Julie’s Panties Ch. 11

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It was a Saturday in early March and I had worked until noon while Julie had planned on studying all day. The spring semester was more than halfway completed and she was dedicated to getting the highest grades that she could. We had planned on going out that evening but I also knew that her parents were up North enjoying some late winter skiing.

With thoughts of some “Afternoon Delight” on my mind, I called Julie up to see if she needed a break. “Of course,” she answered. “This Entomology Intro has me all buggy!”

“I’ll be right over.” I said, and jumped into my truck and raced to Julies.

I parked in the driveway, ran up the steps and knocked on the door. I heard Julie yell “Come on in upstairs. I took off my coat and shoes then headed up to her room.

Julie was an only child with successful parents. One benefit was that she had a large bedroom, almost like a suite, with its own bathroom and a walk-in closet. She also had a nice sitting area with a desk and a sofa as well.

When I opened the door, my eyes were instantly drawn towards the sofa and a flash of Royal Blue! Julie was reclining on the sofa, propped up by a bunch of pillows, reading a text book. Julie had always needed glasses for reading and today was no exception, her dark framed glasses gave her what I called the “Naughty Librarian” look.

She was wearing a thin white knitted top, almost like a light pull over sweater and it was quite obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. The outline of her large areolas and perky nipples capped her firm 34C breasts. They were poking through the knit fabric, just begging to be suckled on. What also grabbed my attention was that the only other clothing she wore was a pair of bright blue, satin, bikini panties!

She lay there with one of her long legs stretched out before her, the far one was bent at the knee, resting against the back of the couch. This exposed the crotch of her panties and stretched the gusset snugly across the mound of her pussy. There was no lace on these panties and the glossy, silky fabric looked amazing.

Looking up from her book, Julie asked “Did you know that female Silk Moths emit a chemical pheromone that’s used to attract the males when she is ready to mate?”

I shook my head, “Perhaps that is why I always want to bury my face into the crotch of your panties!”

“Well,” she continued “studies say that humans also emit pheromones, so maybe!”

I asked, “Lady Moth, do you want to mate?”

Dropping her book and removing her glasses, she got up and headed towards her dresser, “Take your clothes off Mr Moth!” she said. “Male moths wear bright colors in order ward off predators. I also think that it makes them more attractive to the females!” Reaching into the top drawer, she took out a pair of red satin panties, handed them to me and said, “Put these on, it’s mating season!”

I had secretly wondered what it would be like to wear women’s panties, and I had even tried on the ones that Julie had left for me. I loved the silky feeling even though Julie’s panties had been too small for me. I hadn’t thought that Julie would have been the one to suggest it and also to have purchased a pair that was my size. They were about halfway between a bikini and a brief with lace running along the front of the leg openings. Without hesitation, I slipped them on, the silkiness of the satin rubbed against my skin, causing an almost instant erection. As I had stepped into them, I had noticed the Barbizon tag and the feel of the satin was positively like the Satin Remarque that Julie had recently worn.

“That’s so much better, Mr Panty Moth!” Julie said with a giggle as she returned to the sofa.

I stood in front of Julie and I kind of stammered out a reply “Wow, this is new, they feel fabulous, and I’m not sure what to say.”

“That boner says it all!” she replied “and you look great, come closer and let’s see how you feel!” She ran her fingers up and down the length of my panty covered penis and gently rubbed my balls. She squeezed both cheeks of my ass and salaciously licked my cock through the satin panties, causing casino şirketleri the head to pop out through the waistband. Between the incredible sensation of the satin on my skin and the idea of how forbidden it was to be wearing women’s panties, my cock had begun oozing fluid. Julie continued rubbing the panties against my cock, took the head into her mouth and then sucked the pre-come from the tip.

“These fit you like a silky glove, and it looks like you love wearing panties!” she said, all the while massaging my panty covered ass but now avoiding sucking my cock. “That’s all for now!” she said as she returned to her reclining position on the sofa. “How about I get a foot massage?”

Holy fuck what a tease! First, I come into the room and she is just wearing a thin white top and electric blue satin panties. Then she dresses me up in satin panties, strokes me to a full erection, sucks on the head of my cock, and then leaves me hanging!

Now I have never been that excited by feet, but I figured that if Julie could indulge my panty fetish, I could attend to any of her whims as well. With the satin panties gliding across my ass, balls and hard cock, I knelt down on the carpet and took one foot in my hands. I began rubbing the ball of her foot in a circular motion with both thumbs. Julie layed back, closed her eyes, and softly whispered, “Ummmm that feels good, you’ve got the job.” Slowly I moved downward to massage the arch of her foot, then her heel and up to her ankle. Julie was wearing the ankle bracelet that I had bought her for Valentine’s Day. It matched the heart shaped ear rings that I had given her for her twentieth Birthday and it added a sexy little touch to her slender ankle.

