I’m a Good Girl

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The first man I met…

My Master had me join a swinging website so to have sex with other men of his choosing. This is an account of my first experience.


I was so nervous as I made my way into town to meet the stranger I was to be used by. This was the first time I’d ever done anything like this, & I’m sure I must’ve seemed jittery to anyone who cared to notice. I’d only seen a few pictures of his body. None of his face. He had apparently seen mine though. So at least he’d be able to recognise me.

We met in the reception of the Europa hotel in Belfast. He came up to me with a big smile on his face & introduced himself. I nervously shook his hand. He had suggested we have a drink in the bar of that hotel but the place was packed. It was a Friday night. So we left straight away & walked down the street a few yards to The Fitzwilliam, where he was actually staying.

I was a little shocked at the way he looked. I knew he was a man in his Early to mid-fifties. That didn’t bother me in the least because I much prefer older men. But I must admit, I didn’t expect him to be so small. About 5’4″ I’d say (only two inches taller than me!) with a moustache & was bahis firmaları excessively receding hair. He was even wearing a lemon v-neck jumper! Not the type of man I’d usually go for. But I supposed that was the point. Master was pushing my boundaries, & no doubt enjoying himself a little at my expense.

We arrived at the bar of his hotel. I had a glass of Merlot to settle my nerves while he had a gin & tonic. As soon as he sat down beside me he reached over & put his hand on my knee as we talked about the swinging website & how he was glad he’d be the one to ‘pop my cherry’.

The young men at the table next to us sat staring in our direction with expressions on their faces that plainly read ‘what is she doing with him?!’ It made me blush. But I had to just put it to the back of my mind & concentrate on why I was doing it.

While I was sitting there I told myself that I just had to consent to what was going to happen. Nothing I could do about it. This man was going to see me naked, & I was going to suck his cock as he touched me as he pleased, so I’d best just make the best of it. I do enjoy being used by men I consider unattractive so it didn’t take me long to accept kaçak iddaa the idea. It just seemed a little strange that it was pre-arranged for me. I’d never done that before. I’d always had some say.

After we’d finished our drinks I politely suggested that we might now go up to his room. I didn’t want to seem forward, but I also didn’t want to lose my nerve. There wasn’t much time to waste because I was on a schedule set by my Master, I wasn’t to be in the room for any longer than an hour. So I made my way to the other side on the room & immediately stripped down to just my stockings & suspenders. It was so strange to be naked in front of a man I’d met only perhaps forty minutes before. But not in a very bad way. There was a certain sexiness to it too.

While I was undressing he had done the same. He now stood in front of me stroking his hard cock. It was average in size. Nothing remarkable. But certainly not ugly (those mushroom looking ones are not attractive to me.) But one thing was very different; he had no foreskin. I’d never had a cut cock before. & its not something that I would gladly experience again. Just not for me. Though when I thought back on it afterwards that fact kaçak bahis only added to the sexiness.

I walked over to him, knelt, & asked if he was ready. With his permission I started sucking his balls as I stroked his cock. Then i ran my tongue up his shaft to lap the pre-cum from the tip before taking his cock into my mouth. In the meantime he had begun to play with my nipples. I love that so much, so the combination of that & sucking him meant that I was now very wet & thoroughly enjoying myself. I remember moaning because I was now so turned on.

I sucked his cock greedily, my nose bumping of his belly, until he told me he was going to cum & per my Masters instructions I moved back & he came over my chest. I stayed kneeling there for a while as his cum ran down over my belly. I was instantly sad that it was over so soon.

After we’d sorted the mess he told me to get up onto the bed & he touched, kissed, licked & fingered me as he pleased for maybe ten or fifteen minutes. My legs were so wide, I just wanted him to fuck me. But that wasn’t in the instructions & this man was very respectful of my Masters rules.

After he was finished using me I got up, got dressed & left so I could phone my Master & relay in detail everything that had happened. I was so horny the whole way home. I just wanted to go back & ask him to fuck me hard. But I’m a good girl & I do as I’m told so obviously I didn’t.

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