Last Chance at Forever Love Ch. 05

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Last Chance at Forever Love, Ch. 05

Lobster, champagne, and making love with the woman of your dreams, life doesn’t get any better than this…unless there’s two women of your dreams.

Continued from Chapter 04:

“You have wonderful tits,” I said. “The first time I saw more than just your cleavage, was when your boyfriend tore open your dress and pulled open your bra. Seeing your naked breasts made me so horny. Seeing your bra, the top of your breasts, your cleavage, and your nipples made me sexually want you even more. You have that deep, natural line of cleavage that women pay plastic surgeons thousands of dollars to have.”

She beamed me a smile again that I could clearly see in the moonlight.

“Do you really like my tits?”

Hungry for compliments, obviously, her boyfriend never complimented her. I watched the silhouette of her head look down at herself and I wondered how much she could see of me and of my cock. I could see more of her if they light was on but maybe tomorrow morning, she’d give me a naked tour of her beautiful body.

“I love your tits,” I said. “A breast man, I love big, shapely tits and you are blessed with beautiful breasts.”

Again, she surprised me with what she said next.

“Touch my nipples,” she said. “I know that I said for you to go easy with my nipples but, after all of that pillow talk, I’m horny. I like having my nipples fingered,” she said while stroking me faster and harder.

As if I was working to crack a safe, my fingers worked her nipples. Her nipples were so erect and her tits were big and firm. Fingering them, pulling them, turning them, and twisting them, I loved playing with her nipples. I couldn’t wait for the morning light for her to show me her naked body. It took all the self-control that I had not to snap on the light.

“There’s some tissue on the nightstand next to you,” I said feeling the sensation that I was getting closer to shooting my load.

She laughed.

“Tissues? For what? I don’t need any tissues. I don’t need to blow my nose,” she said with another laugh.

With her not needing tissues, thinking that she was going to stop stroking me and thinking that she didn’t want me to cum, I was disappointed. I was sexually frustrated. Later, when she was in the shower, I’d masturbate over all that I saw and felt of her. Later, I’d cum but for now, I was willing to respect her wishes.

“Sorry, but I’m getting ready to cum,” I said, fearing that I’m make a sticky mess of my bed if she continued stroking me.

She laughed her melodious laugh again.

“Trust me. I won’t need any tissues, Jimmy. I want you to cum in my mouth,” she said looking up at me while sliding halfway down the length of me and taking me in her mouth.

Chapter 05:

Oh, my God! I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I couldn’t believe that my gorgeous, dream woman, Sophia, was giving me a blowjob. She was sucking my cock. I couldn’t believe she wanted me to cum in her mouth.

‘Oh, baby, yeah, that’s right, suck my cock,’ I thought.

I was afraid to verbalize those thoughts for fear that she may be offended and stop sucking me. The last thing that I wanted was to make her feel uncomfortable about blowing me, a man twice her age, and a man old enough to be her father. Yet, she was the one who enjoyed taking dirty to me with her sexy pillow talk. She was the one who enjoyed sexually teasing me with her words as much as with her body. She stopped blowing me suddenly and removed my cock from her mouth.

“What’s the matter, Jimmy? Am I doing something wrong?”

She stared up at me while I stared down at her.

“Wrong? You’re not doing anything wrong. Everything you’re doing is great,” I said hoping that I hadn’t done something wrong for her to stop blowing me.

She looked up at me confused.

“You were so quiet. I’m used to a man being more vocal when I’m blowing him,” she said pausing while still staring at me with her hand around my cock and the head of my erect prick inches from her lips. “Tell me what you want. It excites me to hear you talk dirty. The dirtier you talk, the hornier I get, and the better the blowjob that I’ll give you.”

She put my cock back in my mouth and stroked me while sucking me again. I watched her looking up at me, while waiting for me to tell her all that she needed to hear.

‘I was so quiet? Who is this woman,’ I thought while pondering what she said?

“I guess, with the women my age not as comfortable sucking cock as you obviously are, I’ve always been quiet while having sex,” I said with an uncomfortable laugh. “The women my age aren’t much for dirty talk. They don’t get sexually aroused by me doing a running monologue on what they’ve done, what they’re doing, and what else I want them to do when blowing me,” I said with a dirty laugh.

