Pleasure in Control Ch. 07

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Julia lands a dream job with a top fashion lingerie house that leads her into a life of beautiful women and daring sexual exploits. In this autobiographical story, Julia explores her sexuality and her body as well as her new contacts. Gradually she pushes the boundaries of her experiences and enters a secret world of lesbian passion, sex and more. This is only as fictional as you want it to be but you will not recognise any of the names. Act out parts of my life if you wish, but be kind, stay safe and stay legal.

This is a full-length novel and this is Chapter 7 of 17. You will enjoy this much more if you have read the preceding chapters first.


Chapter 7 (Bodystockings)

We talked and talked and we ate and we laughed and we relaxed together like old friends. I felt renewed and invigorated. Then, Kirsten told me a little more of what to expect at the New Product Launch the following day.

“You must expect to get away late,” she warned.

“How late?”

“Well, let’s see. The actual show will start at 7:00, to give busy clients time to arrive. Some will come straight from work and can use the Private Rooms to shower, change and freshen up. The formal part of the show will last about an hour with a break. So, expect to leave around 11:00.”

“What? How am I supposed to spend the last 3 hours?”

“Oh, there’s loads of time to, well, network. ‘Julia’ might pick up some contacts for her recruitment agency. There will be food and drink. And dancing.” Kirsten then looked at me seriously. “And then the individual showings afterwards, in the Private Rooms. You can expect to have a really good time so, er, save yourself for tomorrow, right?”

My mind was racing, full of expectation.

“Whichever Dem invites a client acts as her hostess for the evening. Who actually invited you?” quizzed Kirsten.

“Stevie, at Knightsbridge.”

“Good. She’s great fun to be with at these events. Did you meet any other Dems who you know are going to be there?”

“Yeah, I know that at least two Dems from Manchester will be there: Mandy and Vikki. And Maria will be coming down from Edinburgh.”

I paused and winked at Kirsten. “Maria and I got to know each other very well.” She knew exactly what I meant. “You actually came, right there in the changing rooms? On your first visit?”

“Well, yes. Why? What have I done?”

“Well, that’s quite unusual, but not totally unheard of.”

“But it all felt so, so right. Anyway, Maria led me on, and we kept our knickers on all the time.”

“Maria is a very, very sexy lady and you’ve experienced something that I have lain awake at night and only dreamt of doing. You lucky girl, she must really like you. She wouldn’t have done that just to make a sale, not the first time.”

Then Kirsten changed her tone.

“This isn’t our first time; you never finished showing me the new clothes you bought last week and you’ve got heaps more now. I’ll pour another glass of wine whilst you go and change.”

At first I was reluctant, but it would be fun showing off in front of Kirsten again – she’s such a good audience. I looked through my wardrobe and discounted those items amongst my newly acquired underwear that I knew for certain I had already shown to Kirsten. That left a number of things she hadn’t seen.

I ran through my delectable new collection. I couldn’t wear my lemon yellow set, or that black backless bodysuit, or the gold basque & panties, nor my dramatic front-fastening half-cup white bra, as they all needed to be laundered first. Pity.

She’ll see me in my new strappy blue bikini at the health club one day sooner or later. I couldn’t wait to show her my red ‘hen-party’ bra & thong that I’d bought in Knightsbridge last week, but I wanted to save that for another time. Oh, then there was my silver corset that Rachel gave me – Kirsten would enjoy lacing me up tight in that sometime.

I was planning to wear the cerise bra I could try on both of them and ask her opinion. Or maybe the strappy black set that Stevie originally modelled for me, but that was still so beautifully wrapped up.

“Kirsten, I’d value your opinion on what I should wear to the launch party tomorrow. What do you think about this?” I paraded into the room in just my cerise bra and panties.

“Oh, Julia, they look just perfect. Let me get a closer look. Who sold them to you?”

“It was Fiona in Oxford Street. She’s very good, isn’t she.”

“Fiona is excellent. She’s a bit older than the average Dem but the mature clients identify with her. Don’t underestimate Fiona. She’ll be at the show tomorrow, you’ll see.”

“What do you think then? Is it suitable?”

“Depends what you’re going to wear on top.”

“Hmm, I hadn’t got that far yet. I’ve got a couple of old cocktail dresses, but they’ll be in those boxes from Paris. They’ll be a bit crumpled.”

