ohh God Soph, I need you…now,” I murmured over our meshed moans.

Sophie heeded my cries and slowly slid her body down my own. She raised herself up a little when she felt my cock press against her ass, dabbing it with precum. Then she looked down at me, as I stared back into her bright green eyes and with one motion she lowered her welcoming cunt onto my cock. It was amazing…the warmth of her vagina enveloped my hardon coating it with her juices. Before engulfing my entire length she slowly slipped it out and back in…and out, and back in, until my entire throbbing cock was buried inside of her. Sophie paused for a moment and savored the moment, the feel of me inside her as she smiled down at me. Then she began bucking her hips…moving up and down. Soon, Sophie was bouncing up and down, slamming her pussy down on my cock each time, her ass slapping my lap with each motion.

“Ohh God!!…yess….you like that Josh…mhmm!” she screamed.

“Mhmm….ohh yeahh,” I managed.

I was tired with just lying there, so I a quick motion I grabbed Sophie by the waist and slipped her off me. I got up and went behind Sophie who I had bent over. I took my position behind her and admired her ass just for a second. I ran my palm on her smooth ass cheeks, before slipping my fingers down and running them along the tender lips of her cunt.

“Mhmm,” she moaned at my touch, “Dammit Josh…I need it now!” she exclaimed.

Not wanting to keep her waiting I position my cock behind her ass and slowly moved forward till I felt the tip pressing against the opening of her warm pussy. I slipped my cock in and began to fuck her, slowly at first, but as we both began moaning and screaming I picked up the pace…slamming my prick in and out of her welcoming vagina.

“Ohh…mhmm, fuck yess,” she moaned with every plunge of my cock.

I myself was lost in the amazing moment, the feel of Sophie’s wet warm pussy around my throbbing cock was driving me crazy, and I was on the verge of exploding inside her. That’s why I was relieved to hear Sophie scream uncontrollably as she herself had started slamming her ass back to meet my thrusts into her cunt. Sophie’s pussy gripped my cock as I slipped into her. I was met with a wave of warm juices and screams as she came.

“Ohh FUCK..YESS Josh!…Aghh!”

I continued with my thrusts till Sophie’s screams had settled.

“Soph…I’m gonna cum,” I whimpered.

On hearing this, Sophie slid forward…my cock slipping out of her dripping vagina. She turned around and immediately bent down taking my cock in her mouth for a few quick sucks. Sophie raised her head and grabbed onto my cock, slipping her hands up and down my now blue bulbous prick.

“I knew you probably wanted to fill my pussy with your cum but I’m not on the pill…not yet anyways,” she explained as she continued to pump me. I could not pay attention given my state of mind. Sophie’s grip tightened as she quickened her pace, which was all I needed. Seconds later I felt my cock spasm as my seed went shooting into the air, bringing a smile and quiet giggle to Sophie’s face.

“Ohh god!” I exclaimed as relief filled my body.

Sophie slowed her stroking now…and used her thumb to press down on my cock as she pulled up on my penis…draining me of every last drop of cum.

We both collapsed in each other’s arms, drenched in each other’s juices, breathing heavily when we heard a voice from the doorway of Sophie’s room.

“Well…you two have certainly been busy.”

I looked over to see Stacy standing there looking back at us both.

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Legal Matters

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The first day at a new job always feels like the first day at a new school. You’re “the new kid.” Everyone will do one of two things. They’ll pretend not to notice you, when in reality all they’re doing is talking about you behind your back, or they’ll try and be friendly. It’s not a big deal to me, and considering how often I’ve changed jobs in the past few years, I’m sort of used to it. This time, was different. It was my first real job. My hands were shaking as I pressed button fourteen on the elevator. That day was the first day of the rest of my life. I could feel it. Just a few short weeks after graduating law school, due to a few amazing references from a couple of my favorite professors, I had landed an associate position at Johnson & Moore, one of the most prestigious law firms in the city. I couldn’t believe it. In the entire twenty-five years of life, I never had such luck.

Just as the elevator door was closing, a hand stopped the door, and a man stepped on. He reached over to press a button on the elevator, but hesitated and stepped back when he saw that I had already pressed the one that he was looking for. I glanced at him from the corner of my eye. He looked young, maybe a couple years older than myself. He was wearing a dark suit, and I guess I could consider him attractive. I didn’t think much of it, I was too nervous. When the elevator doors opened, I quickly exited and made the turn down the hall towards the offices. It wasn’t until I went to open the door that I realized that the man from the elevator had the same destination as I did. He held the door for me, and I could barely say “thank you” before he had disappeared.

“Well, you must be Christina Yuan.” I heard a voice say from behind a massive desk. A blonde head appeared out from behind it. “I’m Mandy, the receptionist, I was told you were coming. Mr. Johnson’s office is just down the hall to the left, he told me to send you in when you got here.” I thanked her and started down the hall. All the way down at the end of the hall I found a door that read “Eric Johnson” and knocked. I’d met Mr. Johnson before, and I was perfectly comfortable around him. He was an older man, in his late fifties, with silvery-white hair. He was very friendly and didn’t seem so serious about his job, although he was.

“Ah, Christina, I’ve been expecting you. How are you?”

“I’m fine, Mr. Johnson. How are you?”

“Well, thank you. I wanted to take this chance to officially welcome you to the Johnson & Moore family. As a new lawyer here with us, we’d like to do our best to get you used to this crazy business. For the first few months that you’re here, you’re going to be working closely with my partner, Steven Moore. He’s going to show you the ropes on how this place works. Unfortunately, you won’t be meeting him today, although he is here, he’s in meetings all day long. Tomorrow we can get everything started. For today, Mandy is going to show you around the office and introduce you to a few people, and show you your office. Have a nice day”

“Thank you again for this opportunity, Mr. Johnson” I said, leaving his office bahis firmaları and heading back to meet Mandy at the front desk.

After a tour of the office which felt like it took a year and meeting about forty people whose names I had already forgotten, I was finally alone in my office. It wasn’t too big, but I didn’t mind. It was mine. I had my very own office. There was a medium sized desk in the corner, with a very stylish modern laptop sitting on top. There were a few bookshelves, still empty, and in one corner sat two leather chairs and a small table. There wasn’t much in the way of décor, but Mandy had informed me that I could change that once I got settled in. There was also a door to the left of the desk, and it connected to Mr. Moore’s office. I guess since I was to be working with him often, it made it easier to have joint offices. It seemed like I had been at the office all day, and I was relieved to be out of there when the day was over.

I was so tired when I went home; all I could do was crash on my couch. I changed out of my dress shirt and skirt, and threw on my favorite outfit, a comfortable pair of sweatpants and a tank top. I fell onto my bed, and fell asleep immediately.

The next day I was significantly less nervous to go to work. I rode the elevator alone, and I felt at home walking straight into my office. I said hello to Mandy on the way by. At least I knew one person, I wasn’t a total outsider. I had just sat down when there was a knock on my door. I called out “Come in!” to the person on the other side. To my surprise, the door opened, and the person who appeared was the man from the elevator the previous day.

“Well, hello Christina! Nice to finally meet you, I’ve heard so much about you! I’m Steve Moore.” He seemed so energetic, it was even making me tired.