What does she want me to do, bounce up and down on the bed, while screaming as if I’m a woman having an orgasm? Maybe that’s what her old boyfriend used to do when she casino şirketleri was sucking his prick. Perhaps, the crazy artist, was more animated when having sex. Nonetheless, if that’s the sexual assurance that she wanted from me to let her know that she was doing a good job sucking my cock, I figured I could be more verbally responsive.

“Oh, baby, yeah, that’s right, suck my cock. Suck it,” I said when she took me in her mouth again. I put a gentle hand behind her pretty head! “Lick my prick, Sophia. Blow me. I love it when you suck my cock. Suck it, Sophia, suck it. Blow me, baby, blow me,” I said awkwardly new at this and feeling ridiculous saying all those things to her.

She laughed.

“Jimmy, suddenly, I feel like I’m playing second base in a baseball game,” she said laughing. “There’s a huge difference between erotic, pillow talk and needless chatter.”

We both laughed.

“Sorry, it’s just that when you said the more that I talk the better the blowjob, I didn’t want to miss out on you giving me a better blowjob,” I said reaching down to touch her lips with my fingertips.

As if she was still sucking my prick, she took my finger in her mouth and sucked it while staring up at me with her big, brown eyes.

“Don’t worry,” she said ejecting my finger from her mouth with a chuckle. “I promise that you won’t miss out on me giving you the best blowjob you ever had.”

# # #

“You’re so pretty, Sophia. Never have I ever met a woman prettier than you,” I said meaning what I said while running my fingers through her soft, lush hair. “You’re so sexy. I’ve never had sex with a woman who had a better body than you,” I said meaning that too. “You’re an incredible cocksucker,” I said.

The more that I said how pretty she was, the more that I said what a great body she had, and the more that I said how good her blowjob felt, the more she was getting into blowing me. Accustomed to being around women my age, women who don’t suck cock, women who don’t want me calling attention to them blowing me, and/or women who don’t appreciate my dirty pillow talk, Sophia was refreshingly exciting. Only, having been censored from showing my true sexual feelings for so very long, it would take me a while to get back in the pillow talking game. Definitely, more sexually exciting, I really enjoyed her talking dirty to her and her talking dirty to me.

“Oh, Sophia. Suck my cock, baby. Blow me. I need to cum in your beautiful mouth,” I said.

She started making those loud slurping and sucking sounds that are such a turn on when I’m getting blown. I love hearing those sounds as audio feedback showing how much the woman is enjoying sucking my cock. With her lying with me in bed naked, especially in the way that she looked whether naked or fully dressed, her being sexually intimate with me was too much to wrap my brain around. If I had wanted to custom make a woman, Sophia was her. If I wanted to imagine a custom, sexual scenario, this was it.

Where did someone so young learn to give such a wonderful blowjob? How did she become so skilled and adept at sucking cock? Where did she learn the magical things that she was now doing to my cock with her tongue, her lips, and her mouth. Definitely, I was receiving the best blowjob of my life. She was giving me such an incredible blowjob that I couldn’t help myself from humping her mouth and fucking her face.

I played with her hair and touched her the side of her face. Trying to imagine my cock in her mouth, I touched her lips with my fingertips before touching the base of my cock buried in her mouth. I wished I could have snapped on the light. I wanted to watch her sucking my prick. I wanted to see her staring up at me with my hard, hairy dick in her mouth.

When I touched the side of my cock and traced her stretched lips with my fingertips, it gave me the image that I needed to get even more sexually excited. She sucked me while stroking me and, within a few minutes, I shot a load of warm, oozy cum in her mouth. Without missing a stroke or a suck, she took it all. She continued sucking me and swallowing every bit that oozed out of my stiff prick. She licked me dry and licked me clean.

“Oh, fuck! Sophia! Jesus!” I held her head between my hands, while continuing to hump her head and fuck her mouth. I could not stop cumming. “That was the best blowjob I ever had.”

She smiled with my dick still in her mouth.

“Hmm, that was good. I enjoyed it myself,” she said licking a few drops of my cum from her lips. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

I reached down to finger her erect nipple.

“May I do something for you?”

I gave her a sexy smile and an expectant look.

# # #

“No, remember? We agreed,” she said making a face. “I asked you to understand that I didn’t want sex, not yet, anyway. I need you to be patient with me.” She moved up to me to kiss me. “One day soon. I promise,” she said.

