Protecting Our Daughter

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My wife and I agree to protect our daughter’s virtue.

Kate and I have been together since our teens. I was 18 when I first laid eyes on her at a friend’s party. She was 16 and stunningly beautiful. Within a month we were dating after 4 years we were married.

At age 22, Kate gave birth to our daughter Jenna, who turned 15 last month. We have always been super protective of Jenna and supported her in all her endeavours. Jenna is a keen sports person and this is what led her to meet Dane, her boyfriend.

Dane is a member of the local football team and is a fit and toned guy He also work with his father in their landscaping business. Jenna has totally fallen for him and I was worried that he could persuade her to do anything without much convincing. This was worrying both Kate and I as we knew Dane had some previous experience with girls and was not as innocent as Jenna.

Just by looking at the attention he got from other girls at the football games, we knew that if Jenna did not accept his advances, if they were to happen, he would look elsewhere for it. Kate and I have both noticed how much affection Dane has for Jenna, but the amount of passionate kissing and touching has worried us. We also did not want to see Jenna heartbroken, so Kate and I discussed possible outcomes and solutions to our fears.

Kate and I have always had a healthy and open love life. We are communicators and if the urge strikes outside our marriage, it is acceptable, as long as it is not hidden from the other. We have been to swingers clubs and have also had extra marital meetings singularly and together.

That brings me to this story. It was Kate who raised her thoughts with me about a month ago, and she picked the best time to do it. We were lying in bed. Jenna was out at the movies with Dane and some friends. We were both naked as usual. We rarely wear clothes to bed. Kate appeared more horny than normal. She was kissing my neck and her hand was busily rubbing up and down my hard cock. She had draped one leg over me and I could feel her wet pussy on my leg.

I could tell her mind was going into overdrive and she was intent on selling me on her idea. Kate kissed me passionately, pushing her talented tongue into my mouth and squeezing my hard erection. Her firm breasts were pressed against my chest and my hands were all over her as well. Kate broke our kiss and started kissing down my chest towards my cock. She looked at me lustfully and I asked her what she was thinking. Kate had reached my cock by this time and was slowly swirling her tongue around the head. She opened her mouth and deep throated me sucking hard. I moaned and ran my fingers through her long hair. She came back up and looked at me. Kate then told me what she thought might not only protect Jenna from losing her virginity at her age, but also keep Dane satisfied and not hurt our Jenna.

Kate suggested that she seduce Dane into having sex with her. Her reasons, I found, were well thought out if he agreed with her boundaries, Jenna’s virtue wound stay intact for a while longer and Dane would stop where his roaming hands have got to and not cross our lines with Jenna. Whilst Kate was telling me this, she continued stroking my cock and was smearing my pre cum around the head of my cock. Even though she knew I would almost certainly agree with her suggestion, Kate took control when I told her I would have to give that some serious thought.

In my mind, I was picturing this young guy between my wife’s legs, driving his hardness into her and getting an experience that he will never forget. Kate appeared so fired up with my response that she took my cock deep into her throat. Now I know from personal experience and from the reaction of other men I have watched her fuck that my wife gives awesome head. I felt my balls tighten and stir as I watched her bob her head.

Knowing the pleasure it always is and the expertise Kate has in giving a blowjob, I never tire watching my cock disappear into her mouth. Kate gently moved her hair to the side to give me the perfect view. I gently held the back of her head as I began to fuck her face, feeling the temperature rising in me and knowing that with each thrust, my exploding into her mouth was closer and closer. “I’m cumming,” I grunted and in response she took me deep as I felt my cum blow into her throat. Kate loves to please and be pleased, so she didn’t stop sucking for a second and took the entire load into her mouth and swallowed.

As my cock started to soften, Kate took her mouth from my cock and looked up at me. She asked me what I thought about the idea and I told her I would agree to it on the condition that I get to watch her in action. I had recently purchased some security and audio cameras for the house bus I was yet to have them installed. Kate smiled and said she would love for me to watch her handy work, and that we would all benefit from our decision.

