Lawnmower Boy Ch. 04

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My last year in college was a sad one in the respect that my father had died in a work related accident. My mother was crushed and in deep despair. The insurance and his pension put her well off financially but for a few months she was almost a basket case.

Fortunately, friends in the neighborhood kept watch over her until she began to recover and return to some normalcy. At the time of the accident, I had offered and planned to stop my schooling to take care of her but she would not hear of it.

Mrs. Johnson was a good and close friend to her and had comforted me during the brief two weeks I spent at home with mom at the time.

During college I had a few relationships that were on the serious side but by the time we reached the end of our educations, the latest love of my life went her way and I went mine. We parted friends and swore we would keep in touch and we did for many years.

Before deciding just what I would do in the future, I decided to return home for at least the summer and spend some time with mom. She had been wonderful in supporting me through school even after dad was gone. She managed to maintain a happy face to me even when she was falling apart being without him.

Of course, I didn’t know any of this at the time. Mrs. Johnson filled me in on the details when I got home for that summer of new beginnings.

I had managed to continue my relationship with her when I was home for the summer break and for holidays and when I returned for my life launching summer, I visited her as soon as I could respectably do so.

When I was welcomed into her home once again, I embraced her strongly and kissed her passionately receiving her passion in return.

“Hello, Eve,” I greeted her.

During a previous summer we had progressed beyond the Mrs. Johnson stage of our friendship. She informed firmly me that her name was Evelyn, not Mrs. Johnson, and she would like me to call her Eve.

“Hello and welcome home, Jeff,” she responded. “I’m glad you’re done with college and are home to take care of your mom. She’s had some rough times since she lost you dad and your being home will be a great help in stabilizing her. She loved your dad fiercely and was devastated when she lost him.

“You need to be that stabilizing force for her for a little while until she is well past her loss.

“Now, let’s properly celebrate your graduation, “she said, smiling knowingly.

She took my hand and let me to her bedroom as she had done many times before.

Once again, I carefully and slowly undressed her caressing her gently and softly as I exposed her body. We exchanged caresses and I admired her body as I had years earlier but with a greater appreciation. She was in wonderful shape as I recalled from our previous experiences.

“Jeff, I imagine you had a few girlfriends in college and this old body doesn’t begin to compare with those teeny bopper bodies,” she said softly.

We lay back on her bed and I looked at her again in wonder of the terrific person she was.

“Eve, shame on you! You are a beautiful woman and you have a lovely body.

“True you are not twenty years old but you were very lovely when you first decided to share your body with me and teach me things none of those young kids could have and I appreciate your beauty even more today.

“As a result of your generosity and kindness, I enjoyed some great relationships while at college. While a few asked, I never revealed my tutor other than to tell them it was a wonderful and lovely lady. For the experience you gave me, you will always be that beautiful, kind woman who cared enough to teach me things a man needs to know and can only be taught by a woman with caring and compassion.

“You will always and forever be my first real love.”

Eve smiled and said, “Why, Jeff, thank you. You have grown and matured beyond my expectations. Many men would not be able to say something like that until they were much older if even then.

“My perception of you as a sensitive intelligent young man is vindicated. I’m glad I chose you as a lover. And just so you know, I have entertained a couple of other young men since our beginnings, probably at least one you know. I don’t think you are likely to hear any gossip about it but in case that happens, I wanted to you know from me.”

Her face took on a serious look as she continued to speak.

“Jeff, you also need to know your mother found out about our affair a couple of years ago.”

I’m sure my face drained of color as she said that. I felt faint as if I were about to pass out.

Eve continued, “Don’t worry, Jeff. She and I talked about it and she has come to accept it. After all, she knows she can’t change anything. She understands the urges young men have and once she got over the shock, she actually thanked me for caring enough about you to teach you things that you needed to learn.

“However, at the time it was happening, I doubt she would have been so understanding. At first, she was casino şirketleri pretty angry with me for ‘corrupting’ her son.