“Hello, Mr. Moore-“

“Please,” he interrupted, “call me Steve”

“Steve, alright, nice to meet you too. If you wouldn’t, mind, please call me Tina, Christina is so…formal”

“Of course, Tina. So, how was your first day?” He sat down and we talked for a long time about what his plans were for my future with the company. I had forgotten that I had agreed to have lunch with Mandy, and before I knew it she popped her head in my door. “Hey, are you still coming?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Well, I’d hate to keep you, see you after lunch, Tina” Steve said. After talking to him for a while, I realized that he was very attractive. He had dark brown eyes, but they were deep. His thick framed glasses made him look smart, and his straight brown hair was perfectly styled. He looked like he worked out, but not excessively. I stopped myself before my thoughts ran away. ‘I can’t think these things, he’s my boss, and I’ve only known him for a few hours!’ I thought to myself.

At lunch with Mandy, I learned that she was pretty much the office gossip. She was telling me all kinds of things about people that I didn’t even know.

“So, Mandy” I asked, “what’s up with Mr. Moore? How did he become a partner at such a young age? He can’t be more kaçak iddaa than 30″

“Oh, yeah, Steve has only been a partner for a few months. Basically, his father, James Moore, was the original owner of the firm. He retired, and he wanted his son to take his place. At only 28 years old! Can you believe it!”

“Wow, his wife must be happy about that”

“Wife? Are you kidding? Steve spends so much time at work, he doesn’t have time for anything. He’s notorious for being too busy to date. He never even shows interest in any girls. I for one, would love to get me some of that,” Mandy laughed, “Who wouldn’t want to get with a young, hot, successful lawyer?”

“Yeah, I guess” I said, distracting myself with my salad. “Either way, I’m just here to work. Anyway, Mandy, I should be getting back. Thanks for lunch, see you later!”

“No big. See you back at the office!”

I got up and left the table, and my mind was racing all the way back to work. Single? Wow. I had to put that out of my head. Work always comes first.


For the next few months, I worked hard, and learned a lot. I was finally assigned a pretty big case, and I spent most of my time at work, working late into the night a few times a week. I always had Steve if I needed help, but I liked to handle things on my own. One night, I think it was around nine or so at night, Steve poked his head into my office door.

“Tina, you know the office closed about 4 hours ago, you might want to check that clock on your computer” he joked.

“Thanks,” I laughed, “But I’d like to finish up some stuff for this case.”

“Well I’m ordering food, you want some? You need a break.” I agreed, and went back to my work. Steve had gone to get food and we were going to eat and then get back to work when he came back. About half an hour later, he appeared at my door with two bags from the Chinese take out place down the street.

“I hope you like Chinese” he said.

“I should hope so, considering that I’m one quarter Chinese. If not, there must be something wrong with me!”

“Always a joker” he laughed. He invited me to go into his office, where he had a large meeting table surrounded by chairs. He had cleared off one end of the table and spread the food out. He came to sit by me, and before I knew it we were chatting like old friends. He had also opened a bottle of wine, and before I knew it, the wine was gone. I wasn’t drunk, but I wasn’t sober either.

“You know Steve, I don’t get why the girls here think you’re uptight. I for one think you’re fun!” I said, while trying to stand up and tripping and falling back into my chair. So, maybe I was drunk.

“They think I’m uptight?” Steve asked “Well. I don’t know. I guess I’m not really interested in any of them. They’re all so…..”

“Gossipy?” I asked

“Yeah.” He agreed.

I got up, and did my best to go back into my own office. Steve opened the door for me, and followed me into my office. I tripped again, and he tried to stop me from falling. Somehow, in the process, we both ended up on the floor, laughing uncontrollably. I got kaçak bahis up and sat on my couch, and he sat down beside me. I turned to look at him. I never truly realized, how sexy he was, before then. He was wearing a white dress shirt, which was slightly rumpled (probably from me falling on him). It was unbuttoned at the top, and he had taken off his tie. He was staring up at the ceiling, his arms at his sides. I decided that my chance was right then. I reached over, and I grabbed his hand. “Steve” I said, “do you have any idea how attractive you are to me?”

“I was just about to ask you the same thing, Tina.” Before I knew it, we were inches apart. I looked into his deep brown eyes, and couldn’t help but lean in for a kiss. It was one thing to kiss a beautiful man, but after being around him for so long, the sexual tension all being released was amazing. Our tongues entwined, and hands were everywhere. I ran my hands though his light brown hair, kissing him as hard as I could. I wanted him, and I wanted all of him.

“Steve” I said “I want you”

“Tina” he moaned “I want you too”

I slid my hands down his muscled chest, unbuttoning his shirt. He pulled it off to reveal a perfect, tanned chest and the most beautiful washboard abs. I moaned at the sight, it was just too hot for me to handle. He pulled off my dress over my head, revealing my black lace bra and matching panties. Running my hand down his body, I reached his belt buckle. I opened it and to no surprise of mine, his cock was already hard and ready to go. I slowly moved my hand up and down the shaft of his throbbing hard cock, while his hand found its way into my now very wet panties. We both moaned with pleasure, and I felt myself reaching orgasm just as his pulsing dick erupted with cum.

We lay there in silence for a few minutes, taking it all in.

“Tina” Steve said quietly.


“That was fucking hot. Tina, fuck me. Fuck me now.” He begged.

I gave him the answer he wanted by kissing him hard. He grabbed me and threw me back on the couch. He kissed me and started to slowly kiss down the length of my body. He stopped at my breasts, taking each rock hard nipple into his mouth. I could barely stand it. He made his way down my stomach, his tongue going further and further with each kiss. I felt his throbbing cock rubbing my slit, and I was almost brought to orgasm just thinking what was about to happen.

“Ready, Tina?”

“Oh yes” I moaned “Fuck me Steve, Fuck me HARD!” I was so desperate to get fucked by his massive cock, I couldn’t think about anything else.

He then rammed his cock into my throbbing wet pussy. I hadn’t realized how massive it was until right then. I couldn’t help but moan, from pleasure and pain, from pleasure caused by pain. He slowly started to move in and out, and the rhythm got faster and faster. I could hear his breath getting heavier. Just knowing that he was about to come made me so much hornier, and that’s when I had the most earth shattering orgasm of my life. It’s a good thing no one else was around, because I screamed so loud, they could have heard me three floors down. He moaned at the sound of my screaming, and once we both couldn’t stand it anymore we collapsed in a pile on the couch.

“Steve” I said, “I love you.”

“I love you too, Tina.”

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My name is Lisa. I am 5’3″, with 38D breasts, a plump butt, and a pussy that gets extremely wet when aroused. I have medium length brown hair. I love sex, and my lover Mike knows just how to satisfy me.

I am house sitting right now….the house is out in the woods – not another house in sight. It is very scary right now because the entire downstairs has lots of windows and no curtains on them – whoever is outside can see right into the house.

I am alone, taking a hot bath, thinking of my boyfriend making love to me. I’m fondling my large breasts, squeezing the nipples ever so softly. My hand slides down to my pussy, and I begin to rub my clit. The more I think about Mike’s hard cock thrusting deep inside my hot wet pussy, the wetter I become….but I am not alone. You are outside my window, watching me as I pleasure myself.