“Oh, just buy something, on the firm. You’d look devastating in a strapless LBD. Get one tomorrow, sweetie. casino şirketleri Do it. For me. Will you?”

“OK, but I can’t wear this bra with a strapless dress. However …”

Back in my bedroom I stripped off and squeezed myself into my navy-blue basque and matching panties.


“Julia, that’s just wonderful. Fiona again?”


“Here, let me help you.” Kirsten insisted on clipping the front hook-fasteners onto their tightest setting and then stood back to admire her handiwork. “Much better. “OK. Next, got some nice stockings?”

Kirsten helped me put on a pair of navy lace-topped stockings. She carefully attached the suspender ribbons and adjusted them expertly. Without touching me, of course. Clever

I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw another woman reflected back at me. Slimmer, sexier and more confident. A woman ready to mix with the best and hold her own.

“So, what will you be wearing?” I asked, without even thinking to put on a robe.

“I, along with all the other Passionella hostesses, will be in the corporate colour – Burgundy. Charlotte has ordered catsuits for us all – we haven’t even seen them yet. Underneath we’ll all be wearing the new bodystocking range. Some of the Dems will model them on the catwalk; the rest of us will be giving personal viewings to our best clients.”

“Kirsten, will you be providing an intimate special service to anyone?” I asked, loaded with jealousy.

“Kirsten, it’s my job and I get paid well to do it. And I enjoy it. You have to accept that.”

“But, Kirsten, I can’t bear to think that someone else might see you naked tomorrow, and I haven’t even seen your tits yet!”

“Oh Julie. You’re getting too emotionally involved. But, I understand and I appreciate your feelings. If that’s the issue, I’ll make amends. Just sit back and relax.”

Kirsten flicked on my music player and scrolled through ’till she found a track with a thumping bass-line then walked back to where I was perched on one of my furniture cubes. She then put on one of her wonderfully provocative displays.

She danced gently to the music, throwing pouting, evocative glances at me on every fourth beat. She twisted sensually and she swayed. Then, to my delight, she slipped her tight jersey dress off her shoulders and gradually, very slowly, she pulled it all the way down her torso and down her stocking-clad legs before kicking it towards me with a flourish.

Under the dress she wore a skimpy white cotton bra with a floral design and a matching G-string and suspenders. She continued to turn and pose and her movements became ever more sensual. I was getting pretty hot for her by now but she just kept me dangling on a string. She cupped her small breasts through her bra and she caressed her body, looking at me all the time from under her dark eyebrows.

I couldn’t control myself any longer. “We’ve got a deal, you teaser.” I called across to her.

Kirsten took up the challenge and reached behind her shoulder blades, pushing her boobs forward. She unhooked the clasp but, annoyingly, she held the bra over her breasts for what seemed like forever. I was getting really frustrated with her now, and she knew it.

“Come on, let me see your tits you sexy bitch.” I cried out.

Finally, and very slowly, she removed the cotton fabric that encased the soft, warm flesh of her breasts and I saw them naked for the first time.

I was not disappointed.

They were my favourite shape. Fairly small but beautifully formed. Quite firm, but they bounced a little as she continued to move to the music. Set high and quite wide apart on her chest, just as I like boobs to be. And with lovely large, raised areolae that add significantly to the overall size of her breasts; she’d might even be just be an A cup if it wasn’t for those swollen, some might say puffy, areolae that set off her smallish nipples so attractively. Like small rounded cakes with mounds of dark pink icing on top, each with a cherry in the middle – good enough to eat.

“Kirsten, you have gorgeous boobs. Why did you keep them from me for so long.”

“But Julie, haven’t you enjoyed the wait? Isn’t this moment all the more exciting because of the build-up and the anticipation?” She emphasised the point by running her hands slowly and sensually up her torso before cupping her bare breasts in her hands.

“Well, yes, of course it is. Kirsten, you make me feel such a slut; I’ve shown everything I have to you so soon, I have nothing left to give. I’m ashamed,” I replied, feeling quite emotional but still very aroused.

“Julie, don’t be. I can teach you so much more about yourself and your body, you’ll see. And you are just starting out with some of the Dems. You’re going to have such a good time with Passionella.”