“Fortunately, we remained friends although for a few months that friendship was strained. But after we talked about it many more times, she finally accepted what she realized she could not change. Once she came to that point of accepting, she actually told me it was probably better for you to have learned from me than from someone who knew no more than that you and perhaps had ended in an unwanted pregnancy.

“I wanted you to know in case she said something to you. I know she hasn’t confronted you with anything yet because we agreed that she would not bring it up until your education was done. Well, you’re beyond that and she may decide to talk to you about it.

“My only advice is; be honest. I essentially told her I seduced you which admittedly was not hard to do,” she said smiling. “I didn’t bore her with details except to tell her generally what contributions I made to your ‘education’.”

Eve became silent and I leaned over and kissed her passionately on the lips as my hand came to her breast and began stimulating her nipple. She moaned and cooed as I caressed her bringing back many pleasant memories. I moved my mouth to her breasts and suckled at her nipples as I had done numerous times before. I wandered down her body with my hand to her lovely bush and enjoyed the texture of her pussy hair on my palm once again before seeking out her slit and clit with my fingers.

I appreciated finding her pussy already quite slick with her lubrication and commented saying softly, “My goodness, Eve, you’re as wet as in my fondest memories. I remember the first time I got to see you and touch you. I think perhaps you were as wet then as now.”

“Jeff, I’ve been looking forward to your visit since I heard you were home. Being my first ‘student’, you have a special place in my heart.”

“Eve, I know how you feel in that respect. You were my first lover and I guess my first real love. Likewise, there’s a special place in my heart for you and always will be.”

I moved slowly down her bed until I was lying between her spread thighs looking at her lovely pussy once more. I could already smell the fragrance of her arousal. I placed soft kisses on her hair covered mons moving slowly down to her lightly haired lips and her slit. I inhaled deeply savoring the sweet aroma she exuded.

I extended my tongue and spread her lips licking firmly from her pussy to her clit. I felt her flinch as I drew my tongue over her clit and moan as I closed my mouth over her soft bud and began to suck on it. She raised her hips from the bed as I tormented her with my lips and tongue.

I varied my assault on her precious pussy and enjoyed her writhing in response and the moans, sighs and cries of passion as I inflamed her sexual desire once more. I continued my oral attentions until her body went rigid and her hands grabbed the sheets in her fists as she lifted her hips entirely off the bed.

Shortly, she relaxed letting her body fall bad limply against the mattress.

She said softly, “Jeff, it seems you’ve learned some things on your own.”

I looked up to see her looking at me smiling.

“Eve, all I did was take your lessons to heart and practice every chance I got. I learned that some variations on the basics you gave me worked and I’ve learned to use whatever works to make the lady feel good. I’m glad you appreciate that I remember your lessons.”

“Well, let’s get you up here and see just what else you might have learned. I need a good strong fuck tonight. Are you my man for it?” she asked with a sly smile.

I kissed her firmly on the pussy once more with a liberal application of tongue and felt her flinch and moan in response. I gave her another lick from end to end along her slit with my tongue probing her deeply as I did and once again I was rewarded with her response.

“Come up her. I want to feel that wonderful cock in my pussy again.”

“Anything to please the lady,” I said moving up her body.

Felt the tip of my cock nestle against her pussy lips. As I did, I paused briefly and then pressed gently forward. I felt her pussy lips spread and the head of my dick press against her inner flesh and open her channel as I slipped deeper into her.

She moaned softly as she felt me enter her and said, “Ooh, Jeff, your cock feels so good in my pussy. I’m going to miss you when you move on with your life and start you own family.”

“Eve, I’m not going to leave you,” I said defensively.

“Nonsense,” Eve said. “You have your whole life ahead of you and you’re going to find a young woman your age to marry and have a family with. That’s the way life works. I’d be sad if you didn’t do that. We’ve had some wonderful times together but they must end and you must move on and live your life.

“I knew that when I allowed our affair to begin and you must learn that, too.

“You won’t be leaving me, casino firmaları merely moving on to the next phase of your life.

“Don’t feel guilty. I’m young enough that I will probably have a few more ‘students’ like you before I get too old to attract them. Then I’ll retire,” she said lightly.

