In Pursuit of Mrs Kramer Ch. 02

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We hosted my neighbor for Thanksgiving and I had to help walk her home. This picks up where Part 1 left off.

Oh crap, I’ve been gone for almost an hour! How the hell am I going to explain this I thought as I opened my door and closed it and locked it? As I turned around, I saw that the recliner and couch were empty, meaning that my parents had gone to bed. My sister was still zonked out on the loveseat so I figured I would just leave her there. I turned off the light and went upstairs to my bedroom.

I noticed that the door to my parent’s room was shut so they were probably asleep. I walked into my room and closed the door. Taking my tie off, I threw it on my dresser and sat down on the bed, taking my shoes off. As I did so, I thought I heard steps and then a door close and I figured it must be my sister going to bed. I took of the rest of my clothes except for my underwear, turned out the light, and got under the covers.

The buzz I had from the wine was pretty much gone after the events next door and I was a little tired as I laid my head down to go to sleep. What a weird f-ing day! I never imagined any of it happening, particularly being turned on by my sister, and I damn sure never had a woman throw up on me before. Ok, maybe not on me but near me.

Eventually I fell asleep and the next thing I knew it was 6:30. I had originally told everyone we would get up at 7 in order to have time to get ready to get to the airport. Of course, I knew my mother would be the one getting me up instead of the other way around as she was the early riser in the family.

I drove the family to the airport and said goodbye, my sister crying a little as we hugged. Quite honestly, I was looking forward to going home and having a few days to myself of some normal time and just relaxing. As I pulled up to my place, the thought of what happens next with my neighbor immediately popped in my head. But, I was pretty tired so I walked in, shut my door, turned on the TV and lay down on the couch. I was pretty tired and a little hung-over and I ended up falling asleep.

The sound of the doorbell woke me up. I looked at the clock and it was 5:30 PM. Holy Cow, I slept all day. Who could be at the door? I walked over and it was my neighbor, Donna or Mrs. Kramer, or whatever I was supposed to be calling her. I opened the door with a smile.

“Hi Donna,” I said.

“Hi Chris, did I catch you at a bad time?” she asked.

Well looks like Donna it is.

“Oh, no not at all,” I replied, “Come on in, I had taken a nap when I got back from the airport. I’ve been asleep ever since.”

“Oh ok, well I won’t stay long. After my day, I have a feeling I’ll be asleep early myself.”

She walked past me and her scent filled my nostrils like flowers in spring time. She was wearing a nice skirt and jacket combo with heels and nylons of course and looked fantastic. I motioned for her to sit down and she did in the loveseat.

“That’s fine, so how are you feeling today? You had to get up and work didn’t you?”

“Well, “she said haltingly, “That’s why I stopped by. Yes I did and I will get to bed early tonight but I’m not quite sure what happened.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was a bit drunk last night, and I remember you walking me home and vaguely remembering getting sick….”

“Oh don’t worry, no problem at all. I just helped you upstairs and made sure you were ok before I came home.”

“Well I really appreciate it but I am so embarrassed. I haven’t had that much to drink in a long time,” she said. “I didn’t do anything bad?”

“Believe me, it’s quite alright. I think everyone here had a bit too much as well and certainly no one noticed and I didn’t say a word. A gentleman knows how to be discrete,” I smiled.

She smiled back at me and spoke, “That’s the other thing. I just wanted to also apologize for the way I’ve treated you the last few months. You have been a nice young man and I have been a total bitch to you. I honestly don’t know why I’ve been that way to you; I guess I’ve put up such a wall since the death of my husband…”

“Well, I did kind of wonder, but it’s all good, Donna. I think yesterday was just what we needed. Let’s just start from scratch, güvenilir bahis put all that behind us and move on.”

“That sounds great to me,” she said and she stood up. “You really are a gentleman.”

Ha, if you only knew or could remember the half of it, I thought to myself.

Before I could stop myself, I blurted out, “Hey, if you aren’t busy, would you like to go out to dinner tomorrow night?”

“Why, I’d love that,” she replied instantly, surprising me. “Where?”

“The Ranch.. Is that ok?”

“Wow, pretty high class place. We don’t have to go there, we can go somewhere else. Besides, wouldn’t you rather go out with someone your own age?”

“It’s not that expensive and I’ll forget the age thing,” I said smiling. “I know you have your shop to run, what time is good?”

“Why don’t you pick me up at 7 and we can eat say around 7:30?” she said.

“Done. I’ll set it up and see you tomorrow night,” I said as I walked her to the door.

“Great. Thanks again for understanding.”

“Not one more word. It’s all forgotten.”

What the hell was I thinking? The answer is, I wasn’t. But I didn’t really have much of anything else to do, and I wanted to get out a bit now that my family was gone. And besides, not only did I still kind of have the hots for her, but she was turning out to be a decent woman, and I was starting to want some company.