Your cock is getting very hard as you continue to watch me. You pull out your dick and begin to stroke it, faster and faster. As it continues to grow you see my face as I bring myself to orgasm. Your cock is now rock hard, and you quietly enter the house, not wanting to make a sound. You walk down the hall in anticipation, knowing that pendik escort I am now lying in the hot tub with my legs spread open waiting for your hard cock to thrust deep inside my juicy cunt. The thought of that first thrust inside my hot pussy sends a wave of hot arousal throughout your entire body – nothing can compare to that feeling of first penetration into my pussy.

We start kissing very passionately, and our hands begin to wander. Your hands begin to rub my breasts as my hands begin their journey down to your hard awaiting cock. You begin to lick my breasts, making my nipples very hard. My cunt is very wet now, and my hand finally makes its way down to your cock. I begin rubbing it and stroking it faster and harder. We both begin to moan with pleasure. I sit on the outer edge of the hot tub with my legs spread open awaiting your tongue. You begin to lick my juicy cunt. Your tongue is swirling in my pussy and I begin to rub and feel my breasts. I begin thrusting against your tongue as you continue to bring me pleasure. I finally cum with a wave of orgasmic juices, splashing pussy liquid all over your face.

“It’s time for something a little softer”, I say, escort pendik as I get up and head for my bedroom.

You follow the rose petals to my room. The house is filled with candles. As you enter the room, I am lying in a bed of rose petals waiting for you, my legs spread open as I continue to pleasure myself. We embrace in a long passionate deep kiss as our hands caress each other’s bodies. Your lips move to the nape of my neck, then to my swollen breasts. You kiss and suck on my breasts making my nipples perk up. I grab your cock and begin to stroke it, making it soooo hard.


As we both become so aroused and our moans of pleasure become louder, I say to you, “Fuck me with your hard cock, I want you now!”.

As you thrust your penis deep into my wet, silky heat our moans of gratification are harmonized. As your cock is thrusting deep inside me, I meet your slow and deep thrusts. I grab your butt and pull you deeper into me. Your thrusts go deeper, faster and more frequent.

You tell me that you want me to ride your cock. I climb on top of your erect pole and my wet pussy slides onto your hard member, which is already wet from my love pendik escort bayan juices. I rock back and forth, up and down, telling you how much I love to ride your cock. I continue to ride your cock, moaning with pleasure, feeling your dick deep inside me. Not being able to stand the pleasure anymore I explode in orgasm. The expression on my face excites you even more, as I continue to moan from the pleasure, my juices explode all over your cock. Your cock is dripping from my love juices.

I am soooo wet now, as we begin to make love again, you are on top thrusting your cock deep within my cunt. You are telling me about your threesome fantasy. We are both so turned on from it, the thought of me sucking on your cock as you are licking another women’s pussy is so exciting. Your thrusts into my cunt are becoming faster. You fantasize about her exploding her pussy juices in your mouth, and then passionately kissing me as I taste her love juices, which excites me as much as it excites you. The thought of fucking me and then her excites you even more, and we are so aroused from the thought of this fantasy that we both explode in orgasm. Your hot cum fills my love hole as my juices burst all over your cock.

Exhausted from a night of passion, we both fall asleep, cuddling all night long to keep our bodies warm as they cool from our hot love making, and then we begin again in the morning…..

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House Sitter

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Big Tits

You’ll be away for a few days. The favor you ask of me is to keep an eye on the place. That request is simple enough. I stop by to water the plant and catch the mail and.

It’s odd being in your home without you. The space takes on a whole new energy. I must be really missing you because your memory is beckoning me to areas of your house that will surely cause me to think of you. I sit on the sofa and kick my feet out. This is the spot where you must have sat while we’ve talked on the phone. I rest my head back into the cushion and recall your voice close to my ear. It’s a voice that has made me laugh and much more.

I pull myself up and walk into the kitchen. My finger drags across notes on the refrigerator door. I continue to wander, heading down the hall. I poke my head into the bathroom. All of your toiletries are lined neatly on the counter. In the mirror, I see your robe behind the door. Unable to resist I remove it from the hook. I inhale the scents trapped within the fabric and instantly you are there with me, materializing in a vapor of soap and after-shave. I inhale deeply once more to smell that familiar fragrance lying just beneath the others. It’s a smell that is uniquely you and it floods my senses. My heart responds by fluttering a bit. I adorn myself in your robe. I hug the oversized cuffs around me. Your robe warms me much in the way I wish you body could right now. I pull the sash loosely around my waist and creep into your bedroom.

The afternoon light is straining to enter through the closed blinds. Pleated shadows are cast across the bed I have yet the pleasure to be in. I walk around the bedside with my hand trailing along the comforter as I try to picture you there. What side do you sleep on? What shape does your body take when you are deep in sleep? I kick my shoes off tuzla escort before crawling on hands and knees up to the pillows. I stretch my body along your bed, my head on your pillows.

I shift to my side to face the wall. My hands caress an imagined form of you. I truly desire to feel your warm naked skin under my hands. I want to caress the smooth muscles of your back and continue down to your sexy bottom. One of the overstuffed pillows is the recipient of a tight squeeze.

I roll over on my back. My eyes travel around the room looking at the same things that you see and touch everyday. I can see the wick burned candles. In bundles on the floor are shirts and jeans that didn’t make it into the laundry. I spot the napkins and scraps of paper which house your random thoughts. I know those aren’t items that belong in the trash, rather they are works in progress, so I leave them unmolested, despite the urge to read them. This room is a page in the book, one of many pages that reveal a man who has made me intensely curious.

Oddly enough I feel close to you. My eyes drift close. I want to hear your voice again. I take a deep breath and concentrate. I wish I knew a magic spells. I’d say it if it meant you would appear next to me. I would be heaven to feel your artist’s fingers run through the strands of my hair and caress my face. I need to look into your eyes and see that you want me. I’m ready to be with you. I’m becoming aroused by my present situation.

I arch my back in the imagined response to your touch. It’s not the touch of a friend because it has the passionate awareness of a lover. My face blushes with the flood of desire pulsing between my legs. I part them and raise my skirt hem to reach the cotton fabric covering my crotch. My fingers find my clit swollen and aching to be touched. I can tuzla escort bayan feel your lips on my neck caressing me in wide mouth kisses. I press harder on my clit as I feel your mouth kiss my nipples through my shirt. Your lips close around them, creating a sexy surge through my body and making each nipple stand erect. I cup my hand over my pussy as if to calm the feelings. I can see you climbing on top of me. You use your leg to further open my legs and make room for your body. Your eyes hold my gaze and you push your hips into me. The teasing is working. My clit throbs harder.

I slip my right hand into my panties and my left finds my left nipple under my shirt. I move against your growing hard on. I continue to imagine your foreplay while using two fingers on either side of my clit to rub up and down. You seize my lips with yours. I moan into your mouth as your tongue searches for mine. I gladly offer it and succumb to a hot lusty kiss. Your hips press harder into me. My fingers find the soft, shaven strands of your hair at the nape of your neck. I kiss down your strong jaw to your neck. I kiss then I suck and finally bite down playfully into your neck, hard enough to leave an indentation. Your moans and gasps thrill me. One of my fingers slides down my wet slit. My inner folds are soaked and ready.