Thinking that our evenings play was over, I leaned in to kiss Kate goodnight, but her hand rubbing my cock again, told me she casino şirketleri wasn’t ready for sleep. Kate said she wanted to show me her appreciation for agreeing to do this, and that for the rest of the night, I could have her in any way I liked. With that offer, on the table, I kissed Kate deeply and told her to roll over onto her stomach. I straddled her ass and commenced to kiss the back of her neck and shoulders. Kate moaned at my attention and pressed her ass up at my again hardening cock. I kissed all the way down her back, shuffling down the bed as I did. When my face was near her ass cheeks, I parted them with my hands and commenced to run my tongue in between her cheeks and lightly her asshole. Kate’s moans tell me that she enjoys this, and from past experiences, I know she does,

I teased her little rear hole for several minutes, before pointing my tongue and pushing hard into her asshole. Hard gasped and lifted her hips pushing up against my tongue. I brought my hand up between her legs and pushed two fingers into her pussy turning them inside her. It didn’t take long before Kate’s breathing got heavier and faster she began to squeeze my hand between her legs. I pushed my fingers deeper into her and licked and tongued her asshole fast, as Kate had her first orgasm that night.

As Kate slumped face down on the bed, waiting for her breathing to get back to normal, I had other ideas. My cock was back to full hardness, and I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. I got up onto my knees behind Kate and lifted her up so she was on her knees. I grabbed my cock and placed the head against her cunt before pushing deep into her in one thrust. There was more than enough cunt juice to help me slide in. I grabbed Kate’s hips and fucked her like a wild man. I pushed deep into her, and at the same time I pulled back on her hips. Kate groaned at each thrust and she gave up trying to get her breath back. I fucked her dripping cunt deep for several minutes, before pulling out, and rubbing my cock between her ass cheeks, then slamming it back into her cunt.

Using the juices, I smeared between her cheeks, I rubbed her asshole with my thumb, before pushing it inside. Her sounds of lust and approval told me that I would have no objections to what I was going to do next. I pulled my cock from her cunt, and my thumb from her asshole. I placed the head of my cock against her little ass and pushed forward. Anal sex has been a regular part of our love making for many years.

I pushed my cock beep into her ass and pulled out, almost all the way, before pushing back in again. I had worked myself into a steady rhythm and thoughts of our earlier conversation seemed to take over my behaviour. I gave a sudden hard, deep push which forced Kate to lunge forward back onto her face with me lying along her back. My cock embedded deep in her asshole. I started to thrust using my hips only, burying all of my cock into her ass. I reached up under her arm pits, grabbing her shoulders for leverage. Holding her like this, I was able to pin myself to her back and thrust deep into her as far as I could.

Kate had her hand under her stomach and moved it down to her cunt and was busy rubbing her clit. She was grunting at each forward thrust and it only took a few lunges forward for my second orgasm to hit. I started to push deep, knowing that I was going to empty myself in her butt. Kate had brought herself to the same state, and started coming again. I pushed forward and held still in her asshole. My cock pulsed and pumped more cum into her bowels. Kate’s body was shaking underneath me as she also came against her hand.

After several minutes, I lifted myself off my beautiful wife and slid my deflated cock out of her. She turned to look at me and I kissed her passionately. Neither of us bothered to move, just content to stay there and fall asleep.

The next day, I went to our garage and unpacked the security cameras I had purchased. I set up a large LCD monitor and tested the equipment. I was pleased with the ultra clear picture and sound the cameras produced. Kate and I had discussed and appropriate location and decided the lounge room would be the perfect room for Dane’s welcome to the family. So I went about positioning and disguising the cameras so as not to spook Dane. I also set up cameras in our bedroom and kitchen. I set up the monitor in our garage together with a comfortable chair.

About a week later, Jenna received a call from a good friend, Stacey, inviting Jenna and I to Stacey’s older sister’s baby shower. Both our families have always been really close, so for them to invite us was no surprise. Kate made up an excuse to stay home but encouraged Jenna to go with Stacey on our behalf.

Stacey’s sister lived about 3 hours away, so the girls decided to attend the event and a sleep over was also arranged. I added my part to the story that I would be out of town for work and not returning until late the next night.

Knowing that Jenna would not be home and with me apparently not being there, casino firmaları Kate arranged for a truck load of soil to be delivered that day for a long over due garden renovation. The day prior to our planned happening, Kate gave an award winning performance, pretending to be angry with me and asking me how she was supposed to move all that soil by herself. Dane, hearing my wife’s dilemma offered to come over and help out. Kate readily agreed to his offer.