“Maybe I’ll recruit your mother to be my teaching assistant,” she said laughing softly.

The tremors through her pussy on my dick were amazing as she laughed and I moaned in response.

Being at a loss for words, I began a slow but deliberate pattern of movements intended to provide her a pleasurable stimulus ending in her coming with my hard-on buried in her warm wet pussy. I continued to probe her varying my angle of penetration and the speed and firmness in response to her reactions.

Finally, her legs seized me and she pulled her pussy tightly against me as she came. She opened her eyes and smiled at me as she relaxed when her orgasm subsided.

“You didn’t come, did you,” she said more than asked.

I smiled and shook my head as I began stroking her again enjoying the increased wetness as I did so. I kissed her and probed her mouth with my tongue.

I continued probing her warm wonderful pussy and as she hit her second orgasm, I pumped a huge load of come into her relishing the wonderful release as she enjoyed hers.

As her orgasm faded, I remained with my cock buried in her sweet pussy. We exchanged pleasantries as we rested briefly.

She finally said, “I remember so well how you were always able to stay hard and in my pussy and make me come several times. You are blessed and your lovers are certainly going to appreciate your gift as I do. None of my other students have been blessed with your gift.”

“Really?” I asked surprised at her revelation.

“Yep. You have a gift. The woman you marry will be lucky indeed. You’re the first man I’ve known who had that ability. So let’s quit talking about it and enjoy it, shall we?” She smiled up at me.

I began stroking her again slowly and leisurely at first. After a few minutes I stopped and gently rolled us together so she was above me. Once we settled in our new position, I felt her hips begin moving as she began fucking me. I enjoyed watching the facial expressions as she experienced the pleasure she was extracting for herself. I reached up and caressed and pinched her nipples as she rode me eliciting moans and sighs indicative of her pleasure.

She sped up her movements and suddenly froze pressing her pussy down against me as she came. As she did, I shot another copious load into her pussy. As her orgasm waned, she lay forward on me and I wrapped my arms around her to hold her to me as we rested. As we lay quietly, I stroked her back and sides savoring the soft smooth warmth of her skin.

As she lay on me, I twitched my hard on inside her and heard her moan, almost a purr, in response. She lifted her head and smiled at me as I continued to tease her.

I moved my hands to her hips and began to move her against me once more. She seemed content to allow things to proceed like this for a little while but soon she began moving again seeking to extract her own pleasure. She once again reached her peak and enjoyed a crashing orgasm. This time I held back and did not join her. I wanted to continue our pleasure longer.

I rolled us over again so I was on top and began slowly and deliberately fucking her once more. I was thoroughly enjoying the feeling of slipping back and forth in her warm wet pussy and watching her beautiful face display her pleasure. We continued for a while longer and I was finally rewarded with her face telling me she was on the verge of another orgasm.

I continued to stroke into her enjoying both of us speeding toward the same pleasant ending. I felt her legs lift off the bed and entwined themselves around me puling me tightly to her and she moaned deeply in her chest. I enjoyed the sensations of her pussy gripping me as she came which also stimulated my orgasm.

I felt my cock twitch several times as I pumped another load of come into her. As we enjoyed the remaining contact between our bodies, I felt my erection begin to subside and I slowly and reluctantly pulled it from her now flooded pussy and lay beside her on the bed.

I turned toward her and put my arms around her drawing her to me and kissed her again. We lay there in the wonderful afterglow of our love making until she urged me to get up, get dressed and head home before Mom began to worry.

I said good night to Eve and left her warm bed to go home truly appreciating how lucky I had been to become one of her chosen pupils.

* * *

When I arrived home, Mom greeted me at the door saying rather firmly, “Where have you been?”

“Hi, Mom,” I said smiling. “It’s nice to see you, too.”

“Jeff, where were you?”

“Mom, I went to see Mrs. Johnson and to thank her for being your friend and supporting you after Dad died.”

“Did you go to bed güvenilir casino with her again, Jeff?”

“I’m going to get a shower and go to bed, Mom. I’m tired.”

