June’s Panties

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“No! It can’t be lunch time already!”

The thought screamed through John’s brain as he looked at the clock in the bottom corner of his computer monitor, and realized he was nowhere near getting this presentation done by the close of business today.

John is the Information Systems Director for a small not-for-profit organization, and the presentation he was working on was for the Board Meeting first thing Monday morning. He needed to win the board over to get funding for this new computer system, and was suffering from a creative brain-fart, so the presentation was barely started.

He liked his job, especially since he was one of the few males in a mostly female office, and he was the highest ranking staff member on his floor, which IT shared with the Accounting and Marketing departments. His female coworkers varied in age, size, weight and personality, but mostly they all got along well.

“Another Friday night shot to hell” he actually muttered out loud, as he grabbed his suit jacket and walked swiftly toward the elevator. His plan was to grab a quick sandwich at the downtown deli to bring back and eat at his desk. He was checking email on his Blackberry as he walked down the hall, not looking where he was going, so he didn’t notice the rest room door open.

“WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING LYNCH!” June exclaimed, with a mock sense of disdain in her voice.

John looked up from his Blackberry and right into June’s powder blue eyes, which twinkled with that signature sparkle. They were almost standing nose to nose, since he never saw her coming out of the rest room, and he very nearly ran right into her.

He let his gaze wander down her body and was treated to quite the view. Instead of her usual business attire, June was dressed in a pair of loose red running shorts with a white microfiber running shirt draped over her petite frame. Her blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail, accentuating her deep blue eyes, and he admired her firm toned legs.

Obviously she was going to spend her lunch hour doing a something healthier than grabbing an overstuffed deli sandwich.

John was older than June, and over the years that they worked together, he watched her get married, have children, and grow from a young hottie to a bona fide MILF. The joke around the office was that she was a poor-man’s Helen Hunt, and other than the somewhat modest chest, she did bear a striking resemblance to the actress.

She always called John by his last name, and pretended to be tough and aloof around him, but he always noticed the gleam in her eyes when they were together. Kind of like pre-teen girls, who are always meanest to the guys they like the most. But June was a 40-year old mother of three, although you would never guess looking at her in that running outfit.

“Sorry about that Lazlo” he apologized with an equally sarcastic tone, and then sped off to the elevator, too stressed about his presentation to engage in the flirty banter they usually shared. He did sneak a glance over his shoulder though, as June headed the opposite way toward the stairs, enjoying the image of her sweet round ass as it jiggled beneath her silky running shorts. “What if?” he thought to himself, and let out an audible sigh.

Back at his desk, working around the mostly-eaten pastrami on rye, John was now making headway on his presentation. Going out for lunch seemed to clear his head, and his creative juices were flowing, as he double-checked his spreadsheets and created the graphs.

“Almost done,” he thought to himself, “I might salvage Friday night after all.” He was feeling pretty good about himself, until he looked at the clock on his computer screen again.

“HOLY SHIT IT’S 6:30 PM!” he actually yelled out loud, completely losing track of time. The office closes at five o’clock, and on Fridays, folks flee from the building like it’s on fire. John poked his head out of his office and saw nothing but empty desks and dark hallways. At this hour, even the cleaning crew has finished up and gone home for the weekend, so he knew he had to be the only idiot still working in the building.

Since he was already up, and the pastrami sandwich was sitting like a rock in his stomach, he decided to head down to the rest room. There were two “one seaters” on the floor, and because the staff was mostly female, they were shared unisex bathrooms, instead of the usual Men and Women room. The bathroom by John’s office was the smaller of the two, barely bigger than a closet. The one down in the Accounting, near June’s office, was much larger and more comfortable, and even had a small love seat in there, although John could never figure out why.

He decided to walk down to the larger bathroom, to see if anyone else was working late, and because he felt like taking his time in the bathroom, the image of June in her skimpy running outfit racing back through his brain, causing the usual stir in his trousers.

