Jake’s Bonus

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Jake smiled as he walked out of the conference room. His presentation had gone better than he could have imagined. Even the VP had given him positive comments, something that he had been told not to expect. He was on cloud nine, and wanted to celebrate. He wished he was back home so he could call up some of his friends to go out and party, but he was not flying back until tomorrow, so he would have to settle for a couple of drinks by himself. He deserved a bit of R&R he thought, he had worked his ass of putting the presentation together. He remembered his boss back home suggesting that at 24 he was too young to go and present to the board, but he had persevered and now, when he got back, would get the respect he felt he deserved for all his hard work.

He arrived back at his hotel room and quickly showered and changed into jeans and a denim shirt. He had seen a country bar just down the street from his hotel, just what he needed tonight, cold beer, country music and some sexy ladies in tight jeans.

It was still early, so he went to the restaurant in his hotel and ordered a steak and a carafe of red wine. As he ate, he thought about his future. Everything seemed so rosy now, making up for the last two years of hell. Work had been all consuming and Jake had put it before everything else. His workaholic lifestyle had cost him a relationship and alienated him from a couple of his old friends. It had been a steep price to pay, but now he felt that the rewards were justifying the means.

Perhaps he was kidding himself, but tonight he wasn’t going to worry about that, he was just going to kick back and enjoy himself. As he ate the delicious steak, he chuckled as he remembered his friend Ed’s favorite saying, “Three things you should never turn down: a good meal; a glass of fine wine; and a blow job!” Well, so far he had taken care of the first two, and what the hell, the night was still young. You never know!

It was 8:45 when he entered the bar. The place was perhaps two thirds full and a band was just setting up. Jake sat at the end of the bar and ordered a beer. He looked around the room and noticed that the crowd was a bit older than he expected, but that there were some very fine ladies in attendance and perhaps things might just work out.

As his green eyes scanned the room, he was drawn to three ladies seated at a table in the corner. They all seemed to be in their early to mid thirties and they seemed a bit out of place by the way they were dressed. While jeans and western shirts seemed to be the order of the day for most, these ladies obviously had come here straight from work, as they wore business attire.

He was especially drawn to one of them. She was probably 33 or 34, shoulder length wavy brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. She had a dazzling smile that she flashed in his direction the moment they made eye contact. She had a full figure and a tremendous set of breasts that seemed to strain under the confines of her white blouse. He seemed mesmerized by her and let his eyes linger on her. She returned his gaze with a look that almost melted him in his seat.

The spell was broken suddenly as the band began playing and others rose to move to the dance floor. He turned to sip his beer and was again lost in his thoughts when he felt a tap on his shoulder. As he turned, he felt a rush of excitement as he realized it was the sexy lady that had caught his gaze earlier.

“Do you dance, or just ogle?” she asked playfully, holding out her hand and gesturing to the dance floor.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve danced,” he replied honestly, casino şirketleri “but I can’t refuse such a beautiful lady.”

He took her hand and they moved to the dance floor. He felt awkward at first, not having danced in probably 3 years, but her smile and happy demeanor put him at ease and they fell into an easy rhythm to the swing music. They danced to several up-tempo tunes and he couldn’t help but be aroused by the sensual way she moved her body to the music.

A slow song began and this goddess seemed to melt into his arms as they swayed to the strains of the country version of ‘I’ll Always Love You’. They seemed to move as one, her full breasts pressing against his chest, her head resting lightly on his shoulder and the subtle scent of her perfume filling his nostrils. As they swayed, his leg moved between hers and he felt her sensuously roll her hips as her crotch pressed against his thigh. His one hand slid down her back to lightly caress her bottom. It was as if only the two of them were together on the crowded dance floor, as he was oblivious to all the others.

The music stopped, and they continued to sway together neither seeming to want to let go. Finally he heard her whisper, “Come join us at our table.”