I looked at her not understanding. Didn’t want sex? Other than in the mind of President casino firmaları Clinton, since when is a blowjob not considered sex? Perhaps, the younger generation doesn’t consider oral sex as having sex. If that’s how she felt, then why would she not allow me to lick her pussy while fingerfucking her cunt.

“I don’t understand,” I said looking at her with confusion. “You just blew me. Isn’t a blowjob considered sex?”

She laughed.

“A blowjob is something not as sexual as a French kiss,” she said. “Yet, admittedly, a blowjob is something sexually intimate between friends. To the women of my generation, a blowjob isn’t considered sex,” she said with a chuckle.

I looked at her cross-eyed.

“Since when is a blowjob not considered sex,” asked baffled.

She laughed her melodious, sexy laugh.

“Sometimes, some women would rather give a man they didn’t like, especially after a first date, a blowjob than a deep, wet kiss,” she said nodding her head as if she needed that head movement to believe that line. “If they didn’t want a second date, they wouldn’t sexually encourage him with a French kiss. To many women, a French kiss is more sexually intimate than a blowjob.”

‘Wow,’ I thought while making a face.

I suddenly imagined Sophia standing inside of a kissing booth for a fundraiser but giving blowjobs for a dollar instead of kisses. I imagined a long line of horny men stretching around the block. As if she was a stripper dancing around a pole, I imagined them all holding dollar bills while waiting to stick their cocks in her mouth

“I don’t understand,” I said. “Since many women from my era and before don’t suck cock, the men from my era would consider a blowjob not only sex but something that only hookers, prostitutes, and call girls do. I’m not calling you a hooker, a prostitute, or a call girl but, obviously, the perception of sucking cock has changed with the times.”

She agreed by nodding her head.

“Now, if you were to lay me, if we were to have sexual intercourse and you made love to me before fucking me, then that would be considered sex,” she said laughing as if she had her own set of sexual rules. “Although I don’t do anal but if you were to stick that big cock up my ass, then that would be considered sex,” she said laughing while kissing my cock. “If you were to make me cum, then that would be considered sex.”

I stared down at her while showing a muddled face.

“So, lemme get this straight. If I cum, while you’re blowing me, that’s not considered sex, but if I eat your pussy and make you cum, then that’s considered sex,” I said with confusion. “I don’t get it.”

A real eye opener to the mind of how women of the younger generation think about sex, especially oral sex, her comment made me wonder how many ‘friends’ she had blown. Not daring to ask her, yet, I found that information erotically exciting. I hoped that she’d share more of the details of her private sex life and non-sex life with me in future pillow talking sessions.

“Yes,” she said giving me that sexy smile that I could see even in moonlight.

Again, while imagining her in college, I wondered how many men she dated that she gave a blowjob to instead of a goodnight’s kiss.

“Okay,” I said still confused, but nonetheless sexually satisfied. “I get it, I think.”

# # #

There’s so much that I needed to understand about the younger generation. Back in my day, if I received a blowjob, that was paramount to a marriage proposal and being engaged. Now that I think of it, anytime I get horny, I can ask Sophia for a bit of naked friendship and maybe, she’ll understand and give me a blowjob. I like this not having sex thing. Now, I understand Bill Clinton’s reasoning, when he was caught with Monica Lewinski and said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

As far as I was concerned, whether she considered giving me a blowjob as having sex with me or not, it was a unique situation and a fulfilling relationship having Sophia in my life, especially sexually. The weeks flew by with her sleeping beside me in the nude and with her giving me regular hand jobs and blowjobs. Obviously, she enjoyed stroking my cock as much as she enjoyed sucking my cock.

Even though we slept together every night, with her still not allowing me to have sex with her, she allowed me to hold her, spoon her, cuddle her, touch her, and feel her until she fell asleep. Believe it or not, my favorite, sexual thing to do with her was not receiving regular hand jobs and/or blowjobs, it was holding and spooning with her while touching her and feeling her naked body, until she fell asleep. I loved feeling close to her as we slept.

I had forgotten how it felt to feel someone so young. Without a wrinkle on her perfect body, with her skin feeling so soft, she smelled so new. She smelled young. Her skin was so soft, yet so firm. As if she was my magic, sexual elixir, just touching her made me feel young again.