“And I’m really looking forward to it, especially tomorrow. I’m feeling so turned on. I used to get by on one orgasm a week on average and could go for longer if I needed. Since I joined Passionella casino firmaları though, even once every two of days doesn’t seem to be nearly often enough. I just wonder what’s happening to me, I’m in an almost constant state of arousal. I love the feelings but I seem to need more and more stimulation and more frequent orgasms.”

“Are you complaining?” asked Kirsten, then went on to explain: “I find the same thing, I used to be like you. I would make love perhaps once a week and usually I wouldn’t come. Sometimes he would frig me off afterwards; he was very good at it too. But now I find I can masturbate several time in one day and I love it. The more often I come the sexier I feel, it’s what drives me. It’s the same for most of the Passionella girls. Sometimes, though, I like to go for the quality not the quantity. If I abstain for even a couple of days, I get so aroused that I can hardly think. I love to concentrate on delaying my next release and the feelings just build and build. Finally, when I do come, I experience the most wonderfully intense orgasms and I know it’s the anticipation that fuels their power. Basically, Julie, I like to tease myself.”

“I’ve noticed. And you love to tease me, don’t you.”

“You’re learning. Try it. Remember when we masturbated together in my apartment last Friday? Well, I hadn’t come for, let me see, three days. That’s a long time for me. I was feeling so horny already and then the show you put on for me drove me out of my mind.”

Kirsten then paused and looked at me intensely with her lovely blue eyes for several seconds before speaking again. “Julie, there’s something I’d like to try. It’s something I have never done and I don’t know if it’s possible. If there was ever a chance this could work for anyone, you could make it happen for me. Do you want to try something that would be very special? Very special indeed.”

“Tell me. What is it you want me to do?”

“Julie, do you think it is possible for a woman to come, to reach orgasm, just from the other four senses?”

“You mean, without touching herself? Or anyone else touching her? Anywhere?”

“Yes, just by sight, and sound. And smell of course. Oh, but taste is out too.”

“But Kirsten, of course. It must be possible. I’ve been very close to coming several times just over the last few days. It’s taken all my willpower to suppress my feelings of intense arousal that I have experienced watching you, and Rachel and Stevie. Oh, and when Charlotte gave me my ‘aptitude test’ I nearly died from becoming so desperately, well, randy.”

“Julie, it might be more difficult than you think,” warned Kirsten. “I’ve tried but I’ve never been able to do it on my own. With someone like you, someone who makes me feel so very horny, I think I could tip myself over the edge. I’ve tried to make other girls come, whilst they’ve been watching me, but I can’t be sure it’s ever worked.”

“Didn’t you ask them?”

“I couldn’t really. You see, I was working in a lap-dancing club. That’s how I joined Passionella, that’s how I was recruited.”

I didn’t know what to say. Kirsten continued.

“I’d had a few different jobs and wanted a bit of excitement. I’d never dream of working on the street but this was a safe, controlled environment. I can’t say I enjoyed it, except occasionally”

“So, I’d dance for the guys, but I grew to hate it. Then some of the guys started to bring girls in to watch. They enjoyed my show too. Then, some women started to come along in all-girl groups and some on their own. One of these was Linda.”

“You met her in a lap-dance club?”

“Amazing isn’t it,” Kirsten agreed.

“She’s so sophisticated and confident. I assumed she was happily married to some really successful guy with beautiful children and …”

“Far from it. Linda is a deeply sad person. She has a sexual problem and the whole of the Passionella UK set-up is her way of dealing with it. It’s all connected with this Look, Don’t Touch rule.”

I was captivated. “Please go on,” I encouraged.

“You see, she told me once about an incident she had at school that changed her life. She went to a strict boarding school with loads of rules. One of these was that the girls were not supposed to masturbate and certainly were not allowed to touch each other. Not at all.”

This sounded familiar. Perhaps mine wasn’t the only really strict school.

“Then, one evening, when she was 17, Linda was caught in a passionate lesbian encounter with the Head of Sport. They were in a 69 or something. The headmistress gave Linda a sound lashing with a leather strap and then punished her in a much more cruel way”

“Do you know what that was?”

“Oh yes, I think that Charlotte and I are the only ones who know. But I can tell you, it’s OK. She was watched by a member of staff every minute of the day, especially in the showers and even when she went to the loo. Then, every night for a whole month, Linda was handcuffed to her bed with her arms at her sides güvenilir casino so she couldn’t touch herself. The other girls were so cruel, they would taunt and tease her. They called her Lezzie Linda. They played out mock lesbian sex acts, they paraded up and down past her bed in their underwear and they made as much noise as they could when the masturbated in their beds.”