I was starting to get into this as I moved up her slender calves, kneading and rubbing the muscles below her knees. From my positon on the floor, I could easily see the inside of Julie’s thighs and the crotch of her silky blue panties. Once again, her left leg was bent at the knee, resting against the back of the sofa. The fabric of her panties rippled across her mound, the elastic leg openings slightly stretched and the gusset pulled a snugly against her pussy. I could see a few silky pubic hairs peeking out as well.

I was in heat and as I began stroking the skin on the inside of her thigh, Julie began arching her hips toward my hands, soft sighs escaping her mouth. I could see the blue fabric of her panty crotch beginning to get wet, and for a moment, I almost felt like paying her back for leaving me hanging. But, truth be told, I had become so horny that the last thing that I wanted to do was stop.

I got up, knelt on the sofa, and slid my hands under her top to cup her wonderful breasts, feeling her swollen nipples against the palms of my hands. Julie sat up, pulled her top up and off, dropped it on the floor, baring her perfectly braless tits. I leaned over cupping her breasts in my hands and took one of her puffy nipples into my mouth, sucking on it like a hungry baby. I was in Heaven, Julie pulled me close to her breast and as I kept sucking on her nipples, I reached my other hand down to caress the silky crotch of her panties.

Her pussy had soaked the gusset so I pushed the fabric out of the way and slid my finger inside her juicy box, easily slipping it in to the second knuckle. Julie responded by arching her hips and grinding her wet pussy into my finger. She was so hot and so wet, I couldn’t wait to get a taste. I let go of her tit, removed my finger and immediately dove head first into her crotch, burying my nose into the damp satin of her panties, inhaling her scent and licking her pussy. I slid my hands under her ass, one hand on each satin covered cheek, my face buried in her crotch. Julie began humping my face, her wet pussy on fire.

“Oh my God,” she moaned as I slipped my tongue under the edge of her panties, “Oh fuck yeah, eat my pussy!”

I pushed her panties aside and stuck my tongue inside her as far as I could, lapping up her salty juices. Julie continued grinding her pussy into my face, now her hands in my hair, pulling my head tight to her crotch casino firmaları and wrapping her thighs around my neck.

God she was hot! Julie moans became louder and she began talking dirty again. “Oh fuck!” she said “eat my pussy, lick me, eat my fucking pussy like you fucking mean it!”

While I had been busy devouring Julie’s body, my poor rock hard cock had been neglected inside my satin panties. Wanting some action myself, I swung around to my favorite 69 position. I ended up on the bottom and Julie sat her soaking pussy right down on my face. I went right back to tonguing her juicy hole, licking her pussy lips and then her clitoris.

Julie was squeezing my balls through the satin of my panties and my cock had pushed out from the waistband, aching for relief. Julie wasted no time and just about inhaled half of my cock in her hot, wet mouth. She had become quite good at giving a blow job and she took me in and out, in and out, pausing to suck on my head, then sucking as much as she could into her throat. Julie had pushed the waistband of my panties down so that it was between the root of my cock and my balls. She was rubbing the bunched up fabric all over my balls while bobbing up and down on my cock. I had chills running up and down my spine, my toes were curling, and I was completely at the mercy of Julie’s mouth.

I alternated between eating her hot pussy, and gently licking her aroused clit, then back to licking her pussy. Julie was sucking on my cock, rubbing my satin covered balls and still humping my face. We were in heat and between the feeling of wearing the panties and Julies eager cock sucking, I knew that I would not last much longer. I wanted to come in Julie’s mouth but felt that I should warn her.

I could also sense that Julie was going to come, she was grinding her pussy down against my mouth, just grinding into my face. She paused her blow job to gasp and moan, “Oh Shit, Oh Fuck, eat my fucking pussy, I’m gonna come, Oh fuck , Oh Fuck , I’M commmmmmming!” Suddenly she stiffened up, ground her clit against my face and as she came I stuck my tongue as far inside her pussy as I could, lapping up her juices and feeling her vagina quivering around my tongue.

Julie resumed her blowjob, taking almost all of my cock into her mouth, pulling back and sucking the head of my cock, then in and out faster and faster, deeper and deeper. I began thrusting up into her mouth, losing control, I felt myself starting to come and gasped, “I’m going to Come Julie, I’m coming!” Julie wrapped one of her small hands around the base of my cock to prevent me from gagging her but didn’t stop sucking me and she kept rubbing and squeezing my balls through the panties. Unable to hold back any more, I came, emptying my nuts into Julie’s pretty mouth! One, two, three times I shot into her mouth. Julie managed to contain most of my come, but some leaked out and dribbled down her chin. Then, unbelievably, she swallowed it all. I hadn’t been sure what she would do, but as I lay there panting, she swallowed and then smiled at me and said, “You didn’t think that I would do it, did you?”