My two fingers enter me. Being in your room while I pleasure myself is exciting me more than I would have expected. The thoughts of you are filling my mind. My chest is warm and flushed as my fingers caress inside me. I know that your cock in their place would be exquisite! I position my body so that my fingers gain easier access. I push them deeper and deeper. A slick wet sound fills the room. I begin to rub my clit with the finger from my other hand. I tease it with tiny circles, smoothing the moisture escort tuzla over it. This added stimulation quickens my breath. I want to look down and see your hard shaft disappear inside me. I need to hear you tell me how good I feel around you. I want to know that you have wanted this as much as I have.

I can see you watching me, learning all the ways to please me just by looking into my eyes and hearing my pleasure-filled moans. Rhythmically, my fingers enter my wet hole. I push them in deeper and faster as I desire you more. I yearn to be fulfilled as my mind runs vividly wild. I press my body back into the soft layers of your bed as I imagine your weight on top of me. The sensations build and build until my entire body is tense with anticipation.

I can hear you telling me in my ear, “Come Mandy.”….a deeper thrust… “I want to make you come.” …harder penetration… “I love being inside you.”… faster strokes.

Just like that, just like that, until my body bursts, quivers and spasms with a heavy wave of pleasure. The muscles of my pussy quickly contract and release around my fingers. A wonderfully hot and heady sensation floods my body from within the deepest regions of my pussy. I remove my glistening wet fingers and softly stroke the outer lips of my pussy as baby quakes rock my body. All I can see now are your eyes, dark and dilated with your desire, staring back at me as my touch brings me down from the most heavenly of highs.

I lie in your bed glowing and sated when I hear a key turn in the front door. I bolt upright and listen!


Confused I glance around me. My heart pounding wildly in my chest, I take in the familiar surroundings of my bedroom slowly begin to register. I slam my hand down on the alarm to stop the annoying blare.

I remove my sweat-dampened nightgown and find an oversized t-shirt. I start to shake off the fog of sleep as I make my way to my computer. I proceed to compose and email to you:

Last night I had the strangest dream…

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HOTM Pt. 02

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I called for my assistant over the intercom.

“Mary, can you come in here?”

I could tell by the look on Mary’s face as she entered my office that she was flustered. The beet-red flush on her cheeks, made me momentarily picture Em’s thighs as the flush raced through her during her orgasm. My cock twitched at the memory and I smiled.

“Yes, um…Mr. Stone?”

The nervous hitch in Mary’s voice spoke volumes. For one, there was no doubt in her mind as to what had occurred in this office. Two, she was surprised, and maybe even a bit frightened by it.

I figured I’d better take the upper hand quickly and attempt to regain some control of the situation.

“Mary,” I said in a calm and steady tone. “You set up that meeting. Just who was that woman?”

I could see the wheels turning as Mary tried to figure out how to answer the question.

“Mr. Stone I’m so sorry,” Mary stammered. “I…”

“There’s no need to be sorry Mary,” I assured her. “I’m just a bit taken aback right now.”

“Oh Mr. Stone. So am I. I’ve known Maureen for eight years. I don’t know what to say.”

My mind reeled. Mary has known Maureen for eight years, I thought to myself.

As I thought about it, I pictured Em in my mind. I’ve seen her before, but she didn’t look or act like she did today. I just couldn’t place where or when.

“Eight years?” I said incredulously. “How do you know her?”

“She’s a neighbor of mine,” Mary explained. “She works for the tool and die manufacturer I told you about. She’s been their lead sales rep for as long as I’ve known her.”

“You met her at the Christmas party three years ago. You probably wouldn’t remember,” Mary continued. “I invited her as her boyfriend was away. I brought her to cheer her up.”

Now I was completely confused. I remembered Maureen as clear as day. I remembered asking Mary about her briefly, and then moving on to other employees.

“Mary. Can I ask you a personal question?” I inquired. “Make that an extremely personal question. You don’t have to answer.”

I tried to figure how to most delicately ask the question.

“Does Em, er…, I mean, Maureen have any other jobs or, I don’t know…hobbies?”

“Not that I know of, Mr. Stone. She’s always been kind of, married to her work.”

“Yes, but Mary, Maureen’s sales style was; how should I say this? Unconventional?”

The look on my face said to Mary that I was befuddled. As I thought of what went on, I realized that Maureen had not attempted to sell me anything.

“Don’t worry Mr. Stone. I intend to get to the bottom of this.”



As Mary left my office I picked up the HOTM card from my desk. I hadn’t asked Mary about HOTM. I figured that she probably knew nothing of it anyway, so why open another can of worms.

I picked up my phone and dialed the toll-free number on the card.

“H-O-T-M. Operator 7. Please answer the following questions,” a taped voice said.

“Please state your account number.”

I did. There was a brief pause.

“Thank you Mr. Stone. On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your level of surprise? Please note that ‘1’ would mean that you were highly surprised. ‘5’ would mean that you were not surprised at all.”

I spoke the number “1.” I had to admit that I was more than surprised.

“Thank you. On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate Em’s performance? Please note that ‘1’ would mean that you very pleased. A ‘5’ would mean that you were very displeased.”

Again I spoke the number “1.” I had no complaints about Em’s “performance.” I made a mental note to remember that word. “Performance” was an interesting choice of words.

“Thank you. On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your satisfaction level with H-O-T-M? Please note that ‘1’ would mean that you are very satisfied. A ‘5’ would mean that you are highly dissatisfied.”

This time I said the number “5.” I still didn’t know who or what HOTM was, but I knew they couldn’t stand a “5” on their record.

As the taped voice started to say “Thank you,” I hung up.



Not fifteen minutes had passed when Mary called.

“Mr. Stone? I have a Jeremiah Ashe on Line 2. He says he is calling you regarding your dissatisfaction with, ‘services rendered’?”

Inwardly I smiled. That was fast.

“Put him through.”

My phone rang, but I let it ring four more times before I picked it up.

“Don Stone,” I clipped into the receiver.

“Mr. Stone. Good afternoon,” Mr. Ashe stated pleasantly and professionally. “I am the national customer service director for H-O-T-M. I just received word that you were extremely dissatisfied with our services and I wanted to get through to you to see what can be done to rectify the situation.”

I decided that the professional tone was best in this situation.

“Thank you for responding so quickly Mr. Ashe,” I started. “It’s not so much a complete dissatisfaction with HOTM, as it is concern pendik escort over HOTM. What is it? Why am I involved? How did a friend of my assistant get involved? Needless to say I’m a bit perplexed right about now.”

Mr. Ashe chuckled pleasantly.

“I can imagine that you are Mr. Stone. First of all let me assure you that HOTM is only interested in your total enjoyment and satisfaction with its services. Your account was established by a Ms. Diane Warren. She provided all the pertinent information regarding your personal likes and dislikes. Types of women you are attracted to. Your sexual preferences.”

“Ms. Miller definitely seemed right for your initiation,” Ashe continued.

“Em, uh… Ms. Miller, was fine,” I stumbled. “I’m not unhappy with Ms. Miller. I am concerned with Ms. Warren and what HOTM has to do with me.”