The day in question arrived. I drove to work in the morning and waited for a message from Kate that I was ok to come home. I didn’t get much done that day. I think I had an erection all day. Watching porn and seeing Dane and my wife in certain scene’s had me hornier than ever.

Some time before lunch, Dane arrived and got straight to work with a shovel and wheel barrow. Kate made sure she took refreshments out to him and made him lunch, making sure to drag out the time he was there. Kate had told she planned to wear her short denim shorts and long T shirt, minus the bra. Just to keep Dane visually occupied.

It was later in the afternoon, when Kate told Dane she was going to have a shower. Dane kept on gardening in the hot sun and had become quite sweat covered from his hard work. Kate finished and put her hair up in a high ponytail, put on a light sun dress, G string and conveniently left off the bra.

Kate messaged me at work and told me that she was going to get Dane to stop work and have a shower. She had already offered to cook Dane dinner for helping out all day. I quickly locked up and called a taxi. I arranged for the taxi to drop me off away from our house and walked home slowly. When Kate messaged me and told me Dane was in the shower, I went around the back and into the garage, letting Kate know also.

I got comfortable in the garage and watched as Dane and Kate ate dinner and chatted. I could clearly see that Kate’s nipples were hard and sticking through her top. Dane could not possible avoid seeing them. As they ate dinner, Kate brought up the subject of Dane and Jenna. Kate is a forward person at times, and asked Dane straight out what his intentions might be for them, short and long term. Dane answered honestly and told Kate he was in love and would not intentionally hurt Jenna.

Kate told Dane that she and I were extremely protective of Jenna and we were actually concerned about her having a possible intimate relationship at her age. Kate also explained that we had seen the way other girls acted towards him at football, and that if he were to stray, and Jenna found out, it would destroy her.

Whilst they spoke, Kate moved around the kitchen, and sat back down numerous times, making sure her dress rode up, almost showing her thong covered pussy. Dane was clearly looking and it was having an effect in his pants.

Kate would intentionally move her hand over her shirt and rub her breast, outside her dress and making her nipples hard. Dane watched her and stared at her breasts. Kate broke his gaze with her next comment. She told Dane that she and I had spoken at length about this relationship and we had a solution if he was agreeable and it had to remain a secret and never be spoken about to Jenna.

Kate explained that she knew Dane was at an age where his hormones were active and she looked at the large tent appearing in his trousers. Kate told Dane, that if he wanted to, Jenna could keep her virginity, and his urges could be addressed. But he had to agree, whole heartedly. Dane was clearly embarrassed that he had an erection in front of his girl friends mother, and didn’t know how to respond. Kate pointed to raised fabric and said that her offer could be a solution to that. Kate said that it was not going to be that she and Dane would be constant sexual partners, and that at times, depending on the situation, she would help out.

But Dane is to restrict his urges with Jenna to kissing and cuddling. Her virginity was to stay intact for to a few years yet. Dane looked at Kate, and looked blank, but when Kate reached over and placed her hand on his leg and moved her fingers on his skin, closer to his thigh, Dane gasped and said ok. I think.

Kate grabbed Dane by the hand and stood up, leading him to the lounge room saying that they would take things slow. Dane followed behind, and I clearly saw that bulge getting larger. Kate sat Dane down on my leather recliner and kneeled in front of him. Kate and Dane talked about his experience and how far he had taken things with previous girls, and it was evident that he was very inexperienced with girls. Kate raised herself up on her knees and told Dane to relax, and that she would lead the way. His cock stayed hard and poking straight up in the air the whole time.

Kate reached for Dane’s t-shirt and pulled it over his head. He was now sitting there with his ripped chest exposed. I saw Kate admiring it, and I know she was so turned on. Kate rubbed her hands over Dane’s chest and complimented him on his athletic physic. Kane smiled and stammered out a thankyou. güvenilir casino He was still so tense, so Kate took his hands and placed them on her breasts.