I replied, “I wasn’t sure, so I warned you.” I gasped, still catching my breath. Whew, that was incredible!”

Julie put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She tasted like come, but I wasn’t going to complain, she had just given me an incredible blow job and I had eaten her pussy till she came as well.

“I think that I will go brush my teeth,” she announced and I watched her sweet ass, still wearing her blue electric blue panties wiggle into her bathroom. “By the way,” she added, “nice panties, Mr. Moth!”

While Julie was in the bathroom, I lay on the sofa, basking in the post orgasmic bliss. I couldn’t believe that sex with Julie could be so hot. Once I got her motor running, this sweet beauty became a sex machine, and she was mine, all mine!

My peaceful reverie was interrupted by Julie walking out of the bathroom, now completely naked, her hair combed, and her erect nipples pointing out from her perfect breasts. Her electric blue panties were dangling from her fingertips güvenilir casino as she announced, “My friend Amy says that her boyfriend also likes her worn panties, so you aren’t alone here!”

“Well,” I answered, “considering that ten minutes ago my face was buried in the crotch of your panties, I guess that I will have to plead guilty!”

Julie walked over to the bed, pulled the covers back and patted the mattress. “Come on, join me, the afternoon is still young.”

I removed the red satin panties and slid in next to her. We had just spent a torrid half hour on the sofa but I sensed the pace slowing down. Aside from a quick peck on the lips before she went into the bathroom, we hadn’t even kissed.

I took Julie into my arms and kissed her, this time it was tender and sweet with no sense of urgency. I loved kissing Julie and she rolled on top of me, her firm breasts pressed against my chest. We just lay there kissing and gently touching each other, exploring one another’s bodies. Julie pressed her one of her breasts against my mouth and I kissed and suckled her puffy nipple. I could feel my cock begin to recover its hardness and once again, Julie had begun grinding her wet pussy against my thigh.

My cock easily slid into her and this time we were making love, not feverishly trying to get our rocks off. Everything was slow, tender and gentle, we were quietly whispering our passion, not loudly imploring each other to “Fuck me like you meant it!” When we came, it was a soft warm glow and we quietly lay in each other’s arms, basking in the love that we shared.

This is what I loved about my relationship with Julie, it could be fiery and passionate but always loving and respectful. She could dress me up in women’s panties, suck my cock till I came in her mouth and then swallow it. Fifteen minutes later we could be making the sweetest most romantic love.

Reality reared its ugly head. We were both naked in Julie’s bed after an afternoon of furious fucking and then tender lovemaking. Julie still lived in her parents’ house and they were expected to return later in the evening. Knowing that they would go ballistic if they caught us, we got out of bed and I got dressed while Julie hit the shower.

To be on the safe side, I went downstairs and turned on the TV while Julie showered and got dressed. A short while later I heard her at the top of the stairs, pausing for dramatic effect. I looked up, expecting her to be fully dressed, but no, there she was, just wearing a snow white bra and panties. I just sat there taking it all in. The panties looked like they were more of the Barbizon Fleurette set and the bra looked like her favorite Olga Shimmerlillies. Wow, did she look hot. She vamped it up a little with one hand on her hip and another pushing her hair behind her ear.

“You had better be careful,” I warned her, “or I will come up there and make a mess of those smoking white panties!”

“No you won’t,” she replied, “If there is going to be any eating, it’s going to be at a restaurant, and you are buying!” She continued, “By the way, you already made a mess of these panties!” She had her blue ones from earlier in her hands and she threw them down at me. “While I finish getting dressed, you can sniff those till your heart is content!”

I had already caught them and had begun running the silky satin through my fingertips, the sensation causing a stir in my groin. I figured that I’d better put them away before I had a problem so I stuffed them into my coat pocket and got back to the game that I was watching.

A few minutes later Julie came down fully dressed. Even in jeans and a pullover, she looked just plain beautiful. I was the luckiest guy in town that night as we went out to eat at our favorite steak house. After dinner we went to “our” table in the bar for a few drinks and quiet conversation. What a perfect ending for an absolutely great afternoon of frantic sex and passionate lovemaking.

When we got back to her place, her parents had returned from skiing and we privately laughed about what they would have said had they caught us that afternoon. We kissed goodnight and I went home. I showered and before getting into bed I fished Julie’s blue panties out of my coat pocket and held them up to my nose, inhaling her aroma. I fell asleep, and once again, dreamed of Julie, and her panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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