Jono’s Journey Home Ch. 11

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Chapter 11 – A Shot In The Dark

Wednesday morning began with a view to die for; my beloved Tamam walking butt naked into the bathroom. Oh how I love to see him move. It was quite clear that he wanted me to sleep in, but that was not to be. I knew this would be another stressful day. The day would begin with breakfast with the General in his adjutant, while they would try to talk me about career options including reenlistment. “Fat chance” I muttered remembering last night’s epic love making with my man.

Tam turned back in my direction, “What was that Jono?”

Damn I hadn’t realized I spoke out loud. Curse my broken internal monologue. “Nothing Tam, I was thinking of a reply to the General if he asks me to reenlist.”

“I do not know about your military, but I would recommend something slightly less confrontational than ‘fat chance.'” He laughed as he walked back towards our bed. His cock showed signs of fading morning wood. Still semi engorged, it was swinging side to side like an erotic clock pendulum with his every step. My ass was still sore from last night’s play. That didn’t mean I couldn’t help my man. I swear Tam could read my mind.

“Jono, we do not have time for that.”

“But Tam, life is too short. You have to take the pleasure when it presents itself.” I reached up and softly cradled his balls in the palm of my hand. In no time at all his cock firmed in line with my thoughts.

“I still do not see what pleasure you get from this…”

“The pleasure of pleasing you, and a load of your oh so tasty cum.” With two or three slow and deliberate strokes of the massive slab of my man’s meat, he was was fully developed and leaking the sticky fluid I desired.

I flicked my tongue across then around the head of his fat cock. I used the tip of my tongue to scrape a bit of the precum out of the slit. He may be in a hurry, I was not. He lined up and pushed his meat against my lips. I parted them slowly granting him access on my terms and schedule.

He removed my mouth toy. “Jono, why do you tease me so?”

“My love I’m not teasing you. I want you to think on this all day long. I want this moment of bliss to carry you through the day. Until you are once again laying by my side again and take your place deep within me.”

Then he again returned his member between my lips. I knew this time I would have to get about the business at hand. He was leaking cum as if he had a bottomless fountain. I sucked and slurped as fast as I could to capture as much of his precious juice. The surface veins on his cock were throbbing as he gently slid more into my yearning throat. Softly slowly he impaled my mouth to his root. Gently and firmly he drove in, until his soft bush was tickling my nostrils. The musky aroma of Tam was overpowering.

He paused his hip gyrations every so often so I catch my breath. Then he would return to his slow teasing thrusts. His cock twitched I knew he would shoot soon. He pulled out and his seed became a shot in the dark across my face. He laughed playfully at his frosting hanging from my pouty lip.

He kissed my forehead and pushed me to my back, “They can wait for me, my beautiful boy needs me now.” He positioned my body resting my ass on the edge of the bed. Standing before me he raised and parted my legs. His cock was still hard as he reached for the lube. He lined it up against my hole, and slowly he pushed in. “I will be gentle, but I love watching your sweet face when you cum.” He wiped his thumb across my lips. I sucked his seed covered thumb into my mouth, as Tam massive glory filled my ass. I knew he would not last long. I wanted anything that he could give me.

He was taking long slow full thrust in and out of my chute. Such discipline and control, such delight he was providing me. I started stroking my own cock in rhythm with his thrusts. I begged for him to fuck me harder. “And disobey your Doctor’s orders? Never!” Moments later he seeded deep in me, as ropes of cum shot from my cock.

As he removed my right leg from his massive shoulder he pushed down hard on the nail of my big toe. When he removed the pressure he smiled broadly as blood refilled the digit. He kissed then sucked my big toe, “Pink and pretty as it should be. But look, I have made a mess on my boy. This must be fixed.”

I was grinning ear-to-ear behind the mask of seed he gave me. He swept me up from the bed and carried me into the bath. We took turns cleaning each other, as we shared our shower. I was still naked afterwards as I helped him dress for the day. “Tam, what does one wear to a private breakfast with a General?”

“This is something I have never done. Perhaps Benjamin can help you out.”

As I quickly threw on my bathrobe I decided to tease Tam, “Hamzan would be very disappointed with the two of us. You have me so that I am hardly sleeping in his pajamas.”