Kate told Dane how to massage and kneed her breasts and moaned as his fingers moved over her dress. Dane looked at Kate as she moaned, and she told him, he was doing fine. I know that Dane would, from this point be instructed how a woman likes to be touched and treated. After a few minutes, Kate reached down and pulled her dress up over her head, revealing her magnificent breasts. I could see clearly in the monitor, her nipples were rock hard. Kate again took Dane’s hands and put them back on her breasts. I could see his fingers softly squeezing, and moving over her nipples. Kate looked into his eyes that were transfixed on her breasts.

Kate had her hands on Dane’s legs and was moving them over his skin from his knees to his shorts. With each stroke she would get higher and higher towards that bulge. Kate then moved back and asked Dane to stand up, which he did. Kate then grabbed the sides of his shorts and started to pull them down. Kate was looking Dane in the face as she slowly lowered his shorts. I couldn’t wait to see what was about to pop out. Dane was still tense, and Kate told him to relax. She leaned forward and kissed him several times on his stomach. Licking his muscles and moving her fingers over his bare skin. This time I heard Dane moaning.

Dane placed his hands on Kate’s hear and started rubbing his fingers through her hair. Kate pulled his shorts all the way down and his eight inch thick cock bounced out hitting her in the face. Dane said he was sorry, but Kate told him it was ok, she wasn’t. Kate placed her hand around Dane’s cock and squeezed it. She began stroking his length and I saw the largest amount of pre cum oozing from the head. He moaned and began moving his hips against her hand. Kate told Dane that this wasn’t just about satisfying him, but also showing him how to pleasure his partner too. Dane nodded approvingly.

Kate continued to stroke that big cock, and I was doing the same thing to myself, in the garage. Seeing my beautiful wife’s hand moving over a young hard cock was so hot. Kate stroked his cock for a few minutes and used her thumb to smear the pre cum over the head. Sitting there in the comfort of the garage, I watched as my wife moved her face closer to Danes cock. She poked out her tongue and licked up the length of his shaft. From their position, I had great view of my wife in action.

I watched as Kate moved up to the head, and slowly closed her full lips around his young cock. Dane began to gently lift his hips up and down, gently fucking her gorgeous face as she took more and more of his cock into her warm accommodating mouth. Before long, she was deep throating him down to the base of his shaft. Kate was an expert cock sucker, and I could see her expert technique was having the desired effect on Dane. His eyes were closed and his breathing was getting faster and faster. Dane started thrusting up into Kate’s mouth and I knew what was going to happen. I heard a loud groan, and Kate grabbed his hips. Dane couldn’t hold out and his cum filled Kate’s mouth and throat. Knowing my wife as I do, this woman was not going to lose a drop. I saw Dane breathing heavily, his head back and eyes closed. I knew he had just experienced one of the best blow jobs he will ever have.

Kate then got up off her knees and stood in front of Dane. He looked up at her and thanked her. Kate told Dane he was welcome, but she hoped he didn’t think they were done. Dane looked puzzled, but when Kate told him, he would have to return the favour, a smile came to his face. Kate took Danes hand and helped him off the lounge. She then sat and spread her legs wide. Kate told Dane to kneel between her legs. She placed her hands between her legs and parted her very wet pussy lips.

Dane looked at the heavenly prize in front of him. Kate told Dane what she and most girls like and for the next few minutes gave him instructions on where and how to please her. He must have been doing the right thing by my lovely wife because she was holding her head hard against her cunt and was forcing herself to this young man’s mouth. I watch Dane alternate from licking along her outer folds to parting them and licking inside. Kate would lift her hips up off the lounge deliberately, so Danes tongue would lick her smooth asshole. Her moaning was becoming louder and louder. I couldn’t help but notice that Dane was rock hard again. I would have needed more time, but typically, young horny guys have no little trouble getting frequent erections. Dane was certainly enjoying himself, and was apparently no longer nervous. He was licking and slurping against Danes crotch, and his face was literally covered with her juices.

Kate stopped Dane, before she reached her own climax and told him it was time to feel what a real woman wrapped around his cock was like. Kate lifted her legs and held them high and wide. She told Dane to rub the head of his cock up and down her lips first. Obediently, he did as my wife told him. I watched as the head parted her lips just a little, and when Kate was ready, she told him to put it in, but to go slow. Kate wanted to feel the entire length sliding inside her.

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