Mr. Ashe surprised me with his next statement.

“Ms. Warren is just fine. I’m sure she’ll be in touch with you shortly. HOTM is totally dedicated to your 100% satisfaction with its services rendered. You’ll receive a free bonus session tomorrow. After that I think you’ll see the benefits of our service.”

“Thank you Mr. Stone. I’m looking forward to speaking with you again. Have a great day.”

He hung up.

I still didn’t have any answers, and how would he know how Ms. Warren, Diane, was? I immediately called back.

The taped voice answered.

“Thank you for calling Mr. Stone. Your account has been activated.”



At 5:00 Mary practically flew out of the building. She was on a mission to find out what happened in my office.

Mary Shurr was a dedicated professional, and she did not want to put her job, or her reputation, on the line. That was exactly what she thought as she approached her house.

Three doors down Maureen Miller’s car sat in her driveway.

Mary had no intentions of waiting. She drove straight to Maureen’s house.

A moment later she was pressing the doorbell switch and waiting impatiently at the door for Maureen to answer.

Though Mary had seen Maureen at the office, she still wasn’t prepared for the change in Maureen’s demeanor and personality.

Maureen stood at the door in a bathrobe. The robe belt was cinched snugly at the waist accentuating the curves of her hips. The top of the robe was “V’d” down to the belt. Her cleavage well defined and exposed.

As angry as Mary was, she couldn’t help but stop and admire how attractive Maureen was.

Mary blushed as she realized that she was staring. She figured it might be better to come back later.

“Maureen,” Mary said. “I really need to talk to you. I can come back later this evening if that’s OK with you.”

“No. Don’t be silly Mare,” Maureen said with a gleam in her eye. “You know you’re always welcome. Come on in.”

Mary hesitated momentarily but then, not wanting to appear like she was uncertain, brushed past Maureen and entered the house.

Mary was surprised at how much heat Maureen’s body exuded as she passed her, and was even more surprised as a brief wave of excitement rushed through her. She chalked it off to the tensions of the day.

Maureen closed and locked the door behind her.

“Hey Mare. Can I fix you a cup of coffee?, Maureen asked.

“No thank you Maureen,” Mary spoke hesitantly. “I just needed to stop by and ask you some questions, if you don’t mind.”

“Sure. Let’s sit in the living room and you can ask me all you want.”

Mary started to sit in one of the wing chairs but Maureen insisted that she take the recliner. Maureen claimed that her back had been hurting and that the wing chairs offered her more support.

As Mary walked to the recliner she mentally inventoried the room. She didn’t remember Maureen having a recliner, and this one looked like it cost a bundle. Not that Maureen couldn’t afford it, but she normally was very simple in her tastes.

This recliner looked like one of those hi-tech innovations, all leather with heat and vibration. A remote, connected by wires, sat on the armrest. It was surprisingly wide, almost the width of a full size bed. Mary thought that two people could probably fit in it comfortably.

Mary settled down into the recliner. “Damn,” she thought. “This is comfortable.”

Maureen sat directly across from her in the wing chair. Mary couldn’t help but notice that Maureen’s robe opened more when she sat. The “V” of the robe opened, exposing even more of her massive cleavage.

Maureen’s legs were opened in such a way that Mary could see almost everything.

Mary was flustered.

“Maureen, I, um… need to ask you about today,” Mary began. “I need to ask you about today at the office.”

Maureen smiled sweetly and innocently.

“Today at the office?” she asked. “What do you want to know?”

Maureen began to fidget with the edge of the “V” on her robe, and as she sat there, began to open and close her legs. This obviously sexual advance was making Mary even more escort pendik nervous.

Mary stammered.

“May be I should, um… come back later when um… I…”

“Don’t be silly, Mare,” Maureen laughed. “You are really stressed today. Why don’t you just sit back and relax. You’ll love that chair. I’m going to make us some coffee.”

Maureen got up and walked by the recliner. She reached down and lightly traced a fingertip across Mary’s right cheek.

“You really are sweet you know,” Maureen said.

She picked up the remote and handed it to Mary.

“Use the ‘A’ button to recline. Use the ‘B’ button to apply heat. Use the ‘C’ button to vibrate. That chair makes me feel like a new woman,” Maureen grinned as she walked out of the room.

Mary knew that she should just get up and leave, but the stress of the day was taking its toll, and she wasn’t thinking as clearly as she should. The smell of coffee coming from the kitchen soothed her all the more.

Mary pressed the “A” button on the remote.



The recliner went into a fully reclined position in one smooth operation. Beyond that actually. The recliner was practically completely level, almost like a bed.

Mary thought how comfortable the recliner felt when she first sat in it. Fully reclined, the chair practically put her to sleep. “This chair is incredible,” she thought. “Whatever she paid for it, it was worth every penny.”

Mary pressed the “B” button and a sense of warmth passed through he. “Yes that was it,” Mary thought. “A sense of warmth, rather than actual heat.”

It made her feel really good. It was very relaxing.

Mary pressed the “C” button.



At the moment of orgasm, the senses are as alive and as fully attuned to outside stimuli, as they will ever be. Mary was there instantaneously.

Not quite. Actually the moment just before orgasm. Every fiber of her being wanted her to crest, but she couldn’t.

She felt her nipples harden, her juices flowing, her breathing was shallow and labored. She knew she was moaning, but she couldn’t hear herself as the blood rushing through her head sounded deafening.

She knew where she was, but she could no more have gotten up from the chair, then she could have walked on the moon. At this point though she didn’t want to get up. She wanted to complete her orgasm.

She saw Maureen come up beside her. Maureen was completely naked. She was massaging her breasts, pinching and pulling on her nipples. Mary could see that Maureen’s nipples were blood-engorged and fully distended. They stood out at least and inch from the dark aureola.

Mary wanted to reach out to Maureen. She wanted to pull her down to her, force her face between her thighs. She wanted Maureen to make her cum.

“OH GOD I WANT TO CUM!!!” Mary screamed in her mind.

Maureen walked to the head of the chair and pulled up what looked like a silver crown with a myriad of wires dangling from it. She placed the crown on Mary’s head. Then she bent over and kissed Mary, driving her tongue deep inside of Mary’s mouth, lingering there, exploring the nooks and crannies, mapping the area for future exploration.

Finally Maureen broke off of the kiss.

Mary saw Maureen holding the briefcase that she had in Mr. Stone’s office earlier. Mary had one or two toys of her own at her house, but it appeared as if Maureen had an entire line of adult paraphenalia in the briefcase.

Mary’s mind took it all in as Maureen pulled the items, one by one, from the briefcase. Vibrators of all shapes and sizes, rubber cocks (small, medium, and large), strap-on belts, balls, eggs, beads, you name it, it was probably there.

Lastly Mary saw Maureen pull a large double-headed dildo from the case. Maureen was spreading lubricant all over its length.

Maureen climbed up on top of Mary. She was sliding one end of the dildo between her breasts and the other end between Mary’s breasts.

“Enjoy this Mare,” Maureen said. “I know I’m going to.”

Maureen picked up the remote control and pressed “D.”



Mary never felt a sensation like this before. It was almost as if her consciousness had disconnected from her body. It seemed as if her body was a room and she was simply walking around in it.