He walked to me picking me up off the ground kissing me passionately. “I would remind my tiny warrior, you have not complained casino şirketleri about your lack of attire.” Kissing me again, he set me back down on my feet, “Now Jono, go talk to Benjamin, he has to get ready for work as well. You don’t want to lose the opportunity. Knock first, I believe that Adar spent the night, as did Pete.”

I wandered through the rotunda to the other three rooms. I knocked on Captain Nelson’s as the door opened and the smell of sweat and cum filled my nostrils. I viewed Adar’s naked body. He answered teasing me, “Good morning Jono. Looking forward to another lazy day I see.” Adar was fuzzy like my Tam but not as muscular. He was still pretty to look at. In less than a month the way I thought of men had changed so much.

“Good morning Adar. I was thinking for the appearance sake, that it would be wise to add you to the security detail. That way you would have a room to yourself here in the suite and fewer eyes would be raised when you visit Benjamin.”

He smiled and replied, “I would very much like to be on your security detail Jono.” I had seen him on the range and I knew he could shoot. I figured if Ben and Tam trusted him then I could do worse.

The Captain moved on the bed as my eyes adjusted to the dark. “That sounds like a really good idea Jono. CRAP! IS IT THAT LATE ALREADY?”

“0500 sir. Sorry for the intrusion. I figured you’d be getting ready for work.”

“Thanks for the save partner. I am supposed to be. What do you need lil’ guy?” Light flooded the room as Adar dashed to the bathroom.

“What should I wear for breakfast with the General?”

“In normal circumstances I’d recommend blues, short sleeve shirt, no tie. These are hardly normal circumstances. Wait till six and give a call over and talk to the Major. He will steer you right. These two love the hell outta you buddy. Something else to keep in mind, the Eagles arrive this afternoon. They are the whole reason why the General is here. Expect him to be very short and tight with his time.” Ben then rifled his hand through my hair. I have so many big brothers looking out for me now.

As I re-entered the hall and closed the bedroom door behind me I was greeted by yet another brother. This time it was Reza, “Good morning my baby brother.” He purred as he kissed my cheek. “Shall we make the coffee?”

“Oh God yes. How was your evening?” He didn’t need to reply his smile lit up the room. I kissed his cheek and gave him a big hug. “I take it things bode well for you and Pete?”

“He is the rarest of all treasures. A dominant man who is not abusive. One cares about my pleasure as much as he cares about his own. You have chosen so well for me. I think father will like him.” I knew what he meant was that his father would tolerate Pete. If only for the sake of seeing his baby boy well cared for and not misused.

If these two became a permanent item, I knew there was a cover built in. Reza being a Prince, security would always be as concerned. It would be nothing for the family to ‘hire’ Pete as his traveling bodyguard.

We entered the kitchen and in no time at all we had a pot of cardamon coffee going. Slowly our fellow suite-mates started to wander into the lounge as if drawn by the scent of the coffee. Pete looked so cute as he was admiring his reflection looking at his new threads. “Nice suit Pete. You look so fine.” I teased.

“Back off bitch he’s mine.” Reza jokingly replied.

Pete replied, “Reza, please don’t ever do that again. Jono our friend Fibrin arrived last night. He’s downstairs studying the layout.”

“Thanks for the heads up.” I noticed the time was 0600. “Time to call the Major.” I dialed the extension to the Major’s room.


“Yes sir, Airman Banks here. Just wondering what I should wear this morning. Blues or fatigues?”

“Jono, you are on stand down for another 24 hours. Hell son, I think the General wouldn’t mind seeing you in PJs. At least then he’d know you were serious about resting today. That being said civilian attire would be appropriate to wear, think business casual. See you in about an hour.”

“I’ll be there.”

Now the question remains, what is business casual to the Major and the General? I know it could mean a lot of things to a lot of people. I chose to use the example from my Uncle Jack; A t-shirt, gray polo shirt, sports coat, and dress pants.

Tam and the rest went out to the base, leaving me alone with Reza and Pete. Once dressed I returned to the lounge and had a final cup of coffee with the guys. Pete offered to walk me out as a very sleepy Reza returned to his room. When we hit the rotunda he looked at me and said, “Thank you so much for introducing me to Reza. I never thought I’d let someone else into my heart. You are a pain in the ass as a protection detail. But as a man you are worth all the trouble. Please Jono, whatever you do don’t let your guard down around Fibrin.”