They walked hand and hand and joined her two friends. Introductions were made and Jake ordered a round of drinks for everyone. As they talked, he was surprised to learn that all three worked at the head office of his company, in the I.T. department. When he told them that he worked in the regional office out West, all three made comments that they were going to ask for transfers if all the guys out there were as cute. Jake blushed at the compliment, and was at a loss for words.

He learned that his dance partner was Kathleen and that she was divorced and lived across the river in New Jersey. She and her friends had stopped in after dinner to celebrate one of the other’s promotion.

“Lucky for me” Jake said, “or I never would have met such charming ladies.”

Jake excused himself to use the rest room and when he returned, only Kathleen was still at the table. She explained that the others had to leave, but that she wanted to stay and at least have a few more dances with him.

They spent the next half hour out on the floor, enjoying the music and the companionship. When they finally sat down, Jake’s eyes met hers and he could not resist leaning close and brushing her lips with his. She returned his kiss and he could feel his heart thumping in his chest as she leaned into him.

No words were spoken and none were needed as they rose from the table and walked hand and hand from the bar. Kathleen leaned against him as they walked slowly the block and a half to his hotel in the warm summer air.

As they entered the elevator, Jake took her in his arms and they kissed long and deeply, her curvy body seeming to melt into his. Jake was excited by this beautiful woman and knew that as they held together she could feel his arousal.

They kissed again once inside his hotel suite, just holding each other, lips together and swaying as if the music was still playing for them. It had been a long time since Jake had been with anyone, and his body was tingling with anticipation as their kiss deepened.

Kathleen seemed to take control then, pushing him back into a chair and telling him that she wanted to dance for him. His eyes fixed on her as she swayed before him, her fingertips deftly undoing the buttons of her blouse. As it parted he saw the sheer white bra with the tops of her full bosom spilling from it, a rose casino firmaları tattoo adorning the top of the left breast. He could see the hard tips straining at the thin material as she tossed her blouse aside.

She had kicked off her shoes and his breath caught as she quickly unzipped her slacks and sensuously wiggled them down over her hips. They fell to the floor and she kicked them aside, standing now in just bra and matching panties and sexy stockings that accentuated the curve of her legs.

He felt a momentary wave of panic. This was a real woman, he thought, not one of those giggly girls that he had dated. He wondered if he could be man enough for her, and fulfill her needs and desires.

She moved again, her hands reaching back to unclasp the bra. Her eyes were on his as she leaned forward and let the garment slip from her body. Her breasts were magnificent, full with pink tips and very hard nipples. As she straightened up her hands slid up to cup those beautiful globes of flesh. She pushed them upward and dipped her head. Her tongue flicked out to wet each erect nipple, and then she looked at Jake and gave him a playful smile.

She moved closer now, turning away from him and bending over as she slid down her panties, her sexy round bottom bared to his eyes. She wiggled it sensuously before turning again and moving to him.

Kathleen leaned forward, bringing her lips to his. As they kissed, her hands went to the material of his denim shirt, pulling it open, buttons flying as she bared his broad chest. Her lips moved to his body, showering kisses on his chest. She caressed each nipple with her lips, and nipped playfully at them with her teeth.

Jake’s head was spinning. This was the most aroused he had ever felt in his entire life. He quivered as he felt Kathleen’s lips slide to his belly, tongue swirling into his navel as her fingers moved to his belt.

She slid down on her knees between his legs. Reaching down, she pulled his boots off, tossing them aside before returning her hands to his belt. She undid it, then slowly undid the five buttons of his jeans, her gorgeous eyes fixed on his as she undid them. Her hands moved to the waistband of his jeans, tugging them down as he raised his hips to allow them to slip from his body.

Kathleen’s fingertip traced the outline of his cock before she dipped her head to kiss the bulge through the cotton of his white briefs. Her lips remained on it as she slowly peeled the garment downward, till just the swollen head of his member was exposed. She looked up and smiled at him, licking her lips before bringing her tongue to the tip of his cock. She licked up the drop of precum that had oozed from him, drawing it into her mouth and giving a contented little sigh as she savored the first taste of him.