Even more disconcerting was the fact that someone else was in the room with her. At first she couldn’t make out any details or discern where the other consciousness was. Shortly however, she began to become accustomed to feelings and thoughts. She found she could control them.

As she became more acclimated to her surroundings she saw the other person in the room. She recognized her immediately. It was Diane Warren.



“Hi Mary,” the voice of Diane Warren resonated in Mary’s mind.

“Diane?” Mary thought back to her.

Mary realized that they weren’t actually speaking, but she understood everything Diane wanted her to hear. She wondered if pendik escort bayan the same was true for her. Did Diane know everything, or just what Mary wanted her to hear?

“Welcome to HOTM,” Diane continued. “You will thoroughly enjoy your time here and you’ll get to know more about yourself, and what you are capable of, then you ever thought possible.”

Diane smiled at Mary. “Feel for yourself.”

Mary fell to the floor. She could feel herself being fucked, but she couldn’t see who it was. It didn’t matter who it was anyway, she thought to herself. Whoever was doing it was pretty damn good.

Mary began to writhe on the floor. Her pussy felt so full, so damn full.

“Oh my,” Mary thought. “This IS nice.”

Diane stood over her and smiled.

“Don’t you want to see what is giving you so much pleasure? Don’t you want to be a part of it?”

Mary did want to be a part of it. She had never felt so good before. Nor so depraved. She wanted this and a lot more.

“What do I need to do, Diane?’ Mary gasped as she felt another thrust deep inside of dripping womb.

“You and I are going to become ONE over the next 24 hours,” Diane explained. “What you feel, I’ll feel. What you want, I’ll want. Whoever you fuck, I’ll fuck. We’ll have the time of our lives.”

Mary thought about it. She had always been a bit of a prude. Not that she didn’t want to let go. Alone in her room, with her toys, she fantasized frequently. Normally about Mr. Stone.

She hoped Diane didn’t know that. She knew Diane and Mr. Stone were a good couple but that didn’t stop her from fantasizing about him.

“I’ll do it Diane,” Mary thought.



Mary came out of her trance and saw Maureen on top of her. Maureen’s dildo was buried deep inside of Mary’s pussy. Maureen was twisting and pushing it ever deeper.

Mary looked up at Maureen face.

“It’s deep enough Baby,” Mary sighed.

Maureen smirked.

“I know you can get it deeper if you want to.”

Maureen raised herself up to a standing position. Mary was staring directly up at her completely bald pussy. It looked wet and inviting. The sight of it made tremors pulse through her labia.

Mary reached down and grasped the dildo with one hand. She continued to twist and shove the monstrous toy deeper. With her other hand she began to massage her clit. Stroking the stiff little button, coaxing herself closer and closer to her climax.

Maureen walked up until she stood directly over Mary’s face, then she lowered herself, squatting so that her fully exposed clit and vaginal lips were in position for Mary’s assault.

Mary wasted no time in driving her tongue deep inside of Maureen’s pussy. Even though Maureen was expecting it, she was surprised at how quickly Mary took to the merger with Diane’s consciousness.

She knew from experience that, even with the merger, Mary would not participate in something that was repulsive or morally wrong to her.

Mary’s tongue lapped, as her mouth sucked, Maureen’s vaginal juices. Maureen had plenty to release for her, and Mary gave no indication that she was not going to get every drop she could.

Mary felt her vaginal walls pulsating as her pussy sucked more and more of Maureen’s two-headed twat toy into her already over-stuffed womb. She could feel the tip pressing hard against her cervix. The fullness made her climb closer and closer to her eventual release.

Maureen’s pussy was dripping fluid all over Mary’s face. Mary knew that it was going to happen any moment. They both would finally get to cum. They both would get to experience that moment they longed for.

“OH FUCK MARE!!!” Maureen screamed as the first throes of her orgasm washed over her.

She dropped her clit down onto Mary’s face, pushing and grinding it against Mary’s rapidly flitting tongue.

Mary finally reached the moment she had been begging for as well.

With one final shove she clamped her legs tightly around the dildo, her fingers pressed against her throbbing clit, exhorting every last wave, every last tingle, to keep the throes of her pleasure coming.

“FUCK ME! OH FUCKKKK MEEEEE!!!!” Mary screamed in ecstasy.

With each wave of her climax the dildo drove deeper and deeper inside of her, and the deeper it went the more Mary blew over the top.

Finally they both began to calm, the last few tremors passing through them, leaving them completely satisfied with their work.

Later, in Maureen’s bed, Mary straddled Maureen’s face. She felt Maureen pushing the tip of a small vibrator against her asshole, knowing that momentarily it was going to enter her virginal tract.

She thought about her deal with Diane.

“What a day we’re going to have,” she thought.

The vibrator pushed through, and into, the tight confines of her bowel. Mary screamed in pure pleasure as her third orgasm of the evening passed through her.

Mary thought momentarily about what tomorrow would bring, but tonight she and Maureen had plans.

She looked over at the bedside table where Maureen had laid out all of her toys. As another flood of vaginal syrup oozed into Maureen’s mouth, Mary eyed the strap-on longingly.


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Saffron and Sam Ch. 16

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Ch 16 Sam takes many journeys

All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older unless otherwise denoted. All characters are fictitious and this is a fictitious story, any resemblance to any characters, living or dead, in this story is purely coincidental. I appreciate the comments and appreciate your input. This is a continuous story and you should read the first 15 chapters so you understand the dynamics of the story. Enjoy the story and thank you for reading. JDC

When I reached my apartment, I really felt like I needed a shower. I smelled like sex and Barb, not that that was necessarily a bad thing. I was having feelings of regret for the previous night in giving Barb hope. I went inside, stripped down, and hopped in the shower. The nice hot spray felt good and worked to clear my head a little. I really liked Ally and felt like pursuing a relationship with her. I was still in love with CC, but felt that was going nowhere. I got out, dressed in a pair of lounge pants and a T-shirt. I went in to get something to eat and my phone rang. It was Saffron asking if she could come over.

“I was going flying this afternoon.”

“That’s great I’ll go with you if you don’t mind?”

“That’ll be fine; I’d like to talk to you anyway.”

I drove over and picked her up and we drove up to the airport. When we got the Halsey aviation, Buck was working on the Beech trying to work on the wiring with Chet. They had dashboard out and you could still smell the burnt wiring. Saffron looked at that and said, “Boy that lightning must’ve really nailed you; you’re lucky it didn’t do more than that.”

“Yes we were quite lucky that it didn’t get either one of us; it just got the airplane. It could’ve been much worse. Of course, I told you that before.”

“When did you become an ‘I told you so’ guy?”

“Boy, you really have your work cut out for you there don’t you Buck?”

“I’ve got 15 hours and already and that’s just getting it all apart. It’ll be another 20 to 25 hours putting it back together. I could think of more enjoyable things to be doing.”

“Speaking of that, do you have a single engine Cessna open this afternoon?”

“Just go to your office and see what’s going on with rentals. Ally’s in there, she can help you.”

“Thanks Buck, I’ll leave you to it.”

As we went into the office, Ally was sitting there and got a rather perturbed look on her face when I walked in with Saffron.