When we walked out the front door, I was surprised casino firmaları to see how huge the security detail had grown. Sgt Yahya Al-Ali was barking orders. I spoke, “Sergeant Al-Ali, is it shift change?”

“No young Prince, please return to your suite. Your pasty man has been seen in the hotel again. A member of my team has been found dead.” It was as if a switch went off inside Pete’s head. He reached into his jacket pocket and retrieved his derringer. As he handed it to me, Sgt Al-Ali raised his hand in objection, “No! The small noise maker is not sufficient. Young Prince do you know how to fire a Colt 1911?”

“Sergeant long before I shot marksman with the 1911, my father taught both of his sons how to fire his. I was plugging targets from horseback when I was only seven.”

Yahya motioned for one subordinates. The man removed his ALICE belt with a 1911 and ammo pouches hanging from it. I slung it over my shoulder. I knew if I tried to wear it around my waist without adjustment it would fall to the floor. The elevator doors opened and even more security emerged, including Agent Fibrin.

Pete was directing me to withdraw to the security of the suite. “Tell Reza to lock the door and shelter in his own room.” Alex Fibrin nodded in my direction then directed Pete to the security office to monitor the cameras. Pete raised concern about leaving me alone. Alex reminded him I was armed, and that he was the senior agent and again told him to go.

I withdrew into the suite advising Reza what was going on. He closed and locked the door as I ran down the hall and pounded on the adjoining suite door to the General’s quarters.

The Major initially chastised me for banging on the connecting door, but then thanked me when I explained my haste. He and I were sweeping and securing rooms as we passed each. The General was just stepping out of his room as we reached him. The Major brought him up to speed as I completed my task. General Mallory laughed, “It looks like you have done that a time or two.” He picked up the receiver of the STU-II and advised it was dead.

“Crap, sorry sir that was my fault. I secured the STU when everyone left the suite. If you follow me I can reboot it in my office. I can also prep some food for us, my fridge is fairly well stocked.” We made our way back to my suite securing the connecting hall in our wake. Once in my office I locked all of the doors and powered up and programmed the STU. The General thanked me as he picked up the receiver and started his briefing to base operations.

I asked the Major to secure the office so I can finish sweeping the rest of the suite. I also took advantage of the sweep to hide any personal items that might hint at last nights carnal activities. I popped into Reza’s room and advised him to do the same. By the time I was completed, Mallory was done with calls. “Sirs there are no surprises in the suite. Are you hungry? I make a mean western omelet, that would of course be after I adjust this belt.”

Both officers laughed as I pointed at the oversized belt that I was wearing more like a baldric. We walked to the kitchen and I removed the 1911 from its holster, ensured it was on safe and placed it on the counter and began shortening the ALICE belt to my size. To be honest I had it set to the smallest diameter and it was still a hair too big. At least it wasn’t over my shoulder.

I moved on to my next task feeding the two men. I started pulling eggs, veggies and meat from the fridge then went to work with a knife from the block. “I regret that I have no ham, but we can make due.” Both men agreed as I sliced then diced strips of mutton and a couple of small onions dumping them into a frying pan halfway through the preparation the STU rang the Major got it first then called the General to the phone.

“CINC-USAFE, wants an update Jono, this will be a bit.” The first omelet was ready and I zipped it into Reza. By the time the final three were ready to come off the griddle the General rejoined us.

I directed the officers to the table and served them, then plated my own. “I figured this would be faster and hotter than anything from the kitchen at this point until the building is secured. Let’s face it this IS a big ass building.”

The General was the first to speak. “Jono, weapons skills, language skills, technical prowess, and now I discover you are a damn good cook. Something still hiding in there?” He paused examining me hard. “I had a good chat with agent Fibrin last night over dinner. He told me he was looking forward to working with you ‘again.’ It did kind of strike me odd, because I could not find anywhere in your jacket that you ever worked with the OSI. Care to fill me in son?”

“With respect Sir, I’m not sure how much I can tell you. The agent was the original classifying authority. Given our current situation I have no doubt you have a need to know. Did you know Alex journals about everything, I would love to see his filing system.”