After being with Sophia, güvenilir casino I could never go back to being with women my age. Spoiled by her youth, her energy, her beauty, and her body, she ruined me for that. Every night, I stayed awake staring at her, while watching her sleep, until I finally fell asleep. She was so beautiful. She was so sexy. For that moment in time, she was mine and I was mad with desire for her.

Other than allowing me to fondle her naked breasts and feel her naked ass, spooning her with my right arm around her and my right hand cupping her tit while fingering her nipple relaxed me as much as it sexually excited me. With my cock firmly pressed against her ass, she still didn’t want me to touch her pussy or give her a sexual orgasm yet. Yet, holding her was what I loved doing the best with her, so I was happy.

To me, foreplay was what connected me with her and the rest was anti-climactic. I just loved the feeling of her in my arms, the intimacy, and the closeness of cuddling. As much as I loved cuddling her, I loved her cuddling me. As much as I loved touching and feeling her, I loved her touching and feeling me.

We had yet to even French kiss and I so wanted to explore her mouth with my tongue. I desperately wanted to make out with her while touching her and feeling her everywhere. I suspected she feared that if we started making out, she’d want to go all the way and, perhaps, she wasn’t ready for that. With her having just broken up with her boyfriend, I needed to give her time. I needed to be patient for her to come around.

I feared that if she allowed me to give her orgasmic sex that, perhaps, she’d fall in love with me. Perhaps, wanting children, the last thing she wanted was to fall in love with an older man. With me not knowing if she was on the birth control pill or not, perhaps, not wanting children, the last thing she wanted was to make her pregnant. Whatever her reasons were for not wanting to have sexual intercourse yet, I needed to understand.

Perhaps, in the way that she thought about French kissing, maybe it was one thing to give an older man a blowjob but it was another thing entirely to fall in love with him. Maybe with her boyfriend just dumping her, it was too soon to start a love relationship with someone else. Nonetheless, it was wonderful having her there with me. Taking one slow step at a time, it was enough that she was sleeping with me in my bed naked and giving me regular hand jobs and blowjobs.

With the small things that mattered more now that I was older and wiser, I looked forward to the mornings where we sat with our coffee watching the dogs play. The afternoons were the same sipping coffee, while watching the dogs, and talking. Now, instead of takeout food, Sophia cooked. Every night, she made something different and something delicious. She wasn’t a great cook, but after living alone for a year, her cooking tasted way better than what I what I was burning on the stove or having delivered to the house most evenings.

After a while, our relationship changed. I felt it. Connecting on a deeper level, we grew closer. There was a bond between us, only with me being so much older than her, I didn’t know if it was a bond of love or just a bond of companionship. No matter, whatever our connection was, I loved having her in my life.

# # #

Then, one day, a day like any other, she looked at me differently than she had before. The change in how she looked at me was obvious. Only, I hoped I was reading her look correctly. Before, whenever she looked at me, she looked at me as if I was her best friend. Now, when she looked at me, she looked with love.

She looked at me as if I was already her lover. We had been living together now for more than two months and Blondie was nearly fully grown. She was big for a Golden Lab. For a Golden Labrador Retriever, Sophia was right. She was going to be a big dog. Moreover, where male dogs are protective of their territories, female dogs are protective of their owners. Much like a Mama bear in protection of its cubs, it’s the female dogs that are more apt to bite if there’s an intruder.

“I’ve been thinking about us,” she said with a pensive look that frightened me at first.

‘Oh, oh. This could be good or this could bad,’ I thought thinking the worst. ‘She’s leaving me for someone else.

Being the negative Nellie that I am, immediately, I suspected the worst and thought that she was preparing to tell me that she was moving out and leaving me. Suddenly, sadness overtook my mood and I couldn’t say anything but stare at her. I was in love with her. I loved her and I couldn’t bear to see her go. Even though I was old enough to be her father and she was young enough to be my daughter, I truly loved the woman.

Nonetheless, it was gratifying for me to know that she was thinking about us and that she thought about us as a couple instead of us as individuals. Prior to this sudden conversation, I was beginning to feel like her man instead of her friend. Her man…I liked the sound of that. Only, now, perhaps, no longer her man, I feared that it was over. Perhaps, she found someone else, someone more her age. If she did find someone else, allowing her to go with my best wishes, I’d be devastated.

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