The hallways and offices at the other end of the casino şirketleri building were dark, so he knew he was the only one there. He felt his way down the hall, nearly blinding himself when he opened the bathroom door and flicked on the switch, the room and his eyes flooding with light.

Blinking to get rid of the spots, he unbuckled his belt and was about to drop his pants and sit on the toilet, when he noticed a gym bag sitting on the loveseat. Walking over to it with his pants still mostly undone, he saw the “JL” monogram and felt his cock stiffen, as he realized it belonged to June. He slowly slid the zipper open and looked inside, and could see the red running shorts and sheer white shirt June was wearing earlier. His cock was now at full attention, and he instinctively reached down and started rubbing it over his pants.

There was something sticking out from under the red shorts. It was white material with little red dots or a design of some kind. He reached in to see what that might be, and found the material to be damp. He pulled it out of the bag and couldn’t believe his eyes.

He was standing there holding June’s petite bikini cut panties, which judging by the aroma and yellowish hue in the crotch, were soaked with her urine. John couldn’t help himself. He brought the soiled garment up to his nose and inhaled deeply, causing his cock to twitch and jump in his pants.

John had always fantasized about what it would be like to be with June, and now he was being treated to the smell of her most private part. He let his pants fall around his ankles as he made his way back to sit on the toilet, still holding the panties to his nose, laughing to himself at the small cherries that dotted the white material.

Turning them inside out, he wrapped the crotch of the panties around his throbbing cock and started slowly jacking himself off with the damp material. He figured they were already soiled, and the thought of adding his spunk to the stains on her panties sent a shiver from his balls to the tip of his cock.

He closed his eyes and kept rubbing the underwear over his dick, as he was imaging June in this same room earlier this afternoon, changing out of her sweaty running outfit, and getting back into her work clothes.

“What was she wearing this morning” he thought to himself, as he usually notices her outfits, which border on the risqué. Her petite frame allows her to wear clothes that most women her age cannot. She’s partial to short skirts or tight pants, and even with a smaller than average rack, she usually leaves one more button undone on her blouse than seems advisable, providing a nice view of her lacy bra and the champagne glass sized mounds of her breasts.

“Think man, think!” he said to himself, the frustration of not being able to remember what she wore to the office today fighting the incredible feeling of her soiled panties rubbing up and down the soft skin of his erect penis.

The image of June stepping off the elevator this morning was just coming into focus in his mind. The satisfaction of conjuring this image from memory allowed John to return his concentration and focus to the pleasure he was providing his cock. And just as he could see the blue and green plaid skirt and sheer light green blouse in his mind’s eye, he was started by the sound of a door opening.

“OH! Excuse Me!” came a familiar voice from the bathroom doorway.

John froze and his eyes shot open, and there was the image from his brain standing before him. He must have forgotten to lock the door after nearly being blinded when he turned on the bathroom light. June was standing there in the blue and green plaid skirt, and light green blouse with the top three buttons undone, looking very embarrassed at having walked in on John in a very compromising position.

“I…I….I’m really sorry,” she apologized, “I…I….I didn’t think anyone else was here” she stammered as she started to close the door, her eyes looking straight into John’s, with the normal twinkle. The door was almost all the way closed, when June couldn’t help but steal a peak at his still erect penis sticking out from his fist.

The twinkle in her eye turned to rage as she spotted the familiar garment that John was clutching around his blood engorged cock. The door flew back open and June stormed into the bathroom yelling “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” She was on him in a flash and started slapping and punching at him, furious that he would invade her privacy and desecrate her personal belongings like that.

Now it was John who was doing the apologizing as he was trying to protect himself from her slaps and blows. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” he kept repeating as he was ducking and weaving like Mohammad Ali.

Finally needing to protect himself, he grabbed both her hands and attempted to stand up, but his pants gathered around his ankles and tripped him, and he and June toppled over landing awkwardly on the loveseat.

June casino firmaları fell on her back and John landed on top of her, still holding her by the wrists high above her head. He could feel the points of her small breasts on his chest, and it wasn’t until he felt the tickle of hair on the head of his cock that he realized that he still had a raging hard-on and his pants were down around his ankles.