“Ally, excuse me, Alyssa Halsey this is my sister Saffron Sanderson.”

“Ally is fine, nice to meet you Saffron; your brother has told me a lot about you. By the way, call me Ally; your brother’s the only one that likes my name.”

“My brother is usually quite right about his judgment and it is a pretty name. However, I know all about strange names and how we interpret them ourselves. Saffron isn’t exactly a common name, but I’ve come to grips with it.”

“What can I do you for today flyboy?”

“How about a rental on a single engine Cessna?”

“We just happen to have one open for special customers. It’s all fueled up and setting out front. You just have to do the preflight. How about you Saffron, are you gonna let your brother fly you or do you need a real pilot?”

“I’ve flown with my brother before and I trust him wholeheartedly. Besides, your father already said that he’s a good and very instinctive pilot.”

I gave Ally a rather dismissive smirk and Saffron and I walked out the front of the hangar to board the plane. I did my preflight and climbed into the Cessna. Saffron had learned from the last time and already had her headset on and strapped into the seat. I started aircraft and began taxiing as I received my takeoff instructions from the tower. We began taxiing to runway five, throttled down the runway, and took off into the West. It was a very calm, bright day and we were really enjoying the flight.

“That Ally didn’t seem to know that I wasn’t your girlfriend Sammy.”

“I don’t think it was that at all; she’s just been under a lot of pressure from her dad. He was none too happy about the lightning strike.”

“Still, she likes you Sammy. Maybe you ought to do something about it, she’s pretty. She also doesn’t appear to take any shit from anybody. She’d be good to keep you busy until CC finishes school.”

“That wouldn’t be very fair to Ally, to just be a fill-in. And what if CC finds somebody else before she finishes school; that would really leave me in a lurch wouldn’t it?”

“Sammy, CC loves you with all her heart and you two are meant to be together; I just know it. I feel it in my heart. Remember you would have never seen her if she’d went away to school to begin with. Don’t you think that’s a little hypocritical of you?”

“I never thought of it like that sis; but she still said she had no time for me, but I’ve seen her out at parties and the Mad Pack get-togethers. She has time for them.”

“Sammy, everyone needs a break from studying and she really feels that she will pendik escort get you back after she’s done with school.”

“So I’m just supposed to be there like a little puppy dog waiting for her?”

“And such a cute puppy dog too,” as she reached over and scratched me behind the ear. I reached over and shoved her hand away and continued flying. We flew over Moaning Lake and Beggars Bluff and I reiterated again that I was going to own that property and build my family’s home there.

“There’s no doubt in my mind Sammy that you’ll do that too. That would be a great place for you and CC to raise your family.”

“Saffron, you never give up do you?”

“Sammy looked me right in the eyes and tell me you’re not still in love with her.”

“Of course I still love her, she’s been the girl my dreams for years, but I’m tired of people crapping on me for their own selfish needs. I’m going to move on with my life; there are too many variables.”

We flew around over our area for about another hour and it was time to turn back to the airport. I made a very smooth landing and we taxiing back up to the Halsey hangar and saw Ally standing outside. As we got out of the plane Ally told Saffron that she was glad that I got her back in one piece.

“I’d fly with Sammy any time,” as she slipped her arm through mine and hugged to me tightly. Ally came over and lightly punched me on the shoulder and said, “As a matter-of-fact, so would I. He’s a good pilot.”

Saffron waited outside while I went in to turn in the items from the flight and finish my paperwork. Ally came in and started talking with me.

“Your sister is very pretty; looks like I made a fool out of myself that day when you’re parents were here. I’m sorry about that; I guess I just get a little jealous sometimes.”

“Maybe if you wouldn’t go about like a bull in a china closet, you would’ve understood that that was my sister. It’s like you said, it’s not like we were an item or anything.”

“Well from what my dad tells me, that wasn’t your sister with you the day you flew your friends up to Findus Resort. All he talked about was how beautiful she was; was that the supermodel Charlie talked about?”

“As a matter of fact it was. She was at the wedding and she asked if she could fly up with us, so I let her.”

“Can I come over to your place tonight and maybe take you out to a movie?”

“I will tell you something Ms. Halsey; to prove I’m not a male chauvinist pig, I’ll let you do just that. Come over around 5:30 PM and I’ll make you dinner as well.”

“Sam you’re the most charming man I’ve ever met. No reason girls at the college talk so good about you.”


I took Saffron home, walked in to say hello to the parents, and went on home to prepare supper for Ally. She arrived probably at 5:30 PM and we ate our spaghetti and meatballs after starting with a salad. She seemed really happy and said she looked forward to a good evening. I was enjoying our dinner and conversation and she was very frankly asking about Barb. I explained things to her and went through the story in detail about Barb, CC, and the beating I took from Bronco Billings. She talked about how awful that must’ve been for me and actually seemed sympathetic.

I thought that the conversation was getting entirely too serious, so I changed the subject to ask how her classes had been going. She told me she was getting through okay and asked how my classes were going. I told her that with the extra classes and summer classes I was doing I could graduate in three years. She reminded me again about what an over achiever I was and asked if I was ever gonna find somebody to be in a relationship with me and I told her I might have.

“Who with, that CC girl or the supermodel?”


“Me, are you crazy? Who says I even like you.”

“You have, several times.”

“To tell you the truth Sammy, I would like that. I really do like you a lot and think we have a lot in common.”

“Well good, it’ll save me a lot of trouble courting you.”

“Oh no you don’t; all girls like to be courted, I’m not that easy. I want flowers and candy and you have to try,” as she started laughing and giving me a big hug. We went to the movies and a surprise to me was that she wanted to see a new action thriller. As we sat through the movie she reached over to hold my hand and I put my arm around her and she snuggled into me.

We watched the movie and went out for ice cream afterwards. As she was licking her ice cream cone she got some chocolate ice cream on the tip of her nose. I reached over with a napkin and wiped it off for her and she smiled really broad.

“I love the way you treat me Sammy; you treat me like my father does.”

“I don’t think your father treats you the way I plan on treating you when we get back to my apartment.”

“I really don’t feel that you’ll survive the night, as keyed up as I am tonight. You’re in for some fun.”


When we pulled back escort pendik up to my apartment, she wasted no time shuffling me into my abode. As soon as she got me through the door, she was trying to get my clothes off of me, and hers off of her. She led me into the bedroom, dropped to her knees, and unceremoniously grabbed my flaccid cock and swallowed it. She began her sucking in earnest, hollowing her cheeks as she slid my now hardening cock in and out of her mouth while using her tongue to bathe me with her saliva. She had a very intense technique that was not lost on my sense of arousal. She was lapping up my precum and actually moaning as she swallowed. When I was hard enough that she could’ve stopped, she just kept on going seeking her reward. As I felt the urge getting close, I warned her I was about the pop through gritting teeth.

“Ally baby, I’m going to come,” as she just reached around and grabbed my tense buttocks in both hands, pulling me harder into her face. I came into her mouth and she swallowed greedily. I was almost out of breath when I said in one word sentences, “Baby that was fantastic, you sure know what you’re doing.”

“That’s a good thing because I aim to please. You always do well when you eat my pussy, so I felt it was the least I could do. Speaking of which…”

“Oh my, does Ally wishith her pussy to be eaten?”