She moved back for an instant, slipping his briefs completely off. Her fingertips encircled the base of his rock hard shaft as she exclaimed, “You have a beautiful cock Jake!”

Her mouth found him again, and she began licking up and down the length of him, washing his flesh with her talented tongue. She lifted his cock and dipped her tongue down to swirl over the flesh of his sensitive sac, drawing each gland into her mouth and sucking it softly. And then she moved her lips back to his shaft, sliding upward until she engulfed the swollen head. Slowly she moved her lips downward, Jake’s eyes widening as she took his cock deep into her mouth. It took all his mental fortitude not to explode right then and there.

And then her lips slid back up, his cock popping from her mouth, now glistening güvenilir casino with her saliva. She smiled at him as she stood up and moved away, hips swaying as she entered the bedroom of the suite.

Jake sat there for a moment, not quite believing what was happening, but not wanting it to ever end. He stood and walked to the bedroom. As he entered he saw she was lying on the bed, propped up with two pillows and her legs invitingly askew.

He moved to the bed, crawling between her legs. As he did, he took one leg in hand, lifting it and placing her foot on his shoulder. His fingers moved to the top of her stocking and he slowly rolled it down her leg, pulling it from her. As he tossed it aside, he brought her foot to his lips, kissing each toe and sucking the big toe into his mouth before putting the leg back down. He repeated the process with the other leg. As her toe slipped from his lips, he began kissing up her leg, tongue sliding over the smooth flesh.

His tongue lingered over the soft flesh of her inner thigh and his nostrils flared as they filled with the musky scent of her sex. He found her then with his lips, kissing the soft silky hair covering her mound, fingertips spreading her, tongue dipping into the moist folds of sweet flesh. He explored her, enjoying the taste and texture of her sex. He found the tiny button of sensitive flesh and he swirled his tongue around it, teasing it and feeling her quiver as his lips covered it and he suckled it softly.

As he ministered to her he felt her hands in his hair, gentle at first, then gripping him harder until she pulled his head up, looked into his eyes and moaned, “Fuck me Jake, I want that big hard cock of yours inside me and I want you to fuck me hard!”

He wanted it too and moved himself up her body, kissing her breasts as his cock pushed at the lips of her hot wet pussy. He thrust his hip, his cock sinking deep into her and he heard her groan in pleasure as their bodies became one.

They fucked then, hot and hard, his cock pumping into her like a piston as her nails raked into his shoulders. Her big breasts jiggled with each thrust. He slowed the pace, pulling his cock almost completely from her before plunging it deep again, feeling her muscles clench around his flesh as it did.

He skin was flushed and his breathing quickened as he felt himself moving to the point of no return. She seemed to sense his need and her flesh gripped around him as his thrusts became fast and urgent. His cock exploded, sending spurt after spurt of hot thick creamy cum deep into this gorgeous woman. She rocked her hips, milking him, and he felt her clench hard as her own orgasm flooded her being. Her nails dug into his arms as quake after quake of pleasure coursed through her body.

They rocked together for what seemed an eternity, the beautiful waves of pleasure breaking over their bodies. And then, as their bodies began to quiet, his arms wrapped around her and he held her tight. They found each other with their lips, a long sensuous kiss neither wanting the moment to end.

After a time, he rolled from her, and they cuddled together, her body spooned into his, until they both drifted off into a contented sleep.

When Jake awoke, Kathleen was gone. His mind filled with remembrances of the night before and a smile came to his lips. He got up and moved slowly about the suite, hoping that she was still here, but knowing it was not to be. Then he saw the note on the table by the phone. He picked it up, eyes scanning the words that made his heart jump.

“You were wonderful” it read, “Call me next time you are in town tiger!” Underneath were a phone number and an email address.

Jake headed toward the shower. Long distance relationships could be a problem, he thought, but with her he was definitely ready to take that plunge.

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