“Hair?” was the confusing thought in John’s mind, forgetting for a moment that his friend and coworker just walked in on him beating off into her soiled panties.

Then it dawned on him. She must have wet herself on her noon-time run, and ditched her panties in her gym bag when she changed back into her work clothes. That must mean that she’s not wearing any panties under her short plaid skirt. And that must be why I feel hair tickling the head of my cock.

John smiled at himself briefly, once again impressed with his amazing powers of deduction. He was quickly snapped back to reality as June was struggling underneath him, and calling him every name in the book.

“You sick perverted bastard!” she yelled as she fought to free herself from his grasp, “how could you go through my stuff you asshole, and then do THAT with it?”

June’s struggles were instinctive, but they weren’t doing anything to help her cause. Her small breasts were rubbing against John’s muscular chest, causing her nipples to rub against the lacy material of her bra, and poke straight out through the thin green blouse. She was bucking her hips to try and throw John off her, but that was just inching her panty-less pussy closer to his throbbing cock, and he could swear he felt moisture leak out on him as her cunt randomly bounced into and around his cock.

John continued to restrain her, not knowing what she’d do if he released her. He couldn’t figure out what would be worse, getting kicked in his already aching balls, or losing his job and/or marriage. He just kept his weight on her and a firm grasp on her wrists until he could figure out what to do. Besides, her initial rage seemed to be dissipating and she wasn’t struggling nearly as hard as before.

Experiencing another creative brain-fart, John was lost for what to do or say to try to get out of this situation. He and June enjoyed a 10 year friendship, and the spark between them always hinted that if circumstances were different, it could have been much more than just a friendship. He figured he was already in as much trouble as he could be, so he decided to go for broke.

John just held still and looked down at June. He knew that their eyes would eventually meet as she tossed her head from side to side trying in vain to gain some leverage.

And then she looked up at him.

And he saw the sparkle.

And he knew that it was going to be okay.

Without saying a word, he lowered his head, bringing his lips to hers, and started kissing her tenderly. June resisted at first, keeping her lips tense, and ignoring the advances of his tongue. But the longer he kissed her the more he could feel her defenses melting away, until finally her lips softened, and parted, and soon their tongues were wrestling with each other.

As June’s body relaxed, her hips sunk further into the couch, bringing her moistening pussy in direct contact with the head of John’s rapidly stiffening cock. Her eyes shot open and she looked up at John with a look of doubt. Their lips froze momentarily, pausing their kiss. John looked down at her with lust and yearning in his eyes, looking for a sign of approval.

June closed her eyes, and allowed herself to relax just a little more, and her pussy dropped down over John’s cock. John moaned loudly, as his cock finally pierced the moist flesh that he had only dreamed about for over a decade. He loosened his grip on her wrist and June threw her arms around his neck drawing him closer to her. He could feel her hot breath on his neck and ear as he started rhythmically thrusting himself into her, feeling the swollen lips of her cunt massaging the full length of his cock.

John felt June starting to fuck herself back on him, and his hand moved to the buttons of her blouse, which were already halfway undone. Opening her shirt, John was happy to see the front clasp on her bra, and was surprised at how big and erect the nipples where that stood atop those small firm breasts. He swore they were an inch long and as big around as his pinky. John dropped his head down and started sucking on one, while he grabbed and twisted the other. June moaned loudly and quickened the pace of her hips, as she fucked herself up and down on John’s cock.

The images and sensations were getting to be too much for him, and John felt the cum boiling up in his balls. He thrust his hips forward a few more times and then buried himself as deep inside her as possible, as he felt the first blasts of his orgasm release inside her womb. John kept thrusting through his orgasm, emptying his balls güvenilir casino into June’s sopping wet cunt.

June kept fucking herself on his softening cock, and he knew she was close to cumming too. She let out a small moan of disappointment when his flaccid cock slipped out of her cunt, but her eyes regained their sparkle when she saw him stand up and start remove his shirt and tie, kicking off his pants, so he was now totally naked.