“You bet your ass she does; did you like my subtle hint. I mean I thought I was as subtle as I could be without hitting you in the head with something.”

As she lay back on the bed and spread her legs, I noticed what a beautiful body she had and dropped my head quickly between her legs and covered her pussy with my mouth. The smell of her always made my mouth water and I almost drooled into her sobbing gash. This girl had one of the best tasting quims I’d ever eaten. Her mammoth, engorged clit was pushing up in full arousal and as usual her rose petals were in full bloom as I slid my tongue inside her.

As always, she was going crazy, her pelvis rising up to meet each of my tongue thrusts. Ally always gave as much as she got in bed. She reminded me of how giving CC was when we made love. It didn’t take her long to come in my mouth and I drank her juices down as ample reward for my ministrations. She reached down and grabbed my head into her hands pulling me up to her at breast level. Ally definitely liked to have her nipples sucked during foreplay. I was always glad to accommodate her because her nipples always seemed to be in a state of arousal, hard pencil erasers to play with. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and began my usual nips sucking while she placed her hands on the back of my head to urge me into her supple, but firm tits. I pinched the other nipple between my thumb and forefinger while I worked my mouth on the other. I had expanded this technique and used this moment to slide my free hand down and slide into her with my first two fingers. As I finger fucked her and worked back and forth between both breasts, I thumbed her clit until she came again in roaring fashion, trying to squeeze my fingers off with her cunt muscles.

“Sammy, I need your dick in me right now; I want to feel you gush your come inside my pussy.”

She pulled me up and kissed me passionately, while reaching down with one hand to guide my cock into her waiting cooz. As I slid into her, she moaned loudly into my ear and started thrusting her tongue in and out of my ear to match my thrusts. This was a favorite thing of hers and she knew it drove me wild. We began a fast almost primal rhythm until she came again. This girl was very easy to please, able to reach multiple orgasms without a lot of major effort. It’s not that I thought that I was that good, although I’ve never had any complaints; just that she was easy to get off. It didn’t bother me any, I enjoyed that she enjoyed.

Not long after she came, I reciprocated and unloaded inside her, giving her everything I had. She wrapped her legs around my buttocks and used her heels to spur me on and it actually felt so good I almost came a second time. This girl was really good in bed and was quite giving. It was one of things I noticed about our lovemaking. Other than Barb and CC, none of the other girls I had fucked had done that.

We lay there in our post orgasmic haze and she managed to breath out some words, “Sammy, I really enjoy fucking with you. I really want this to work for us because I think we’re good together.”

“I really like you too Ally and I think we’ll do okay together, if we give it a try.”

“Oh Sammy, I’ll more than give it a try; I’ll give it a do. I can’t wait to tell daddy. Look at the time, I’ve got to get home,” as she got up and dressed, bit down and kissed me, and went out the door. I felt that same lonely feeling again, like the first night we made love and didn’t sleep all that well during the night.


That week we spent a lot of evenings together and even managed to have lunch a couple of times at school when our classes pendik escort bayan came close to one another. We even managed to go flying together a couple of evenings during the week. Even though my class schedule, between conventional and online was hectic, I still managed to eke out a social life with her.

One evening after I finished flying, Buck asked me to go up with him for a little while. When we were at altitude he began a conversation with me.

“Sammy, Ally really seems to be taken with you; is the feeling mutual?”

“Buck, I really like your daughter and feel like I want to have a relationship with her.”

“I’m both glad and sad glad to hear that Sam.”

“Well that’s not the way I would’ve put that.”

“Sam, if you were to have a loving relationship with my daughter, I couldn’t be happier. But there’s something you need to know about Ally. When she goes after something she gets very possessive and can actually go overboard. Ever since her mother died, it’s like she thinks she’s going to lose something and won’t let go of it to the point of smothering it. Why do you think I’ve never remarried? Every time I’ve met someone Ally seems to mess things up for me.”

“Even if I tell her that I’m not trying to replace her in my life, she still sabotages my relationships. I’m just warning you that being in a relationship with my daughter is not an easy thing. I don’t want you to hurt her, but you need to be aware of that part of her personality.”

“I don’t think you need to worry about me Buck, I’m monogamous in my relationships and treat my women well. I will tell you that I won’t put up with any shenanigans from her; if that’s what you want to hear?”

“The other thing I wanted to ask you is if you felt like earning a little extra money and flight time by flying some charters for me? We are getting very busy and I could use the help.”

“Won’t I have to get my commercial ticket for that?”

“Absolutely and I’ll pay for it.”

“I’ll be glad to do it for you, but it may cut into my time with your daughter.”

“She’ll just have to get over it and take one for the team.”


Thus began my professional relationship with Halsey Aviation and my personal one with Alyssa Halsey. I was able to get my commercial certification completed without my grades suffering too much, while I juggled my private time with Ally.

Things started out on a rocky on the first evening together which was a Tuesday. She came over to my apartment and wanted to watch television, which was fine. She started talking about doing this tomorrow night and I told her that I wouldn’t be able to because that was my coffee day with Roxy. She immediately got her fired up and the green eyed monster rolled out. She started huffing about like it was the end of the world and I straightened her out quickly.

“I hate to lay the law down to you so early in our relationship Ally, but this is one thing I won’t put up with. I have a lot of female friends that mean a lot to me and you’re just going to have to live with that. You can ask around and you will find that when I’m in a relationship I’m in it to the hilt. It is a matter of trust; either you trust me or you don’t. I’ll tell you right now, two things that I will not put up with are someone not trusting me in a relationship and someone that gives me ultimatums. You won’t like my response.”

“You are welcome to come with me tomorrow evening and meet Roxy, but she’s my friend and you’ll just have to live with it that Wednesday evenings are a solid appointment in my life and I have coffee with her.”

“I’m sorry Sam; I just care a lot about you and I don’t do well when other females are around you. I guess I’ll just have to learn to handle it.”

“I’m just letting you know right away that I don’t like petty jealousy in a relationship and I won’t put up with it.”


When it was time the next Saturday to fly up to Findus Resort Island to pickup Gerald and Melanie, I asked Ally to accompany me and she was excited. She was so excited to go that she even pre-flighted the Cessna 310 for me and fueled up. As we took off, I told her how excited I was for her to meet Gerald and Melanie and that they were two of my closest friends.

As we landed on the island airstrip, I noticed Gerald and Melanie waiting with their luggage as I taxied up to the airport terminal, which was more like a shack. They saw Ally get out with me and looked at me strangely.

“Gerald and Melanie Gearing, meet Alyssa Halsey, a.k.a. Ally. Ally, meet Gerald and Melanie, two of my closest friends in the world. This is the end of their honeymoon.”

“Sammy told me all about you on the way up here and I’m so glad to meet you both.”

They exchanged pleasantries and we climbed aboard the aircraft to take off for the flight back.

“It’s going to be a little bit more cramped once we get back to the airport getting you home because I’ve only got the Mustang this time.”

Ally said, “It could be worse; they could be in my Fiat.”

“Yes and they could put their life in your hands with your driving. She drives like a bat out of hell full-time.”

“Let’s not start getting personal fly boy.”

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