“But that was against Miss Grundleton’s rules.”

“But they did it anyway. And apparently some stood at the bottom of Linda’s bed and frigged themselves off right in front of her. She must have been so frustrated and humiliated. The end result is that poor Linda has never been able to have an orgasm since. She’s learnt to live with a permanent state of sexual arousal with no chance of release.”

“What? For 15 years, maybe more? And you can’t last more than 3 days!”

“Amazing isn’t it. But, you see, she can’t bear to touch herself, it makes her sick. And she can’t allow anyone else touch her. It’s like aversion therapy.”

“I see it all now. That’s why watching and posing, and those wonderfully sexy pictures, are such a part of Passionella UK. I guess she’s giving to other women what she can’t have herself.”

Then Kirsten confronted me. “So who’s Mrs Grundleton?”

“She was the headmistress at Linda’s school, you mentioned her name earlier.”

“No I didn’t. I didn’t even know her name until you said it”

I had to confess.

“You’ve worked it out too, haven’t you? I went to the same school as Linda. She’d already left before I started but the story was legendary. It had been embellished over the years but was basically as you described. I only realised it was her when you were recounting the story.”

I sighed and thought it all through. “Poor Linda. Is that why she went to the lap-dancing club?”

“Yes, she though maybe she could come like the guys did. But it never happened.”

I then looked deep into Kirsten’s blue eyes. “Do you think that if we could succeed, together, if we could make each other come, like you said, with no touching, that one of us would then have the confidence to go and do the same for poor Linda?”

Kirsten smiled. “That would make her so very happy. If anyone can, you can. Linda loves you to bits. She’s been searching for years to find someone like you and I found you, in that store. Linda’s so pleased. She’s pleased with me too and she’s promised to reward me.”

I was intrigued. Then Kirsten stood up.

“But not now, look, it’s getting late. I must go home so we are fresh for tomorrow. After the show we can look forward to our ‘trial run’. Are you up for it?”

“Yes, oh yes. I’d love to. As soon as possible. But it will take some planning, to make the time really special if it’s going to work. Look, what about this Saturday? I’m free all weekend,” I suggested, eagerly.

“Don’t forget the show tomorrow. I’ll have to come at least once with each of my best clients. And you will have to come for sure otherwise you’ll blow your cover. All the clients will, that’s what the go there for.”

“Yeah, as I thought. No-one actually calls it a brothel though, do they?”

“Don’t ever suggest that again,” warned Kirsten, “and especially not to anyone outside Passionella. We’d be closed down and the parent company would be badly damaged. Remember, they don’t know.”

“OK, but I think I can be ready again and simmering nicely by Saturday night. You?”

“I’ll be raring to go; I’ll be glad of the rest on Friday but by Saturday my pussy will be hot and throbbing for you. You’ll see.” The way Kirsten spoke had me squirming on my seat and I realised that I had learnt a lot recently about maintaining a constant state of heightened arousal. ‘This is going to be just terrific’, I mused.

Kirsten and I had been sitting around half naked for over an hour and I was getting cold. After Kirsten dressed and left I released my aching body from the confines of my basque and took a long hot bath. I climbed into bed, tired but so excited that I almost needed those handcuffs to stop myself from fingering myself off to sleep.


As I strolled around the Oxford Street store looking for a LBD, one of the Passionella Dems walked past on her way to lunch; I was ‘on duty’ so I caught Fiona’s attention and asked her to help me choose something for the show.

Leading me to an area displaying a designer whose name I did not recognise, she suggested a short black strapless cocktail dress in opaque velvet-like material with wide decorative black satin edging. I was delighted to see it also had slits up either side. One of them continued with a zipper right up the side, making it very easy to put on. And to take off.

Fiona suggested I try it on in the Passionella changing rooms where I undressed quickly (I was getting used to this) and Fiona zipped me up. The dress fitted me really well but Fiona was concerned that it was too short.

“You realise you will show your stocking tops and suspenders when you sit down, especially with those side slits.”

“Sounds good to me” I replied and Fiona shrugged her shoulders, then enquired: “Who is your hostess for tonight, do you have a firm arrangement with someone?”

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