She sat up as he reached down, so he could push her blouse and bra off her shoulders and down over her arms. She leaned back and lifted her hips and allowed him to slide off the short skirt, leaving her now naked as well.

“Why are you here?” he asked, which sounded like a pretty crazy question given what had just done.

“I forgot my gym bag, and my cell phone is in there,” she replied, “and I couldn’t think of being without it all weekend.”

“I’m glad you came back for it” he said, as he sank to his knees in front of her, pushing his face into her cunt, now dripping with a combination of their juices. His tongue quickly found her clit and started alternating between flicking over it and rubbing it. June moaned again and brought her hands up to her aching nipples and started tugging and squeezing them.

John brought his thumb up and started rubbing it over her clit, as his tongue ventured down to her sopping gash, where he tasted the combination of his cum, her pussy juice, and just a hint of her pee. June’s hips had now started to thrust on his face, and her breathing was becoming more rapid.

John knew she was close, so he pushed her thighs up off the couch, forcing her knees to fold into her chest. This exposed the rounded globes of her sweet white ass, and the puckered star of her asshole. While his thumb continued its assault on her exposed and throbbing clit, John let his tongue slide down to her asshole.

“OH MY GOD LYNCH!” June yelled from above him, never having had her ass licked before, “you are a deliciously perverted bastard!”

John responded by stiffening his tongue and starting to fuck her ass with it. The more he rubbed her clit, the closer she got to orgasm, and the more she relaxed her asshole, allowing his tongue to reach further up her anus with each subsequent thrust. Sensing she was close, John brought his hand up to her ass and buried his index finger up to the knuckle in her tight brown hole.

He felt her clit jump and her ass clamp down on his finger, as the first waves of her orgasm took over her body. She was stretching and pulling her nipples and thrashing her head from side to side, as John kept fingering her asshole and working her clit. Juices were pouring out of her cunt and he could feel her body vibrate and tremble.

Unable to take anymore, she reached down and pulled his hands from her openings, and drew him up to her, locking her lips on his in another passionate kiss. The feeling of her wet lips on his after watching her body writhe in orgasm had his cock hard and ready, and she felt it bouncing off the cheeks of her ass as they kissed.

John looked deep into June’s eyes again, and there was an unspoken communication and approval. Still kissing passionately, John moved his hips forward and the head of his cock nudged up against her virgin asshole, which was wet with her juices and the tongue lashing that John just provided. June closed her eyes and pressed her hips down just a bit, allowing the head of John’s cock to pass through the tight ring of her ass.

John was no porn star, having a very average penis in terms of length and girth, but to June it felt like her ass was stretched over a baseball bat. They stayed like this for several minutes until June’s breathing returned to normal and her body acclimated to the pressure in her behind.

John thrust forward again, moving in about half of his 6 inch shaft, and June squealed in a combination of pain and pleasure. She moved her hands down to the union of their bodies and felt the shaft of the cock that impaled her ass. She grabbed it and urged him forward until he was fully buried to the hilt in her tight anal cavity.

Her hands moved up to her cunt and she started fingering her clit. John leaned forward and started sucking and nibbling at her sensitive nipples as he started bucking himself in and out of her ass, drawing himself back until only the head of his cock remained inside her, then pushing forward slowly until he was completely engulfed between the sweet white ass cheeks.

As June rubbed her clit faster, John increased the pace of his trusts, and soon his balls were slapping off the cheeks of her ass, filling the bathroom and empty hall with the echoing sounds of their fucking.

“Oh shit. Oh Fuck. Don’t stop, DON’T STOP” June started gasping in between panting and moaning.

“FUCK ME. FUCK MY ASS YOU PERVERTED BASTARD” she yelled, and John could feel the vibrations course through her body as she was cumming again.

This put him over the edge and with a few more thrusts emptied his balls deep within her ass. He collapsed on top of her and let his cock fall out of her ass with a pop. The both looked down to see the cum dripping out of her stretched asshole and down over the love seat.

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