The güvenilir casino General was losing his patience, “Sir, we went on a squadron ski trip down in the Harz Mountains. He and I stumbled into a civilian law enforcement/tourist problem. Alex watched me translating for a polizei who is fighting to understand Greek, English, and French through his German and broken English. Not only were we able to solve the underlying language issues, we were able to dispel the cause of the fight, a poorly translated joke that started the brawl. All three of the combatants where so happy with the result, and the original joke, that each bought three rounds of drinks for the house.”

“I have worked with Alex on two occasions after that, when he thought he could use my ear. The first in a group of drug smugglers who were shipping heroin all over Europe through the army supply chain. The Army CID requested Alex because their local operatives had been compromised. All Alex needed from me was my ear. I had to eavesdrop on them while He was making it look like we were on the date. The crew was operating out of a gay disco run by a Turkish ex-pat. It was more than a little bit uncomfortable. The second involved and Air Force Colonel who was selling secrets to the Soviets, that’s the one I’m not sure how much I can share. Again I was just there for a translation assist. The Col and his handler bounced between four languages as they set up drop sites.”

“I had heard about the first one, I didn’t know there was so much Air Force involvement. I know about the second. He had a lot of people fooled. So you are ‘Her Hörer,’ I did not see that coming. A lot of folks thought you were a German contractor. There are a cluster of stars at the Pentagon and throughout Europe who would love to shake your hand. Damn fine work son.”

“Alex thought down playing or hiding our involvement on the drug case might help the Army save face. That’s when he started calling me the ‘Listener.’ It is a bit cliche but it did give me a bit of anonymity. No-one likes a rat sir. He kept me out of the reports for my protection.”

“Jono, I told you before you need to start planning outside your career field. I can think of six other General officers would love to have you as their enlisted aide. When it comes to the enlisted aide position just about everything as waiver-able. Hell son I put in for you myself except for I’m trying to get my staff to cover. Jono, I can see the writing on the wall, my star is fading. Vice President Bush likes me, hell he speaks very highly of me, which is not helping.”

He paused for a bite off his plate. “My career is not going to survive the next election, unless someone falls on their sword for what happened in Honduras and Nicaragua. I always had a soft spot in my heart for the little guy, the freedom fighter who stands up against the bully. You know the guy who puts it all on the line for their sense of right. That being said, we made mistakes.”

“The next election is a statistical shoe in. The bottom line is, the last sitting Vice President was elected to succeed his running mate, was Van Buren in 1836. The other inescapable truth is I’ve pissed off far too many of the other party. I hate to say that 90% of a general’s job today is politics. It is a game I don’t play so well.”

He rested his hand on my shoulder, “Son I just don’t want you to be in such a hurry to return to your old life that you miss the opportunities that are presented to you now. You have a hell of a lot to offer the Air Force, and I think the Air Force has a hell of a lot to offer you.” As I was promising to consider his words the STU rang again.

The Major and I made short work of cleanup. He grabbed the dish towel and started drying as I washed. “You may want to stop calling the OSI agent Alex. He’s a lieutenant colonel on active duty. That being said, you do impress the General. I have never seen him put so much effort into retaining an A1C. I hope you recognize the incredible opportunity you are being given.”

I replied, “I do sir.”

“About Fibrin, do you really think he left your name out of his reports to ‘protect’ you?” I nodded yes. “Ah, to be young and naive again. In a couple of days I will be your CO, I will be looking over his shoulder. I will tell you the boss and I do not trust him, neither should you. I cannot begin to count how many regulations he ignored. He never should have used you in the disco. He is a glory hound.”

The General rejoined us. “Well that was interesting, I just got a briefing on your pasty man, I like the way you described him as ‘the man in the bad suit’ the CIA though it was funny as hell. According to their sources he is a well-known assassin, a Bulgarian national with a string of bodies that stretches across four continents.” His briefing was interrupted by a knock at the door. After verifying the identities of the men through the peephole I let the two agents in.

“Did you guys get him?” I asked.

Agent Fibrin responded, “No buddy, I think he gave us the slip. He is gonna mess up soon and we will grab him.”

I looked at Fibrin and chastised him, “You sir. All those weeks we worked together, and you didn’t bother to tell me you were a Lt Colonel?

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