The next evening rolled around really quickly. I took a shower, shaved and got dressed, putting on a coat and tie since the restaurant had a dress code. It was a bit chilly, being two days after Thanksgiving, so I threw on an overcoat and backed my car out of the garage, and left it running to warm up while I went over to get Donna.

When she answered the door I was once again struck by how classy she always looked. This time, she had on a navy blue dress that went just below her knee, blue hose, heels, and a string of pearls finished off with a full length fur coat.

“Wow you look beautiful,” I said.

“Oh, you’re sweet. And may I say you look very dapper.”

She locked her door and I walked her over and opened the door to my Explorer. Given it was an SUV, she had to step up to get into it. Unfortunately, with the long fur coat on, it denied me a hoped for peek at her thighs.

Dinner was a great experience and the time flew by as we ate our meals and had coffee and dessert. The conversation, while at first was a bit awkward, eventually flowed easily and after a few hours, you would have thought we had known each other for years.

I found out that she wasn’t as old as I had been thinking and in fact was in her early 50s. Her husband had died about a year ago and had left her enough money to open her own business. Having worked in the fashion industry as a buyer, she decided to go out on her own with a small boutique dress shop that was doing quite well and in fact, was frequented by some of the upper crust of Boston social circles. She was an only child and really did not have a lot of family save for a few cousins down south.

We got in the car and drove home. As we pulled up to the driveway, I stopped and said, “How would you like to come over for a bit? I can build a fire and we can sit around and chat. I mean, that is if you want to. “

“That sounds wonderful,” she said.

Parking the car in the garage, I led her in my place and took her coat and hung it up in the closet with mine and draped my suit coat over the recliner.

“Why don’t you make yourself at home while I build a fire?”

“Sure,” she said. “Do you want me to make you a drink?”

“I still have some wine in there from the other day; I’ll take some of that.”

I set my iPhone in the dock and turned on Spotify to a mellow station. Then, I kneeled down and worked on the fire After I got it going, I stood up and as I did so, I felt her hand on my shoulder and as I turned she handed me my glass of wine.

“Thanks,” I said and noticed that he glass was on the coffee table in front of the couch so I went over and sat down next to her. She leaned into the corner of the couch and had kicked her shoes off and folded her legs up underneath herself as she sat back holding her glass of wine.

“Well, türkçe bahis who would’ve thought a few months ago that we would be sitting here like this,” I laughed.

“Oh my gosh, I know,” she laughed back. “This is really nice, having a fire on a cold evening and relaxing and talking, I had forgotten what this is like…” her voice trailed off.

Not knowing how to respond to that, I took a sip and then slid over and put my arm up on the couch and she readily slid under it and leaned her head on my shoulder a bit.

We just sat there for a while, neither one of us saying anything, staring at the fire, listening to the music.

“This is really nice,” she said and I looked down at her and nodded. “What are you doing going out to dinner with an old woman like me?”

“You’re hardly an old woman, and besides, I think you beautiful.”

“You’re so sweet,” she said as she reached up and kissed me on the cheek, and then leaned further into me, putting her arm around my back and her other one draped across my midsection as she put her glass on the table. I leaned forward and set my glass on the table as I started to rub her arms and shoulder. Between the fire and her body, I was feeling kind of warm including some stirring down below. Her head was facing down and I knew if she was looking at my crotch she’s be able to tell that I was getting a major boner. I reached down and unbuttoned my shirt collar and loosened my tie.

“Hmm, getting a little warm?” she said with a hint of flirtatiousness.

She slid up a bit and brought her lips to within inches of mine.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening,” she said and closing her eyes, kissed me on the lips.

“No, thank you,” I said and kissed her back; our lips eventually parting and my tongue meeting hers. We made out for a minute or two in a sitting position, and then I adjusted myself to lie on my side, and she lay down next to me, alternately kissing and looking at me, smiling. We started to make out harder, picking up the pace, probing each other’s mouths. Her hand rubbed back and forth across my chest and stomach as I ran my hands down to her knee and then slowly rubbing back and forth, worked my way up her thigh, sliding her dress up as I went. Her thighs clamped together a little to stop me so I stayed an inch or two above her knee, but I got high enough to know that they weren’t pantyhose.

“Oh God, I have to tell you, I love stockings on a woman.”

“Oh really now,” she said, “I’m glad to know that.”

Moving to my neck, she began kissing me and, she gently nibbled on my ear as she breathed into it. The effect was electric and blood flowed instantly to my member. I grabbed her hand and pulled it to my crotch, and she began gently squeezing me and rubbing back and forth. My hand went to her chest and began massaging her large breasts through the outside of her dress. Damn I wish she was wearing a blouse, I thought. As we continued to kiss, she would occasionally pull off, taking a quick breath and then going back at it. I kicked off my shoes and then slid my leg in between hers, my knee in between hers as I increased the pressure of my rubbing her chest.