“Jeff,” she barked an accusation. “You fucked Evelyn again, didn’t you?”

“Mom, when did you start talking like that?”

“Jeff, don’t evade me. I want to know now!”

“Mom, we made love. She told me you learned about our relationship and that you might say something about it. I love her and respect her. She was very nice to me when I didn’t know what it meant to make love to a woman. She taught me things that I have appreciated very much and has been loving and kind to me much like you have but in a very different way of course.

“I respect her as much as I respect you. I hope you can understand that.

“She’s obviously not as close to me as you are but she has a special place in my life and in my heart.”

She studied me for a moment. When Mom spoke again, she seemed more serene.

“Well, Jeff, you surprise me. I appreciate your honesty. I always tried to teach you to be honest and it seems the lessons took.

“I’m glad your attitude toward Evelyn is respectful and loving although I’m not all that thrilled that even before you graduated from high school that you were fucking someone old enough to be your mother!”

“Mom, I’m surprised at your language. I never heard you talk that way before.”

“Well, young man, I am old enough to be your mother,” she said with the first almost-smile since I had entered the house.

“There are probably other words I know that you have learned but at least you didn’t learn them from me.

“Your father and I have used some rather colorful language during our marriage, especially in the bedroom. But we tried earnestly to keep our conversations around you very proper.

“We figured you’d learn that vocabulary in time but we didn’t want to be contributors to it.”

For the very first time, I looked at Mom more as a woman than Mom. She was a couple of inches shorter than I but still tall for a woman at five feet ten inches. She had maintained her figure quite well for a woman in middle age and I surmised that she would not have trouble finding a guy if she chose to look, even a younger guy at that as I recalled Eve’s earlier remark.

At that thought I felt a twinge of what may have been jealousy. It bothered me to think of Mom having sex with someone my age which seemed truly incongruous considering my relationship with Eve.

In response to her mellowing somewhat since I came into the house, I once again indicated I was going to shower and retire for the night. On a whim, I hugged her and gave her a soft chaste kiss on the lips. She responded similarly and looked at me oddly as we separated.

* * *

I grew tired of sitting around after a few days and found a job to fill my time and to bring in some spending money as well as to help Mom with the normal expenses although she protested that she didn’t need the help.

I even picked up my old high school job of mowing lawns. I found out from Eve that the kid doing her lawn had gone on a family vacation with virtually no notice and left her and a few others high and dry. They were happy when I offered my service once again.

I continued my visits to Eve occasionally enjoying our relationship and the sex.

While Mom said nothing more about me and Eve, I know she wasn’t oblivious to my continuing the relationship. Often when I returned from visiting Eve, Mom would be there when I got home and find a reason to engage me in conversation long enough to get close to me.

Because our relationship was no longer hidden at least from Mom, I had given up showering before I left Eve’s house to return home. I’m sure that on more than one occasion, Mom could smell the evidence of our ‘relationship’ but she never made an issue of it.

As the summer progressed, it seemed Mom became careless being alone with me in the house. She left her bedroom door ajar while she dressed or undressed often providing me a nice show. Looking at her as a woman, not Mom, I realized she had a very nice body as well as a pretty face.

I was discreet because I enjoyed the view and didn’t want to discourage it by making a comment. I also found myself getting aroused seeing her in only a bra and panties. In my childhood, I’d never seen her in anything more revealing than pajamas and back then what she wore outside the bedroom was modest indeed. As a result, in my youth I had never perceived my mother as a sexual creature even while I was Eve’s student as a mid to late teenager.

It was becoming apparent now that she was indeed a very sexual woman as well as Mom. Fortunately, I had my relationship with Eve as an outlet to relieve the growing desire for my mother as a woman and lover.

I needed to come to terms with my growing desire before it became an obsession. I found that when I hugged or kissed Mom, I was becoming self-conscious about my erection for fear she would feel it and become angry with me. Like most of my fears, this one was probably irrational knowing my mother was smart enough to understand it to be a normal male response from someone my age but it took some time for me to grasp that idea.

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