“Oh man,” I said.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well, I don’t know how to say it delicately, but my erection is straining my pants.”

Kissing me again, I felt her hand on my zipper and slowly unzipping my pants. Then, she undid my belt as I unclipped my fastener.

Reaching in, she said, “Hmm I’m betting briefs.”

“Actually boxer briefs.”

“Mmm, nice,” she said as she reached inside the fly of my underwear and began rubbing me. “I figured you were probably big down there.”

As she felt me up, I moved my hands behind her and reached the zipper of her dress. Slowly, I began to pull it down. Giving me no resistance, I continued to pull it down and then reaching back up, started to pull the top half of her dress down.

Pulling back a bit, she shook her head, “Take it easy, sweetie, not so fast,” and I decided to go back to trying to feel her nylon covered legs. As I did so, she continued to rub her hand along my cock which by this point was rock hard. My hands made their way to the tops as I could feel the fasteners. Wanting to encourage güvenilir bahis siteleri her, I took my hand from underneath her dress and put it around her fingers to get her to pull my cock out of my pants. As she pulled it out, the pressure of her tongue in my mouth increased, and she pulled back gasping as she looked down.

“You have a nice one,” she said.

“Oh that feels so good,” I said, “Don’t let go.”

She lightly grasped my shaft and began moving up and down, the precum oozing out of it as she used it to lube me. As she did so, I slid my hands up her leg, parting her thighs as I could now feel her skin above the tops of her stockings. She quickly took her free hand and grabbed me, stopping me from going further, pushing my hand back to her knee and removing her hand from my cock.

“I’m sorry, hon, I just can’t move that fast. It’s been a long time….”

“It’s ok, “I said pausing, “I understand, but I’m so turned on right now. I mean I’m so hard.”

“I know and I feel bad, I didn’t mean to lead you on,” she said. “But I don’t think I’m ready to go all the way yet,” she said. Then, chuckling, she added, “I haven’t used that phrase in about 30 years.”

“Well, I hope you don’t mind, but I have to do something about this, “and as I said it, I took my hand and began to work it up and down my shaft.

Feeling her hand on top of mine, she kissed me and softly said, “Let me do it.”

I changed position to lie on my back and she moved in, her head up a bit in the crook of my shoulder, looking down at my swollen member as she began working her hand up and down on it. She looked back at me and our mouths parted as our tongues wrestled. As we kissed, I reached down with my outside arm and began rubbing her stocking covered leg.

“Oh this feels great, harder, harder, make me cum,” I said. My breathing got shallower and shallower and all of a sudden, I broke our embrace as I grunted loudly. The first stream erupting and nicking my cheek as it hit the couch behind my head.

“Wow,” she whispered, as she continued to stroke the length of my shaft. I had my eyes closed as shot after shot of hot sperm hit me all over my shirt as she attempted to aim it away from her. My hips were thrusting into the air with each ejaculation as I finally got release. Finally, the flow slowed down and I opened my eyes to see her red colored fingernails on her hand wrapped around the mushroom head of my cock, white strands dripping off of them. I was now very sensitive and I gently grabbed her wrist to stop her motion. She then held her hand up in the air.

“Do you have a towel,” she asked. I quickly shed my shirt and handed it to her and told her to use that and after hesitating, she did. After she wiped her hand off, she wiped off my cock and shoved it back inside my underwear.

“Holy shit, Donna that felt awesome.”

I’m glad. You poor boy, you had that built up for a while didn’t’ you?” she said and kissed me on the lips.

“Well, you really turned me on. It was more about you as I don’t remember ever cumming that hard. I mean, the tip of my head actually hurts from the force. You are so hot.”

At that, she grinned at me and flashed a 1000 watt smile.

“IT’s been so long since I felt so beautiful and wanted. And, I’m sorry I wouldn’t let you go any further. I really wanted to, but I’m a little old fashioned and was confused because it has been so long and you’re the first since…” her voice trailed off and I could detect a bit of sadness.

“No, don’t worry about it really, “I said. “Was I a little disappointed? I’d be lying if I said no but I get it and I want you to enjoy it too and be comfortable.”

“Aw, thanks, you’re such a gentleman.” She said. “Don’t worry; good things come to those who wait.”

We held each other that way for about an hour or so and dozed off on the couch. I loved the way that she felt and smelled. Eventually, she got up saying that she had to get up in the morning and go to work and asking me what my plans were. I informed her that I was starting midnight shift on Sunday night so I was getting ready to live like a vampire. I got up and walked her to her place and she quickly went inside and closed the door. It was cold as hell so I ran back and went inside my place as well.

I went upstairs to my bedroom, took off my clothes and got in bed to watch some TV and fell asleep, wondering what the new normal was going to be in my life.

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